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Chemotherapy selection pressure alters sphingolipid composition and mitochondrial bioenergetics in resistant HL-60 cells.

Kao LP, Morad SAF, Davis TS, MacDougall MR, Kassai M, Abdelmageed N, Fox TE, Kester M, Loughran TP Jr, Abad JL, Fabrias G, Tan SF, Feith DJ, Claxton DF, Spiegel S, Fisher-Wellman KH, Cabot MC.

J Lipid Res. 2019 Sep;60(9):1590-1602. doi: 10.1194/jlr.RA119000251. Epub 2019 Jul 30.


Pivotal role of mitophagy in response of acute myelogenous leukemia to a ceramide-tamoxifen-containing drug regimen.

Morad SAF, MacDougall MR, Abdelmageed N, Kao LP, Feith DJ, Tan SF, Kester M, Loughran TP Jr, Wang HG, Cabot MC.

Exp Cell Res. 2019 Aug 15;381(2):256-264. doi: 10.1016/j.yexcr.2019.05.021. Epub 2019 May 18.


Acid ceramidase promotes drug resistance in acute myeloid leukemia through NF-κB-dependent P-glycoprotein upregulation.

Tan SF, Dunton W, Liu X, Fox TE, Morad SAF, Desai D, Doi K, Conaway MR, Amin S, Claxton DF, Wang HG, Kester M, Cabot MC, Feith DJ, Loughran TP Jr.

J Lipid Res. 2019 Jun;60(6):1078-1086. doi: 10.1194/jlr.M091876. Epub 2019 Apr 8.


The Onus of Sphingolipid Enzymes in Cancer Drug Resistance.

Morad SAF, Cabot MC.

Adv Cancer Res. 2018;140:235-263. doi: 10.1016/bs.acr.2018.04.013. Epub 2018 Jun 5. Review.


Oleanolic acid methyl ester, a novel cytotoxic mitocan, induces cell cycle arrest and ROS-Mediated cell death in castration-resistant prostate cancer PC-3 cells.

Abdelmageed N, Morad SAF, Elghoneimy AA, Syrovets T, Simmet T, El-Zorba H, El-Banna HA, Cabot M, Abdel-Aziz MI.

Biomed Pharmacother. 2017 Dec;96:417-425. doi: 10.1016/j.biopha.2017.10.027. Epub 2017 Oct 12.


Role of P-glycoprotein inhibitors in ceramide-based therapeutics for treatment of cancer.

Morad SAF, Davis TS, MacDougall MR, Tan SF, Feith DJ, Desai DH, Amin SG, Kester M, Loughran TP Jr, Cabot MC.

Biochem Pharmacol. 2017 Apr 15;130:21-33. doi: 10.1016/j.bcp.2017.02.002. Epub 2017 Feb 9.


Acid ceramidase is upregulated in AML and represents a novel therapeutic target.

Tan SF, Liu X, Fox TE, Barth BM, Sharma A, Turner SD, Awwad A, Dewey A, Doi K, Spitzer B, Shah MV, Morad SA, Desai D, Amin S, Zhu J, Liao J, Yun J, Kester M, Claxton DF, Wang HG, Cabot MC, Schuchman EH, Levine RL, Feith DJ, Loughran TP Jr.

Oncotarget. 2016 Dec 13;7(50):83208-83222. doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.13079.


Ceramide-tamoxifen regimen targets bioenergetic elements in acute myelogenous leukemia.

Morad SA, Ryan TE, Neufer PD, Zeczycki TN, Davis TS, MacDougall MR, Fox TE, Tan SF, Feith DJ, Loughran TP Jr, Kester M, Claxton DF, Barth BM, Deering TG, Cabot MC.

J Lipid Res. 2016 Jul;57(7):1231-42. doi: 10.1194/jlr.M067389. Epub 2016 May 2.


Short-chain ceramides depress integrin cell surface expression and function in colorectal cancer cells.

Morad SA, Bridges LC, Almeida Larrea AD, Mayen AL, MacDougall MR, Davis TS, Kester M, Cabot MC.

Cancer Lett. 2016 Jul 1;376(2):199-204. doi: 10.1016/j.canlet.2016.03.049. Epub 2016 Apr 1.


Dynamics of ceramide generation and metabolism in response to fenretinide--Diversity within and among leukemia.

Morad SA, Davis TS, Kester M, Loughran TP Jr, Cabot MC.

Leuk Res. 2015 Oct;39(10):1071-8. doi: 10.1016/j.leukres.2015.06.009. Epub 2015 Jul 2.


Tamoxifen regulation of sphingolipid metabolism--Therapeutic implications.

Morad SA, Cabot MC.

Biochim Biophys Acta. 2015 Sep;1851(9):1134-45. doi: 10.1016/j.bbalip.2015.05.001. Epub 2015 May 9. Review.


Modification of sphingolipid metabolism by tamoxifen and N-desmethyltamoxifen in acute myelogenous leukemia--Impact on enzyme activity and response to cytotoxics.

Morad SA, Tan SF, Feith DJ, Kester M, Claxton DF, Loughran TP Jr, Barth BM, Fox TE, Cabot MC.

Biochim Biophys Acta. 2015 Jul;1851(7):919-28. doi: 10.1016/j.bbalip.2015.03.001. Epub 2015 Mar 10.


Novel off-target effect of tamoxifen--inhibition of acid ceramidase activity in cancer cells.

Morad SA, Levin JC, Tan SF, Fox TE, Feith DJ, Cabot MC.

Biochim Biophys Acta. 2013 Dec;1831(12):1657-64. doi: 10.1016/j.bbalip.2013.07.016. Epub 2013 Aug 9.


Gaucher's disease and cancer: a sphingolipid perspective.

Barth BM, Shanmugavelandy SS, Tacelosky DM, Kester M, Morad SA, Cabot MC.

Crit Rev Oncog. 2013;18(3):221-34. Review.


Tamoxifen magnifies therapeutic impact of ceramide in human colorectal cancer cells independent of p53.

Morad SA, Madigan JP, Levin JC, Abdelmageed N, Karimi R, Rosenberg DW, Kester M, Shanmugavelandy SS, Cabot MC.

Biochem Pharmacol. 2013 Apr 15;85(8):1057-65. doi: 10.1016/j.bcp.2013.01.015. Epub 2013 Jan 24.


Potential role of acid ceramidase in conversion of cytostatic to cytotoxic end-point in pancreatic cancer cells.

Morad SA, Messner MC, Levin JC, Abdelmageed N, Park H, Merrill AH Jr, Cabot MC.

Cancer Chemother Pharmacol. 2013 Mar;71(3):635-45. doi: 10.1007/s00280-012-2050-4. Epub 2012 Dec 21.


Ceramide-orchestrated signalling in cancer cells.

Morad SA, Cabot MC.

Nat Rev Cancer. 2013 Jan;13(1):51-65. doi: 10.1038/nrc3398. Epub 2012 Dec 13. Review.


A novel semisynthetic inhibitor of the FRB domain of mammalian target of rapamycin blocks proliferation and triggers apoptosis in chemoresistant prostate cancer cells.

Morad SA, Schmid M, Büchele B, Siehl HU, El Gafaary M, Lunov O, Syrovets T, Simmet T.

Mol Pharmacol. 2013 Feb;83(2):531-41. doi: 10.1124/mol.112.081349. Epub 2012 Dec 3.


Ceramide--antiestrogen nanoliposomal combinations--novel impact of hormonal therapy in hormone-insensitive breast cancer.

Morad SA, Levin JC, Shanmugavelandy SS, Kester M, Fabrias G, Bedia C, Cabot MC.

Mol Cancer Ther. 2012 Nov;11(11):2352-61. doi: 10.1158/1535-7163.MCT-12-0594. Epub 2012 Sep 7.


(8R)-3β,8-dihydroxypolypoda-13E,17E,21-triene induces cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in treatment-resistant prostate cancer cells.

Morad SA, Schmidt C, Büchele B, Schneider B, Wenzler M, Syrovets T, Simmet T.

J Nat Prod. 2011 Aug 26;74(8):1731-6. doi: 10.1021/np200161a. Epub 2011 Jul 29.


Tirucallic acids are novel pleckstrin homology domain-dependent Akt inhibitors inducing apoptosis in prostate cancer cells.

Estrada AC, Syrovets T, Pitterle K, Lunov O, Büchele B, Schimana-Pfeifer J, Schmidt T, Morad SA, Simmet T.

Mol Pharmacol. 2010 Mar;77(3):378-87. doi: 10.1124/mol.109.060475. Epub 2009 Dec 16.


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