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Cu2+ Triggered Carbon Dots with Synchronous Response of Dual-Emission for Ultrasensitive Ratiometric Fluorescence Determination of Thiophanate-Methyl Residues.

Han Y, Yang W, Luo X, He X, Yu Y, Li C, Tang W, Yue T, Li Z.

J Agric Food Chem. 2019 Oct 16. doi: 10.1021/acs.jafc.9b04720. [Epub ahead of print]


Cigarette Smokers vs. Co-users of Cannabis and Cigarettes: Exposure to Toxicants.

Meier E, Vandrey R, Rubin N, Pacek LR, Jensen JA, Donny EC, Hecht SS, Carmella SG, Murphy SE, Luo X, Stepanov I, Ikuemonisan J, Severson H, al'Absi M, Hatsukami DK.

Nicotine Tob Res. 2019 Oct 16. pii: ntz199. doi: 10.1093/ntr/ntz199. [Epub ahead of print]


Cinnamil- and Quinoxaline-Derivative Indicator Dyes for Detecting Volatile Amines in Fish Spoilage.

Luo X, Lim LT.

Molecules. 2019 Oct 12;24(20). pii: E3673. doi: 10.3390/molecules24203673.


Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Potential Result from the Collusion between Gut Microbiota and Mucosal Immune System.

Yue B, Luo X, Yu Z, Mani S, Wang Z, Dou W.

Microorganisms. 2019 Oct 11;7(10). pii: E440. doi: 10.3390/microorganisms7100440. Review.


Prevalence of Acidovorax citrulli in Commercial Cucurbit Seedlots During 2010-2018 in China.

Tian Y, Zhao Y, Zhou J, Sun T, Luo X, Kurowski C, Gong W, Hu B, Walcott RR.

Plant Dis. 2019 Oct 15:PDIS03190666RE. doi: 10.1094/PDIS-03-19-0666-RE. [Epub ahead of print]


Downregulation of the circadian Period family genes is positively correlated with poor head and neck squamous cell carcinoma prognosis.

Li YY, Jin F, Zhou JJ, Yu F, Duan XF, He XY, Wang R, Wu WL, Long JH, Luo XL.

Chronobiol Int. 2019 Oct 14:1-10. doi: 10.1080/07420528.2019.1648486. [Epub ahead of print]


Dendritic cell-based vaccine targeting aspartate-β-hydroxylas represents a promising therapeutic strategy for HCC.

Zhou Y, Li C, Shi G, Xu X, Luo X, Zhang Y, Fu J, Chen L, Zeng A.

Immunotherapy. 2019 Oct 14. doi: 10.2217/imt-2019-0081. [Epub ahead of print]


[Effect of Silencing and Overexpression of LNK Gene on STAT3 Expression in THP-1 Cells].

Tian RM, Shi L, Rong Y, Tan M, Luo X, Su Q, Huang CS, Chen Y.

Zhongguo Shi Yan Xue Ye Xue Za Zhi. 2019 Oct;27(5):1469-1475. doi: 10.19746/j.cnki.issn.1009-2137.2019.05.018. Chinese.


Thallium isotopic fractionation in industrial process of pyrite smelting and environmental implications.

Liu J, Yin M, Xiao T, Zhang C, Tsang DCW, Bao Z, Zhou Y, Chen Y, Luo X, Yuan W, Wang J.

J Hazard Mater. 2019 Oct 4;384:121378. doi: 10.1016/j.jhazmat.2019.121378. [Epub ahead of print]


Transcription factor Atf1 regulates expression of cellulase and xylanase genes during solid-state fermentation of ascomycetes.

Zhao S, Liao XZ, Wang JX, Ning YN, Li CX, Liao LS, Liu Q, Jiang Q, Gu LS, Fu LH, Yan YS, Xiong YR, He QP, Su LH, Duan CJ, Luo XM, Feng JX.

Appl Environ Microbiol. 2019 Oct 11. pii: AEM.01226-19. doi: 10.1128/AEM.01226-19. [Epub ahead of print]


Choroid Plexus Enlargement and Allostatic Load in Schizophrenia.

Zhou YF, Huang JC, Zhang P, Fan FM, Chen S, Fan HZ, Cui YM, Luo XG, Tan SP, Wang ZR, Feng W, Yuan Y, Yang FD, Savransky A, Ryan M, Goldwaser E, Chiappelli J, Rowland LM, Kochunov P, Tan YL, Hong LE.

Schizophr Bull. 2019 Oct 11. pii: sbz100. doi: 10.1093/schbul/sbz100. [Epub ahead of print]


[Spectrum-effect relationship between UPLC fingerprint of Smilax china and anti-pelvic inflammation in rats].

Jiang SY, Song XY, Zhang DD, Li ZL, Yang YY, Luo XY, Ye XC.

Zhongguo Zhong Yao Za Zhi. 2019 Aug;44(15):3323-3329. doi: 10.19540/j.cnki.cjcmm.20190523.302. Chinese.


Preoperative AFU Is a Useful Serological Prognostic Predictor for Colorectal Liver Oligometastasis Patients Undergoing Hepatic Resection.

Deng Y, Zhao Y, Fan W, Peng J, Luo X, Mo Y, Xiao B, Zhang L, Pan Z.

J Cancer. 2019 Aug 28;10(21):5049-5056. doi: 10.7150/jca.31539. eCollection 2019.


Tetrahydrocurcumin protects against spinal cord injury and inhibits the oxidative stress response by regulating FOXO4 in model rats.

Xi J, Luo X, Wang Y, Li J, Guo L, Wu G, Li Q.

Exp Ther Med. 2019 Nov;18(5):3681-3687. doi: 10.3892/etm.2019.7974. Epub 2019 Sep 5.


Untargeted metabolomic analysis of the carotenoid-based orange coloration in Haliotis gigantea using GC-TOF-MS.

Wei X, Chen N, Tang B, Luo X, You W, Ke C.

Sci Rep. 2019 Oct 10;9(1):14545. doi: 10.1038/s41598-019-51117-9.


Alterations of signaling pathways in response to chemical perturbations used to measure mRNA decay rates in yeast.

Eshleman N, Luo X, Capaldi AP, Buchan R.

RNA. 2019 Oct 10. pii: rna.072892.119. doi: 10.1261/rna.072892.119. [Epub ahead of print]


Persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in oriental magpie-robins from e-waste, urban, and rural sites: Site-specific biomagnification of POPs.

Mo L, Zheng X, Zhu C, Sun Y, Yu L, Luo X, Mai B.

Ecotoxicol Environ Saf. 2019 Oct 7;186:109758. doi: 10.1016/j.ecoenv.2019.109758. [Epub ahead of print]


Association between fetal fraction at the second trimester and subsequent spontaneous preterm birth.

Guo FF, Yang JX, Huang YL, Qi YM, Hou YP, Peng HS, Wang DM, Wang YX, Luo XH, Li Y, Yin AH.

Prenat Diagn. 2019 Oct 10. doi: 10.1002/pd.5566. [Epub ahead of print]


Expectation pooling: An effective and interpretable pooling method for predicting DNA-protein binding.

Luo X, Tu X, Ding Y, Gao G, Deng M.

Bioinformatics. 2019 Oct 9. pii: btz768. doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btz768. [Epub ahead of print]


Fluoride contributes to the shaping of microbial community in high fluoride groundwater in Qiji County, Yuncheng City, China.

Zhang X, Gao X, Li C, Luo X, Wang Y.

Sci Rep. 2019 Oct 9;9(1):14488. doi: 10.1038/s41598-019-50914-6.


Exosome-Derived MiRNAs as Biomarkers of the Development and Progression of Intracranial Aneurysms.

Liao B, Zhou MX, Zhou FK, Luo XM, Zhong SX, Zhou YF, Qin YS, Li PP, Qin C.

J Atheroscler Thromb. 2019 Oct 10. doi: 10.5551/jat.51102. [Epub ahead of print]


Intrauterine Growth Restriction Programs Intergenerational Transmission of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension and Endothelial Dysfunction via Sperm Epigenetic Modifications.

Zhang Z, Luo X, Lv Y, Yan L, Xu S, Wang Y, Zhong Y, Hang C, Jyotsnav J, Lai D, Shen Z, Xu X, Ma X, Chen Z, Pan Y, Du L.

Hypertension. 2019 Nov;74(5):1160-1171. doi: 10.1161/HYPERTENSIONAHA.119.13634. Epub 2019 Oct 9.


Arene Trifunctionalization with Highly Fused Ring Systems through Domino Aryne Nucleophilic, Diels-Alder Cascade.

He J, Jia Z, Tan H, Luo X, Qiu D, Shi J, Xu H, Li Y.

Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 2019 Oct 9. doi: 10.1002/anie.201911730. [Epub ahead of print]


[Analysis of changes in clinical characteristics and laboratory indexes of 54 cases of acute fatty liver of pregnancy].

Zhou M, Luo XD, Yang Y.

Zhonghua Gan Zang Bing Za Zhi. 2019 Aug 20;27(8):638-642. doi: 10.3760/cma.j.issn.1007-3418.2019.08.010. Chinese.


Promoting Smoke-Free Homes Through Biomarker Feedback Documenting Child Exposure to Tobacco Toxins: Protocol for a Randomized Clinical Trial.

Thomas JL, Schreier M, Luo X, Lowry S, Hennrikus D, An L, Wetter DW, Ahluwalia JS.

JMIR Res Protoc. 2019 Oct 4;8(10):e12654. doi: 10.2196/12654.


Ligands dissociation induced gold nanoparticles aggregation for colorimetric Al3+ detection.

Luo X, Xie X, Meng Y, Sun T, Ding J, Zhou W.

Anal Chim Acta. 2019 Dec 9;1087:76-85. doi: 10.1016/j.aca.2019.08.045. Epub 2019 Aug 26.


Crystal structures of Babesia microti lactate dehydrogenase BmLDH reveal a critical role for Arg99 in catalysis.

Yu L, Shen Z, Liu Q, Zhan X, Luo X, An X, Sun Y, Li M, Wang S, Nie Z, Ao Y, Zhao Y, Peng G, Mamoun CB, He L, Zhao J.

FASEB J. 2019 Oct 4:fj201901259R. doi: 10.1096/fj.201901259R. [Epub ahead of print]


Insight into Fe(II)/UV/chlorine pretreatment for reducing ultrafiltration (UF) membrane fouling: Effects of different natural organic fractions and comparison with coagulation.

Xing J, Liang H, Chuah CJ, Bao Y, Luo X, Wang T, Wang J, Li G, Snyder SA.

Water Res. 2019 Sep 27;167:115112. doi: 10.1016/j.watres.2019.115112. [Epub ahead of print]


Adsorption of low concentrations of bromide ions from water by cellulose-based beads modified with TEMPO-mediated oxidation and Fe(III) complexation.

Liu S, Cheng G, Xiong Y, Ding Y, Luo X.

J Hazard Mater. 2019 Sep 18;384:121195. doi: 10.1016/j.jhazmat.2019.121195. [Epub ahead of print]


Cumulative inactivation of Nell-1 in Wnt1 expressing cell lineages results in craniofacial skeletal hypoplasia and postnatal hydrocephalus.

Chen X, Wang H, Yu M, Kim JK, Qi H, Ha P, Jiang W, Chen E, Luo X, Needle RB, Baik L, Yang C, Shi J, Kwak JH, Ting K, Zhang X, Soo C.

Cell Death Differ. 2019 Oct 3. doi: 10.1038/s41418-019-0427-1. [Epub ahead of print]


Abnormalities of intrinsic regional brain activity in first-episode and chronic schizophrenia: a meta-analysis of resting-state functional MRI

Gong J, Wang J, Luo X, Chen G, Huang H, Huang R, Huang L, Wang Y.

J Psychiatry Neurosci. 2019 Oct 3;44(6):180245. doi: 10.1503/jpn.180245. [Epub ahead of print]


HIV-2 depletes CD4 T cells through pyroptosis despite Vpx-dependent degradation of SAMHD1.

Luo X, Herzig E, Doitsh G, Grimmett ZW, Muñoz-Arias I, Greene WC.

J Virol. 2019 Oct 2. pii: JVI.00666-19. doi: 10.1128/JVI.00666-19. [Epub ahead of print]


Nomogram for predicting cancer specific survival in inflammatory breast carcinoma: a SEER population-based study.

Zhang H, Ma G, Du S, Sun J, Zhang Q, Yuan B, Luo X.

PeerJ. 2019 Sep 16;7:e7659. doi: 10.7717/peerj.7659. eCollection 2019.


Zinc-α2-glycoprotein 1 attenuates non-alcoholic fatty liver disease by negatively regulating tumour necrosis factor-α.

Liu T, Luo X, Li ZH, Wu JC, Luo SZ, Xu MY.

World J Gastroenterol. 2019 Sep 28;25(36):5451-5468. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v25.i36.5451.


The role of the American Society of anesthesiologists physical status classification in predicting trauma mortality and outcomes.

Kuza CM, Matsushima K, Mack WJ, Pham C, Hourany T, Lee J, Tran TD, Dudaryk R, Mulder MB, Escanelle MA, Ogunnaike B, Ahmed MI, Luo X, Eastman A, Imran JB, Melikman E, Minhajuddin A, Feeler A, Urman RD, Salim A, Spencer D, Gabriel V, Ramakrishnan D, Nahmias JT.

Am J Surg. 2019 Sep 24. pii: S0002-9610(19)30254-5. doi: 10.1016/j.amjsurg.2019.09.019. [Epub ahead of print]


A variable-temperature scanning tunneling microscope operated in a continuous flow cryostat.

Wang J, Hou Y, Geng T, Zhang J, Feng Q, Xiang K, Chen F, Luo X, Sun Y, Meng W, Lu Y, Lu Q.

Rev Sci Instrum. 2019 Sep;90(9):093702. doi: 10.1063/1.5118676.


Clinical and histopathologic features of sodium taurocholate cotransporting polypeptide deficiency in pediatric patients.

Dong C, Zhang BP, Wang H, Xu H, Zhang C, Cai ZS, Wang DW, Shu SN, Huang ZH, Luo XP.

Medicine (Baltimore). 2019 Sep;98(39):e17305. doi: 10.1097/MD.0000000000017305.


Simple one-pot aqueous synthesis of 3D superstructured PtCoCuPd alloyed tripods with hierarchical branches for ultrasensitive immunoassay of cardiac troponin I.

Chen Y, Mei LP, Feng JJ, Yuan PX, Luo X, Wang AJ.

Biosens Bioelectron. 2019 Aug 29;145:111638. doi: 10.1016/j.bios.2019.111638. [Epub ahead of print]


Orbital-Selective Kondo Entanglement and Antiferromagnetic Order in USb_{2}.

Chen QY, Luo XB, Xie DH, Li ML, Ji XY, Zhou R, Huang YB, Zhang W, Feng W, Zhang Y, Huang L, Hao QQ, Liu Q, Zhu XG, Liu Y, Zhang P, Lai XC, Si Q, Tan SY.

Phys Rev Lett. 2019 Sep 6;123(10):106402. doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.123.106402.


Amplitude Analysis of D_{s}^{+}→π^{+}π^{0}η and First Observation of the W-Annihilation Dominant Decays D_{s}^{+}→a_{0}(980)^{+}π^{0} and D_{s}^{+}→a_{0}(980)^{0}π^{+}.

Ablikim M, Achasov MN, Ahmed S, Albrecht M, Alekseev M, Amoroso A, An FF, An Q, Bai JZ, Bai Y, Bakina O, Baldini Ferroli R, Ban Y, Begzsuren K, Bennett JV, Berger N, Bertani M, Bettoni D, Bianchi F, Boger E, Boyko I, Briere RA, Cai H, Cai X, Calcaterra A, Cao GF, Cao N, Cetin SA, Chai J, Chang JF, Chelkov G, Chen G, Chen HS, Chen JC, Chen ML, Chen SJ, Chen XR, Chen YB, Cheng W, Chu XK, Cibinetto G, Cossio F, Cui XF, Dai HL, Dai JP, Dbeyssi A, Dedovich D, Deng ZY, Denig A, Denysenko I, Destefanis M, De Mori F, Ding Y, Dong C, Dong J, Dong LY, Dong MY, Du SX, Fang J, Fang SS, Fang Y, Farinelli R, Fava L, Feldbauer F, Felici G, Feng CQ, Fritsch M, Fu CD, Gao Q, Gao XL, Gao Y, Gao Y, Gao YG, Gao Z, Garillon B, Garzia I, Gilman A, Goetzen K, Gong L, Gong WX, Gradl W, Greco M, Gu MH, Gu YT, Guo AQ, Guo RP, Guo YP, Guskov A, Han S, Hao XQ, Harris FA, He KL, He XQ, Heinsius FH, Held T, Heng YK, Hou YR, Hou ZL, Hu HM, Hu JF, Hu T, Hu Y, Huang GS, Huang JS, Huang XT, Huang ZL, Hussain T, Ikegami Andersson W, Imoehl W, Irshad M, Ji Q, Ji QP, Ji XB, Ji XL, Jiang XS, Jiang XY, Jiao JB, Jiao Z, Jin DP, Jin S, Jin Y, Johansson T, Kalantar-Nayestanaki N, Kang XS, Kappert R, Kavatsyuk M, Ke BC, Keshk IK, Khan T, Khoukaz A, Kiese P, Kiuchi R, Kliemt R, Koch L, Kolcu OB, Kopf B, Kuemmel M, Kuessner M, Kupsc A, Kurth M, Kurth MG, Kühn W, Lange JS, Larin P, Lavezzi L, Leithoff H, Li C, Li C, Li DM, Li F, Li FY, Li G, Li HB, Li HJ, Li JC, Li JW, Li J, Li KJ, Li K, Li K, Li LK, Li L, Li PL, Li PR, Li QY, Li WD, Li WG, Li XL, Li XN, Li XQ, Li ZB, Liang H, Liang H, Liang YF, Liang YT, Liao GR, Liao LZ, Libby J, Lin CX, Lin DX, Liu B, Liu BJ, Liu CX, Liu D, Liu DY, Liu FH, Liu F, Liu F, Liu HB, Liu HM, Liu H, Liu H, Liu JB, Liu JY, Liu KY, Liu K, Liu LD, Liu Q, Liu SB, Liu X, Liu XY, Liu YB, Liu ZA, Liu Z, Long YF, Lou XC, Lu HJ, Lu JG, Lu Y, Lu YP, Luo CL, Luo MX, Luo T, Luo XL, Lusso S, Lyu XR, Ma FC, Ma HL, Ma LL, Ma MM, Ma QM, Ma T, Ma XN, Ma XY, Ma YM, Maas FE, Maggiora M, Maldaner S, Malik QA, Mangoni A, Mao YJ, Mao ZP, Marcello S, Meng ZX, Messchendorp JG, Mezzadri G, Min J, Mitchell RE, Mo XH, Mo YJ, Morales Morales C, Muchnoi NY, Muramatsu H, Mustafa A, Nefedov Y, Nerling F, Nikolaev IB, Ning Z, Nisar S, Niu SL, Niu XY, Olsen SL, Ouyang Q, Pacetti S, Pan Y, Papenbrock M, Patteri P, Pelizaeus M, Pellegrino J, Peng HP, Peters K, Pettersson J, Ping JL, Ping RG, Pitka A, Poling R, Prasad V, Qi M, Qi TY, Qian S, Qiao CF, Qin N, Qin XS, Qin ZH, Qiu JF, Qu SQ, Rashid KH, Redmer CF, Richter M, Ripka M, Rivetti A, Rodin V, Rolo M, Rong G, Rosner C, Sarantsev A, Savrié M, Schoenning K, Shan W, Shan XY, Shao M, Shen CP, Shen PX, Shen XY, Sheng HY, Shi X, Song JJ, Song XY, Sosio S, Sowa C, Spataro S, Sun GX, Sun JF, Sun L, Sun SS, Sun XH, Sun YJ, Sun YK, Sun YZ, Sun ZJ, Sun ZT, Tan YT, Tang CJ, Tang GY, Tang X, Tsednee B, Uman I, Wang B, Wang D, Wang DY, Wang K, Wang LL, Wang LS, Wang M, Wang M, Wang P, Wang PL, Wang WP, Wang XL, Wang Y, Wang YF, Wang Z, Wang ZG, Wang ZY, Wang Z, Weber T, Wei DH, Weidenkaff P, Wen SP, Wiedner U, Wolke M, Wu LH, Wu LJ, Wu Z, Xia L, Xia Y, Xiao SY, Xiao YJ, Xiao ZJ, Xie YG, Xie YH, Xiong XA, Xiu QL, Xu GF, Xu JJ, Xu L, Xu QJ, Xu XP, Yan F, Yan L, Yan WB, Yan WC, Yan YH, Yang HJ, Yang HX, Yang L, Yang RX, Yang YH, Yang YX, Yang Y, Yang ZQ, Ye M, Ye MH, Yin JH, You ZY, Yu BX, Yu CX, Yu JS, Yu JS, Yuan CZ, Yuan Y, Yuncu A, Zafar AA, Zeng Y, Zhang BX, Zhang BY, Zhang CC, Zhang DH, Zhang HH, Zhang HY, Zhang J, Zhang JL, Zhang JQ, Zhang JW, Zhang JY, Zhang JZ, Zhang K, Zhang L, Zhang TJ, Zhang XY, Zhang Y, Zhang YH, Zhang YT, Zhang Y, Zhang Y, Zhang Y, Zhang ZH, Zhang ZP, Zhang ZY, Zhao G, Zhao JW, Zhao JY, Zhao JZ, Zhao L, Zhao L, Zhao MG, Zhao Q, Zhao SJ, Zhao TC, Zhao YB, Zhao ZG, Zhemchugov A, Zheng B, Zheng JP, Zheng YH, Zhong B, Zhou L, Zhou Q, Zhou X, Zhou XK, Zhou XR, Zhou X, Zhou X, Zhu AN, Zhu J, Zhu J, Zhu K, Zhu KJ, Zhu SH, Zhu WJ, Zhu XL, Zhu YC, Zhu YS, Zhu ZA, Zhuang J, Zou BS, Zou JH; BESIII Collaboration.

Phys Rev Lett. 2019 Sep 13;123(11):112001. doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.123.112001.


Marinobacter sp. Stable Hydrous Titanium Oxide Functionalized Bovine Serum Albumin Nanospheres for Uranium Capture from Spiked Seawater.

Yu J, Liao H, Zhu W, Duan T, Wang S, Kuang M, Zhang Y, Lin X, Luo X, Zhou J.

ACS Appl Mater Interfaces. 2019 Oct 1. doi: 10.1021/acsami.9b14542. [Epub ahead of print]


Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis of Different Velopharyngeal Closure Patterns.

Huang H, Yin H, Wang Y, Chen N, Huang D, Luo X, Yin X, Zheng Q, Shi B, Li J.

Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol. 2019 Sep 30:3489419879176. doi: 10.1177/0003489419879176. [Epub ahead of print]


Coral-shaped Au nanostructures for selective apoptosis induction during photothermal therapy.

Xing Y, Kang T, Luo X, Zhu J, Wu P, Cai C.

J Mater Chem B. 2019 Oct 16;7(40):6224-6231. doi: 10.1039/c9tb01503e.


Soil Aggregate Stratification of Ureolytic Microbiota Affects Urease Activity in an Inceptisol.

Wang L, Luo X, Xiong X, Chen W, Hao X, Huang Q.

J Agric Food Chem. 2019 Oct 8. doi: 10.1021/acs.jafc.9b04244. [Epub ahead of print]


Dexmedetomidine promotes spinal cord injury repairing via activating Nrf2/HO-1 signaling pathway.

Luo X, Chen T, Kang G, Zhao K, Qiu X, Yan L, Li M.

J Neurosurg Sci. 2019 Sep 23. doi: 10.23736/S0390-5616.19.04812-4. [Epub ahead of print] No abstract available.


Examining psychometric properties and measurement invariance of a Chinese version of the Self-Compassion Scale - Short Form (SCS-SF) in nursing students and medical workers.

Meng R, Yu Y, Chai S, Luo X, Gong B, Liu B, Hu Y, Luo Y, Yu C.

Psychol Res Behav Manag. 2019 Aug 30;12:793-809. doi: 10.2147/PRBM.S216411. eCollection 2019.


Validation of obesity coding among newly treated nonvalvular atrial fibrillation patients using an integrated electronic medical record and claims database.

Jain R, Watzker A, Luo X, Kang AL, Baker CL, Rosenblatt L, Mardekian J, Menzin J.

Curr Med Res Opin. 2019 Sep 28:1-9. doi: 10.1080/03007995.2019.1666448. [Epub ahead of print]


Organophosphorus flame retardants in a typical freshwater food web: Bioaccumulation factors, tissue distribution, and trophic transfer.

Liu YE, Luo XJ, Zapata Corella P, Zeng YH, Mai BX.

Environ Pollut. 2019 Sep 20;255(Pt 2):113286. doi: 10.1016/j.envpol.2019.113286. [Epub ahead of print]


Discovery of new small molecule inhibitors targeting isocitrate dehydrogenase 1 (IDH1) with blood-brain barrier penetration.

Cao H, Zhu G, Sun L, Chen G, Ma X, Luo X, Zhu J.

Eur J Med Chem. 2019 Sep 13;183:111694. doi: 10.1016/j.ejmech.2019.111694. [Epub ahead of print]


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