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Endovascular equipoise shift in a phase III randomized clinical trial of sonothrombolysis for acute ischemic stroke.

Alexandrov AV, Tsivgoulis G, Köhrmann M, Katsanos AH, Soinne L, Barreto AD, Rothlisberger T, Sharma VK, Mikulik R, Muir KW, Levi CR, Molina CA, Saqqur M, Mavridis D, Psaltopoulou T, Vosko MR, Fiebach JB, Mandava P, Kent TA, Alexandrov AW, Schellinger PD; CLOTBUST-ER Trial Investigators.

Ther Adv Neurol Disord. 2019 Jul 12;12:1756286419860652. doi: 10.1177/1756286419860652. eCollection 2019.


Modafinil treatment modulates functional connectivity in stroke survivors with severe fatigue.

Visser MM, Goodin P, Parsons MW, Lillicrap T, Spratt NJ, Levi CR, Bivard A.

Sci Rep. 2019 Jul 4;9(1):9660. doi: 10.1038/s41598-019-46149-0.


Exploring the relationship between ischemic core volume and clinical outcomes after thrombectomy or thrombolysis.

Chen C, Parsons MW, Levi CR, Spratt NJ, Miteff F, Lin L, Cheng X, Lou M, Kleinig T, Butcher K, Dong Q, Bivard A.

Neurology. 2019 Jul 16;93(3):e283-e292. doi: 10.1212/WNL.0000000000007768. Epub 2019 Jun 17.


Extending thrombolysis to 4·5-9 h and wake-up stroke using perfusion imaging: a systematic review and meta-analysis of individual patient data.

Campbell BCV, Ma H, Ringleb PA, Parsons MW, Churilov L, Bendszus M, Levi CR, Hsu C, Kleinig TJ, Fatar M, Leys D, Molina C, Wijeratne T, Curtze S, Dewey HM, Barber PA, Butcher KS, De Silva DA, Bladin CF, Yassi N, Pfaff JAR, Sharma G, Bivard A, Desmond PM, Schwab S, Schellinger PD, Yan B, Mitchell PJ, Serena J, Toni D, Thijs V, Hacke W, Davis SM, Donnan GA; EXTEND, ECASS-4, and EPITHET Investigators.

Lancet. 2019 Jul 13;394(10193):139-147. doi: 10.1016/S0140-6736(19)31053-0. Epub 2019 May 22.


Multicenter, Prospective, Controlled, Before-and-After, Quality Improvement Study (Stroke123) of Acute Stroke Care.

Cadilhac DA, Grimley R, Kilkenny MF, Andrew NE, Lannin NA, Hill K, Grabsch B, Levi CR, Thrift AG, Faux SG, Wakefield J, Cadigan G, Donnan GA, Middleton S, Anderson CS.

Stroke. 2019 Jun;50(6):1525-1530. doi: 10.1161/STROKEAHA.118.023075. Epub 2019 May 14.


Thrombolysis Guided by Perfusion Imaging up to 9 Hours after Onset of Stroke.

Ma H, Campbell BCV, Parsons MW, Churilov L, Levi CR, Hsu C, Kleinig TJ, Wijeratne T, Curtze S, Dewey HM, Miteff F, Tsai CH, Lee JT, Phan TG, Mahant N, Sun MC, Krause M, Sturm J, Grimley R, Chen CH, Hu CJ, Wong AA, Field D, Sun Y, Barber PA, Sabet A, Jannes J, Jeng JS, Clissold B, Markus R, Lin CH, Lien LM, Bladin CF, Christensen S, Yassi N, Sharma G, Bivard A, Desmond PM, Yan B, Mitchell PJ, Thijs V, Carey L, Meretoja A, Davis SM, Donnan GA; EXTEND Investigators.

N Engl J Med. 2019 May 9;380(19):1795-1803. doi: 10.1056/NEJMoa1813046.


Influence of occlusion site and baseline ischemic core on outcome in patients with ischemic stroke.

Tian H, Parsons MW, Levi CR, Lin L, Aviv RI, Spratt NJ, Butcher KS, Lou M, Kleinig TJ, Bivard A.

Neurology. 2019 Jun 4;92(23):e2626-e2643. doi: 10.1212/WNL.0000000000007553. Epub 2019 May 1.


Evaluating recruitment strategies for AUSPICE, a large Australian community-based randomised controlled trial.

Peel R, Ren S, Hure A, Evans TJ, D'Este CA, Abhayaratna WP, Tonkin AM, Hopper I, Thrift AG, Levi CR, Sturm J, Durrheim D, Hung J, Briffa TG, Chew DP, Anderson P, Moon L, McEvoy M, Hansbro PM, Newby DA, Attia JR.

Med J Aust. 2019 May;210(9):409-415. doi: 10.5694/mja2.50117. Epub 2019 Mar 25.


Safety and efficacy of sonothrombolysis for acute ischaemic stroke: a multicentre, double-blind, phase 3, randomised controlled trial.

Alexandrov AV, Köhrmann M, Soinne L, Tsivgoulis G, Barreto AD, Demchuk AM, Sharma VK, Mikulik R, Muir KW, Brandt G, Alleman J, Grotta JC, Levi CR, Molina CA, Saqqur M, Mavridis D, Psaltopoulou T, Vosko M, Fiebach JB, Mandava P, Kent TA, Alexandrov AW, Schellinger PD; CLOTBUST-ER Trial Investigators.

Lancet Neurol. 2019 Apr;18(4):338-347. doi: 10.1016/S1474-4422(19)30026-2.


Outcomes for Patients With In-Hospital Stroke: A Multicenter Study From the Australian Stroke Clinical Registry (AuSCR).

Cadilhac DA, Kilkenny MF, Lannin NA, Dewey HM, Levi CR, Hill K, Grabsch B, Grimley R, Blacker D, Thrift AG, Middleton S, Anderson CS, Donnan GA; Australian Stroke Clinical Registry Consortium.

J Stroke Cerebrovasc Dis. 2019 May;28(5):1302-1310. doi: 10.1016/j.jstrokecerebrovasdis.2019.01.026. Epub 2019 Feb 26.


Predicting Modafinil-Treatment Response in Poststroke Fatigue Using Brain Morphometry and Functional Connectivity.

Visser MM, Maréchal B, Goodin P, Lillicrap TP, Garcia-Esperon C, Spratt NJ, Parsons MW, Levi CR, Bivard A.

Stroke. 2019 Mar;50(3):602-609. doi: 10.1161/STROKEAHA.118.023813.


The International comparison of Systems of care and patient outcomes In minor Stroke and Tia (InSIST) study: A community-based cohort study.

Levi CR, Lasserson D, Quain D, Valderas J, Dewey HM, Alan Barber P, Spratt N, Cadilhac DA, Feigin V, Zareie H, Garcia Esperon C, Davey A, Najib N, Magin P.

Int J Stroke. 2019 Feb;14(2):186-190. doi: 10.1177/1747493018799983. Epub 2019 Jan 4.


Growth Hormone Deficiency Is Frequent After Recent Stroke.

Lillicrap T, Garcia-Esperon C, Walker FR, Ong LK, Nilsson M, Spratt N, Levi CR, Parsons M, Isgaard J, Bivard A.

Front Neurol. 2018 Sep 6;9:713. doi: 10.3389/fneur.2018.00713. eCollection 2018.


Resting State Electroencephalography and Sports-Related Concussion: A Systematic Review.

Conley AC, Cooper PS, Karayanidis F, Gardner AJ, Levi CR, Stanwell P, Gaetz MB, Iverson GL.

J Neurotrauma. 2018 Sep 11. doi: 10.1089/neu.2018.5761. [Epub ahead of print]


Intravenous Thrombolysis May Not Improve Clinical Outcome of Acute Ischemic Stroke Patients Without a Baseline Vessel Occlusion.

Tian H, Parsons MW, Levi CR, Cheng X, Aviv RI, Spratt NJ, Kleinig TJ, O'Brien B, Butcher KS, Lin L, Zhang J, Dong Q, Chen C, Bivard A.

Front Neurol. 2018 Jun 6;9:405. doi: 10.3389/fneur.2018.00405. eCollection 2018.


Short- and Long-Term Efficacy of Modafinil at Improving Quality of Life in Stroke Survivors: A Post Hoc Sub Study of the Modafinil in Debilitating Fatigue After Stroke Trial.

Lillicrap TP, Levi CR, Holliday E, Parsons MW, Bivard A.

Front Neurol. 2018 Apr 25;9:269. doi: 10.3389/fneur.2018.00269. eCollection 2018.


Tenecteplase versus Alteplase before Thrombectomy for Ischemic Stroke.

Campbell BCV, Mitchell PJ, Churilov L, Yassi N, Kleinig TJ, Dowling RJ, Yan B, Bush SJ, Dewey HM, Thijs V, Scroop R, Simpson M, Brooks M, Asadi H, Wu TY, Shah DG, Wijeratne T, Ang T, Miteff F, Levi CR, Rodrigues E, Zhao H, Salvaris P, Garcia-Esperon C, Bailey P, Rice H, de Villiers L, Brown H, Redmond K, Leggett D, Fink JN, Collecutt W, Wong AA, Muller C, Coulthard A, Mitchell K, Clouston J, Mahady K, Field D, Ma H, Phan TG, Chong W, Chandra RV, Slater LA, Krause M, Harrington TJ, Faulder KC, Steinfort BS, Bladin CF, Sharma G, Desmond PM, Parsons MW, Donnan GA, Davis SM; EXTEND-IA TNK Investigators.

N Engl J Med. 2018 Apr 26;378(17):1573-1582. doi: 10.1056/NEJMoa1716405.


Correction for Delay and Dispersion Results in More Accurate Cerebral Blood Flow Ischemic Core Measurement in Acute Stroke.

Lin L, Bivard A, Kleinig T, Spratt NJ, Levi CR, Yang Q, Parsons MW.

Stroke. 2018 Apr;49(4):924-930. doi: 10.1161/STROKEAHA.117.019562. Epub 2018 Mar 2.


Endovascular Thrombectomy for Ischemic Stroke Increases Disability-Free Survival, Quality of Life, and Life Expectancy and Reduces Cost.

Campbell BCV, Mitchell PJ, Churilov L, Keshtkaran M, Hong KS, Kleinig TJ, Dewey HM, Yassi N, Yan B, Dowling RJ, Parsons MW, Wu TY, Brooks M, Simpson MA, Miteff F, Levi CR, Krause M, Harrington TJ, Faulder KC, Steinfort BS, Ang T, Scroop R, Barber PA, McGuinness B, Wijeratne T, Phan TG, Chong W, Chandra RV, Bladin CF, Rice H, de Villiers L, Ma H, Desmond PM, Meretoja A, Cadilhac DA, Donnan GA, Davis SM; EXTEND-IA Investigators.

Front Neurol. 2017 Dec 14;8:657. doi: 10.3389/fneur.2017.00657. eCollection 2017.


Transient Ischemic Attack Results in Delayed Brain Atrophy and Cognitive Decline.

Bivard A, Lillicrap T, Maréchal B, Garcia-Esperon C, Holliday E, Krishnamurthy V, Levi CR, Parsons M.

Stroke. 2018 Feb;49(2):384-390. doi: 10.1161/STROKEAHA.117.019276. Epub 2018 Jan 4.


Author response: Evaluation of hyperacute infarct volume using ASPECTS and brain CT perfusion core volume.

Levi CR, Demeestere J, Garcia-Esperon C, García-Bermejo P, Ombelet F, McElduff P, Bivard A, Parsons M.

Neurology. 2017 Dec 5;89(23):2398-2399. doi: 10.1212/WNL.0000000000004714. No abstract available.


Thresholds for infarction vary between gray matter and white matter in acute ischemic stroke: A CT perfusion study.

Chen C, Bivard A, Lin L, Levi CR, Spratt NJ, Parsons MW.

J Cereb Blood Flow Metab. 2019 Mar;39(3):536-546. doi: 10.1177/0271678X17744453. Epub 2017 Nov 27.


Cerebral blood volume lesion extent predicts functional outcome in patients with vertebral and basilar artery occlusion.

Alemseged F, Shah DG, Bivard A, Kleinig TJ, Yassi N, Diomedi M, Di Giuliano F, Sharma G, Drew R, Yan B, Dowling RJ, Bush S, Sallustio F, Caltagirone C, Mercuri NB, Floris R, Parsons MW, Levi CR, Mitchell PJ, Davis SM, Campbell BC.

Int J Stroke. 2017 Jan 1:1747493017744465. doi: 10.1177/1747493017744465. [Epub ahead of print]


Management of transient ischemic attacks diagnosed by early-career general practitioners: A cross-sectional study.

Davey AR, Lasserson DS, Levi CR, Tapley A, Morgan S, Henderson K, Holliday EG, Ball J, van Driel ML, McArthur L, Spike NA, Magin PJ.

Int J Stroke. 2018 Apr;13(3):313-320. doi: 10.1177/1747493017743053. Epub 2017 Nov 21.


Visibility of CT Early Ischemic Change Is Significantly Associated with Time from Stroke Onset to Baseline Scan beyond the First 3 Hours of Stroke Onset.

Gao J, Parsons MW, Kawano H, Levi CR, Evans TJ, Lin L, Bivard A.

J Stroke. 2017 Sep;19(3):340-346. doi: 10.5853/jos.2016.01424. Epub 2017 Sep 29.


Influence of Penumbral Reperfusion on Clinical Outcome Depends on Baseline Ischemic Core Volume.

Chen C, Parsons MW, Clapham M, Oldmeadow C, Levi CR, Lin L, Cheng X, Lou M, Kleinig TJ, Butcher KS, Dong Q, Bivard A.

Stroke. 2017 Oct;48(10):2739-2745. doi: 10.1161/STROKEAHA.117.018587. Epub 2017 Sep 8.


Video and clinical screening of national rugby league players suspected of sustaining concussion.

Gardner AJ, Wojtowicz M, Terry DP, Levi CR, Zafonte R, Iverson GL.

Brain Inj. 2017;31(13-14):1918-1924. doi: 10.1080/02699052.2017.1358399. Epub 2017 Sep 5.


Evidence of Concussion Signs in National Rugby League Match Play: a Video Review and Validation Study.

Gardner AJ, Howell DR, Levi CR, Iverson GL.

Sports Med Open. 2017 Aug 22;3(1):29. doi: 10.1186/s40798-017-0097-9.


Observational Review and Analysis of Concussion: a Method for Conducting a Standardized Video Analysis of Concussion in Rugby League.

Gardner AJ, Levi CR, Iverson GL.

Sports Med Open. 2017 Dec;3(1):26. doi: 10.1186/s40798-017-0093-0. Epub 2017 Jul 14.


Tenecteplase in ischemic stroke offers improved recanalization: Analysis of 2 trials.

Bivard A, Huang X, Levi CR, Spratt N, Campbell BCV, Cheripelli BK, Kalladka D, Moreton FC, Ford I, Bladin CF, Davis SM, Donnan GA, Muir KW, Parsons MW.

Neurology. 2017 Jul 4;89(1):62-67. doi: 10.1212/WNL.0000000000004062. Epub 2017 Jun 2.


Risk-adjusted hospital mortality rates for stroke: evidence from the Australian Stroke Clinical Registry (AuSCR).

Cadilhac DA, Kilkenny MF, Levi CR, Lannin NA, Thrift AG, Kim J, Grabsch B, Churilov L, Dewey HM, Hill K, Faux SG, Grimley R, Castley H, Hand PJ, Wong A, Herkes GK, Gill M, Crompton D, Middleton S, Donnan GA, Anderson CS.

Med J Aust. 2017 May 1;206(8):345-350. Erratum in: Med J Aust. 2017 Aug 21;207(4):180.


Managing transient ischaemic attacks in Australia: a qualitative study.

Davey AR, Lasserson DS, Levi CR, Magin PJ.

Fam Pract. 2017 Sep 1;34(5):606-611. doi: 10.1093/fampra/cmx030.


MIDAS (Modafinil in Debilitating Fatigue After Stroke): A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Cross-Over Trial.

Bivard A, Lillicrap T, Krishnamurthy V, Holliday E, Attia J, Pagram H, Nilsson M, Parsons M, Levi CR.

Stroke. 2017 May;48(5):1293-1298. doi: 10.1161/STROKEAHA.116.016293. Epub 2017 Apr 12.


Quality of Acute Care and Long-Term Quality of Life and Survival: The Australian Stroke Clinical Registry.

Cadilhac DA, Andrew NE, Lannin NA, Middleton S, Levi CR, Dewey HM, Grabsch B, Faux S, Hill K, Grimley R, Wong A, Sabet A, Butler E, Bladin CF, Bates TR, Groot P, Castley H, Donnan GA, Anderson CS; Australian Stroke Clinical Registry Consortium.

Stroke. 2017 Apr;48(4):1026-1032. doi: 10.1161/STROKEAHA.116.015714. Epub 2017 Mar 3.


The Basilar Artery on Computed Tomography Angiography Prognostic Score for Basilar Artery Occlusion.

Alemseged F, Shah DG, Diomedi M, Sallustio F, Bivard A, Sharma G, Mitchell PJ, Dowling RJ, Bush S, Yan B, Caltagirone C, Floris R, Parsons MW, Levi CR, Davis SM, Campbell BC.

Stroke. 2017 Mar;48(3):631-637. doi: 10.1161/STROKEAHA.116.015492. Epub 2017 Feb 22.


MR Spectroscopy Findings in Retired Professional Rugby League Players.

Gardner AJ, Iverson GL, Wojtowicz M, Levi CR, Kay-Lambkin F, Schofield PW, Zafonte R, Shultz SR, Lin AP, Stanwell P.

Int J Sports Med. 2017 Mar;38(3):241-252. doi: 10.1055/s-0042-120843. Epub 2017 Feb 13.


Perfusion computed tomography in patients with stroke thrombolysis.

Kawano H, Bivard A, Lin L, Ma H, Cheng X, Aviv R, O'Brien B, Butcher K, Lou M, Zhang J, Jannes J, Dong Q, Levi CR, Parsons MW.

Brain. 2017 Mar 1;140(3):684-691. doi: 10.1093/brain/aww338.


Impact of Computed Tomography Perfusion Imaging on the Response to Tenecteplase in Ischemic Stroke: Analysis of 2 Randomized Controlled Trials.

Bivard A, Huang X, McElduff P, Levi CR, Campbell BC, Cheripelli BK, Kalladka D, Moreton FC, Ford I, Bladin CF, Davis SM, Donnan GA, Muir KW, Parsons MW.

Circulation. 2017 Jan 31;135(5):440-448. doi: 10.1161/CIRCULATIONAHA.116.022582. Epub 2016 Dec 13.


Age-related decline in task switching is linked to both global and tract-specific changes in white matter microstructure.

Jolly TA, Cooper PS, Rennie JL, Levi CR, Lenroot R, Parsons MW, Michie PT, Karayanidis F.

Hum Brain Mapp. 2017 Mar;38(3):1588-1603. doi: 10.1002/hbm.23473. Epub 2016 Nov 23.


Seasonal variation in cervical artery dissection in the Hunter New England region, New South Wales, Australia: A retrospective cohort study.

Thomas LC, Makaroff AP, Oldmeadow C, Attia JR, Levi CR.

Musculoskelet Sci Pract. 2017 Feb;27:106-111. doi: 10.1016/j.math.2016.10.007. Epub 2016 Oct 20.


Seasonal Variation in Spontaneous Cervical Artery Dissection: Comparing between UK and Australian Sites.

Thomas LC, Hall LA, Attia JR, Holliday EG, Markus HS, Levi CR.

J Stroke Cerebrovasc Dis. 2017 Jan;26(1):177-185. doi: 10.1016/j.jstrokecerebrovasdis.2016.09.006. Epub 2016 Oct 10.


Usefulness of Video Review of Possible Concussions in National Youth Rugby League.

Gardner AJ, Kohler RM, Levi CR, Iverson GL.

Int J Sports Med. 2017 Jan;38(1):71-75. doi: 10.1055/s-0042-116072. Epub 2016 Oct 13.


Videomicroscopy as a tool for investigation of the microcirculation in the newborn.

Wright IM, Latter JL, Dyson RM, Levi CR, Clifton VL.

Physiol Rep. 2016 Oct;4(19). pii: e12941.


Modafinil In Debilitating fatigue After Stroke (MIDAS): study protocol for a randomised, double-blinded, placebo-controlled, crossover trial.

Lillicrap T, Krishnamurthy V, Attia J, Nilsson M, Levi CR, Parsons MW, Bivard A.

Trials. 2016 Aug 17;17(1):410. doi: 10.1186/s13063-016-1537-4.


Collaborative Patient-Centered Quality Improvement: A Cross-Sectional Survey Comparing the Types and Numbers of Quality Initiatives Selected by Patients and Health Professionals.

Fradgley EA, Paul CL, Bryant J, Collins N, Ackland SP, Bellamy D, Levi CR.

Eval Health Prof. 2016 Dec;39(4):475-495. Epub 2016 Aug 1.


Quantifying reperfusion of the ischemic region on whole-brain computed tomography perfusion.

Lin L, Cheng X, Bivard A, Levi CR, Dong Q, Parsons MW.

J Cereb Blood Flow Metab. 2017 Jun;37(6):2125-2136. doi: 10.1177/0271678X16661338. Epub 2016 Jan 1.


A Home- and Community-Based Physical Activity Program Can Improve the Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Walking Capacity of Stroke Survivors.

Marsden DL, Dunn A, Callister R, McElduff P, Levi CR, Spratt NJ.

J Stroke Cerebrovasc Dis. 2016 Oct;25(10):2386-98. doi: 10.1016/j.jstrokecerebrovasdis.2016.06.007. Epub 2016 Jul 1.


Too good to treat? ischemic stroke patients with small computed tomography perfusion lesions may not benefit from thrombolysis.

Bivard A, Lou M, Levi CR, Krishnamurthy V, Cheng X, Aviv RI, McElduff P, Lin L, Kleinig T, O'Brien B, Butcher K, Jingfen Z, Jannes J, Dong Q, Parsons MW.

Ann Neurol. 2016 Aug;80(2):286-93. doi: 10.1002/ana.24714. Epub 2016 Jul 26.


Better outcomes for hospitalized patients with TIA when in stroke units: An observational study.

Cadilhac DA, Kim J, Lannin NA, Levi CR, Dewey HM, Hill K, Faux S, Andrew NE, Kilkenny MF, Grimley R, Thrift AG, Grabsch B, Middleton S, Anderson CS, Donnan GA; Australian Stroke Clinical Registry Consortium.

Neurology. 2016 May 31;86(22):2042-8. doi: 10.1212/WNL.0000000000002715. Epub 2016 May 4.


How can we improve stroke thrombolysis rates? A review of health system factors and approaches associated with thrombolysis administration rates in acute stroke care.

Paul CL, Ryan A, Rose S, Attia JR, Kerr E, Koller C, Levi CR.

Implement Sci. 2016 Apr 8;11:51. doi: 10.1186/s13012-016-0414-6. Review.

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