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Surveillance-embedded genomic outbreak resolution of methicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus in a neonatal intensive care unit.

Cremers AJH, Coolen JPM, Bleeker-Rovers CP, van der Geest-Blankert ADJ, Haverkate D, Hendriks H, Henriet SSV, Huynen MA, Kolwijck E, Liem D, Melchers WJG, Rossen JW, Zoll J, van Heijst A, Hopman J, Wertheim HFL.

Sci Rep. 2020 Feb 14;10(1):2619. doi: 10.1038/s41598-020-59015-1.


Impact of the BioFire FilmArray gastrointestinal panel on patient care and infection control.

Machiels JD, Cremers AJH, van Bergen-Verkuyten MCGT, Paardekoper-Strijbosch SJM, Frijns KCJ, Wertheim HFL, Rahamat-Langendoen J, Melchers WJG.

PLoS One. 2020 Feb 6;15(2):e0228596. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0228596. eCollection 2020.


The risk of cervical cancer after cervical intraepithelial neoplasia grade 3: A population-based cohort study with 80,442 women.

Loopik DL, IntHout J, Ebisch RMF, Melchers WJG, Massuger LFAG, Siebers AG, Bekkers RLM.

Gynecol Oncol. 2020 Jan 20. pii: S0090-8258(20)30067-6. doi: 10.1016/j.ygyno.2020.01.023. [Epub ahead of print]


Performance of the QIAstat-Dx® Gastrointestinal Panel for diagnosing infectious gastroenteritis.

Boers SA, Peters CJA, Wessels E, Melchers WJG, Claas ECJ.

J Clin Microbiol. 2020 Jan 8. pii: JCM.01737-19. doi: 10.1128/JCM.01737-19. [Epub ahead of print]


The relative risk of noncervical high-risk human papillomavirus-related (pre)malignancies after recurrent cervical intraepithelial neoplasia grade 3: A population-based study.

Loopik DL, Ebisch RM, IntHout J, Melchers WJ, Massuger LF, Bekkers RL, Siebers AG.

Int J Cancer. 2019 Dec 17. doi: 10.1002/ijc.32834. [Epub ahead of print]


Introduction of primary screening using high-risk HPV DNA detection in the Dutch cervical cancer screening programme: a population-based cohort study.

Aitken CA, van Agt HME, Siebers AG, van Kemenade FJ, Niesters HGM, Melchers WJG, Vedder JEM, Schuurman R, van den Brule AJC, van der Linden HC, Hinrichs JWJ, Molijn A, Hoogduin KJ, van Hemel BM, de Kok IMCM.

BMC Med. 2019 Dec 11;17(1):228. doi: 10.1186/s12916-019-1460-0.


Molecular Mechanisms of Conidial Germination in Aspergillus spp.

Baltussen TJH, Zoll J, Verweij PE, Melchers WJG.

Microbiol Mol Biol Rev. 2019 Dec 4;84(1). pii: e00049-19. doi: 10.1128/MMBR.00049-19. Print 2020 Feb 19. Review.


Oral contraceptive and intrauterine device use and the risk of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia grade III or worse: a population-based study.

Loopik DL, IntHout J, Melchers WJG, Massuger LFAG, Bekkers RLM, Siebers AG.

Eur J Cancer. 2020 Jan;124:102-109. doi: 10.1016/j.ejca.2019.10.009. Epub 2019 Nov 21.


The Fungal PCR Initiative's evaluation of in-house and commercial Pneumocystis jirovecii qPCR assays: Toward a standard for a diagnostics assay.

Gits-Muselli M, White PL, Mengoli C, Chen S, Crowley B, Dingemans G, Fréalle E, L Gorton R, Guiver M, Hagen F, Halliday C, Johnson G, Lagrou K, Lengerova M, Melchers WJG, Novak-Frazer L, Rautemaa-Richardson R, Scherer E, Steinmann J, Cruciani M, Barnes R, Donnelly JP, Loeffler J, Bretagne S, Alanio A.

Med Mycol. 2019 Nov 23. pii: myz115. doi: 10.1093/mmy/myz115. [Epub ahead of print]


Risk prediction of cervical abnormalities: The value of sociodemographic and lifestyle factors in addition to HPV status.

van der Waal D, Bekkers RLM, Dick S, Lenselink CH, Massuger LFAG, Melchers WJG, Schmeink CE, Siebers AG, Broeders MJM.

Prev Med. 2020 Jan;130:105927. doi: 10.1016/j.ypmed.2019.105927. Epub 2019 Nov 19.


Clinical practice variation and overtreatment risk in women with abnormal cervical cytology in the Netherlands; two-step versus see-and-treat approach.

Loopik DL, Siebers AG, Melchers WJG, Massuger LFAG, Bekkers RLM.

Am J Obstet Gynecol. 2019 Oct 21. pii: S0002-9378(19)31221-9. doi: 10.1016/j.ajog.2019.10.004. [Epub ahead of print]


Laryngeal Carcinoma in Patients With Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Clinical Outcomes and Risk Factors.

van De Ven SEM, Derikx LAAP, Nagtegaal ID, van Herpen CM, Takes RP, Melchers WJG, Pierik M, van den Heuvel T, Verhoeven RHA, Hoentjen F, Nissen LHC.

Inflamm Bowel Dis. 2019 Sep 27. pii: izz210. doi: 10.1093/ibd/izz210. [Epub ahead of print]


RNA-based high-risk HPV genotyping and identification of high-risk HPV transcriptional activity in cervical tissues.

van den Heuvel CNAM, Loopik DL, Ebisch RMF, Elmelik D, Andralojc KM, Huynen M, Bulten J, Bekkers RLM, Massuger LFAG, Melchers WJG, Siebers AG, Leenders WPJ.

Mod Pathol. 2019 Sep 19. doi: 10.1038/s41379-019-0369-7. [Epub ahead of print]


The fading boundaries between patient and environmental routes of triazole resistance selection in Aspergillus fumigatus.

Buil JB, Hare RK, Zwaan BJ, Arendrup MC, Melchers WJG, Verweij PE.

PLoS Pathog. 2019 Aug 22;15(8):e1007858. doi: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1007858. eCollection 2019 Aug. No abstract available.


Facilitators of adaptation and antifungal resistance mechanisms in clinically relevant fungi.

Hokken MWJ, Zwaan BJ, Melchers WJG, Verweij PE.

Fungal Genet Biol. 2019 Nov;132:103254. doi: 10.1016/j.fgb.2019.103254. Epub 2019 Jul 19. Review.


Environmental Hotspots for Azole Resistance Selection of Aspergillus fumigatus, the Netherlands.

Schoustra SE, Debets AJM, Rijs AJMM, Zhang J, Snelders E, Leendertse PC, Melchers WJG, Rietveld AG, Zwaan BJ, Verweij PE.

Emerg Infect Dis. 2019 Jul;25(7):1347-1353. doi: 10.3201/eid2507.181625.


Raw genome sequence data for 13 isogenic Aspergillus fumigatus strains isolated over a 2 year period from a patient with chronic granulomatous disease.

Ballard E, Zoll J, Melchers WJG, Brown AJP, Warris A, Verweij PE.

Data Brief. 2019 May 23;25:104021. doi: 10.1016/j.dib.2019.104021. eCollection 2019 Aug.


Recreation of in-host acquired single nucleotide polymorphisms by CRISPR-Cas9 reveals an uncharacterised gene playing a role in Aspergillus fumigatus azole resistance via a non-cyp51A mediated resistance mechanism.

Ballard E, Weber J, Melchers WJG, Tammireddy S, Whitfield PD, Brakhage AA, Brown AJP, Verweij PE, Warris A.

Fungal Genet Biol. 2019 Sep;130:98-106. doi: 10.1016/j.fgb.2019.05.005. Epub 2019 May 23.


Relevance of heterokaryosis for adaptation and azole-resistance development in Aspergillus fumigatus.

Zhang J, Snelders EE, Zwaan BJ, Schoustra SE, Kuijper EJ, Arendrup MC, Melchers WJG, Verweij PE, Debets AJM.

Proc Biol Sci. 2019 Feb 13;286(1896):20182886. doi: 10.1098/rspb.2018.2886.


Impact of molecular point-of-care testing on clinical management and in-hospital costs of patients suspected of influenza or RSV infection: a modeling study.

Rahamat-Langendoen J, Groenewoud H, Kuijpers J, Melchers WJG, van der Wilt GJ.

J Med Virol. 2019 Aug;91(8):1408-1414. doi: 10.1002/jmv.25479. Epub 2019 Apr 14.


Aerosol Transmission of Aspergillus fumigatus in Cystic Fibrosis Patients in the Netherlands.

Engel TGP, Erren E, Vanden Driessche KSJ, Melchers WJG, Reijers MH, Merkus P, Verweij PE.

Emerg Infect Dis. 2019 Apr;25(4):797-799. doi: 10.3201/eid2504.181110.


Post-Colposcopy Management and Progression Predictors of Biopsy-Proven CIN1 in Women Under 25 Years.

Loopik DL, Bekkers RLM, Massuger LFAG, Melchers WJG, Siebers AG, Bentley JR.

J Obstet Gynaecol Can. 2019 Mar;41(3):292-299. doi: 10.1016/j.jogc.2018.06.021. Epub 2018 Oct 27.


Risk Factors and Clinical Outcomes of Head and Neck Cancer in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Nationwide Cohort Study.

Nissen LHC, Derikx LAAP, Jacobs AME, van Herpen CM, Kievit W, Verhoeven R, van den Broek E, Bekers E, van den Heuvel T, Pierik M, Rahamat-Langendoen J, Takes RP, Melchers WJG, Nagtegaal ID, Hoentjen F; Dutch Initiative on Crohn and Colitis (ICC); Dutch Head and Neck Society, PALGA group; IBD/HNC group.

Inflamm Bowel Dis. 2018 Aug 16;24(9):2015-2026. doi: 10.1093/ibd/izy096.


Performance of human papillomavirus testing on self-collected versus clinician-collected samples for the detection of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia of grade 2 or worse: a randomised, paired screen-positive, non-inferiority trial.

Polman NJ, Ebisch RMF, Heideman DAM, Melchers WJG, Bekkers RLM, Molijn AC, Meijer CJLM, Quint WGV, Snijders PJF, Massuger LFAG, van Kemenade FJ, Berkhof J.

Lancet Oncol. 2019 Feb;20(2):229-238. doi: 10.1016/S1470-2045(18)30763-0. Epub 2019 Jan 15.


Phenotypic plasticity and the evolution of azole resistance in Aspergillus fumigatus; an expression profile of clinical isolates upon exposure to itraconazole.

Hokken MWJ, Zoll J, Coolen JPM, Zwaan BJ, Verweij PE, Melchers WJG.

BMC Genomics. 2019 Jan 9;20(1):28. doi: 10.1186/s12864-018-5255-z.


Triazole resistance in Aspergillus fumigatus: recent insights and challenges for patient management.

Lestrade PPA, Meis JF, Melchers WJG, Verweij PE.

Clin Microbiol Infect. 2019 Jul;25(7):799-806. doi: 10.1016/j.cmi.2018.11.027. Epub 2018 Dec 21. Review.


Trends in Azole Resistance in Aspergillus fumigatus, the Netherlands, 1994-2016.

Buil JB, Snelders E, Denardi LB, Melchers WJG, Verweij PE.

Emerg Infect Dis. 2019 Jan;25(1):176-178. doi: 10.3201/eid2501.171925.


Prevalence and diversity of filamentous fungi in the airways of cystic fibrosis patients - A Dutch, multicentre study.

Engel TGP, Slabbers L, de Jong C, Melchers WJG, Hagen F, Verweij PE, Merkus P, Meis JF; Dutch Cystic Fibrosis Fungal Collection Consortium.

J Cyst Fibros. 2019 Mar;18(2):221-226. doi: 10.1016/j.jcf.2018.11.012. Epub 2018 Dec 1.


Justifying conservative management of CIN2 in women younger than 25 years - A population-based study.

Loopik DL, Bekkers RLM, Massuger LFAG, Melchers WJG, Siebers AG, Bentley J.

Gynecol Oncol. 2019 Jan;152(1):82-86. doi: 10.1016/j.ygyno.2018.10.038. Epub 2018 Nov 7.


Screening for persistent high-risk HPV infections may be a valuable screening method for young women; A retrospective cohort study.

Ebisch RMF, Ketelaars PJW, van der Sanden WMH, Schmeink CE, Lenselink CH, Siebers AG, Massuger LFAG, Melchers WJG, Bekkers RLM.

PLoS One. 2018 Oct 24;13(10):e0206219. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0206219. eCollection 2018.


Voriconazole Resistance and Mortality in Invasive Aspergillosis: A Multicenter Retrospective Cohort Study.

Lestrade PP, Bentvelsen RG, Schauwvlieghe AFAD, Schalekamp S, van der Velden WJFM, Kuiper EJ, van Paassen J, van der Hoven B, van der Lee HA, Melchers WJG, de Haan AF, van der Hoeven HL, Rijnders BJA, van der Beek MT, Verweij PE.

Clin Infect Dis. 2019 Apr 24;68(9):1463-1471. doi: 10.1093/cid/ciy859.


Defining hrHPV genotypes in cervical intraepithelial neoplasia by laser capture microdissection supports reflex triage of self-samples using HPV16/18 and FAM19A4/miR124-2 methylation.

Leeman A, Ebisch RMF, Kasius A, Bosgraaf RP, Jenkins D, van de Sandt MM, de Strooper LMA, Heideman DAM, Snijders PJF, Massuger LFAG, Bekkers RLM, Meijer CJLM, van Kemenade FJ, Quint WGV, Melchers WJG.

Gynecol Oncol. 2018 Nov;151(2):311-318. doi: 10.1016/j.ygyno.2018.09.006. Epub 2018 Sep 13.


Genome-wide microRNA analysis of HPV-positive self-samples yields novel triage markers for early detection of cervical cancer.

Snoek BC, Verlaat W, Babion I, Novianti PW, van de Wiel MA, Wilting SM, van Trommel NE, Bleeker MCG, Massuger LFAG, Melchers WJG, Sie D, Heideman DAM, Snijders PJF, Meijer CJLM, Steenbergen RDM.

Int J Cancer. 2019 Jan 15;144(2):372-379. doi: 10.1002/ijc.31855. Epub 2018 Nov 4.


Discovery and characterization of novel Aspergillus fumigatus mycoviruses.

Zoll J, Verweij PE, Melchers WJG.

PLoS One. 2018 Jul 25;13(7):e0200511. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0200511. eCollection 2018.


Genetic deficiency of NOD2 confers resistance to invasive aspergillosis.

Gresnigt MS, Cunha C, Jaeger M, Gonçalves SM, Malireddi RKS, Ammerdorffer A, Lubbers R, Oosting M, Rasid O, Jouvion G, Fitting C, Jong DJ, Lacerda JF, Campos A Jr, Melchers WJG, Lagrou K, Maertens J, Kanneganti TD, Carvalho A, Ibrahim-Granet O, van de Veerdonk FL.

Nat Commun. 2018 Jul 6;9(1):2636. doi: 10.1038/s41467-018-04912-3.


Gene co-expression analysis identifies gene clusters associated with isotropic and polarized growth in Aspergillus fumigatus conidia.

Baltussen TJH, Coolen JPM, Zoll J, Verweij PE, Melchers WJG.

Fungal Genet Biol. 2018 Jul;116:62-72. doi: 10.1016/j.fgb.2018.04.013. Epub 2018 Apr 26.


Development and first evaluation of a novel multiplex real-time PCR on whole blood samples for rapid pathogen identification in critically ill patients with sepsis.

van de Groep K, Bos MP, Savelkoul PHM, Rubenjan A, Gazenbeek C, Melchers WJG, van der Poll T, Juffermans NP, Ong DSY, Bonten MJM, Cremer OL; MARS consortium.

Eur J Clin Microbiol Infect Dis. 2018 Jul;37(7):1333-1344. doi: 10.1007/s10096-018-3255-1. Epub 2018 Apr 26.


Identification and Validation of a 3-Gene Methylation Classifier for HPV-Based Cervical Screening on Self-Samples.

Verlaat W, Snoek BC, Heideman DAM, Wilting SM, Snijders PJF, Novianti PW, van Splunter AP, Peeters CFW, van Trommel NE, Massuger LFAG, Bekkers RLM, Melchers WJG, van Kemenade FJ, Berkhof J, van de Wiel MA, Meijer CJLM, Steenbergen RDM.

Clin Cancer Res. 2018 Jul 15;24(14):3456-3464. doi: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-17-3615. Epub 2018 Apr 9.


Molecular Detection of Azole-Resistant Aspergillus fumigatus in Clinical Samples.

Buil JB, Zoll J, Verweij PE, Melchers WJG.

Front Microbiol. 2018 Mar 21;9:515. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2018.00515. eCollection 2018. Review.


Vulvar cancer: Two pathways with different localization and prognosis.

Hinten F, Molijn A, Eckhardt L, Massuger LFAG, Quint W, Bult P, Bulten J, Melchers WJG, de Hullu JA.

Gynecol Oncol. 2018 May;149(2):310-317. doi: 10.1016/j.ygyno.2018.03.003. Epub 2018 Mar 16.


In-host microevolution of Aspergillus fumigatus: A phenotypic and genotypic analysis.

Ballard E, Melchers WJG, Zoll J, Brown AJP, Verweij PE, Warris A.

Fungal Genet Biol. 2018 Apr;113:1-13. doi: 10.1016/j.fgb.2018.02.003. Epub 2018 Feb 23.


Epidemiology of invasive aspergillosis and triazole-resistant Aspergillus fumigatus in patients with haematological malignancies: a single-centre retrospective cohort study.

Lestrade PP, van der Velden WJFM, Bouwman F, Stoop FJ, Blijlevens NMA, Melchers WJG, Verweij PE, Donnelly JP.

J Antimicrob Chemother. 2018 May 1;73(5):1389-1394. doi: 10.1093/jac/dkx527.


The Absence of NOD1 Enhances Killing of Aspergillus fumigatus Through Modulation of Dectin-1 Expression.

Gresnigt MS, Jaeger M, Subbarao Malireddi RK, Rasid O, Jouvion G, Fitting C, Melchers WJG, Kanneganti TD, Carvalho A, Ibrahim-Granet O, van de Veerdonk FL.

Front Immunol. 2017 Dec 13;8:1777. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2017.01777. eCollection 2017.


Isavuconazole susceptibility of clinical Aspergillus fumigatus isolates and feasibility of isavuconazole dose escalation to treat isolates with elevated MICs.

Buil JB, Brüggemann RJM, Wasmann RE, Zoll J, Meis JF, Melchers WJG, Mouton JW, Verweij PE.

J Antimicrob Chemother. 2018 Jan 1;73(1):263. doi: 10.1093/jac/dkx425. No abstract available.


Correction for Quainoo et al., "Whole-Genome Sequencing of Bacterial Pathogens: the Future of Nosocomial Outbreak Analysis".

Quainoo S, Coolen JPM, van Hijum SAFT, Huynen MA, Melchers WJG, van Schaik W, Wertheim HFL.

Clin Microbiol Rev. 2017 Nov 1;31(1). pii: e00082-17. doi: 10.1128/CMR.00082-17. Print 2018 Jan. No abstract available.


Isavuconazole susceptibility of clinical Aspergillus fumigatus isolates and feasibility of isavuconazole dose escalation to treat isolates with elevated MICs.

Buil JB, Brüggemann RJM, Wasmann RE, Zoll J, Meis JF, Melchers WJG, Mouton JW, Verweij PE.

J Antimicrob Chemother. 2018 Jan 1;73(1):134-142. doi: 10.1093/jac/dkx354. Erratum in: J Antimicrob Chemother. 2018 Jan 1;73(1):263.


Evolution of cross-resistance to medical triazoles in Aspergillus fumigatus through selection pressure of environmental fungicides.

Zhang J, van den Heuvel J, Debets AJM, Verweij PE, Melchers WJG, Zwaan BJ, Schoustra SE.

Proc Biol Sci. 2017 Sep 27;284(1863). pii: 20170635. doi: 10.1098/rspb.2017.0635.


Single-Center Evaluation of an Agar-Based Screening for Azole Resistance in Aspergillus fumigatus by Using VIPcheck.

Buil JB, van der Lee HAL, Rijs AJMM, Zoll J, Hovestadt JAMF, Melchers WJG, Verweij PE.

Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2017 Nov 22;61(12). pii: e01250-17. doi: 10.1128/AAC.01250-17. Print 2017 Dec.


Whole-Genome Sequencing of Bacterial Pathogens: the Future of Nosocomial Outbreak Analysis.

Quainoo S, Coolen JPM, van Hijum SAFT, Huynen MA, Melchers WJG, van Schaik W, Wertheim HFL.

Clin Microbiol Rev. 2017 Oct;30(4):1015-1063. doi: 10.1128/CMR.00016-17. Review. Erratum in: Clin Microbiol Rev. 2017 Nov 1;31(1):.


The effect of video information on anxiety levels in women attending colposcopy: a randomized controlled trial.

Ketelaars PJW, Buskes MHM, Bosgraaf RP, van Hamont D, Prins JB, Massuger LFAG, Melchers WJG, Bekkers RLM.

Acta Oncol. 2017 Dec;56(12):1728-1733. doi: 10.1080/0284186X.2017.1355108. Epub 2017 Aug 1.


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