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Schiff-base coordination complexes with plutonium(iv) and cerium(iv).

Klamm BE, Windorff CJ, Marsh ML, Meeker DS, Albrecht-Schmitt TE.

Chem Commun (Camb). 2018 Jul 18. doi: 10.1039/c8cc03571g. [Epub ahead of print]


Antibiotic resistance profiles of deep surgical site infections in hip hemiarthroplasty; comparing low dose single antibiotic versus high dose dual antibiotic impregnated cement.

Tyas B, Marsh M, Oswald T, Refaie R, Molyneux C, Reed M.

J Bone Jt Infect. 2018 Jun 11;3(3):123-129. doi: 10.7150/jbji.22192. eCollection 2018.


Exploring the villus.

Ensari A, Marsh MN.

Gastroenterol Hepatol Bed Bench. 2018 Summer;11(3):181-190. Review.


Developing core outcome set for women's, newborn, and child health: the CROWN Initiative.

Molloy EJ, Gale C, Marsh M, Bearer CF, Devane D, Modi N.

Pediatr Res. 2018 May 3. doi: 10.1038/s41390-018-0041-9. [Epub ahead of print] No abstract available.


Clinical Characteristics and Health Outcomes of Neonates Reporting to the Emergency Department With Hypothermia.

Wood JK, Halvorson EE, Auriemma JR, Ervin SE, Thurtle DP, Keskinyan VS, DeWeese DM, Marsh MC, Theroux LA, Rushing J, Haberman C.

Hosp Pediatr. 2018 Jul 3. pii: hpeds.2017-0176. doi: 10.1542/hpeds.2017-0176. [Epub ahead of print]


The ACUTE (Ambulance CPAP: Use, Treatment effect and economics) feasibility study: a pilot randomised controlled trial of prehospital CPAP for acute respiratory failure.

Fuller GW, Goodacre S, Keating S, Perkins G, Ward M, Rosser A, Gunson I, Miller J, Bradburn M, Thokala P, Harris T, Carson A, Marsh M, Cooper C.

Pilot Feasibility Stud. 2018 Jun 18;4:86. doi: 10.1186/s40814-018-0281-9. eCollection 2018.


Essential skills: BJOG launches the Research Methods Guides.

Marsh MS.

BJOG. 2018 Aug;125(9):1056. doi: 10.1111/1471-0528.15235. Epub 2018 Jun 19. No abstract available.


The labourist's dilemma.

Marsh M.

BJOG. 2018 Jun;125(7):771. doi: 10.1111/1471-0528.14880. No abstract available.


Understanding variation in ambulance service non-conveyance rates: a mixed methods study.

O’Cathain A, Knowles E, Bishop-Edwards L, Coster J, Crum A, Jacques R, James C, Lawson R, Marsh M, O’Hara R, Siriwardena AN, Stone T, Turner J, Williams J.

Southampton (UK): NIHR Journals Library; 2018 May.


Long-term regeneration and remodeling of the pig esophagus after circumferential resection using a retrievable synthetic scaffold carrying autologous cells.

La Francesca S, Aho JM, Barron MR, Blanco EW, Soliman S, Kalenjian L, Hanson AD, Todorova E, Marsh M, Burnette K, DerSimonian H, Odze RD, Wigle DA.

Sci Rep. 2018 Mar 7;8(1):4123. doi: 10.1038/s41598-018-22401-x.


Evaluating the communities care program: best practice for rigorous research to evaluate gender based violence prevention and response programs in humanitarian settings.

Glass N, Perrin N, Clough A, Desgroppes A, Kaburu FN, Melton J, Rink A, Read-Hamilton S, Marsh M.

Confl Health. 2018 Jan 31;12:5. doi: 10.1186/s13031-018-0138-0. eCollection 2018.


Opinions, practice patterns, and perceived barriers to lung cancer screening among attending and resident primary care physicians.

Henderson LM, Jones LM, Marsh MW, Brenner AT, Goldstein AO, Benefield TS, Greenwood-Hickman MA, Molina PL, Rivera MP, Reuland DS.

Risk Manag Healthc Policy. 2018 Jan 22;10:189-195. doi: 10.2147/RMHP.S143152. eCollection 2017.


Crystal Structures of Fungal Tectonin in Complex with O-Methylated Glycans Suggest Key Role in Innate Immune Defense.

Sommer R, Makshakova ON, Wohlschlager T, Hutin S, Marsh M, Titz A, Künzler M, Varrot A.

Structure. 2018 Mar 6;26(3):391-402.e4. doi: 10.1016/j.str.2018.01.003. Epub 2018 Feb 1.


Alphavirus-induced hyperactivation of PI3K/AKT directs pro-viral metabolic changes.

Mazzon M, Castro C, Thaa B, Liu L, Mutso M, Liu X, Mahalingam S, Griffin JL, Marsh M, McInerney GM.

PLoS Pathog. 2018 Jan 29;14(1):e1006835. doi: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1006835. eCollection 2018 Jan.


Perspectives of rural health and human service practitioners following suicide prevention training programme in Australia: A thematic analysis.

Jones M, Ferguson M, Walsh S, Martinez L, Marsh M, Cronin K, Procter N.

Health Soc Care Community. 2018 May;26(3):356-363. doi: 10.1111/hsc.12532. Epub 2018 Jan 8.


Heterothermy is associated with reduced fitness in wild rabbits.

Maloney SK, Marsh MK, McLeod SR, Fuller A.

Biol Lett. 2017 Dec;13(12). pii: 20170521. doi: 10.1098/rsbl.2017.0521.


The emancipation of women's fertility.

Marsh M.

BJOG. 2017 Dec;124(13):1921-1922. doi: 10.1111/1471-0528.14353. No abstract available.


Coeliac biopsies: numbers are valid, alphabets not.

Rostami K, Ensari A, Ciacci C, Srivastava A, Volta U, Villanacci V, Marsh MN.

Gut. 2017 Nov 20. pii: gutjnl-2017-315517. doi: 10.1136/gutjnl-2017-315517. [Epub ahead of print] No abstract available.


Serial millisecond crystallography for routine room-temperature structure determination at synchrotrons.

Weinert T, Olieric N, Cheng R, Brünle S, James D, Ozerov D, Gashi D, Vera L, Marsh M, Jaeger K, Dworkowski F, Panepucci E, Basu S, Skopintsev P, Doré AS, Geng T, Cooke RM, Liang M, Prota AE, Panneels V, Nogly P, Ermler U, Schertler G, Hennig M, Steinmetz MO, Wang M, Standfuss J.

Nat Commun. 2017 Sep 14;8(1):542. doi: 10.1038/s41467-017-00630-4.


ROC-king onwards: intraepithelial lymphocyte counts, distribution & role in coeliac disease mucosal interpretation.

Rostami K, Marsh MN, Johnson MW, Mohaghegh H, Heal C, Holmes G, Ensari A, Aldulaimi D, Bancel B, Bassotti G, Bateman A, Becheanu G, Bozzola A, Carroccio A, Catassi C, Ciacci C, Ciobanu A, Danciu M, Derakhshan MH, Elli L, Ferrero S, Fiorentino M, Fiorino M, Ganji A, Ghaffarzadehgan K, Going JJ, Ishaq S, Mandolesi A, Mathews S, Maxim R, Mulder CJ, Neefjes-Borst A, Robert M, Russo I, Rostami-Nejad M, Sidoni A, Sotoudeh M, Villanacci V, Volta U, Zali MR, Srivastava A.

Gut. 2017 Dec;66(12):2080-2086. doi: 10.1136/gutjnl-2017-314297. Epub 2017 Sep 11.


Instrumentation for electrochemical performance characterization of neural electrodes.

Marsh MP, Kruchowski JN, Hara SA, McIntosh MB, Forsman RM, Reed TL, Kimble C, Lee KH, Bennet KE, Tomshine JR.

Rev Sci Instrum. 2017 Aug;88(8):085101. doi: 10.1063/1.4993796.


A coproduced patient and public event: An approach to developing and prioritizing ambulance performance measures.

Irving A, Turner J, Marsh M, Broadway-Parkinson A, Fall D, Coster J, Siriwardena AN.

Health Expect. 2018 Feb;21(1):230-238. doi: 10.1111/hex.12606. Epub 2017 Aug 25.


Incipient class II mixed valency in a plutonium solid-state compound.

Cary SK, Galley SS, Marsh ML, Hobart DL, Baumbach RE, Cross JN, Stritzinger JT, Polinski MJ, Maron L, Albrecht-Schmitt TE.

Nat Chem. 2017 Sep;9(9):856-861. doi: 10.1038/nchem.2777. Epub 2017 May 8.


Hormones, damned hormones, and statistics.

Marsh M.

BJOG. 2017 Sep;124(10):1465-1466. doi: 10.1111/1471-0528.14344. No abstract available.


Prothrombin Complex Concentrate Reduces Blood Product Utilization in Heart Transplantation.

Enter DH, Zaki AL, Marsh M, Cool N, Kruse J, Li Z, Andrei AC, Iddriss A, McCarthy PM, Malaisrie SC, Anderson A, Rich JD, Pham DT.

Pharmacotherapy. 2017 Oct;37(10):1215-1220. doi: 10.1002/phar.2015.


The UK Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health's Policy on Funding From Commercial Organizations.

Modi N, Ellis J, Marsh M.

JAMA Pediatr. 2017 Oct 1;171(10):1016-1017. doi: 10.1001/jamapediatrics.2017.2470. No abstract available.


Electronic Structure and Properties of Berkelium Iodates.

Silver MA, Cary SK, Garza AJ, Baumbach RE, Arico AA, Galmin GA, Chen KW, Johnson JA, Wang JC, Clark RJ, Chemey A, Eaton TM, Marsh ML, Seidler K, Galley SS, van de Burgt L, Gray AL, Hobart DE, Hanson K, Van Cleve SM, Gendron F, Autschbach J, Scuseria GE, Maron L, Speldrich M, Kögerler P, Celis-Barros C, Páez-Hernández D, Arratia-Pérez R, Ruf M, Albrecht-Schmitt TE.

J Am Chem Soc. 2017 Sep 27;139(38):13361-13375. doi: 10.1021/jacs.7b05569. Epub 2017 Sep 14.


Directed evolution of the periodic table: probing the electronic structure of late actinides.

Marsh ML, Albrecht-Schmitt TE.

Dalton Trans. 2017 Jul 25;46(29):9316-9333. doi: 10.1039/c7dt00664k.


The tale of Dr Steppenwolf and his great statistical machine - a modern parable.

Marsh M.

BJOG. 2017 Jun;124(7):1001-1002. doi: 10.1111/1471-0528.14335. No abstract available.


Health professional associations and industry funding-reply from Modi et al.

Modi N, Greenough A, Viner R, Ellis J, Marsh M.

Lancet. 2017 Apr 29;389(10080):1693-1694. doi: 10.1016/S0140-6736(17)31057-7. No abstract available.


The patient's dilemma: attending the emergency department with a minor illness.

Weber EJ, Hirst E, Marsh M.

BMJ. 2017 Apr 27;357:j1941. doi: 10.1136/bmj.j1941. No abstract available.


Using microsecond single-molecule FRET to determine the assembly pathways of T4 ssDNA binding protein onto model DNA replication forks.

Phelps C, Israels B, Jose D, Marsh MC, von Hippel PH, Marcus AH.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2017 May 2;114(18):E3612-E3621. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1619819114. Epub 2017 Apr 17.


Lung Cancer Screening Practices in North Carolina CT Facilities.

Henderson LM, Jones LM, Marsh MW, Benefield T, Rivera MP, Molina PL.

J Am Coll Radiol. 2017 Feb;14(2):166-170. doi: 10.1016/j.jacr.2016.07.035. Epub 2016 Oct 27.


Evolutionary Developments in Interpreting the  Gluten-Induced Mucosal Celiac Lesion: An  Archimedian Heuristic.

Marsh MN, Heal CJ.

Nutrients. 2017 Feb 28;9(3). pii: E213. doi: 10.3390/nu9030213. Review.


Potential Benefits of an Integrated Electric-Acoustic Sound Processor with Children: A Preliminary Report.

Wolfe J, Neumann S, Schafer E, Marsh M, Wood M, Baker RS.

J Am Acad Audiol. 2017 Feb;28(2):127-140. doi: 10.3766/jaaa.15133.


Guilt, blame, litigation and training.

Marsh M.

BJOG. 2017 Mar;124(4):539-540. doi: 10.1111/1471-0528.14326. No abstract available.


Characterization and thermogravimetric analysis of lanthanide hexafluoroacetylacetone chelates.

Shahbazi S, Stratz SA, Auxier JD 2nd, Hanson DE, Marsh ML, Hall HL.

J Radioanal Nucl Chem. 2017;311(1):617-626. doi: 10.1007/s10967-016-5005-0. Epub 2016 Aug 30.


Exacerbating the Cosmological Constant Problem with Interacting Dark Energy Models.

Marsh MC.

Phys Rev Lett. 2017 Jan 6;118(1):011302. doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.118.011302. Epub 2017 Jan 5.


Sensitivity of the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (64-Card Version) versus the Tower of London (Drexel Version) for detecting executive dysfunction in children with epilepsy.

MacAllister WS, Maiman M, Marsh M, Whitman L, Vasserman M, Cohen RJ, Salinas CM.

Child Neuropsychol. 2018 Apr;24(3):354-369. doi: 10.1080/09297049.2016.1265101. Epub 2017 Jan 3.


Using Multiorder Time-Correlation Functions (TCFs) To Elucidate Biomolecular Reaction Pathways from Microsecond Single-Molecule Fluorescence Experiments.

Phelps C, Israels B, Marsh MC, von Hippel PH, Marcus AH.

J Phys Chem B. 2016 Dec 29;120(51):13003-13016. doi: 10.1021/acs.jpcb.6b08449. Epub 2016 Dec 19.


Simple Emergent Power Spectra from Complex Inflationary Physics.

Dias M, Frazer J, Marsh MC.

Phys Rev Lett. 2016 Sep 30;117(14):141303. Epub 2016 Sep 30.


Engineering Archeal Surrogate Systems for the Development of Protein-Protein Interaction Inhibitors against Human RAD51.

Moschetti T, Sharpe T, Fischer G, Marsh ME, Ng HK, Morgan M, Scott DE, Blundell TL, R Venkitaraman A, Skidmore J, Abell C, Hyvönen M.

J Mol Biol. 2016 Nov 20;428(23):4589-4607. doi: 10.1016/j.jmb.2016.10.009. Epub 2016 Oct 8.


What Is A Normal Intestinal Mucosa?

Marsh MN, Rostami K.

Gastroenterology. 2016 Nov;151(5):784-788. doi: 10.1053/j.gastro.2016.09.030. Epub 2016 Sep 28. No abstract available.


Characterization of berkelium(III) dipicolinate and borate compounds in solution and the solid state.

Silver MA, Cary SK, Johnson JA, Baumbach RE, Arico AA, Luckey M, Urban M, Wang JC, Polinski MJ, Chemey A, Liu G, Chen KW, Van Cleve SM, Marsh ML, Eaton TM, van de Burgt LJ, Gray AL, Hobart DE, Hanson K, Maron L, Gendron F, Autschbach J, Speldrich M, Kögerler P, Yang P, Braley J, Albrecht-Schmitt TE.

Science. 2016 Aug 26;353(6302). pii: aaf3762. doi: 10.1126/science.aaf3762.


3D correlative light and electron microscopy of cultured cells using serial blockface scanning electron microscopy.

Russell MR, Lerner TR, Burden JJ, Nkwe DO, Pelchen-Matthews A, Domart MC, Durgan J, Weston A, Jones ML, Peddie CJ, Carzaniga R, Florey O, Marsh M, Gutierrez MG, Collinson LM.

J Cell Sci. 2017 Jan 1;130(1):278-291. doi: 10.1242/jcs.188433. Epub 2016 Jul 21.


Regulation of post-Golgi LH3 trafficking is essential for collagen homeostasis.

Banushi B, Forneris F, Straatman-Iwanowska A, Strange A, Lyne AM, Rogerson C, Burden JJ, Heywood WE, Hanley J, Doykov I, Straatman KR, Smith H, Bem D, Kriston-Vizi J, Ariceta G, Risteli M, Wang C, Ardill RE, Zaniew M, Latka-Grot J, Waddington SN, Howe SJ, Ferraro F, Gjinovci A, Lawrence S, Marsh M, Girolami M, Bozec L, Mills K, Gissen P.

Nat Commun. 2016 Jul 20;7:12111. doi: 10.1038/ncomms12111.


Techniques of training in the management of tension pneumothorax: bridging the gap between confidence and competence.

Kenny L, Teasdale R, Marsh M, McElnay P.

Ann Transl Med. 2016 Jun;4(12):233. doi: 10.21037/atm.2016.05.40.


ATP half-sites in RadA and RAD51 recombinases bind nucleotides.

Marsh ME, Scott DE, Ehebauer MT, Abell C, Blundell TL, Hyvönen M.

FEBS Open Bio. 2016 Apr 6;6(5):372-85. doi: 10.1002/2211-5463.12052. eCollection 2016 May.


Difference in the acetabular cup orientation in standing and supine radiographs.

Khan M, Beckingsale T, Marsh M, Holland J.

J Orthop. 2016 Apr 5;13(3):168-70. doi: 10.1016/j.jor.2016.03.012. eCollection 2016 Sep.


Making legal advice a clinical department.

Wheeler R, Marsh M.

Health Serv J. 2016 Apr 13;126(6482):20-1. No abstract available.


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