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A MUC16 IgG binding activity selects for a restricted subset of IgG enriched for certain SIV epitope specificities.

Schneider JR, Shen X, Orlandi C, Nyanhete T, Sawant S, Carias AM, Smith AD 4th, Kelleher NL, Veazey RS, Lewis GK, Tomaras GD, Hope TJ.

J Virol. 2019 Nov 27. pii: JVI.01246-19. doi: 10.1128/JVI.01246-19. [Epub ahead of print]


Stoichiometric Analyses of Soluble CD4 to Native-like HIV-1 Envelope by Single-Molecule Fluorescence Spectroscopy.

Agrawal P, DeVico AL, Foulke JS Jr, Lewis GK, Pazgier M, Ray K.

Cell Rep. 2019 Oct 1;29(1):176-186.e4. doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2019.08.074.


Deciphering Fc-mediated Antiviral Antibody Functions in Animal Models.

Schmaljohn AL, Orlandi C, Lewis GK.

Front Immunol. 2019 Jul 17;10:1602. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2019.01602. eCollection 2019. Review.


Concurrent Exposure of Neutralizing and Non-neutralizing Epitopes on a Single HIV-1 Envelope Structure.

Ray K, Mengistu M, Orlandi C, Pazgier M, Lewis GK, DeVico AL.

Front Immunol. 2019 Jul 5;10:1512. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2019.01512. eCollection 2019.


Knowns and Unknowns of Assaying Antibody-Dependent Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity Against HIV-1.

Lewis GK, Ackerman ME, Scarlatti G, Moog C, Robert-Guroff M, Kent SJ, Overbaugh J, Reeves RK, Ferrari G, Thyagarajan B.

Front Immunol. 2019 May 10;10:1025. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2019.01025. eCollection 2019. Review.


Antibody Fab-Fc properties outperform titer in predictive models of SIV vaccine-induced protection.

Pittala S, Bagley K, Schwartz JA, Brown EP, Weiner JA, Prado IJ, Zhang W, Xu R, Ota-Setlik A, Pal R, Shen X, Beck C, Ferrari G, Lewis GK, LaBranche CC, Montefiori DC, Tomaras GD, Alter G, Roederer M, Fouts TR, Ackerman ME, Bailey-Kellogg C.

Mol Syst Biol. 2019 May 2;15(5):e8747. doi: 10.15252/msb.20188747.


Induction of Fc-Mediated Effector Functions Against a Stabilized Inner Domain of HIV-1 gp120 Designed to Selectively Harbor the A32 Epitope Region.

Visciano ML, Gohain N, Sherburn R, Orlandi C, Flinko R, Dashti A, Lewis GK, Tolbert WD, Pazgier M.

Front Immunol. 2019 Apr 2;10:677. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2019.00677. eCollection 2019.


From Rhesus macaque to human: structural evolutionary pathways for immunoglobulin G subclasses.

Tolbert WD, Subedi GP, Gohain N, Lewis GK, Patel KR, Barb AW, Pazgier M.

MAbs. 2019 May/Jun;11(4):709-724. doi: 10.1080/19420862.2019.1589852. Epub 2019 Apr 2.


Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies against HIV: Back to Blood.

Dashti A, DeVico AL, Lewis GK, Sajadi MM.

Trends Mol Med. 2019 Mar;25(3):228-240. doi: 10.1016/j.molmed.2019.01.007. Epub 2019 Feb 18. Review.


Introduction of the YTE mutation into the non-immunogenic HIV bnAb PGT121 induces anti-drug antibodies in macaques.

Rosenberg YJ, Lewis GK, Montefiori DC, LaBranche CC, Lewis MG, Urban LA, Lees JP, Mao L, Jiang X.

PLoS One. 2019 Feb 20;14(2):e0212649. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0212649. eCollection 2019.


Mucosal vaccine efficacy against intrarectal SHIV is independent of anti-Env antibody response.

Sui Y, Lewis GK, Wang Y, Berckmueller K, Frey B, Dzutsev A, Vargas-Inchaustegui D, Mohanram V, Musich T, Shen X, DeVico A, Fouts T, Venzon D, Kirk J, Waters RC, Talton J, Klinman D, Clements J, Tomaras GD, Franchini G, Robert-Guroff M, Trinchieri G, Gallo RC, Berzofsky JA.

J Clin Invest. 2019 Mar 1;129(3):1314-1328. doi: 10.1172/JCI122110. Epub 2019 Feb 18.


Cervical cancer complicating pelvic organ prolapse, and use of a pessary to restore anatomy for optimal radiation: A case report.

Dawkins JC, Lewis GK, Toy EP.

Gynecol Oncol Rep. 2018 Aug 16;26:14-16. doi: 10.1016/j.gore.2018.08.004. eCollection 2018 Nov.


Multifunctional Pan-ebolavirus Antibody Recognizes a Site of Broad Vulnerability on the Ebolavirus Glycoprotein.

Gilchuk P, Kuzmina N, Ilinykh PA, Huang K, Gunn BM, Bryan A, Davidson E, Doranz BJ, Turner HL, Fusco ML, Bramble MS, Hoff NA, Binshtein E, Kose N, Flyak AI, Flinko R, Orlandi C, Carnahan R, Parrish EH, Sevy AM, Bombardi RG, Singh PK, Mukadi P, Muyembe-Tamfum JJ, Ohi MD, Saphire EO, Lewis GK, Alter G, Ward AB, Rimoin AW, Bukreyev A, Crowe JE Jr.

Immunity. 2018 Aug 21;49(2):363-374.e10. doi: 10.1016/j.immuni.2018.06.018. Epub 2018 Jul 17.


High-Dimensional Immunology for Schizophrenia Research: A Short Perspective.

Lewis GK.

Schizophr Bull. 2018 Aug 20;44(5):1005-1009. doi: 10.1093/schbul/sby097. Review.


Launching a Global Network of Virologists: The World Society for Virology (WSV).

Abdel-Moneim AS, Varma A, Pujol FH, Lewis GK, Paweska JT, Romalde JL, Söderlund-Venermo M, Moore MD, Nevels MM, Vakharia VN, Joshi V, Malik YS, Shi Z, Memish ZA.

Intervirology. 2017;60(6):276-277. doi: 10.1159/000488762. Epub 2018 Jun 6. No abstract available.


Identification of Near-Pan-neutralizing Antibodies against HIV-1 by Deconvolution of Plasma Humoral Responses.

Sajadi MM, Dashti A, Rikhtegaran Tehrani Z, Tolbert WD, Seaman MS, Ouyang X, Gohain N, Pazgier M, Kim D, Cavet G, Yared J, Redfield RR, Lewis GK, DeVico AL.

Cell. 2018 Jun 14;173(7):1783-1795.e14. doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2018.03.061. Epub 2018 May 3.


Urinary ascites in late onset of bladder injury post laparoscopic hysterectomy.

Dawkins JC, Lewis GK, Christensen B, Wortman M.

Case Rep Womens Health. 2017 Sep 22;16:8-10. doi: 10.1016/j.crwh.2017.09.001. eCollection 2017 Oct.


Application of area scaling analysis to identify natural killer cell and monocyte involvement in the GranToxiLux antibody dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity assay.

Pollara J, Orlandi C, Beck C, Edwards RW, Hu Y, Liu S, Wang S, Koup RA, Denny TN, Lu S, Tomaras GD, DeVico A, Lewis GK, Ferrari G.

Cytometry A. 2018 Apr;93(4):436-447. doi: 10.1002/cyto.a.23348. Epub 2018 Mar 2.


A Single Dose of Modified Vaccinia Ankara expressing Ebola Virus Like Particles Protects Nonhuman Primates from Lethal Ebola Virus Challenge.

Domi A, Feldmann F, Basu R, McCurley N, Shifflett K, Emanuel J, Hellerstein MS, Guirakhoo F, Orlandi C, Flinko R, Lewis GK, Hanley PW, Feldmann H, Robinson HL, Marzi A.

Sci Rep. 2018 Jan 16;8(1):864. doi: 10.1038/s41598-017-19041-y.


Patterns of conserved gp120 epitope presentation on attached HIV-1 virions.

Mengistu M, Tang AH, Foulke JS Jr, Blanpied TA, Gonzalez MW, Spouge JL, Gallo RC, Lewis GK, DeVico AL.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2017 Nov 14;114(46):E9893-E9902. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1705074114. Epub 2017 Oct 30.


Targeting the Late Stage of HIV-1 Entry for Antibody-Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity: Structural Basis for Env Epitopes in the C11 Region.

Tolbert WD, Gohain N, Alsahafi N, Van V, Orlandi C, Ding S, Martin L, Finzi A, Lewis GK, Ray K, Pazgier M.

Structure. 2017 Nov 7;25(11):1719-1731.e4. doi: 10.1016/j.str.2017.09.009. Epub 2017 Oct 19.


Survivors Remorse: antibody-mediated protection against HIV-1.

Lewis GK, Pazgier M, DeVico AL.

Immunol Rev. 2017 Jan;275(1):271-284. doi: 10.1111/imr.12510. Review.


Beyond Viral Neutralization.

Lewis GK, Pazgier M, Evans DT, Ferrari G, Bournazos S, Parsons MS, Bernard NF, Finzi A.

AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses. 2017 Aug;33(8):760-764. doi: 10.1089/AID.2016.0299. Epub 2017 Feb 16. Review.


Diversity of Antiviral IgG Effector Activities Observed in HIV-Infected and Vaccinated Subjects.

Huang Y, Ferrari G, Alter G, Forthal DN, Kappes JC, Lewis GK, Love JC, Borate B, Harris L, Greene K, Gao H, Phan TB, Landucci G, Goods BA, Dowell KG, Cheng HD, Bailey-Kellogg C, Montefiori DC, Ackerman ME.

J Immunol. 2016 Dec 15;197(12):4603-4612. Epub 2016 Nov 9.


Molecular basis for epitope recognition by non-neutralizing anti-gp41 antibody F240.

Gohain N, Tolbert WD, Orlandi C, Richard J, Ding S, Chen X, Bonsor DA, Sundberg EJ, Lu W, Ray K, Finzi A, Lewis GK, Pazgier M.

Sci Rep. 2016 Nov 9;6:36685. doi: 10.1038/srep36685.


An HIV gp120-CD4 Immunogen Does Not Elicit Autoimmune Antibody Responses in Cynomolgus Macaques.

Schwartz JA, Prado I, Misamore J, Weiss D, Francis J, Pal R, Huaman M, Cristillo A, Lewis GK, Gallo RC, DeVico AL, Fouts TR.

Clin Vaccine Immunol. 2016 Jul 5;23(7):618-27. doi: 10.1128/CVI.00115-16. Print 2016 Jul.


Paring Down HIV Env: Design and Crystal Structure of a Stabilized Inner Domain of HIV-1 gp120 Displaying a Major ADCC Target of the A32 Region.

Tolbert WD, Gohain N, Veillette M, Chapleau JP, Orlandi C, Visciano ML, Ebadi M, DeVico AL, Fouts TR, Finzi A, Lewis GK, Pazgier M.

Structure. 2016 May 3;24(5):697-709. doi: 10.1016/j.str.2016.03.005. Epub 2016 Mar 31.


Cell-targeting antibodies in immunity to Ebola.

Schmaljohn A, Lewis GK.

Pathog Dis. 2016 Jun;74(4):ftw021. doi: 10.1093/femspd/ftw021. Epub 2016 Mar 21. Review.


A new cell line for high throughput HIV-specific antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) and cell-to-cell virus transmission studies.

Orlandi C, Flinko R, Lewis GK.

J Immunol Methods. 2016 Jun;433:51-8. doi: 10.1016/j.jim.2016.03.002. Epub 2016 Mar 8.


Range of CD4-Bound Conformations of HIV-1 gp120, as Defined Using Conditional CD4-Induced Antibodies.

Kaplan G, Roitburd-Berman A, Lewis GK, Gershoni JM.

J Virol. 2016 Apr 14;90(9):4481-4493. doi: 10.1128/JVI.03206-15. Print 2016 May.


Nef Proteins from HIV-1 Elite Controllers Are Inefficient at Preventing Antibody-Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity.

Alsahafi N, Ding S, Richard J, Markle T, Brassard N, Walker B, Lewis GK, Kaufmann DE, Brockman MA, Finzi A.

J Virol. 2015 Dec 30;90(6):2993-3002. doi: 10.1128/JVI.02973-15.


A Highly Conserved Residue of the HIV-1 gp120 Inner Domain Is Important for Antibody-Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity Responses Mediated by Anti-cluster A Antibodies.

Ding S, Veillette M, Coutu M, Prévost J, Scharf L, Bjorkman PJ, Ferrari G, Robinson JE, Stürzel C, Hahn BH, Sauter D, Kirchhoff F, Lewis GK, Pazgier M, Finzi A.

J Virol. 2015 Dec 4;90(4):2127-34. doi: 10.1128/JVI.02779-15. Print 2016 Feb 15.


Intramuscular Heating Characteristics of Multihour Low-Intensity Therapeutic Ultrasound.

Rigby JH, Taggart RM, Stratton KL, Lewis GK Jr, Draper DO.

J Athl Train. 2015 Nov;50(11):1158-64. doi: 10.4085/1062-6050-50.11.03. Epub 2015 Oct 28.


Sustained acoustic medicine: wearable, long duration ultrasonic therapy for the treatment of tendinopathy.

Best TM, Moore B, Jarit P, Moorman CT, Lewis GK.

Phys Sportsmed. 2015 Nov;43(4):366-74. doi: 10.1080/00913847.2015.1095617. Epub 2015 Oct 15.


Modulating the durability of anti-HIV gp120 antibody responses after vaccination: a comment on Wilson & Karp (2015).

DeVico AL, Lewis GK, Gallo RC.

Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci. 2015 Nov 5;370(1681). pii: 20150199. doi: 10.1098/rstb.2015.0199. No abstract available.


λ Light Chain Bias Associated With Enhanced Binding and Function of Anti-HIV Env Glycoprotein Antibodies.

Sajadi MM, Farshidpour M, Brown EP, Ouyang X, Seaman MS, Pazgier M, Ackerman ME, Robinson H, Tomaras G, Parsons MS, Charurat M, DeVico AL, Redfield RR, Lewis GK.

J Infect Dis. 2016 Jan 1;213(1):156-64. doi: 10.1093/infdis/jiv448. Epub 2015 Sep 7.


Role of HIV-1 Envelope Glycoproteins Conformation and Accessory Proteins on ADCC Responses.

Veillette M, Richard J, Pazgier M, Lewis GK, Parsons MS, Finzi A.

Curr HIV Res. 2016;14(1):9-23.


Cocrystal Structures of Antibody N60-i3 and Antibody JR4 in Complex with gp120 Define More Cluster A Epitopes Involved in Effective Antibody-Dependent Effector Function against HIV-1.

Gohain N, Tolbert WD, Acharya P, Yu L, Liu T, Zhao P, Orlandi C, Visciano ML, Kamin-Lewis R, Sajadi MM, Martin L, Robinson JE, Kwong PD, DeVico AL, Ray K, Lewis GK, Pazgier M.

J Virol. 2015 Sep;89(17):8840-54. doi: 10.1128/JVI.01232-15. Epub 2015 Jun 17.


Honing a harder-hitting hammerhead improves broadly neutralizing antibody breadth and potency.

Lewis GK.

J Clin Invest. 2015 Jun;125(6):2271-4. doi: 10.1172/JCI82057. Epub 2015 May 18.


Sustained Acoustic Medicine: A Novel Long Duration Approach to Biomodulation Utilizing Low Intensity Therapeutic Ultrasound.

Langer MD, Lewis GK Jr.

Proc SPIE Int Soc Opt Eng. 2015 May;9467. pii: 94670I. doi: 10.1117/12.2178213.


Antigenic properties of the human immunodeficiency virus envelope glycoprotein gp120 on virions bound to target cells.

Mengistu M, Ray K, Lewis GK, DeVico AL.

PLoS Pathog. 2015 Mar 25;11(3):e1004772. doi: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1004772. eCollection 2015 Mar. Erratum in: PLoS Pathog. 2015 Jun;11(6):e1004990.


Pilot Clinical Studies of Long Duration, Low Intensity Therapeutic Ultrasound for Osteoarthritis.

Langer MD, Levine V, Taggart R, Lewis GK, Hernandez L, Ortiz R.

Proc IEEE Annu Northeast Bioeng Conf. 2014 Apr;2014. pii: 14789673.


Balance of cellular and humoral immunity determines the level of protection by HIV vaccines in rhesus macaque models of HIV infection.

Fouts TR, Bagley K, Prado IJ, Bobb KL, Schwartz JA, Xu R, Zagursky RJ, Egan MA, Eldridge JH, LaBranche CC, Montefiori DC, Le Buanec H, Zagury D, Pal R, Pavlakis GN, Felber BK, Franchini G, Gordon S, Vaccari M, Lewis GK, DeVico AL, Gallo RC.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2015 Mar 3;112(9):E992-9. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1423669112. Epub 2015 Feb 13. Erratum in: Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2015 May 5;112(18):E2413.


Ultrasonic modeling and hydrophone measurements of dual divergent transducers for wearable therapeutic ultrasound device.

Yuan Guo, Fleshman SK, Lewis GK Sr, Lewis GK Jr.

Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc. 2014;2014:558-61. doi: 10.1109/EMBC.2014.6943652.


Human Factors Engineering and testing for a wearable, long duration ultrasound system self-applied by an end user.

Taggart R, Langer MD, Lewis GK Jr.

Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc. 2014;2014:554-7. doi: 10.1109/EMBC.2014.6943651.


HIV-1 CD4-induced (CD4i) gp120 epitope vaccines promote B and T-cell responses that contribute to reduced viral loads in rhesus macaques.

Thomas MA, Tuero I, Demberg T, Vargas-Inchaustegui DA, Musich T, Xiao P, Venzon D, LaBranche C, Montefiori DC, DiPasquale J, Reed SG, DeVico A, Fouts T, Lewis GK, Gallo RC, Robert-Guroff M.

Virology. 2014 Dec;471-473:81-92. doi: 10.1016/j.virol.2014.10.001. Epub 2014 Oct 28.


Antibody persistence and T-cell balance: two key factors confronting HIV vaccine development.

Lewis GK, DeVico AL, Gallo RC.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2014 Nov 4;111(44):15614-21. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1413550111. Epub 2014 Oct 27. Review.

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