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Differential Signaling and Sugar Exchanges in Response to Avirulent Pathogen- and Symbiont-Derived Molecules in Tobacco Cells.

Pfister C, Bourque S, Chatagnier O, Chiltz A, Fromentin J, Van Tuinen D, Wipf D, Leborgne-Castel N.

Front Microbiol. 2017 Nov 20;8:2228. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2017.02228. eCollection 2017.


Plasma membrane order and fluidity are diversely triggered by elicitors of plant defence.

Sandor R, Der C, Grosjean K, Anca I, Noirot E, Leborgne-Castel N, Lochman J, Simon-Plas F, Gerbeau-Pissot P.

J Exp Bot. 2016 Sep;67(17):5173-85. doi: 10.1093/jxb/erw284. Epub 2016 Jul 18.


Dynamic changes in the subcellular distribution of the tobacco ROS-producing enzyme RBOHD in response to the oomycete elicitor cryptogein.

Noirot E, Der C, Lherminier J, Robert F, Moricova P, Kiêu K, Leborgne-Castel N, Simon-Plas F, Bouhidel K.

J Exp Bot. 2014 Sep;65(17):5011-22. doi: 10.1093/jxb/eru265. Epub 2014 Jul 1.


Constitutive expression of clathrin hub hinders elicitor-induced clathrin-mediated endocytosis and defense gene expression in plant cells.

Adam T, Bouhidel K, Der C, Robert F, Najid A, Simon-Plas F, Leborgne-Castel N.

FEBS Lett. 2012 Sep 21;586(19):3293-8. doi: 10.1016/j.febslet.2012.06.053. Epub 2012 Jul 13.


Endocytosis in plant-microbe interactions.

Leborgne-Castel N, Adam T, Bouhidel K.

Protoplasma. 2010 Dec;247(3-4):177-93. doi: 10.1007/s00709-010-0195-8. Epub 2010 Sep 3. Review.


Remorin, a solanaceae protein resident in membrane rafts and plasmodesmata, impairs potato virus X movement.

Raffaele S, Bayer E, Lafarge D, Cluzet S, German Retana S, Boubekeur T, Leborgne-Castel N, Carde JP, Lherminier J, Noirot E, Satiat-Jeunemaître B, Laroche-Traineau J, Moreau P, Ott T, Maule AJ, Reymond P, Simon-Plas F, Farmer EE, Bessoule JJ, Mongrand S.

Plant Cell. 2009 May;21(5):1541-55. doi: 10.1105/tpc.108.064279. Epub 2009 May 26.


Life with and without AtTIP1;1, an Arabidopsis aquaporin preferentially localized in the apposing tonoplasts of adjacent vacuoles.

Beebo A, Thomas D, Der C, Sanchez L, Leborgne-Castel N, Marty F, Schoefs B, Bouhidel K.

Plant Mol Biol. 2009 May;70(1-2):193-209. doi: 10.1007/s11103-009-9465-2. Epub 2009 Feb 20.


The plant defense elicitor cryptogein stimulates clathrin-mediated endocytosis correlated with reactive oxygen species production in bright yellow-2 tobacco cells.

Leborgne-Castel N, Lherminier J, Der C, Fromentin J, Houot V, Simon-Plas F.

Plant Physiol. 2008 Mar;146(3):1255-66. doi: 10.1104/pp.107.111716. Epub 2008 Jan 9.


In vivo analysis of the lumenal binding protein (BiP) reveals multiple functions of its ATPase domain.

Snowden CJ, Leborgne-Castel N, Wootton LJ, Hadlington JL, Denecke J.

Plant J. 2007 Dec;52(6):987-1000. Epub 2007 Oct 27.


Identification, expression, and functional analyses of a thylakoid ATP/ADP carrier from Arabidopsis.

Thuswaldner S, Lagerstedt JO, Rojas-Stütz M, Bouhidel K, Der C, Leborgne-Castel N, Mishra A, Marty F, Schoefs B, Adamska I, Persson BL, Spetea C.

J Biol Chem. 2007 Mar 23;282(12):8848-59. Epub 2007 Jan 29.


Expression of a cauliflower tonoplast aquaporin tagged with GFP in tobacco suspension cells correlates with an increase in cell size.

Reisen D, Leborgne-Castel N, Ozalp C, Chaumont F, Marty F.

Plant Mol Biol. 2003 May;52(2):387-400.


Protein recycling from the Golgi apparatus to the endoplasmic reticulum in plants and its minor contribution to calreticulin retention.

Pagny S, Cabanes-Macheteau M, Gillikin JW, Leborgne-Castel N, Lerouge P, Boston RS, Faye L, Gomord V.

Plant Cell. 2000 May;12(5):739-56.


Saturation of the endoplasmic reticulum retention machinery reveals anterograde bulk flow

Crofts AJ, Leborgne-Castel N, Hillmer S, Robinson DG, Phillipson B, Carlsson LE, Ashford DA, Denecke J.

Plant Cell. 1999 Nov;11(11):2233-48.


Overexpression of BiP in tobacco alleviates endoplasmic reticulum stress.

Leborgne-Castel N, Jelitto-Van Dooren EP, Crofts AJ, Denecke J.

Plant Cell. 1999 Mar;11(3):459-70.


BiP and calreticulin form an abundant complex that is independent of endoplasmic reticulum stress

Crofts AJ, Leborgne-Castel N, Pesca M, Vitale A, Denecke J.

Plant Cell. 1998 May;10(5):813-24.

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