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Aczonin, a 550-kD putative scaffolding protein of presynaptic active zones, shares homology regions with Rim and Bassoon and binds profilin.

Wang X, Kibschull M, Laue MM, Lichte B, Petrasch-Parwez E, Kilimann MW.

J Cell Biol. 1999 Oct 4;147(1):151-62.


Paralemmin, a prenyl-palmitoyl-anchored phosphoprotein abundant in neurons and implicated in plasma membrane dynamics and cell process formation.

Kutzleb C, Sanders G, Yamamoto R, Wang X, Lichte B, Petrasch-Parwez E, Kilimann MW.

J Cell Biol. 1998 Nov 2;143(3):795-813.


Restricted expression of the irreC-rst protein is required for normal axonal projections of columnar visual neurons.

Schneider T, Reiter C, Eule E, Bader B, Lichte B, Nie Z, Schimansky T, Ramos RG, Fischbach KF.

Neuron. 1995 Aug;15(2):259-71.


The synaptic vesicle-associated protein amphiphysin is the 128-kD autoantigen of Stiff-Man syndrome with breast cancer.

De Camilli P, Thomas A, Cofiell R, Folli F, Lichte B, Piccolo G, Meinck HM, Austoni M, Fassetta G, Bottazzo G, Bates D, Cartlidge N, Solimena M, Kilimann MW, et al.

J Exp Med. 1993 Dec 1;178(6):2219-23.


The irregular chiasm C-roughest locus of Drosophila, which affects axonal projections and programmed cell death, encodes a novel immunoglobulin-like protein.

Ramos RG, Igloi GL, Lichte B, Baumann U, Maier D, Schneider T, Brandstätter JH, Fröhlich A, Fischbach KF.

Genes Dev. 1993 Dec;7(12B):2533-47.


Amphiphysin, a novel protein associated with synaptic vesicles.

Lichte B, Veh RW, Meyer HE, Kilimann MW.

EMBO J. 1992 Jul;11(7):2521-30. Erratum in: EMBO J 1992 Oct;11(10):3809.

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