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Science. 1970 Jan 30;167(3918):479-80.

Age determinations and isotopic abundance measurements on lunar samples.


A K-Ar age of 2300 x 10(6) years has been determined for a sample of type A crystalline rock (57,34). The presence of an anomalously large quantity of 4 degrees Ar, in a sample of type C breccia (65,35) precluded the calculation of its K-Ar age. Both of the rock types are characterized by low Rb/Sr ratios and consequently low (87)Sr/(86)Sr values. The U-Th-Pb results for a sample of type D fines (84,33) yield a (207)Pb/(206)Pb age of 4760 x 10(6) years, but ages based on U-Pb and Th-Pb ratios are anomalously high. Isotopic compositions of Li, K, Rb, Sr, U, and Th are very close to the accepted values for terrestrial materials.

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