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Agomelatine, a novel therapeutic option for the management of irritable bowel syndrome.

Ng QX, Soh AYS, Lim DY, Yeo WS.

J Clin Pharm Ther. 2018 Jul 16. doi: 10.1111/jcpt.12749. [Epub ahead of print]


RSK2 is required for TRAF6 phosphorylation-mediated colon inflammation.

Yao K, Lee SY, Peng C, Lim DY, Yamamoto H, Ryu J, Lim TG, Chen H, Jin G, Zhao Z, Han Y, Ma WY, Bode AM, Dong Z.

Oncogene. 2018 Jun;37(26):3501-3513. doi: 10.1038/s41388-018-0167-6. Epub 2018 Mar 22.


Targeting PRPK Function Blocks Colon Cancer Metastasis.

Zykova T, Zhu F, Wang L, Li H, Lim DY, Yao K, Roh E, Yoon SP, Kim HG, Bae KB, Wen W, Shin SH, Nadas J, Li Y, Ma W, Bode AM, Dong Z.

Mol Cancer Ther. 2018 May;17(5):1101-1113. doi: 10.1158/1535-7163.MCT-17-0628. Epub 2018 Feb 26.


Simvastatin reduces adrenal catecholamine secretion evoked by stimulation of cholinergic nicotinic and angiotensinergic AT1 receptors.

Koh YK, Kim KH, Choi MS, Koh YY, Lim DY.

Arch Pharm Res. 2018 Mar;41(3):333-346. doi: 10.1007/s12272-018-1007-5. Epub 2018 Feb 19.


Early life sexual abuse is associated with increased suicide attempts: An update meta-analysis.

Ng QX, Yong BZJ, Ho CYX, Lim DY, Yeo WS.

J Psychiatr Res. 2018 Apr;99:129-141. doi: 10.1016/j.jpsychires.2018.02.001. Epub 2018 Feb 6. Review.


A meta-analysis of the use of probiotics to alleviate depressive symptoms.

Ng QX, Peters C, Ho CYX, Lim DY, Yeo WS.

J Affect Disord. 2018 Mar 1;228:13-19. doi: 10.1016/j.jad.2017.11.063. Epub 2017 Nov 16. Review.


Serine 347 Phosphorylation by JNKs Negatively Regulates OCT4 Protein Stability in Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells.

Bae KB, Yu DH, Lee KY, Yao K, Ryu J, Lim DY, Zykova TA, Kim MO, Bode AM, Dong Z.

Stem Cell Reports. 2017 Dec 12;9(6):2050-2064. doi: 10.1016/j.stemcr.2017.10.017. Epub 2017 Nov 16.


The CUG-translated WT1, not AUG-WT1, is an oncogene.

Lee KY, Jeon YJ, Kim HG, Ryu J, Lim DY, Jung SK, Yu DH, Chen H, Bode AM, Dong Z.

Carcinogenesis. 2017 Dec 7;38(12):1228-1240. doi: 10.1093/carcin/bgx108.


A Small Molecule Inhibitor of the β-Catenin-TCF4 Interaction Suppresses Colorectal Cancer Growth In Vitro and In Vivo.

Shin SH, Lim DY, Reddy K, Malakhova M, Liu F, Wang T, Song M, Chen H, Bae KB, Ryu J, Liu K, Lee MH, Bode AM, Dong Z.

EBioMedicine. 2017 Nov;25:22-31. doi: 10.1016/j.ebiom.2017.09.029. Epub 2017 Sep 27.


Herbacetin suppresses cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma cell growth by targeting AKT and ODC.

Kim DJ, Lee MH, Liu K, Lim DY, Roh E, Chen H, Kim SH, Shim JH, Kim MO, Li W, Ma F, Fredimoses M, Bode AM, Dong Z.

Carcinogenesis. 2017 Oct 26;38(11):1136-1146. doi: 10.1093/carcin/bgx082.


The T-LAK Cell-originated Protein Kinase Signal Pathway Promotes Colorectal Cancer Metastasis.

Zykova TA, Zhu F, Wang L, Li H, Bai R, Lim DY, Yao K, Bode AM, Dong Z.

EBioMedicine. 2017 Apr;18:73-82. doi: 10.1016/j.ebiom.2017.04.003. Epub 2017 Apr 6.


Dietary oleuropein inhibits tumor angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis in the B16F10 melanoma allograft model: a mechanism for the suppression of high-fat diet-induced solid tumor growth and lymph node metastasis.

Song H, Lim DY, Jung JI, Cho HJ, Park SY, Kwon GT, Kang YH, Lee KW, Choi MS, Park JHY.

Oncotarget. 2017 May 9;8(19):32027-32042. doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.16757.


Corrigendum to: Gintonin facilitates catecholamine secretion from the perfused adrenal medulla.

Na SY, Kim KH, Choi MS, Ha KS, Lim DY.

Korean J Physiol Pharmacol. 2017 Jan;21(1):141. doi: 10.4196/kjpp.2017.21.1.141. Epub 2016 Dec 21.


Gintonin facilitates catecholamine secretion from the perfused adrenal medulla.

Na SY, Kim KH, Choi MS, Ha KS, Lim DY.

Korean J Physiol Pharmacol. 2016 Nov;20(6):629-639. Epub 2016 Oct 28. Erratum in: Korean J Physiol Pharmacol. 2017 Jan;21(1):141.


Benzyl Isothiocyanate Inhibits Prostate Cancer Development in the Transgenic Adenocarcinoma Mouse Prostate (TRAMP) Model, Which Is Associated with the Induction of Cell Cycle G1 Arrest.

Cho HJ, Lim DY, Kwon GT, Kim JH, Huang Z, Song H, Oh YS, Kang YH, Lee KW, Dong Z, Park JH.

Int J Mol Sci. 2016 Feb 22;17(2):264. doi: 10.3390/ijms17020264.


Preparation of Fiber Based Binder Materials to Enhance the Gas Adsorption Efficiency of Carbon Air Filter.

Lim TH, Choi JR, Lim DY, Lee SH, Yeo SY.

J Nanosci Nanotechnol. 2015 Oct;15(10):8034-41.


Herbacetin Is a Novel Allosteric Inhibitor of Ornithine Decarboxylase with Antitumor Activity.

Kim DJ, Roh E, Lee MH, Oi N, Lim DY, Kim MO, Cho YY, Pugliese A, Shim JH, Chen H, Cho EJ, Kim JE, Kang SC, Paul S, Kang HE, Jung JW, Lee SY, Kim SH, Reddy K, Yeom YI, Bode AM, Dong Z.

Cancer Res. 2016 Mar 1;76(5):1146-1157. doi: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-15-0442. Epub 2015 Dec 16.


Glycothermal Synthesis and Photocatalytic Properties of Highly Crystallized Anatase TiO2 Nanoparticles.

Kil HS, Jung YJ, Moon JI, Song JH, Lim DY, Cho SB.

J Nanosci Nanotechnol. 2015 Aug;15(8):6193-200.


Effects of the application of Low-Dye taping on the pain and stability of patients with plantar fasciitis.

Park C, Lee S, Lim DY, Yi CW, Kim JH, Jeon C.

J Phys Ther Sci. 2015 Aug;27(8):2491-3. doi: 10.1589/jpts.27.2491. Epub 2015 Aug 21.


Genetic ablation of caspase-7 promotes solar-simulated light-induced mouse skin carcinogenesis: the involvement of keratin-17.

Lee MH, Lim DY, Kim MO, Lee SY, Shin SH, Kim JY, Kim SH, Kim DJ, Jung SK, Yao K, Kundu JK, Lee HS, Lee CJ, Dickinson SE, Alberts D, Bowden GT, Stratton S, Curiel C, Einspahr J, Bode AM, Surh YJ, Cho YY, Dong Z.

Carcinogenesis. 2015 Nov;36(11):1372-80. doi: 10.1093/carcin/bgv110. Epub 2015 Aug 12.


Isoliquiritigenin induces apoptosis and inhibits xenograft tumor growth of human lung cancer cells by targeting both wild type and L858R/T790M mutant EGFR.

Jung SK, Lee MH, Lim DY, Kim JE, Singh P, Lee SY, Jeong CH, Lim TG, Chen H, Chi YI, Kundu JK, Lee NH, Lee CC, Cho YY, Bode AM, Lee KW, Dong Z.

J Biol Chem. 2014 Dec 26;289(52):35839-48. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M114.585513. Epub 2014 Nov 3.


Inhibitory effects of ginsenoside-rb2 on nicotinic stimulation-evoked catecholamine secretion.

Lim HJ, Lee HY, Lim DY.

Korean J Physiol Pharmacol. 2014 Oct;18(5):431-9. doi: 10.4196/kjpp.2014.18.5.431. Epub 2014 Oct 17.


Src is a novel potential off-target of RXR agonists, 9-cis-UAB30 and Targretin, in human breast cancer cells.

Kim MS, Lim DY, Kim JE, Chen H, Lubet RA, Dong Z, Bode AM.

Mol Carcinog. 2015 Dec;54(12):1596-604. doi: 10.1002/mc.22232. Epub 2014 Oct 18.


3,6,2',4',5'-Pentahydroxyflavone, an orally bioavailable multiple protein kinase inhibitor, overcomes gefitinib resistance in non-small cell lung cancer.

Sheng Y, Li W, Zhu F, Liu K, Chen H, Yao K, Reddy K, Lim DY, Oi N, Li H, Peng C, Ma WY, Bode AM, Dong Z, Dong Z.

J Biol Chem. 2014 Oct 10;289(41):28192-201. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M114.593475. Epub 2014 Aug 13.


Caffeic acid directly targets ERK1/2 to attenuate solar UV-induced skin carcinogenesis.

Yang G, Fu Y, Malakhova M, Kurinov I, Zhu F, Yao K, Li H, Chen H, Li W, Lim DY, Sheng Y, Bode AM, Dong Z, Dong Z.

Cancer Prev Res (Phila). 2014 Oct;7(10):1056-66. doi: 10.1158/1940-6207.CAPR-14-0141. Epub 2014 Aug 7.


Butein, a novel dual inhibitor of MET and EGFR, overcomes gefitinib-resistant lung cancer growth.

Jung SK, Lee MH, Lim DY, Lee SY, Jeong CH, Kim JE, Lim TG, Chen H, Bode AM, Lee HJ, Lee KW, Dong Z.

Mol Carcinog. 2015 Apr;54(4):322-31. doi: 10.1002/mc.22191. Epub 2014 Jun 29.


Reflective composite sheet design for LCD backlight recycling.

Kim T, Kim K, Lee ES, Jeong WY, Lim DY, Choi SW.

Opt Express. 2014 May 5;22(9):11175-81. doi: 10.1364/OE.22.011175.


(+)-2-(1-Hydroxyl-4-oxocyclohexyl) ethyl caffeate suppresses solar UV-induced skin carcinogenesis by targeting PI3K, ERK1/2, and p38.

Lim DY, Lee MH, Shin SH, Chen H, Ryu J, Shan L, Li H, Bode AM, Zhang WD, Dong Z.

Cancer Prev Res (Phila). 2014 Aug;7(8):856-65. doi: 10.1158/1940-6207.CAPR-13-0286. Epub 2014 May 20.


Curcumin suppresses proliferation of colon cancer cells by targeting CDK2.

Lim TG, Lee SY, Huang Z, Lim DY, Chen H, Jung SK, Bode AM, Lee KW, Dong Z.

Cancer Prev Res (Phila). 2014 Apr;7(4):466-74. doi: 10.1158/1940-6207.CAPR-13-0387. Epub 2014 Feb 18.


Depressor action and vasorelaxation of methylene chloride fraction extracted from Rubus coreanum.

Yu BS, Choi MS, Lim DY.

Clin Hypertens. 2014 Nov 25;20:6. doi: 10.1186/s40885-014-0006-1. eCollection 2014.


Naproxen induces cell-cycle arrest and apoptosis in human urinary bladder cancer cell lines and chemically induced cancers by targeting PI3K.

Kim MS, Kim JE, Lim DY, Huang Z, Chen H, Langfald A, Lubet RA, Grubbs CJ, Dong Z, Bode AM.

Cancer Prev Res (Phila). 2014 Feb;7(2):236-45. doi: 10.1158/1940-6207.CAPR-13-0288. Epub 2013 Dec 10.


JNK1 and 2 play a negative role in reprogramming to pluripotent stem cells by suppressing Klf4 activity.

Yao K, Ki MO, Chen H, Cho YY, Kim SH, Yu DH, Lee SY, Lee KY, Bae K, Peng C, Lim DY, Bode AM, Dong Z.

Stem Cell Res. 2014 Jan;12(1):139-52. doi: 10.1016/j.scr.2013.10.005. Epub 2013 Oct 23.


Discovery of the novel mTOR inhibitor and its antitumor activities in vitro and in vivo.

Xie H, Lee MH, Zhu F, Reddy K, Huang Z, Kim DJ, Li Y, Peng C, Lim DY, Kang S, Jung SK, Li X, Li H, Ma W, Lubet RA, Ding J, Bode AM, Dong Z.

Mol Cancer Ther. 2013 Jun;12(6):950-8. doi: 10.1158/1535-7163.MCT-12-1241. Epub 2013 Mar 27.


Influence of Fimasartan (a Novel AT(1) Receptor Blocker) on Catecholamine Release in the Adrenal Medulla of Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats.

Lim HJ, Lee SK, Lim DY.

Korean J Physiol Pharmacol. 2013 Feb;17(1):99-109. doi: 10.4196/kjpp.2013.17.1.99. Epub 2013 Feb 14.


CInQ-03, a novel allosteric MEK inhibitor, suppresses cancer growth in vitro and in vivo.

Kim DJ, Lee MH, Reddy K, Li Y, Lim DY, Xie H, Lee SY, Yeom YI, Bode AM, Dong Z.

Carcinogenesis. 2013 May;34(5):1134-43. doi: 10.1093/carcin/bgt015. Epub 2013 Jan 25.


Identification of an Aurora kinase inhibitor specific for the Aurora B isoform.

Xie H, Lee MH, Zhu F, Reddy K, Peng C, Li Y, Lim DY, Kim DJ, Li X, Kang S, Li H, Ma W, Lubet RA, Ding J, Bode AM, Dong Z.

Cancer Res. 2013 Jan 15;73(2):716-24. doi: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-12-2784. Epub 2012 Nov 1.


Decaffeinated green tea extract improves hypertension and insulin resistance in a rat model of metabolic syndrome.

Ihm SH, Jang SW, Kim OR, Chang K, Oak MH, Lee JO, Lim DY, Kim JH.

Atherosclerosis. 2012 Oct;224(2):377-83. doi: 10.1016/j.atherosclerosis.2012.07.006. Epub 2012 Jul 15.


Identification of mammalian target of rapamycin as a direct target of fenretinide both in vitro and in vivo.

Xie H, Zhu F, Huang Z, Lee MH, Kim DJ, Li X, Lim DY, Jung SK, Kang S, Li H, Reddy K, Wang L, Ma W, Lubet RA, Bode AM, Dong Z.

Carcinogenesis. 2012 Sep;33(9):1814-21. doi: 10.1093/carcin/bgs234. Epub 2012 Jul 12.


Effects of inspired oxygen fraction in discriminating venous from arterial blood in percutaneous central venous catheterization under general anesthesia.

Lim DY, Lee DW, Jang EA, Lee SH, Jeong HJ, Jeong CW, Jeong SW, Yoo KY.

Korean J Anesthesiol. 2012 Mar;62(3):225-9. doi: 10.4097/kjae.2012.62.3.225. Epub 2012 Mar 21.


Luteolin decreases IGF-II production and downregulates insulin-like growth factor-I receptor signaling in HT-29 human colon cancer cells.

Lim DY, Cho HJ, Kim J, Nho CW, Lee KW, Park JH.

BMC Gastroenterol. 2012 Jan 23;12:9. doi: 10.1186/1471-230X-12-9.


A high-fat diet increases angiogenesis, solid tumor growth, and lung metastasis of CT26 colon cancer cells in obesity-resistant BALB/c mice.

Park H, Kim M, Kwon GT, Lim DY, Yu R, Sung MK, Lee KW, Daily JW 3rd, Park JH.

Mol Carcinog. 2012 Nov;51(11):869-80. doi: 10.1002/mc.20856. Epub 2011 Sep 14.


Inhibitory Effects of Total Ginseng Saponin on Catecholamine Secretion from the Perfused Adrenal Medulla of SHRs.

Jang SJ, Lim HJ, Lim DY.

J Ginseng Res. 2011 Jun;35(2):176-90. doi: 10.5142/jgr.2011.35.2.176.


Cytotoxic antibody fragments for eliminating undifferentiated human embryonic stem cells.

Lim DY, Ng YH, Lee J, Mueller M, Choo AB, Wong VV.

J Biotechnol. 2011 May 20;153(3-4):77-85. doi: 10.1016/j.jbiotec.2011.03.017. Epub 2011 Mar 30.


Hexane/ethanol extract of Glycyrrhiza uralensis and its active compound isoangustone A induce G1 cycle arrest in DU145 human prostate and 4T1 murine mammary cancer cells.

Seon MR, Park SY, Kwon SJ, Lim SS, Choi HJ, Park H, Lim DY, Kim JS, Lee CH, Kim J, Park JH.

J Nutr Biochem. 2012 Jan;23(1):85-92. doi: 10.1016/j.jnutbio.2010.11.010. Epub 2011 Mar 22.


Cardiovascular and arousal responses to single-lumen endotracheal and double-lumen endobronchial intubation in the normotensive and hypertensive elderly.

Yoo KY, Jeong CW, Kim WM, Lee HK, Jeong S, Kim SJ, Bae HB, Lim DY, Chung SS.

Korean J Anesthesiol. 2011 Feb;60(2):90-7. doi: 10.4097/kjae.2011.60.2.90. Epub 2011 Feb 25.


Inhibitory effects of olmesartan on catecholamine secretion from the perfused rat adrenal medulla.

Lim HJ, Kim SY, Lim DY.

Korean J Physiol Pharmacol. 2010 Aug;14(4):241-8. doi: 10.4196/kjpp.2010.14.4.241. Epub 2010 Aug 31.


Gold nanoparticle-choline complexes can block nicotinic acetylcholine receptors.

Chin C, Kim IK, Lim DY, Kim KS, Lee HA, Kim EJ.

Int J Nanomedicine. 2010 May 13;5:315-21.


Co-expression of Skp and FkpA chaperones improves cell viability and alters the global expression of stress response genes during scFvD1.3 production.

Ow DS, Lim DY, Nissom PM, Camattari A, Wong VV.

Microb Cell Fact. 2010 Apr 13;9:22. doi: 10.1186/1475-2859-9-22.

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