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Aligning Single-Cell Developmental and Reprogramming Trajectories Identifies Molecular Determinants of Myogenic Reprogramming Outcome.

Cacchiarelli D, Qiu X, Srivatsan S, Manfredi A, Ziller M, Overbey E, Grimaldi A, Grimsby J, Pokharel P, Livak KJ, Li S, Meissner A, Mikkelsen TS, Rinn JL, Trapnell C.

Cell Syst. 2018 Aug 30. pii: S2405-4712(18)30314-4. doi: 10.1016/j.cels.2018.07.006. [Epub ahead of print]


Reduced MEK inhibition preserves genomic stability in naive human embryonic stem cells.

Di Stefano B, Ueda M, Sabri S, Brumbaugh J, Huebner AJ, Sahakyan A, Clement K, Clowers KJ, Erickson AR, Shioda K, Gygi SP, Gu H, Shioda T, Meissner A, Takashima Y, Plath K, Hochedlinger K.

Nat Methods. 2018 Sep;15(9):732-740. doi: 10.1038/s41592-018-0104-1. Epub 2018 Aug 20.


Chromatin-dependent allosteric regulation of DNMT3A activity by MeCP2.

Rajavelu A, Lungu C, Emperle M, Dukatz M, Bröhm A, Broche J, Hanelt I, Parsa E, Schiffers S, Karnik R, Meissner A, Carell T, Rathert P, Jurkowska RZ, Jeltsch A.

Nucleic Acids Res. 2018 Aug 8. doi: 10.1093/nar/gky715. [Epub ahead of print]


Development of NASH in Obese Mice is Confounded by Adipose Tissue Increase in Inflammatory NOV and Oxidative Stress.

Sacerdoti D, Singh SP, Schragenheim J, Bellner L, Vanella L, Raffaele M, Meissner A, Grant I, Favero G, Rezzani R, Rodella LF, Bamshad D, Lebovics E, Abraham NG.

Int J Hepatol. 2018 Jul 2;2018:3484107. doi: 10.1155/2018/3484107. eCollection 2018.


Prospective Isolation of Poised iPSC Intermediates Reveals Principles of Cellular Reprogramming.

Schwarz BA, Cetinbas M, Clement K, Walsh RM, Cheloufi S, Gu H, Langkabel J, Kamiya A, Schorle H, Meissner A, Sadreyev RI, Hochedlinger K.

Cell Stem Cell. 2018 Aug 2;23(2):289-305.e5. doi: 10.1016/j.stem.2018.06.013. Epub 2018 Jul 12.


The emerging alliance of sphingosine-1-phosphate signalling and immune cells: from basic mechanisms to implications in hypertension.

Don-Doncow N, Zhang Y, Matuskova H, Meissner A.

Br J Pharmacol. 2018 Jun 1. doi: 10.1111/bph.14381. [Epub ahead of print] Review.


An Intermediate Pluripotent State Controlled by MicroRNAs Is Required for the Naive-to-Primed Stem Cell Transition.

Du P, Pirouz M, Choi J, Huebner AJ, Clement K, Meissner A, Hochedlinger K, Gregory RI.

Cell Stem Cell. 2018 Jun 1;22(6):851-864.e5. doi: 10.1016/j.stem.2018.04.021. Epub 2018 May 24.


Combining NGN2 Programming with Developmental Patterning Generates Human Excitatory Neurons with NMDAR-Mediated Synaptic Transmission.

Nehme R, Zuccaro E, Ghosh SD, Li C, Sherwood JL, Pietilainen O, Barrett LE, Limone F, Worringer KA, Kommineni S, Zang Y, Cacchiarelli D, Meissner A, Adolfsson R, Haggarty S, Madison J, Muller M, Arlotta P, Fu Z, Feng G, Eggan K.

Cell Rep. 2018 May 22;23(8):2509-2523. doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2018.04.066.


EET enhances renal function in obese mice resulting in restoration of HO-1-Mfn1/2 signaling, and decrease in hypertension through inhibition of sodium chloride co-transporter.

Schragenheim J, Bellner L, Cao J, Singh SP, Bamshad D, McClung JA, Maayan O, Meissner A, Grant I, Stier CT Jr, Abraham NG.

Prostaglandins Other Lipid Mediat. 2018 Jul;137:30-39. doi: 10.1016/j.prostaglandins.2018.05.008. Epub 2018 May 19.


Metabolism and Disposition of Siponimod, a Novel Selective S1P1/S1P5 Agonist, in Healthy Volunteers and In Vitro Identification of Human Cytochrome P450 Enzymes Involved in Its Oxidative Metabolism.

Glaenzel U, Jin Y, Nufer R, Li W, Schroer K, Adam-Stitah S, Peter van Marle S, Legangneux E, Borell H, James AD, Meissner A, Camenisch G, Gardin A.

Drug Metab Dispos. 2018 Jul;46(7):1001-1013. doi: 10.1124/dmd.117.079574. Epub 2018 May 7.


[Heart Failure Despite Low BNP-Level: Paradoxon or Pathfinder? - - A Case of Pericarditis constrictiva].

Dopp H, Maagh P, Meissner A.

Dtsch Med Wochenschr. 2018 May;143(10):731-734. doi: 10.1055/a-0600-1645. Epub 2018 May 4. German.


The risk of TESE-induced hypogonadism: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Eliveld J, van Wely M, Meißner A, Repping S, van der Veen F, van Pelt AMM.

Hum Reprod Update. 2018 Jul 1;24(4):442-454. doi: 10.1093/humupd/dmy015.


X Chromosome Dosage Influences DNA Methylation Dynamics during Reprogramming to Mouse iPSCs.

Pasque V, Karnik R, Chronis C, Petrella P, Langerman J, Bonora G, Song J, Vanheer L, Sadhu Dimashkie A, Meissner A, Plath K.

Stem Cell Reports. 2018 May 8;10(5):1537-1550. doi: 10.1016/j.stemcr.2018.03.019. Epub 2018 Apr 19.


Cancer-Germline Antigen Expression Discriminates Clinical Outcome to CTLA-4 Blockade.

Shukla SA, Bachireddy P, Schilling B, Galonska C, Zhan Q, Bango C, Langer R, Lee PC, Gusenleitner D, Keskin DB, Babadi M, Mohammad A, Gnirke A, Clement K, Cartun ZJ, Van Allen EM, Miao D, Huang Y, Snyder A, Merghoub T, Wolchok JD, Garraway LA, Meissner A, Weber JS, Hacohen N, Neuberg D, Potts PR, Murphy GF, Lian CG, Schadendorf D, Hodi FS, Wu CJ.

Cell. 2018 Apr 19;173(3):624-633.e8. doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2018.03.026. Epub 2018 Apr 12.


A CLK3-HMGA2 Alternative Splicing Axis Impacts Human Hematopoietic Stem Cell Molecular Identity throughout Development.

Cesana M, Guo MH, Cacchiarelli D, Wahlster L, Barragan J, Doulatov S, Vo LT, Salvatori B, Trapnell C, Clement K, Cahan P, Tsanov KM, Sousa PM, Tazon-Vega B, Bolondi A, Giorgi FM, Califano A, Rinn JL, Meissner A, Hirschhorn JN, Daley GQ.

Cell Stem Cell. 2018 Apr 5;22(4):575-588.e7. doi: 10.1016/j.stem.2018.03.012.


Author Correction: Global delay in nascent strand DNA methylation.

Charlton J, Downing TL, Smith ZD, Gu H, Clement K, Pop R, Akopian V, Klages S, Santos DP, Tsankov AM, Timmermann B, Ziller MJ, Kiskinis E, Gnirke A, Meissner A.

Nat Struct Mol Biol. 2018 Apr;25(4):355. doi: 10.1038/s41594-018-0055-3.


Dissecting the Functional Consequences of De Novo DNA Methylation Dynamics in Human Motor Neuron Differentiation and Physiology.

Ziller MJ, Ortega JA, Quinlan KA, Santos DP, Gu H, Martin EJ, Galonska C, Pop R, Maidl S, Di Pardo A, Huang M, Meltzer HY, Gnirke A, Heckman CJ, Meissner A, Kiskinis E.

Cell Stem Cell. 2018 Apr 5;22(4):559-574.e9. doi: 10.1016/j.stem.2018.02.012. Epub 2018 Mar 15.


Global delay in nascent strand DNA methylation.

Charlton J, Downing TL, Smith ZD, Gu H, Clement K, Pop R, Akopian V, Klages S, Santos DP, Tsankov AM, Timmermann B, Ziller MJ, Kiskinis E, Gnirke A, Meissner A.

Nat Struct Mol Biol. 2018 Apr;25(4):327-332. doi: 10.1038/s41594-018-0046-4. Epub 2018 Mar 12. Erratum in: Nat Struct Mol Biol. 2018 Mar 26;:.


Zika Virus Alters DNA Methylation of Neural Genes in an Organoid Model of the Developing Human Brain.

Janssens S, Schotsaert M, Karnik R, Balasubramaniam V, Dejosez M, Meissner A, García-Sastre A, Zwaka TP.

mSystems. 2018 Feb 6;3(1). pii: e00219-17. doi: 10.1128/mSystems.00219-17. eCollection 2018 Jan-Feb.


Genome-wide tracking of dCas9-methyltransferase footprints.

Galonska C, Charlton J, Mattei AL, Donaghey J, Clement K, Gu H, Mohammad AW, Stamenova EK, Cacchiarelli D, Klages S, Timmermann B, Cantz T, Schöler HR, Gnirke A, Ziller MJ, Meissner A.

Nat Commun. 2018 Feb 9;9(1):597. doi: 10.1038/s41467-017-02708-5.


Genetic determinants and epigenetic effects of pioneer-factor occupancy.

Donaghey J, Thakurela S, Charlton J, Chen JS, Smith ZD, Gu H, Pop R, Clement K, Stamenova EK, Karnik R, Kelley DR, Gifford CA, Cacchiarelli D, Rinn JL, Gnirke A, Ziller MJ, Meissner A.

Nat Genet. 2018 Feb;50(2):250-258. doi: 10.1038/s41588-017-0034-3. Epub 2018 Jan 22.


Point-by-point versus multisite electrode mapping in VT ablation: does freedom from VT recurrences depend on mapping catheter? An observational study.

Maagh P, Christoph A, Müller MS, Dopp H, Plehn G, Meissner A.

J Interv Card Electrophysiol. 2018 Mar;51(2):169-181. doi: 10.1007/s10840-018-0311-9. Epub 2018 Jan 22.


High-Density Mapping in Ventricular Tachycardia Ablation: A PentaRay® Study.

Maagh P, Christoph A, Dopp H, Mueller MS, Plehn G, Meissner A.

Cardiol Res. 2017 Dec;8(6):293-303. doi: 10.14740/cr636w. Epub 2017 Dec 22.


Is wrist splint more effective than forearm band for lateral epicondylitis?

Meissner A, Vives MI, Román J, Meissner A.

Medwave. 2017 Dec 28;17(9):e7124. doi: 10.5867/medwave.2017.09.7124. Review. Spanish, English.


Development of the testis in pre-pubertal boys with cancer after biopsy for fertility preservation.

Uijldert M, Meißner A, de Melker AA, van Pelt AMM, van de Wetering MD, van Rijn RR, van Wely M, van der Veen F, Repping S.

Hum Reprod. 2017 Dec 1;32(12):2366-2372. doi: 10.1093/humrep/dex306.


Epigenetic restriction of extraembryonic lineages mirrors the somatic transition to cancer.

Smith ZD, Shi J, Gu H, Donaghey J, Clement K, Cacchiarelli D, Gnirke A, Michor F, Meissner A.

Nature. 2017 Sep 28;549(7673):543-547. doi: 10.1038/nature23891. Epub 2017 Sep 20.


Interconversion Rates between Conformational States as Rationale for the Membrane Permeability of Cyclosporines.

Witek J, Mühlbauer M, Keller BG, Blatter M, Meissner A, Wagner T, Riniker S.

Chemphyschem. 2017 Dec 6;18(23):3309-3314. doi: 10.1002/cphc.201700995. Epub 2017 Nov 2.


Correction to Kinetic Models of Cyclosporin A in Polar and Apolar Environments Reveal Multiple Congruent Conformational States.

Witek J, Keller BG, Blatter M, Meissner A, Wagner T, Riniker S.

J Chem Inf Model. 2017 Sep 25;57(9):2393. doi: 10.1021/acs.jcim.7b00502. Epub 2017 Sep 12. No abstract available.


Ablation of adipose-HO-1 expression increases white fat over beige fat through inhibition of mitochondrial fusion and of PGC1α in female mice.

Singh SP, Grant I, Meissner A, Kappas A, Abraham NG.

Horm Mol Biol Clin Investig. 2017 Aug 1;31(1). pii: /j/hmbci.2017.31.issue-1/hmbci-2017-0027/hmbci-2017-0027.xml. doi: 10.1515/hmbci-2017-0027.


Prolonged Mek1/2 suppression impairs the developmental potential of embryonic stem cells.

Choi J, Huebner AJ, Clement K, Walsh RM, Savol A, Lin K, Gu H, Di Stefano B, Brumbaugh J, Kim SY, Sharif J, Rose CM, Mohammad A, Odajima J, Charron J, Shioda T, Gnirke A, Gygi S, Koseki H, Sadreyev RI, Xiao A, Meissner A, Hochedlinger K.

Nature. 2017 Aug 10;548(7666):219-223. doi: 10.1038/nature23274. Epub 2017 Jul 26.


Open-water and under-ice seasonal variations in trace element content and physicochemical associations in fluvial bed sediment.

Doig LE, Carr MK, Meissner AGN, Jardine TD, Jones PD, Bharadwaj L, Lindenschmidt KE.

Environ Toxicol Chem. 2017 Nov;36(11):2916-2924. doi: 10.1002/etc.3886. Epub 2017 Aug 3.


Pulmonary vein potential mapping in atrial fibrillation with high density and standard spiral (lasso) catheters: A comparative study.

Meissner A, Maagh P, Christoph A, Oernek A, Plehn G.

J Arrhythm. 2017 Jun;33(3):192-200. doi: 10.1016/j.joa.2016.10.562. Epub 2016 Nov 25.


S1PR (Sphingosine-1-Phosphate Receptor) Signaling in the Regulation of Vascular Tone and Blood Pressure: Is S1PR1 Doing the Trick?

Meissner A.

Hypertension. 2017 Aug;70(2):232-234. doi: 10.1161/HYPERTENSIONAHA.117.09200. Epub 2017 Jun 12. No abstract available.


Comparison of 19F NMR and 14C Measurements for the Assessment of ADME of BYL719 (Alpelisib) in Humans.

James AD, Marvalin C, Luneau A, Meissner A, Camenisch G.

Drug Metab Dispos. 2017 Aug;45(8):900-907. doi: 10.1124/dmd.117.075424. Epub 2017 May 31.


Retraction Note to: Inotropic therapy for cardiac low output syndrome: comparison of hemodynamic effects of dopamine/dobutamine versus dopamine/dopexamine.

El Mokhtari NE, Arlt A, Meissner A, Lins M.

Eur J Med Res. 2017 May 16;22(1):16. doi: 10.1186/s40001-017-0256-y. No abstract available.


Impact of High-Intensity-NIV on the heart in stable COPD: a randomised cross-over pilot study.

Duiverman ML, Maagh P, Magnet FS, Schmoor C, Arellano-Maric MP, Meissner A, Storre JH, Wijkstra PJ, Windisch W, Callegari J.

Respir Res. 2017 May 2;18(1):76. doi: 10.1186/s12931-017-0542-9.


Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Differentiation Enables Functional Validation of GWAS Variants in Metabolic Disease.

Warren CR, O'Sullivan JF, Friesen M, Becker CE, Zhang X, Liu P, Wakabayashi Y, Morningstar JE, Shi X, Choi J, Xia F, Peters DT, Florido MHC, Tsankov AM, Duberow E, Comisar L, Shay J, Jiang X, Meissner A, Musunuru K, Kathiresan S, Daheron L, Zhu J, Gerszten RE, Deo RC, Vasan RS, O'Donnell CJ, Cowan CA.

Cell Stem Cell. 2017 Apr 6;20(4):547-557.e7. doi: 10.1016/j.stem.2017.01.010.


DUSP9 Modulates DNA Hypomethylation in Female Mouse Pluripotent Stem Cells.

Choi J, Clement K, Huebner AJ, Webster J, Rose CM, Brumbaugh J, Walsh RM, Lee S, Savol A, Etchegaray JP, Gu H, Boyle P, Elling U, Mostoslavsky R, Sadreyev R, Park PJ, Gygi SP, Meissner A, Hochedlinger K.

Cell Stem Cell. 2017 May 4;20(5):706-719.e7. doi: 10.1016/j.stem.2017.03.002. Epub 2017 Mar 30.


Pneumocystis jirovecii-induced chronic interstitial lung disease in Waldenström's macroglobulinemia.

Windisch W, Meissner A, Goßmann A, Brockmann M, Schildgen V, Schildgen O.

Future Microbiol. 2017 Mar;12:307-313. doi: 10.2217/fmb-2016-0188. Epub 2017 Feb 24.


Epigenetic Memory Underlies Cell-Autonomous Heterogeneous Behavior of Hematopoietic Stem Cells.

Yu VWC, Yusuf RZ, Oki T, Wu J, Saez B, Wang X, Cook C, Baryawno N, Ziller MJ, Lee E, Gu H, Meissner A, Lin CP, Kharchenko PV, Scadden DT.

Cell. 2017 Feb 23;168(5):944-945. doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2017.02.010. No abstract available.


Sphingosine-1-phosphate signalling-a key player in the pathogenesis of Angiotensin II-induced hypertension.

Meissner A, Miro F, Jiménez-Altayó F, Jurado A, Vila E, Planas AM.

Cardiovasc Res. 2017 Feb;113(2):123-133. doi: 10.1093/cvr/cvw256. Epub 2017 Jan 12.


Probabilistic Modeling of Reprogramming to Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells.

Liu LL, Brumbaugh J, Bar-Nur O, Smith Z, Stadtfeld M, Meissner A, Hochedlinger K, Michor F.

Cell Rep. 2016 Dec 20;17(12):3395-3406. doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2016.11.080.


Targeted bisulfite sequencing of the dynamic DNA methylome.

Ziller MJ, Stamenova EK, Gu H, Gnirke A, Meissner A.

Epigenetics Chromatin. 2016 Dec 3;9:55. eCollection 2016.


Structural and functional brain alterations in a murine model of Angiotensin II-induced hypertension.

Meissner A, Minnerup J, Soria G, Planas AM.

J Neurochem. 2017 Feb;140(3):509-521. doi: 10.1111/jnc.13905. Epub 2016 Dec 21.


Epigenetic Memory Underlies Cell-Autonomous Heterogeneous Behavior of Hematopoietic Stem Cells.

Yu VWC, Yusuf RZ, Oki T, Wu J, Saez B, Wang X, Cook C, Baryawno N, Ziller MJ, Lee E, Gu H, Meissner A, Lin CP, Kharchenko PV, Scadden DT.

Cell. 2016 Nov 17;167(5):1310-1322.e17. doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2016.10.045. Erratum in: Cell. 2017 Feb 23;168(5):944-945.


Is it time to rebalance the case mix? A portfolio analysis of direct catheterization laboratory costs over a 5-year period.

Plehn G, Butz T, Maagh P, Oernek A, Meissner A, Plehn N.

Eur J Med Res. 2016 Nov 3;21(1):44.


LKB1 loss links serine metabolism to DNA methylation and tumorigenesis.

Kottakis F, Nicolay BN, Roumane A, Karnik R, Gu H, Nagle JM, Boukhali M, Hayward MC, Li YY, Chen T, Liesa M, Hammerman PS, Wong KK, Hayes DN, Shirihai OS, Dyson NJ, Haas W, Meissner A, Bardeesy N.

Nature. 2016 Nov 17;539(7629):390-395. doi: 10.1038/nature20132. Epub 2016 Oct 31.


Behavioral, cognitive, and motor performance and physical development of five-year-old children who were born after intracytoplasmic sperm injection with the use of testicular sperm.

Meijerink AM, Ramos L, Janssen AJ, Maas-van Schaaijk NM, Meissner A, Repping S, Mochtar MH, Braat DD, Fleischer K.

Fertil Steril. 2016 Dec;106(7):1673-1682.e5. doi: 10.1016/j.fertnstert.2016.09.011. Epub 2016 Oct 25.


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