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Pore- and voltage sensor-targeted KCNQ openers have distinct state-dependent actions.

Wang CK, Lamothe SM, Wang AW, Yang RY, Kurata HT.

J Gen Physiol. 2018 Oct 29. pii: jgp.201812070. doi: 10.1085/jgp.201812070. [Epub ahead of print]


Slc7a5 regulates Kv1.2 channels and modifies functional outcomes of epilepsy-linked channel mutations.

Baronas VA, Yang RY, Morales LC, Sipione S, Kurata HT.

Nat Commun. 2018 Oct 24;9(1):4417. doi: 10.1038/s41467-018-06859-x.


One drug-sensitive subunit is sufficient for a near-maximal retigabine effect in KCNQ channels.

Yau MC, Kim RY, Wang CK, Li J, Ammar T, Yang RY, Pless SA, Kurata HT.

J Gen Physiol. 2018 Oct 1;150(10):1421-1431. doi: 10.1085/jgp.201812013. Epub 2018 Aug 30.


Four drug-sensitive subunits are required for maximal effect of a voltage sensor-targeted KCNQ opener.

Wang AW, Yau MC, Wang CK, Sharmin N, Yang RY, Pless SA, Kurata HT.

J Gen Physiol. 2018 Oct 1;150(10):1432-1443. doi: 10.1085/jgp.201812014. Epub 2018 Aug 30.


Probing the molecular basis of hERG drug block with unnatural amino acids.

Macdonald LC, Kim RY, Kurata HT, Fedida D.

Sci Rep. 2018 Jan 10;8(1):289. doi: 10.1038/s41598-017-18448-x.


PIP2 mediates functional coupling and pharmacology of neuronal KCNQ channels.

Kim RY, Pless SA, Kurata HT.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2017 Nov 7;114(45):E9702-E9711. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1705802114. Epub 2017 Oct 23.


Site-Directed Unnatural Amino Acid Mutagenesis to Investigate Potassium Channel Pharmacology in Xenopus laevis Oocytes.

Kim RY, Kurata HT.

Methods Mol Biol. 2018;1684:253-263. doi: 10.1007/978-1-4939-7362-0_19.


Extracellular redox sensitivity of Kv1.2 potassium channels.

Baronas VA, Yang RY, Kurata HT.

Sci Rep. 2017 Aug 22;7(1):9142. doi: 10.1038/s41598-017-08718-z.


KCNE1 induces fenestration in the Kv7.1/KCNE1 channel complex that allows for highly specific pharmacological targeting.

Wrobel E, Rothenberg I, Krisp C, Hundt F, Fraenzel B, Eckey K, Linders JT, Gallacher DJ, Towart R, Pott L, Pusch M, Yang T, Roden DM, Kurata HT, Schulze-Bahr E, Strutz-Seebohm N, Wolters D, Seebohm G.

Nat Commun. 2016 Oct 12;7:12795. doi: 10.1038/ncomms12795.


Emerging complexities of lipid regulation of potassium channels.

Kurata HT.

J Gen Physiol. 2016 Sep;148(3):201-5. doi: 10.1085/jgp.201611671. No abstract available.


Sequence determinants of subtype-specific actions of KCNQ channel openers.

Wang AW, Yang R, Kurata HT.

J Physiol. 2017 Feb 1;595(3):663-676. doi: 10.1113/JP272762. Epub 2016 Sep 23.


Determinants of frequency-dependent regulation of Kv1.2-containing potassium channels.

Baronas VA, Yang R, Vilin YY, Kurata HT.

Channels (Austin). 2016;10(2):158-66. doi: 10.1080/19336950.2015.1120390. Epub 2015 Dec 8.


Atomic basis for therapeutic activation of neuronal potassium channels.

Kim RY, Yau MC, Galpin JD, Seebohm G, Ahern CA, Pless SA, Kurata HT.

Nat Commun. 2015 Sep 3;6:8116. doi: 10.1038/ncomms9116.


A Conserved Residue Cluster That Governs Kinetics of ATP-dependent Gating of Kir6.2 Potassium Channels.

Zhang RS, Wright JD, Pless SA, Nunez JJ, Kim RY, Li JB, Yang R, Ahern CA, Kurata HT.

J Biol Chem. 2015 Jun 19;290(25):15450-61. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M114.631960. Epub 2015 May 1.


Use-dependent activation of neuronal Kv1.2 channel complexes.

Baronas VA, McGuinness BR, Brigidi GS, Gomm Kolisko RN, Vilin YY, Kim RY, Lynn FC, Bamji SX, Yang R, Kurata HT.

J Neurosci. 2015 Feb 25;35(8):3515-24. doi: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.4518-13.2015.


Atom-by-atom engineering of voltage-gated ion channels: magnified insights into function and pharmacology.

Pless SA, Kim RY, Ahern CA, Kurata HT.

J Physiol. 2015 Jun 15;593(12):2627-34. doi: 10.1113/jphysiol.2014.287714. Epub 2015 Mar 13. Review.


Inward rectifiers and their regulation by endogenous polyamines.

Baronas VA, Kurata HT.

Front Physiol. 2014 Aug 27;5:325. doi: 10.3389/fphys.2014.00325. eCollection 2014. Review.


Asymmetric functional contributions of acidic and aromatic side chains in sodium channel voltage-sensor domains.

Pless SA, Elstone FD, Niciforovic AP, Galpin JD, Yang R, Kurata HT, Ahern CA.

J Gen Physiol. 2014 May;143(5):645-56. doi: 10.1085/jgp.201311036.


Multiparameter screening reveals a role for Na+ channels in cytokine-induced β-cell death.

Yang YH, Vilin YY, Roberge M, Kurata HT, Johnson JD.

Mol Endocrinol. 2014 Mar;28(3):406-17. doi: 10.1210/me.2013-1257. Epub 2014 Jan 17.


Hydrogen bonds as molecular timers for slow inactivation in voltage-gated potassium channels.

Pless SA, Galpin JD, Niciforovic AP, Kurata HT, Ahern CA.

Elife. 2013 Dec 10;2:e01289. doi: 10.7554/eLife.01289.


Characterization of polyhormonal insulin-producing cells derived in vitro from human embryonic stem cells.

Bruin JE, Erener S, Vela J, Hu X, Johnson JD, Kurata HT, Lynn FC, Piret JM, Asadi A, Rezania A, Kieffer TJ.

Stem Cell Res. 2014 Jan;12(1):194-208. doi: 10.1016/j.scr.2013.10.003. Epub 2013 Oct 16.


Paradoxical activation of an inwardly rectifying potassium channel mutant by spermine: "(b)locking" open the bundle crossing gate.

Vilin YY, Nunez JJ, Kim RY, Dake GR, Kurata HT.

Mol Pharmacol. 2013 Oct;84(4):572-81. doi: 10.1124/mol.113.086603. Epub 2013 Jul 25.


Decomposition of slide helix contributions to ATP-dependent inhibition of Kir6.2 channels.

Li JB, Huang X, Zhang RS, Kim RY, Yang R, Kurata HT.

J Biol Chem. 2013 Aug 9;288(32):23038-49. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M113.485789. Epub 2013 Jun 24.


A novel mechanism for fine-tuning open-state stability in a voltage-gated potassium channel.

Pless SA, Niciforovic AP, Galpin JD, Nunez JJ, Kurata HT, Ahern CA.

Nat Commun. 2013;4:1784. doi: 10.1038/ncomms2761.


Polyamine transport by the polyspecific organic cation transporters OCT1, OCT2, and OCT3.

Sala-Rabanal M, Li DC, Dake GR, Kurata HT, Inyushin M, Skatchkov SN, Nichols CG.

Mol Pharm. 2013 Apr 1;10(4):1450-8. doi: 10.1021/mp400024d. Epub 2013 Mar 19.


Scanning the topography of polyamine blocker binding in an inwardly rectifying potassium channel.

Kurata HT, Akrouh A, Li JB, Marton LJ, Nichols CG.

J Biol Chem. 2013 Mar 1;288(9):6591-601. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M112.383794. Epub 2013 Jan 8.


Molecular mechanisms of chloroquine inhibition of heterologously expressed Kir6.2/SUR2A channels.

Ponce-Balbuena D, Rodríguez-Menchaca AA, López-Izquierdo A, Ferrer T, Kurata HT, Nichols CG, Sánchez-Chapula JA.

Mol Pharmacol. 2012 Nov;82(5):803-13. doi: 10.1124/mol.112.079152. Epub 2012 Jul 31.


Forced gating motions by a substituted titratable side chain at the bundle crossing of a potassium channel.

Khurana A, Shao ES, Kim RY, Vilin YY, Huang X, Yang R, Kurata HT.

J Biol Chem. 2011 Oct 21;286(42):36686-93. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M111.249110. Epub 2011 Aug 30.


Polyamine block of inwardly rectifying potassium channels.

Kurata HT, Cheng WW, Nichols CG.

Methods Mol Biol. 2011;720:113-26. doi: 10.1007/978-1-61779-034-8_6.


HMR 1098 is not an SUR isotype specific inhibitor of heterologous or sarcolemmal K ATP channels.

Zhang HX, Akrouh A, Kurata HT, Remedi MS, Lawton JS, Nichols CG.

J Mol Cell Cardiol. 2011 Mar;50(3):552-60. doi: 10.1016/j.yjmcc.2010.12.011. Epub 2010 Dec 23.


Congenital hyperinsulinism and glucose hypersensitivity in homozygous and heterozygous carriers of Kir6.2 (KCNJ11) mutation V290M mutation: K(ATP) channel inactivation mechanism and clinical management.

Loechner KJ, Akrouh A, Kurata HT, Dionisi-Vici C, Maiorana A, Pizzoferro M, Rufini V, de Ville de Goyet J, Colombo C, Barbetti F, Koster JC, Nichols CG.

Diabetes. 2011 Jan;60(1):209-17. doi: 10.2337/db10-0731. Epub 2010 Oct 27.


Locale and chemistry of spermine binding in the archetypal inward rectifier Kir2.1.

Kurata HT, Zhu EA, Nichols CG.

J Gen Physiol. 2010 May;135(5):495-508. doi: 10.1085/jgp.200910253.


Voltage-dependent gating in a "voltage sensor-less" ion channel.

Kurata HT, Rapedius M, Kleinman MJ, Baukrowitz T, Nichols CG.

PLoS Biol. 2010 Feb 23;8(2):e1000315. doi: 10.1371/journal.pbio.1000315.


Dual role of K ATP channel C-terminal motif in membrane targeting and metabolic regulation.

Kline CF, Kurata HT, Hund TJ, Cunha SR, Koval OM, Wright PJ, Christensen M, Anderson ME, Nichols CG, Mohler PJ.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2009 Sep 29;106(39):16669-74. doi: 10.1073/pnas.0907138106. Epub 2009 Sep 15.


Secondary consequences of beta cell inexcitability: identification and prevention in a murine model of K(ATP)-induced neonatal diabetes mellitus.

Remedi MS, Kurata HT, Scott A, Wunderlich FT, Rother E, Kleinridders A, Tong A, Brüning JC, Koster JC, Nichols CG.

Cell Metab. 2009 Feb;9(2):140-51. doi: 10.1016/j.cmet.2008.12.005.


Differential structure of atrial and ventricular KATP: atrial KATP channels require SUR1.

Flagg TP, Kurata HT, Masia R, Caputa G, Magnuson MA, Lefer DJ, Coetzee WA, Nichols CG.

Circ Res. 2008 Dec 5;103(12):1458-65. doi: 10.1161/CIRCRESAHA.108.178186. Epub 2008 Oct 30.


DEND mutation in Kir6.2 (KCNJ11) reveals a flexible N-terminal region critical for ATP-sensing of the KATP channel.

Koster JC, Kurata HT, Enkvetchakul D, Nichols CG.

Biophys J. 2008 Nov 15;95(10):4689-97. doi: 10.1529/biophysj.108.138685. Epub 2008 Aug 15.


Polyamine permeation and rectification of Kir4.1 channels.

Kucheryavykh YV, Pearson WL, Kurata HT, Eaton MJ, Skatchkov SN, Nichols CG.

Channels (Austin). 2007 May-Jun;1(3):172-8. Epub 2007 May 3.


Blocker protection by short spermine analogs: refined mapping of the spermine binding site in a Kir channel.

Kurata HT, Diraviyam K, Marton LJ, Nichols CG.

Biophys J. 2008 Oct;95(8):3827-39. doi: 10.1529/biophysj.108.133256. Epub 2008 Jul 18.


An activation gating switch in Kv1.2 is localized to a threonine residue in the S2-S3 linker.

Rezazadeh S, Kurata HT, Claydon TW, Kehl SJ, Fedida D.

Biophys J. 2007 Dec 15;93(12):4173-86. Epub 2007 Aug 31.


The role of the cytoplasmic pore in inward rectification of Kir2.1 channels.

Kurata HT, Cheng WW, Arrabit C, Slesinger PA, Nichols CG.

J Gen Physiol. 2007 Aug;130(2):145-55. Epub 2007 Jul 16.


The polyamine binding site in inward rectifier K+ channels.

Kurata HT, Marton LJ, Nichols CG.

J Gen Physiol. 2006 May;127(5):467-80. Epub 2006 Apr 10.


A structural interpretation of voltage-gated potassium channel inactivation.

Kurata HT, Fedida D.

Prog Biophys Mol Biol. 2006 Oct;92(2):185-208. Epub 2005 Nov 8. Review.


Separation of P/C- and U-type inactivation pathways in Kv1.5 potassium channels.

Kurata HT, Doerksen KW, Eldstrom JR, Rezazadeh S, Fedida D.

J Physiol. 2005 Oct 1;568(Pt 1):31-46. Epub 2005 Jul 14.


Molecular basis of inward rectification: polyamine interaction sites located by combined channel and ligand mutagenesis.

Kurata HT, Phillips LR, Rose T, Loussouarn G, Herlitze S, Fritzenschaft H, Enkvetchakul D, Nichols CG, Baukrowitz T.

J Gen Physiol. 2004 Nov;124(5):541-54. Epub 2004 Oct 11.


NH2-terminal inactivation peptide binding to C-type-inactivated Kv channels.

Kurata HT, Wang Z, Fedida D.

J Gen Physiol. 2004 May;123(5):505-20. Epub 2004 Apr 12.


Rapid induction of P/C-type inactivation is the mechanism for acid-induced K+ current inhibition.

Zhang S, Kurata HT, Kehl SJ, Fedida D.

J Gen Physiol. 2003 Mar;121(3):215-25.


Amino-terminal determinants of U-type inactivation of voltage-gated K+ channels.

Kurata HT, Soon GS, Eldstrom JR, Lu GW, Steele DF, Fedida D.

J Biol Chem. 2002 Aug 9;277(32):29045-53. Epub 2002 May 20.


Altered state dependence of c-type inactivation in the long and short forms of human Kv1.5.

Kurata HT, Soon GS, Fedida D.

J Gen Physiol. 2001 Sep;118(3):315-32.

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