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Cost-Effectiveness of One-Time Birth Cohort Screening for Hepatitis C as Part of the National Health Service Health Check Program in England.

Williams J, Miners A, Harris R, Mandal S, Simmons R, Ireland G, Hickman M, Gore C, Vickerman P.

Value Health. 2019 Nov;22(11):1248-1256. doi: 10.1016/j.jval.2019.06.006. Epub 2019 Aug 19.


A Cost-effectiveness Analysis of Multigene Testing for All Patients With Breast Cancer.

Sun L, Brentnall A, Patel S, Buist DSM, Bowles EJA, Evans DGR, Eccles D, Hopper J, Li S, Southey M, Duffy S, Cuzick J, Dos Santos Silva I, Miners A, Sadique Z, Yang L, Legood R, Manchanda R.

JAMA Oncol. 2019 Oct 3. doi: 10.1001/jamaoncol.2019.3323. [Epub ahead of print]


Interferon lambda 4 impacts the genetic diversity of hepatitis C virus.

Ansari MA, Aranday-Cortes E, Ip CL, da Silva Filipe A, Lau SH, Bamford C, Bonsall D, Trebes A, Piazza P, Sreenu V, Cowton VM; STOP-HCV Consortium, Ball J, Barnes E, Burgess G, Cooke G, Dillon J, Foster G, Gore C, Guha N, Halford R, Holmes C, Hudson E, Hutchinson S, Irving W, Khakoo S, Klenerman P, Martin N, Mbisa T, McKeating J, McLauchlan J, Miners A, Murray A, Shaw P, Simmonds P, Smith S, Spencer C, Thomson E, Troke P, Vickerman P, Zitzmann N, Hudson E, Bowden R, Patel AH, Foster GR, Irving WL, Agarwal K, Thomson EC, Simmonds P, Klenerman P, Holmes C, Barnes E, Spencer CC, McLauchlan J, Pedergnana V.

Elife. 2019 Sep 3;8. pii: e42463. doi: 10.7554/eLife.42463.


Healthcare provider and service user perspectives on STI risk reduction interventions for young people and MSM in the UK.

Roy A, King C, Gilson R, Richardson D, Burns F, Rodger A, Clark L, Miners A, Pollard A, Desai S, Bailey J, Shahmanesh M, Llewellyn C.

Sex Transm Infect. 2020 Feb;96(1):26-32. doi: 10.1136/sextrans-2018-053903. Epub 2019 Jul 26.


Chronic hepatitis B virus case-finding in UK populations born abroad in intermediate or high endemicity countries: an economic evaluation.

Martin NK, Vickerman P, Khakoo S, Ghosh A, Ramsay M, Hickman M, Williams J, Miners A.

BMJ Open. 2019 Jun 28;9(6):e030183. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2019-030183.


Cost-utility of screening for depression among asylum seekers: a modelling study in Germany.

Biddle L, Miners A, Bozorgmehr K.

Health Policy. 2019 Sep;123(9):873-881. doi: 10.1016/j.healthpol.2019.05.011. Epub 2019 May 16.


A randomised controlled trial of a telephone administered brief HIV risk reduction intervention amongst men who have sex with men prescribed post-exposure prophylaxis for HIV after sexual exposure in the UK: Project PEPSE.

Llewellyn CD, Abraham C, Pollard A, Jones CI, Bremner S, Miners A, Smith H.

PLoS One. 2019 May 23;14(5):e0216855. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0216855. eCollection 2019. Erratum in: PLoS One. 2019 Jul 15;14(7):e0219998.


Preferences for HIV testing services among men who have sex with men in the UK: A discrete choice experiment.

Miners A, Nadarzynski T, Witzel C, Phillips AN, Cambiano V, Rodger AJ, Llewellyn CD.

PLoS Med. 2019 Apr 11;16(4):e1002779. doi: 10.1371/journal.pmed.1002779. eCollection 2019 Apr.


Sexual risk reduction interventions for patients attending sexual health clinics: a mixed-methods feasibility study.

King C, Llewellyn C, Shahmanesh M, Abraham C, Bailey J, Burns F, Clark L, Copas A, Howarth A, Hughes G, Mercer C, Miners A, Pollard A, Richardson D, Rodger A, Roy A, Gilson R.

Health Technol Assess. 2019 Mar;23(12):1-122. doi: 10.3310/hta23120.


Hepatitis case finding among migrants in primary care.

Hickman M, Mandel S, Vickerman P, Miners A, Martin N.

Lancet Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2019 Jan;4(1):3-4. doi: 10.1016/S2468-1253(18)30385-6. Epub 2018 Nov 24. No abstract available.


Universal screening at age 1-2 years as an adjunct to cascade testing for familial hypercholesterolaemia in the UK: A cost-utility analysis.

McKay AJ, Hogan H, Humphries SE, Marks D, Ray KK, Miners A.

Atherosclerosis. 2018 Aug;275:434-443. doi: 10.1016/j.atherosclerosis.2018.05.047. Epub 2018 Jun 4.


Designing a brief behaviour change intervention to reduce sexually transmitted infections: a discrete choice experiment.

Miners A, Llewellyn C, King C, Pollard A, Roy A, Gilson R, Rodger A, Burns F, Shahmanesh M.

Int J STD AIDS. 2018 Aug;29(9):851-860. doi: 10.1177/0956462418760425. Epub 2018 Apr 8.


Tranexamic acid for treatment of women with post-partum haemorrhage in Nigeria and Pakistan: a cost-effectiveness analysis of data from the WOMAN trial.

Li B, Miners A, Shakur H, Roberts I; WOMAN Trial Collaborators.

Lancet Glob Health. 2018 Feb;6(2):e222-e228. doi: 10.1016/S2214-109X(17)30467-9.


Patients' perspectives on the development of HIV services to accommodate ageing with HIV: a qualitative study.

Pollard A, Llewellyn C, Cooper V, Sachikonye M, Perry N, Nixon E, Miners A, Youssef E, Sabin C.

Int J STD AIDS. 2018 Apr;29(5):483-490. doi: 10.1177/0956462417735723. Epub 2017 Oct 23.


Cost-effectiveness of pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV prevention in men who have sex with men in the UK: a modelling study and health economic evaluation.

Cambiano V, Miners A, Dunn D, McCormack S, Ong KJ, Gill ON, Nardone A, Desai M, Field N, Hart G, Delpech V, Cairns G, Rodger A, Phillips AN.

Lancet Infect Dis. 2018 Jan;18(1):85-94. doi: 10.1016/S1473-3099(17)30540-6. Epub 2017 Oct 17.


Cost-effectiveness of screening for HIV in primary care: a health economics modelling analysis.

Baggaley RF, Irvine MA, Leber W, Cambiano V, Figueroa J, McMullen H, Anderson J, Santos AC, Terris-Prestholt F, Miners A, Hollingsworth TD, Griffiths CJ.

Lancet HIV. 2017 Oct;4(10):e465-e474. doi: 10.1016/S2352-3018(17)30123-6. Epub 2017 Jul 30.


The role of family and school-level factors in bullying and cyberbullying: a cross-sectional study.

Bevilacqua L, Shackleton N, Hale D, Allen E, Bond L, Christie D, Elbourne D, Fitzgerald-Yau N, Fletcher A, Jones R, Miners A, Scott S, Wiggins M, Bonell C, Viner RM.

BMC Pediatr. 2017 Jul 11;17(1):160. doi: 10.1186/s12887-017-0907-8.


Health-related quality of life associated with bullying and aggression: a cross-sectional study in English secondary schools.

Fantaguzzi C, Allen E, Miners A, Christie D, Opondo C, Sadique Z, Fletcher A, Grieve R, Bonell C, Viner RM, Legood R.

Eur J Health Econ. 2018 Jun;19(5):641-651. doi: 10.1007/s10198-017-0908-4. Epub 2017 Jun 15.


Which aspects of health care are most valued by people living with HIV in high-income countries? A systematic review.

Cooper V, Clatworthy J, Youssef E, Llewellyn C, Miners A, Lagarde M, Sachikonye M, Perry N, Nixon E, Pollard A, Sabin C, Foreman C, Fisher M.

BMC Health Serv Res. 2016 Nov 30;16(1):677. Review.


Long-Term Secondary Care Costs of Endometrial Cancer: A Prospective Cohort Study Nested within the United Kingdom Collaborative Trial of Ovarian Cancer Screening (UKCTOCS).

Pennington M, Gentry-Maharaj A, Karpinskyj C, Miners A, Taylor J, Manchanda R, Iyer R, Griffin M, Ryan A, Jacobs I, Menon U, Legood R.

PLoS One. 2016 Nov 9;11(11):e0165539. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0165539. eCollection 2016.


A discrete choice experiment to assess people living with HIV's (PLWHIV's) preferences for GP or HIV clinic appointments.

Miners AH, Llewellyn CD, Cooper VL, Youssef E, Pollard AJ, Lagarde M, Sabin C, Nixon E, Sachikonye M, Perry N, Fisher M.

Sex Transm Infect. 2017 Mar;93(2):105-111. doi: 10.1136/sextrans-2016-052643. Epub 2016 Aug 17.


Predicting the outcomes of using longer-acting prophylactic factor VIII to treat people with severe hemophilia A: a hypothetical decision analysis.

Miners AH, Krishnan S, Pasi KJ.

J Thromb Haemost. 2016 Nov;14(11):2141-2147. doi: 10.1111/jth.13440. Epub 2016 Oct 3. Erratum in: J Thromb Haemost. 2017 Apr;15(4):829.


Understanding HIV-positive patients' preferences for healthcare services: a protocol for a discrete choice experiment.

Youssef E, Cooper V, Miners A, Llewellyn C, Pollard A, Lagarde M, Sachikonye M, Sabin C, Foreman C, Perry N, Nixon E, Fisher M.

BMJ Open. 2016 Jul 18;6(7):e008549. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2015-008549.


Age, time living with diagnosed HIV infection, and self-rated health.

McGowan JA, Sherr L, Rodger AJ, Fisher M, Miners A, Anderson J, Johnson MA, Elford J, Collins S, Hart G, Phillips AN, Speakman A, Lampe FC; Antiretrovirals, Sexual Transmission Risk and Attitudes (ASTRA) Study Group.

HIV Med. 2017 Feb;18(2):89-103. doi: 10.1111/hiv.12398. Epub 2016 Jul 7.


The first Team Haemophilia Education meeting, 2015, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Berntorp E, Hart D, Mancuso ME, d'Oiron R, Perry D, O'Mahony B, Kaczmarek R, Crato M, Pasi J, Miners A, Carlsson KS, Kitchen S, Boehlen F, Giangrande P, Cebura E, Uitslager N, Osooli M, Janeckova D, Haldon R, Rivolta GF.

Eur J Haematol. 2016 Jul;97 Suppl 83:3-18. doi: 10.1111/ejh.12760. Erratum in: Eur J Haematol. 2016 Dec;97(6):594.


A Cross-Sectional Study on Attitudes to and Understanding of Risk of Acquisition of HIV: Design, Methods and Participant Characteristics.

Sewell J, Speakman A, Phillips AN, Lampe FC, Miltz A, Gilson R, Asboe D, Nwokolo N, Scott C, Day S, Fisher M, Clarke A, Anderson J, O'Connell R, Apea V, Dhairyawan R, Gompels M, Farazmand P, Allan S, Mann S, Dhar J, Tang A, Sadiq ST, Taylor S, Collins S, Sherr L, Hart G, Johnson AM, Miners A, Elford J, Rodger A.

JMIR Res Protoc. 2016 Apr 18;5(2):e58. doi: 10.2196/resprot.4873.


EPICE-HIV: An Epidemiologic Cost-Effectiveness Model for HIV Treatment.

Vandewalle B, Llibre JM, Parienti JJ, Ustianowski A, Camacho R, Smith C, Miners A, Ferreira D, FĂ©lix J.

PLoS One. 2016 Feb 12;11(2):e0149007. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0149007. eCollection 2016.


Prioritization of HCV treatment in the direct-acting antiviral era: An economic evaluation.

Martin NK, Vickerman P, Dore GJ, Grebely J, Miners A, Cairns J, Foster GR, Hutchinson SJ, Goldberg DJ, Martin TCS, Ramsay M; STOP-HCV Consortium, Hickman M.

J Hepatol. 2016 Jul;65(1):17-25. doi: 10.1016/j.jhep.2016.02.007. Epub 2016 Feb 8.


Is increased hepatitis C virus case-finding combined with current or 8-week to 12-week direct-acting antiviral therapy cost-effective in UK prisons? A prevention benefit analysis.

Martin NK, Vickerman P, Brew IF, Williamson J, Miners A, Irving WL, Saksena S, Hutchinson SJ, Mandal S, O'Moore E, Hickman M.

Hepatology. 2016 Jun;63(6):1796-808. doi: 10.1002/hep.28497. Epub 2016 Mar 22.


Sustainable HIV treatment in Africa through viral-load-informed differentiated care.

Working Group on Modelling of Antiretroviral Therapy Monitoring Strategies in Sub-Saharan Africa, Phillips A, Shroufi A, Vojnov L, Cohn J, Roberts T, Ellman T, Bonner K, Rousseau C, Garnett G, Cambiano V, Nakagawa F, Ford D, Bansi-Matharu L, Miners A, Lundgren JD, Eaton JW, Parkes-Ratanshi R, Katz Z, Maman D, Ford N, Vitoria M, Doherty M, Dowdy D, Nichols B, Murtagh M, Wareham M, Palamountain KM, Chakanyuka Musanhu C, Stevens W, Katzenstein D, Ciaranello A, Barnabas R, Braithwaite RS, Bendavid E, Nathoo KJ, van de Vijver D, Wilson DP, Holmes C, Bershteyn A, Walker S, Raizes E, Jani I, Nelson LJ, Peeling R, Terris-Prestholt F, Murungu J, Mutasa-Apollo T, Hallett TB, Revill P.

Nature. 2015 Dec 3;528(7580):S68-76. doi: 10.1038/nature16046.


What do we know about the cost-effectiveness of HIV preexposure prophylaxis, and is it affordable?

Cambiano V, Miners A, Phillips A.

Curr Opin HIV AIDS. 2016 Jan;11(1):56-66. doi: 10.1097/COH.0000000000000217. Review.


Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of potential responses to future high levels of transmitted HIV drug resistance in antiretroviral drug-naive populations beginning treatment: modelling study and economic analysis.

Phillips AN, Cambiano V, Miners A, Revill P, Pillay D, Lundgren JD, Bennett D, Raizes E, Nakagawa F, De Luca A, Vitoria M, Barcarolo J, Perriens J, Jordan MR, Bertagnolio S.

Lancet HIV. 2014 Nov;1(2):e85-93. doi: 10.1016/S2352-3018(14)70021-9. Epub 2014 Oct 14.


Health-related quality-of-life of people with HIV in the era of combination antiretroviral treatment: a cross-sectional comparison with the general population.

Miners A, Phillips A, Kreif N, Rodger A, Speakman A, Fisher M, Anderson J, Collins S, Hart G, Sherr L, Lampe FC; ASTRA (Antiretrovirals, Sexual Transmission and Attitudes) Study.

Lancet HIV. 2014 Oct;1(1):e32-40. doi: 10.1016/S2352-3018(14)70018-9. Epub 2014 Sep 22.


Recreational drug use, polydrug use, and sexual behaviour in HIV-diagnosed men who have sex with men in the UK: results from the cross-sectional ASTRA study.

Daskalopoulou M, Rodger A, Phillips AN, Sherr L, Speakman A, Collins S, Elford J, Johnson MA, Gilson R, Fisher M, Wilkins E, Anderson J, McDonnell J, Edwards S, Perry N, O'Connell R, Lascar M, Jones M, Johnson AM, Hart G, Miners A, Geretti AM, Burman WJ, Lampe FC.

Lancet HIV. 2014 Oct;1(1):e22-31. doi: 10.1016/S2352-3018(14)70001-3. Epub 2014 Sep 7.


Potential impact on HIV incidence of higher HIV testing rates and earlier antiretroviral therapy initiation in MSM.

Phillips AN, Cambiano V, Miners A, Lampe FC, Rodger A, Nakagawa F, Brown A, Gill ON, De Angelis D, Elford J, Hart G, Johnson AM, Lundgren JD, Collins S, Delpech V.

AIDS. 2015 Sep 10;29(14):1855-62. doi: 10.1097/QAD.0000000000000767.


A review of economic evaluations of diagnostic strategies using imaging in men at risk of prostate cancer.

Willis SR, van der Meulen J, Valerio M, Miners A, Ahmed HU, Emberton M.

Curr Opin Urol. 2015 Nov;25(6):483-9. doi: 10.1097/MOU.0000000000000220. Review.


Initiating change locally in bullying and aggression through the school environment (INCLUSIVE): a pilot randomised controlled trial.

Bonell C, Fletcher A, Fitzgerald-Yau N, Hale D, Allen E, Elbourne D, Jones R, Bond L, Wiggins M, Miners A, Legood R, Scott S, Christie D, Viner R.

Health Technol Assess. 2015 Jul;19(53):1-109, vii-viii. doi: 10.3310/hta19530.


Projected Lifetime Healthcare Costs Associated with HIV Infection.

Nakagawa F, Miners A, Smith CJ, Simmons R, Lodwick RK, Cambiano V, Lundgren JD, Delpech V, Phillips AN.

PLoS One. 2015 Apr 22;10(4):e0125018. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0125018. eCollection 2015.


Assessment of the Potential Impact and Cost-effectiveness of Self-Testing for HIV in Low-Income Countries.

Cambiano V, Ford D, Mabugu T, Napierala Mavedzenge S, Miners A, Mugurungi O, Nakagawa F, Revill P, Phillips A.

J Infect Dis. 2015 Aug 15;212(4):570-7. doi: 10.1093/infdis/jiv040. Epub 2015 Mar 12.


Effects of age on symptom burden, mental health and quality of life amongst people with HIV in the UK.

McGowan J, Sherr L, Rodger A, Fisher M, Miners A, Johnson M, Elford J, Collins S, Hart G, Phillips A, Speakman A, Lampe F.

J Int AIDS Soc. 2014 Nov 2;17(4 Suppl 3):19511. doi: 10.7448/IAS.17.4.19511. eCollection 2014.


Cost-effectiveness of HIV drug resistance testing to inform switching to second line antiretroviral therapy in low income settings.

Phillips A, Cambiano V, Nakagawa F, Mabugu T, Miners A, Ford D, Pillay D, De Luca A, Lundgren J, Revill P.

PLoS One. 2014 Oct 7;9(10):e109148. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0109148. eCollection 2014. Erratum in: PLoS One. 2014;9(12):e115079. Magubu, Travor [corrected to Mabugu, Travor].


Focal therapy: patients, interventions, and outcomes--a report from a consensus meeting.

Donaldson IA, Alonzi R, Barratt D, Barret E, Berge V, Bott S, Bottomley D, Eggener S, Ehdaie B, Emberton M, Hindley R, Leslie T, Miners A, McCartan N, Moore CM, Pinto P, Polascik TJ, Simmons L, van der Meulen J, Villers A, Willis S, Ahmed HU.

Eur Urol. 2015 Apr;67(4):771-7. doi: 10.1016/j.eururo.2014.09.018. Epub 2014 Oct 1.


Multiparametric MRI followed by targeted prostate biopsy for men with suspected prostate cancer: a clinical decision analysis.

Willis SR, Ahmed HU, Moore CM, Donaldson I, Emberton M, Miners AH, van der Meulen J.

BMJ Open. 2014 Jun 15;4(6):e004895. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2014-004895.


Observed improvements in an intern's ability to initiate critical emergency skills in different cardiac arrest scenarios using high-fidelity simulation.

Starmer DJ, Duquette SA, Guiliano D, Tibbles A, Miners A, Finn K, Stainsby BE.

J Chiropr Educ. 2014 Oct;28(2):164-7. doi: 10.7899/JCE-13-33. Epub 2014 May 16.


Modeling the impact of early antiretroviral therapy for adults coinfected with HIV and hepatitis B or C in South Africa.

Martin NK, Devine A, Eaton JW, Miners A, Hallett TB, Foster GR, Dore GJ, Easterbrook PJ, Legood R, Vickerman P.

AIDS. 2014 Jan;28 Suppl 1:S35-46. doi: 10.1097/QAD.0000000000000084.


Is nucleic acid amplification point-of-care testing for chlamydia and gonorrhoea cost-effective?

Miners A.

Sex Transm Infect. 2014 Mar;90(2):82. doi: 10.1136/sextrans-2013-051428. Epub 2014 Jan 15. No abstract available.


Economic modelling of diagnostic and treatment pathways in National Institute for Health and Care Excellence clinical guidelines: the Modelling Algorithm Pathways in Guidelines (MAPGuide) project.

Lord J, Willis S, Eatock J, Tappenden P, Trapero-Bertran M, Miners A, Crossan C, Westby M, Anagnostou A, Taylor S, Mavranezouli I, Wonderling D, Alderson P, Ruiz F.

Health Technol Assess. 2013 Dec;17(58):v-vi, 1-192. doi: 10.3310/hta17580.


Assessing the cost-effectiveness of finding cases of hepatitis C infection in UK migrant populations and the value of further research.

Miners AH, Martin NK, Ghosh A, Hickman M, Vickerman P.

J Viral Hepat. 2014;21(9):616-23. doi: 10.1111/jvh.12190. Epub 2013 Nov 11.


Testing for sexually transmitted infections among students: a discrete choice experiment of service preferences.

Llewellyn CD, Sakal C, Lagarde M, Pollard A, Miners AH.

BMJ Open. 2013 Oct 28;3(10):e003240. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2013-003240.

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