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Correlation between static limb alignment and peak knee adduction angle during gait is affected by subject pain in medial knee osteoarthritis.

Kudo K, Nagura T, Harato K, Kobayashi S, Niki Y, Matsumoto M, Nakamura M.

Knee. 2019 Dec 2. pii: S0968-0160(19)30262-5. doi: 10.1016/j.knee.2019.11.008. [Epub ahead of print]


Characteristic cerebral structural changes identified using voxel-based morphometry in patients with post-surgical chronic myelopathic pain.

Horiuchi Y, Tsuji O, Komaki Y, Fujiyoshi K, Hikishima K, Konomi T, Nagoshi N, Watanabe K, Matsumoto M, Horiuchi K, Nakamura M.

Spinal Cord. 2019 Dec 4. doi: 10.1038/s41393-019-0391-0. [Epub ahead of print]


Discovery of fossil asteroidal ice in primitive meteorite Acfer 094.

Matsumoto M, Tsuchiyama A, Nakato A, Matsuno J, Miyake A, Kataoka A, Ito M, Tomioka N, Kodama Y, Uesugi K, Takeuchi A, Nakano T, Vaccaro E.

Sci Adv. 2019 Nov 20;5(11):eaax5078. doi: 10.1126/sciadv.aax5078. eCollection 2019 Nov.


Issues that the Japanese Orthopaedic Association should address as it enters its next 100 years.

Matsumoto M.

J Orthop Sci. 2019 Nov 30. pii: S0949-2658(19)30323-9. doi: 10.1016/j.jos.2019.10.003. [Epub ahead of print] No abstract available.


Real-world management of treatment-naïve diabetic macular oedema in Japan: two-year visual outcomes with and without anti-VEGF therapy in the STREAT-DME study.

Shimura M, Kitano S, Muramatsu D, Fukushima H, Takamura Y, Matsumoto M, Kokado M, Kogo J, Sasaki M, Morizane Y, Kotake O, Koto T, Sonoda S, Hirano T, Ishikawa H, Mitamura Y, Okamoto F, Kinoshita T, Kimura K, Sugimoto M, Yamashiro K, Suzuki Y, Hikichi T, Washio N, Sato T, Ohkoshi K, Tsujinaka H, Kusuhara S, Kondo M, Takagi H, Murata T, Sakamoto T; Japan Clinical Retina Study (J-CREST) group.

Br J Ophthalmol. 2019 Nov 29. pii: bjophthalmol-2019-315199. doi: 10.1136/bjophthalmol-2019-315199. [Epub ahead of print]


Levels of fasting plasma glucose in non-hospitalized older people with high hemoglobin A1c levels.

Kashima S, Inoue K, Ishida R, Matsumoto M, Hatano Y, Akimoto K.

J Diabetes Investig. 2019 Nov 29. doi: 10.1111/jdi.13169. [Epub ahead of print]


Relationship between a Urine Protein-to-creatinine Ratio of 150 mg/gram Creatinine and Dipstick Grade in the Health Checkup: Substantial Number of False-negative Results for Chronic Kidney Disease.

Sakai N, Fuchigami H, Ishizuka T, Tanaka T, Kato M, Nakamura T, Nakayama K, Kawaguchi R, Kuroda Y, Munakata H, Noda M, Kakei M, Matsumoto M.

Tokai J Exp Clin Med. 2019 Dec 20;44(4):118-123.


Three Stage Hybrid Approach for Congenital Aortic Coarctation and Bicuspid Aortic Valve With Severe Aortic Stenosis in an Adult Patient.

Matsumoto MM, Milner R.

EJVES Short Rep. 2019 Nov 12;45:26-29. doi: 10.1016/j.ejvssr.2019.10.003. eCollection 2019.


Inflammatory response and macrophage polarization using different physicochemical biomaterials for oral and maxillofacial reconstruction.

Munerato MS, Biguetti CC, Parra da Silva RB, Rodrigues da Silva AC, Zucon Bacelar AC, Lima da Silva J, Rondina Couto MC, Húngaro Duarte MA, Santiago-Junior JF, Bossini PS, Matsumoto MA.

Mater Sci Eng C Mater Biol Appl. 2020 Feb;107:110229. doi: 10.1016/j.msec.2019.110229. Epub 2019 Oct 11.


Ferroptosis is controlled by the coordinated transcriptional regulation of glutathione and labile iron metabolism by the transcription factor BACH1.

Nishizawa H, Matsumoto M, Shindo T, Saigusa D, Kato H, Suzuki K, Sato M, Ishii Y, Shimokawa H, Igarashi K.

J Biol Chem. 2019 Nov 18. pii: jbc.RA119.009548. doi: 10.1074/jbc.RA119.009548. [Epub ahead of print]


Superficial Acral Fibromyxoma: Literature Review.

Crepaldi BE, Soares RD, Silveira FD, Taira RI, Hirakawa CK, Matsumoto MH.

Rev Bras Ortop (Sao Paulo). 2019 Sep;54(5):491-496. doi: 10.1016/j.rbo.2017.10.011. Epub 2019 Oct 29.


Left circumflex artery aneurysm with fistula to the coronary sinus.

Kemmochi R, Ohga Y, Kubo Y, Matsumoto M.

Gen Thorac Cardiovasc Surg. 2019 Nov 14. doi: 10.1007/s11748-019-01247-8. [Epub ahead of print]


Three-dimensional kinematic change of hindfoot during full weightbearing in standing: an analysis using upright computed tomography and 3D-3D surface registration.

Kaneda K, Harato K, Oki S, Ota T, Yamada Y, Yamada M, Matsumoto M, Nakamura M, Nagura T, Jinzaki M.

J Orthop Surg Res. 2019 Nov 11;14(1):355. doi: 10.1186/s13018-019-1443-z.


Visualization of different carrier concentrations in n-type-GaN semiconductors by phase-shifting electron holography with multiple electron biprisms.

Yamamoto K, Nakano K, Tanaka A, Honda Y, Ando Y, Ogura M, Matsumoto M, Anada S, Ishikawa Y, Amano H, Hirayama T.

Microscopy (Oxf). 2019 Nov 11. pii: dfz037. doi: 10.1093/jmicro/dfz037. [Epub ahead of print]


Availability of culture filtrate protein-10 (CFP-10) secreted from Mycobacterium pseudoshottsii for mycobacteriosis diagnosis in ginbuna crucian carp Carrasius auratus langsdorfii.

Matsumoto M, Hayashi K, Araki K, Nakanishi T, Yamamoto A.

J Fish Dis. 2019 Nov 7. doi: 10.1111/jfd.13108. [Epub ahead of print]


Elotuzumab plus lenalidomide and dexamethasone for newly diagnosed multiple myeloma: a randomized, open-label, phase 2 study in Japan.

Kubo K, Hori M, Ohta K, Handa H, Hatake K, Matsumoto M, Hagiwara S, Ohashi K, Nakaseko C, Suzuki K, Ito S, Kinoshita G, Shelat SG, Miyoshi M, Takezako N.

Int J Hematol. 2019 Nov 7. doi: 10.1007/s12185-019-02757-0. [Epub ahead of print]


Patent ductus arteriosus generates neonatal hemolytic jaundice with thrombocytopenia in Upshaw-Schulman syndrome.

Fujimura Y, Lämmle B, Tanabe S, Sakai K, Kimura T, Kokame K, Miyata T, Takahashi Y, Taniguchi S, Matsumoto M.

Blood Adv. 2019 Nov 12;3(21):3191-3195. doi: 10.1182/bloodadvances.2019000601. No abstract available.


Comparison of continuous 24-h and 14-day monitoring for detection of otherwise unknown atrial fibrillation: a registry to identify Japanese concealed atrial fibrillation (REAL-AF)-based study.

Nagashima K, Okumura Y, Yokoyama K, Matsumoto N, Tachibana E, Kuronuma K, Oiwa K, Matsumoto M, Kojima T, Ando H, Nomoto K, Arima K, Hirayama A; REAL AF StudyInvestigators.

Heart Vessels. 2019 Nov 6. doi: 10.1007/s00380-019-01535-6. [Epub ahead of print]


Dynamic changes in ultrastructure of the primary cilium in migrating neuroblasts in the postnatal brain.

Matsumoto M, Sawada M, García-González D, Herranz-Pérez V, Ogino T, Bang Nguyen H, Quynh Thai T, Narita K, Kumamoto N, Ugawa S, Saito Y, Takeda S, Kaneko N, Khodosevich K, Monyer H, Manuel García-Verdugo J, Ohno N, Sawamoto K.

J Neurosci. 2019 Nov 4. pii: 1503-19. doi: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.1503-19.2019. [Epub ahead of print]


The characteristics of the patients with radiologically severe cervical ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament of the spine: A CT-based multicenter cross-sectional study.

Mori K, Yoshii T, Hirai T, Nagoshi N, Takeuchi K, Ushio S, Iwanami A, Yamada T, Seki S, Tsuji T, Fujiyoshi K, Furukawa M, Nishimura S, Wada K, Furuya T, Matsuyama Y, Hasegawa T, Takeshita K, Kimura A, Abematsu M, Haro H, Ohba T, Watanabe M, Katoh H, Watanabe K, Ozawa H, Kanno H, Imagama S, Ando K, Fujibayashi S, Koda M, Yamazaki M, Matsumoto M, Nakamura M, Okawa A, Kawaguchi Y.

J Orthop Sci. 2019 Oct 28. pii: S0949-2658(19)30313-6. doi: 10.1016/j.jos.2019.09.018. [Epub ahead of print]


Variable Smear Layer and Adhesive Application: The Pursuit of Clinical Relevance in Bond Strength Testing.

Chowdhury AFMA, Islam R, Alam A, Matsumoto M, Yamauti M, Carvalho RM, Sano H.

Int J Mol Sci. 2019 Oct 29;20(21). pii: E5381. doi: 10.3390/ijms20215381.


Excessive correction impacts postoperative shoulder imbalance in lenke type 5C adolescent idiopathic scoliosis.

Okada E, Suzuki T, Demura S, Saito T, Nohara A, Tsuji T, Uno K, Kawakami N, Matsumoto M, Watanabe K.

J Orthop Sci. 2019 Oct 25. pii: S0949-2658(19)30293-3. doi: 10.1016/j.jos.2019.10.001. [Epub ahead of print]


Novel excitations near quantum criticality in geometrically frustrated antiferromagnet CsFeCl3.

Hayashida S, Matsumoto M, Hagihala M, Kurita N, Tanaka H, Itoh S, Hong T, Soda M, Uwatoko Y, Masuda T.

Sci Adv. 2019 Oct 18;5(10):eaaw5639. doi: 10.1126/sciadv.aaw5639. eCollection 2019 Oct.


Geographical distribution of family physicians in Japan: a nationwide cross-sectional study.

Yoshida S, Matsumoto M, Kashima S, Koike S, Tazuma S, Maeda T.

BMC Fam Pract. 2019 Oct 29;20(1):147. doi: 10.1186/s12875-019-1040-6.


Establishing a Methodology for Ultrasound Evaluation of Pharyngeal Residue in the Pyriform Sinus and Epiglottic Vallecula.

Miura Y, Yabunaka K, Karube M, Tsutaoka T, Yoshida M, Matsumoto M, Nakagami G, Kamakura Y, Sugama J, Sanada H.

Respir Care. 2019 Oct 29. pii: respcare.07002. doi: 10.4187/respcare.07002. [Epub ahead of print]


The pericentromeric protein shugoshin 2 cooperates with HSF1 in heat shock response and RNA Pol II recruitment.

Takii R, Fujimoto M, Matsumoto M, Srivastava P, Katiyar A, Nakayama KI, Nakai A.

EMBO J. 2019 Oct 28:e102566. doi: 10.15252/embj.2019102566. [Epub ahead of print]


Interventional Nanotheranostics: Advancing Nanotechnology Applications with IR.

Matsumoto MM, Kim DH, Larson AC, Mouli SK.

J Vasc Interv Radiol. 2019 Nov;30(11):1824-1829.e1. doi: 10.1016/j.jvir.2019.07.026. No abstract available.


A novel GABAB receptor positive allosteric modulator, ASP8062, exerts analgesic effects in a rat model of fibromyalgia.

Murai N, Kondo Y, Akuzawa S, Mihara T, Shiraishi N, Kakimoto S, Matsumoto M.

Eur J Pharmacol. 2019 Dec 15;865:172750. doi: 10.1016/j.ejphar.2019.172750. Epub 2019 Oct 21.


Early Treatment of Failure of Eruption of a Permanent Molar.

Marañón-Vásquez GA, Matsumoto MAN, Feres MFN, Ferreira JTL, Consolaro A, Romano FL.

J Dent Child (Chic). 2019 Sep 15;86(3):150-153.


VWF/ADAMTS13 ratio as a potential biomarker for early detection of hepatocellular carcinoma.

Takaya H, Namisaki T, Kitade M, Kaji K, Nakanishi K, Tsuji Y, Shimozato N, Moriya K, Seki K, Sawada Y, Saikawa S, Sato S, Kawaratani H, Akahane T, Noguchi R, Matsumoto M, Yoshiji H.

BMC Gastroenterol. 2019 Oct 21;19(1):167. doi: 10.1186/s12876-019-1082-1.


A combination of dietary fat intake and nicotine exposure enhances CB1 endocannabinoid receptor expression in hypothalamic nuclei in male mice.

Guo T, Tanaka T, Matsumoto M, Kaneko K, Unzai T, Ogino Y, Aotani D, Kusakabe T, Iwakura H, Miyazawa T, Sawamoto K, Minokoshi Y, Masuzaki H, Inagaki N, Nakao K.

Neurosci Lett. 2020 Jan 1;714:134550. doi: 10.1016/j.neulet.2019.134550. Epub 2019 Oct 18.


Gastric emptying time after breakfast in healthy adult volunteers using ultrasonography.

Sugita M, Matsumoto M, Tsukano Y, Fukunaga C, Yamamoto T.

J Anesth. 2019 Dec;33(6):697-700. doi: 10.1007/s00540-019-02694-6. Epub 2019 Oct 19.


Midterm surgical outcomes of a short fusion strategy for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis with Lenke 5C curve.

Ogura Y, Okada E, Fujii T, Yagi M, Fujita N, Suzuki S, Hosogane N, Kitagawa T, Tsuji O, Nagoshi N, Nakamura M, Matsumoto M, Watanabe K.

Spine J. 2019 Oct 14. pii: S1529-9430(19)30974-X. doi: 10.1016/j.spinee.2019.09.010. [Epub ahead of print]


PDCD1 and PDCD1LG1 polymorphisms affect the susceptibility to multiple myeloma.

Kasamatsu T, Awata M, Ishihara R, Murakami Y, Gotoh N, Matsumoto M, Sawamura M, Yokohama A, Handa H, Tsukamoto N, Saitoh T, Murakami H.

Clin Exp Med. 2019 Oct 16. doi: 10.1007/s10238-019-00585-4. [Epub ahead of print]


An Experimental Clamping and Cutting Study of Carotid and Intracranial Stents: Preparation for Surgical Rescue in Stent Complications.

Arai S, Mizutani T, Sugiyama T, Sumi K, Matsumoto M, Okumura H, Shimizu K.

World Neurosurg. 2019 Oct 10. pii: S1878-8750(19)32598-7. doi: 10.1016/j.wneu.2019.09.154. [Epub ahead of print]


Identification of a missense mutation (p.Leu1733Pro) in the A3 domain of von Willebrand factor in a family with type 2M von Willebrand disease.

Shigekiyo T, Yagi H, Sekimoto E, Shibata H, Ozaki S, Matsumoto M.

Int J Hematol. 2019 Oct 11. doi: 10.1007/s12185-019-02753-4. [Epub ahead of print]


Surgical versus conservative interventions for treating acromioclavicular dislocation of the shoulder in adults.

Tamaoki MJ, Lenza M, Matsunaga FT, Belloti JC, Matsumoto MH, Faloppa F.

Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2019 Oct 11;10:CD007429. doi: 10.1002/14651858.CD007429.pub3. [Epub ahead of print] Review.


Association between dyslipidemia and plasma levels of branched-chain amino acids in the Japanese population without diabetes mellitus.

Fukushima K, Harada S, Takeuchi A, Kurihara A, Iida M, Fukai K, Kuwabara K, Kato S, Matsumoto M, Hirata A, Akiyama M, Tomita M, Hirayama A, Sato A, Suzuki C, Sugimoto M, Soga T, Sugiyama D, Okamura T, Takebayashi T.

J Clin Lipidol. 2019 Sep 11. pii: S1933-2874(19)30274-0. doi: 10.1016/j.jacl.2019.09.002. [Epub ahead of print]


Mercury speciation and remediation strategies at a historically elemental mercury spilled site.

Matsumoto M, Liu H.

J Hazard Mater. 2019 Sep 30;384:121351. doi: 10.1016/j.jhazmat.2019.121351. [Epub ahead of print]


Quantification of pro-inflammatory cytokines and osteoclastogenesis markers in successful and failed orthodontic mini-implants.

Andrucioli MCD, Matsumoto MAN, Fukada SY, Saraiva MCP, Bergamo AZN, Romano FL, Silva RABD, Silva LABD, Nelson-Filho P.

J Appl Oral Sci. 2019 Oct 7;27:e20180476. doi: 10.1590/1678-7757-2018-0476. eCollection 2019.


Tissue-specific autoimmunity controlled by Aire in thymic and peripheral tolerance mechanism.

Matsumoto M, Tsuneyama K, Morimoto J, Hosomichi K, Matsumoto M, Nishijima H.

Int Immunol. 2019 Oct 5. pii: dxz066. doi: 10.1093/intimm/dxz066. [Epub ahead of print]


Dietary Habits Had No Relationship with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: Analysis Utilizing Quantitative Data about Dietary Intakes.

Asakura K, Michikawa T, Takaso M, Minami S, Soshi S, Tsuji T, Okada E, Abe K, Takahashi M, Matsumoto M, Nishiwaki Y, Watanabe K.

Nutrients. 2019 Oct 1;11(10). pii: E2327. doi: 10.3390/nu11102327.


Polymorphisms in FGF3, FGF10, and FGF13 May Contribute to the Presence of Temporomandibular Disorders in Patients Who Required Orthognathic Surgery.

Carpio Horta K, Weiss SG, Miranda K, Sebastiani AM, Costa DJD, Matsumoto MAN, Marañón-Vásquez GA, Vieira AR, Scariot R, Küchler EC.

J Craniofac Surg. 2019 Oct;30(7):2082-2084. doi: 10.1097/SCS.0000000000006029.


Analysis of Antithyroid Drug-Induced Severe Liver Injury in 18,558 Newly Diagnosed Patients with Graves' Disease in Japan.

Suzuki N, Noh JY, Hiruma M, Kawaguchi A, Morisaki M, Ohye H, Suzuki M, Matsumoto M, Kunii Y, Iwaku K, Yoshihara A, Watanabe N, Sugino K, Ito K.

Thyroid. 2019 Oct;29(10):1390-1398. doi: 10.1089/thy.2019.0045. Epub 2019 Oct 1.


Barrett's adenocarcinoma with esophageal varices successfully treated by endoscopic submucosal dissection with direct varices coagulation.

Ueda C, Yosizaki T, Katayama N, Okamoto N, Hashimura H, Matsumoto M, Takagi M, Ikeoka S, Momose K, Eguchi T, Yamashita H, Okada A.

Clin J Gastroenterol. 2019 Sep 26. doi: 10.1007/s12328-019-01048-9. [Epub ahead of print]


Incidental abdominal lymph node metastases from a known breast cancer in resected specimen of invasive pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma: report of a case.

Taniai T, Haruki K, Matsumoto M, Sakamoto T, Shiba H, Yanaga K.

Int Cancer Conf J. 2019 Jul 3;8(4):190-194. doi: 10.1007/s13691-019-00382-6. eCollection 2019 Oct.


Effect of Statin on Stroke Recurrence Prevention at Different Infarction Locations: A Post Hoc Analysis of The J-STARS Study.

Nezu T, Hosomi N, Kitagawa K, Nagai Y, Nakagawa Y, Aoki S, Kagimura T, Maruyama H, Origasa H, Minematsu K, Uchiyama S, Matsumoto M; J-STARS collaborators.

J Atheroscler Thromb. 2019 Sep 25. doi: 10.5551/jat.51391. [Epub ahead of print]


On the role of intermolecular vibrational motions for ice polymorphs I: Volumetric properties of crystalline and amorphous ices.

Tanaka H, Yagasaki T, Matsumoto M.

J Chem Phys. 2019 Sep 21;151(11):114501. doi: 10.1063/1.5119748.


Classic-type epithelioid sarcoma arising from the sciatic nerve: A case report.

Maeda K, Asano N, Kikuta K, Okita H, Nakamura M, Matsumoto M, Nakayama R.

J Orthop Sci. 2019 Sep 16. pii: S0949-2658(19)30268-4. doi: 10.1016/j.jos.2019.08.017. [Epub ahead of print] No abstract available.


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