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Effect of CD8+ lymphocyte depletion on virus containment after simian immunodeficiency virus SIVmac251 challenge of live attenuated SIVmac239delta3-vaccinated rhesus macaques.

Schmitz JE, Johnson RP, McClure HM, Manson KH, Wyand MS, Kuroda MJ, Lifton MA, Khunkhun RS, McEvers KJ, Gillis J, Piatak M, Lifson JD, Grosschupff G, Racz P, Tenner-Racz K, Rieber EP, Kuus-Reichel K, Gelman RS, Letvin NL, Montefiori DC, Ruprecht RM, Desrosiers RC, Reimann KA.

J Virol. 2005 Jul;79(13):8131-41.


Role of genes that modulate host immune responses in the immunogenicity and pathogenicity of vaccinia virus.

Jackson SS, Ilyinskii P, Philippon V, Gritz L, Yafal AG, Zinnack K, Beaudry KR, Manson KH, Lifton MA, Kuroda MJ, Letvin NL, Mazzara GP, Panicali DL.

J Virol. 2005 May;79(10):6554-9.


Vaccination with gp120-depleted HIV-1 plus immunostimulatory CpG oligodeoxynucleotides in incomplete Freund's adjuvant stimulates cellular and humoral immunity in rhesus macaques.

Silvera P, Savary JR, Livingston V, White J, Manson KH, Wyand MH, Salk PL, Moss RB, Lewis MG.

Vaccine. 2004 Dec 21;23(6):827-39.


Induction of immune responses and safety profiles in rhesus macaques immunized with a DNA vaccine expressing human prostate specific antigen.

Kim JJ, Yang JS, Nottingham LK, Tang W, Dang K, Manson KH, Wyand MS, Wilson DM, Weiner DB.

Oncogene. 2001 Jul 27;20(33):4497-506.


Protection from immunodeficiency virus challenges in rhesus macaques by multicomponent DNA immunization.

Kim JJ, Yang JS, Nottingham LK, Lee DJ, Lee M, Manson KH, Wyand MS, Boyer JD, Ugen KE, Weiner DB.

Virology. 2001 Jul 5;285(2):204-17.


Effect of a cellulose acetate phthalate topical cream on vaginal transmission of simian immunodeficiency virus in rhesus monkeys.

Manson KH, Wyand MS, Miller C, Neurath AR.

Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2000 Nov;44(11):3199-202.


Modulation of antigen-specific humoral responses in rhesus macaques by using cytokine cDNAs as DNA vaccine adjuvants.

Kim JJ, Yang JS, VanCott TC, Lee DJ, Manson KH, Wyand MS, Boyer JD, Ugen KE, Weiner DB.

J Virol. 2000 Apr;74(7):3427-9.


Antigen-specific humoral and cellular immune responses can be modulated in rhesus macaques through the use of IFN-gamma, IL-12, or IL-18 gene adjuvants.

Kim JJ, Nottingham LK, Tsai A, Lee DJ, Maguire HC, Oh J, Dentchev T, Manson KH, Wyand MS, Agadjanyan MG, Ugen KE, Weiner DB.

J Med Primatol. 1999 Aug-Oct;28(4-5):214-23.


Characterization of primary isolate-like variants of simian-human immunodeficiency virus.

Crawford JM, Earl PL, Moss B, Reimann KA, Wyand MS, Manson KH, Bilska M, Zhou JT, Pauza CD, Parren PW, Burton DR, Sodroski JG, Letvin NL, Montefiori DC.

J Virol. 1999 Dec;73(12):10199-207.


Highly attenuated vaccine strains of simian immunodeficiency virus protect against vaginal challenge: inverse relationship of degree of protection with level of attenuation.

Johnson RP, Lifson JD, Czajak SC, Cole KS, Manson KH, Glickman R, Yang J, Montefiori DC, Montelaro R, Wyand MS, Desrosiers RC.

J Virol. 1999 Jun;73(6):4952-61.


Neutralizing antibody-independent containment of immunodeficiency virus challenges by DNA priming and recombinant pox virus booster immunizations.

Robinson HL, Montefiori DC, Johnson RP, Manson KH, Kalish ML, Lifson JD, Rizvi TA, Lu S, Hu SL, Mazzara GP, Panicali DL, Herndon JG, Glickman R, Candido MA, Lydy SL, Wyand MS, McClure HM.

Nat Med. 1999 May;5(5):526-34.


Effect of 3-hydroxyphthaloyl-beta-lactoglobulin on vaginal transmission of simian immunodeficiency virus in rhesus monkeys.

Wyand MS, Manson KH, Miller CJ, Neurath AR.

Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 1999 Apr;43(4):978-80.


Resistance of neonatal monkeys to live attenuated vaccine strains of simian immunodeficiency virus.

Wyand MS, Manson KH, Lackner AA, Desrosiers RC.

Nat Med. 1997 Jan;3(1):32-6.


Vaccine protection by a triple deletion mutant of simian immunodeficiency virus.

Wyand MS, Manson KH, Garcia-Moll M, Montefiori D, Desrosiers RC.

J Virol. 1996 Jun;70(6):3724-33.

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