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Differential regulation of PD-L1 expression by immune and tumor cells in NSCLC and the response to treatment with atezolizumab (anti-PD-L1).

Kowanetz M, Zou W, Gettinger SN, Koeppen H, Kockx M, Schmid P, Kadel EE 3rd, Wistuba I, Chaft J, Rizvi NA, Spigel DR, Spira A, Hirsch FR, Cohen V, Smith D, Boyd Z, Miley N, Flynn S, Leveque V, Shames DS, Ballinger M, Mocci S, Shankar G, Funke R, Hampton G, Sandler A, Amler L, Mellman I, Chen DS, Hegde PS.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2018 Oct 23;115(43):E10119-E10126. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1802166115. Epub 2018 Oct 8.


Blood-based tumor mutational burden as a predictor of clinical benefit in non-small-cell lung cancer patients treated with atezolizumab.

Gandara DR, Paul SM, Kowanetz M, Schleifman E, Zou W, Li Y, Rittmeyer A, Fehrenbacher L, Otto G, Malboeuf C, Lieber DS, Lipson D, Silterra J, Amler L, Riehl T, Cummings CA, Hegde PS, Sandler A, Ballinger M, Fabrizio D, Mok T, Shames DS.

Nat Med. 2018 Sep;24(9):1441-1448. doi: 10.1038/s41591-018-0134-3. Epub 2018 Aug 6.


Safety and clinical activity of atezolizumab monotherapy in metastatic non-small-cell lung cancer: final results from a phase I study.

Horn L, Gettinger SN, Gordon MS, Herbst RS, Gandhi L, Felip E, Sequist LV, Spigel DR, Antonia SJ, Balmanoukian A, Cassier PA, Liu B, Kowanetz M, O'Hear C, Fassò M, Grossman W, Sandler A, Soria JC.

Eur J Cancer. 2018 Sep;101:201-209. doi: 10.1016/j.ejca.2018.06.031. Epub 2018 Aug 1.


Atezolizumab for First-Line Treatment of Metastatic Nonsquamous NSCLC.

Socinski MA, Jotte RM, Cappuzzo F, Orlandi F, Stroyakovskiy D, Nogami N, Rodríguez-Abreu D, Moro-Sibilot D, Thomas CA, Barlesi F, Finley G, Kelsch C, Lee A, Coleman S, Deng Y, Shen Y, Kowanetz M, Lopez-Chavez A, Sandler A, Reck M; IMpower150 Study Group.

N Engl J Med. 2018 Jun 14;378(24):2288-2301. doi: 10.1056/NEJMoa1716948. Epub 2018 Jun 4.


Updated Efficacy Analysis Including Secondary Population Results for OAK: A Randomized Phase III Study of Atezolizumab versus Docetaxel in Patients with Previously Treated Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer.

Fehrenbacher L, von Pawel J, Park K, Rittmeyer A, Gandara DR, Ponce Aix S, Han JY, Gadgeel SM, Hida T, Cortinovis DL, Cobo M, Kowalski DM, De Marinis F, Gandhi M, Danner B, Matheny C, Kowanetz M, He P, Felizzi F, Patel H, Sandler A, Ballinger M, Barlesi F.

J Thorac Oncol. 2018 Aug;13(8):1156-1170. doi: 10.1016/j.jtho.2018.04.039. Epub 2018 May 17. Erratum in: J Thorac Oncol. 2018 Nov;13(11):1800.


FIR: Efficacy, Safety, and Biomarker Analysis of a Phase II Open-Label Study of Atezolizumab in PD-L1-Selected Patients With NSCLC.

Spigel DR, Chaft JE, Gettinger S, Chao BH, Dirix L, Schmid P, Chow LQM, Hicks RJ, Leon L, Fredrickson J, Kowanetz M, Sandler A, Funke R, Rizvi NA.

J Thorac Oncol. 2018 Nov;13(11):1733-1742. doi: 10.1016/j.jtho.2018.05.004.


Prognostic Significance of PD-L1+ and CD8+ Immune Cells in HPV+ Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma.

Solomon B, Young RJ, Bressel M, Urban D, Hendry S, Thai A, Angel C, Haddad A, Kowanetz M, Fua T, Corry J, Fox S, Rischin D.

Cancer Immunol Res. 2018 Jan 29. doi: 10.1158/2326-6066.CIR-17-0299. [Epub ahead of print]


Detection of PD-L1 in circulating tumor cells and white blood cells from patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer.

Ilié M, Szafer-Glusman E, Hofman V, Chamorey E, Lalvée S, Selva E, Leroy S, Marquette CH, Kowanetz M, Hedge P, Punnoose E, Hofman P.

Ann Oncol. 2018 Jan 1;29(1):193-199. doi: 10.1093/annonc/mdx636.


Development of a PD-L1 Complementary Diagnostic Immunohistochemistry Assay (SP142) for Atezolizumab.

Vennapusa B, Baker B, Kowanetz M, Boone J, Menzl I, Bruey JM, Fine G, Mariathasan S, McCaffery I, Mocci S, Rost S, Smith D, Dennis E, Tang SY, Damadzadeh B, Walker E, Hegde PS, Williams JA, Koeppen H, Boyd Z.

Appl Immunohistochem Mol Morphol. 2018 Jan 16. doi: 10.1097/PAI.0000000000000594. [Epub ahead of print]


Molecular and Histopathological Characterization of the Tumor Immune Microenvironment in Advanced Stage of Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma.

Patil NS, Righi L, Koeppen H, Zou W, Izzo S, Grosso F, Libener R, Loiacono M, Monica V, Buttigliero C, Novello S, Hegde PS, Papotti M, Kowanetz M, Scagliotti GV.

J Thorac Oncol. 2018 Jan;13(1):124-133. doi: 10.1016/j.jtho.2017.09.1968. Epub 2017 Oct 24.


Phase II Trial of Atezolizumab As First-Line or Subsequent Therapy for Patients With Programmed Death-Ligand 1-Selected Advanced Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer (BIRCH).

Peters S, Gettinger S, Johnson ML, Jänne PA, Garassino MC, Christoph D, Toh CK, Rizvi NA, Chaft JE, Carcereny Costa E, Patel JD, Chow LQM, Koczywas M, Ho C, Früh M, van den Heuvel M, Rothenstein J, Reck M, Paz-Ares L, Shepherd FA, Kurata T, Li Z, Qiu J, Kowanetz M, Mocci S, Shankar G, Sandler A, Felip E.

J Clin Oncol. 2017 Aug 20;35(24):2781-2789. doi: 10.1200/JCO.2016.71.9476. Epub 2017 Jun 13.


Characterization of PD-L1 expression and immune cell infiltration in nasopharyngeal cancer.

Chan OS, Kowanetz M, Ng WT, Koeppen H, Chan LK, Yeung RM, Wu H, Amler L, Mancao C.

Oral Oncol. 2017 Apr;67:52-60. doi: 10.1016/j.oraloncology.2017.02.002. Epub 2017 Feb 13.


Atezolizumab versus docetaxel in patients with previously treated non-small-cell lung cancer (OAK): a phase 3, open-label, multicentre randomised controlled trial.

Rittmeyer A, Barlesi F, Waterkamp D, Park K, Ciardiello F, von Pawel J, Gadgeel SM, Hida T, Kowalski DM, Dols MC, Cortinovis DL, Leach J, Polikoff J, Barrios C, Kabbinavar F, Frontera OA, De Marinis F, Turna H, Lee JS, Ballinger M, Kowanetz M, He P, Chen DS, Sandler A, Gandara DR; OAK Study Group.

Lancet. 2017 Jan 21;389(10066):255-265. doi: 10.1016/S0140-6736(16)32517-X. Epub 2016 Dec 13. Erratum in: Lancet. 2017 Apr 8;389(10077):e5.


PS01.62: Long-Term Safety and Clinical Activity of Atezolizumab Monotherapy in Metastatic NSCLC: Final Results from a Phase Ia Study: Topic: Medical Oncology.

Gordon MS, Herbst RS, Horn L, Soria JC, Gandhi L, Felip E, Sequist L, Spigel DR, Antonia SJ, Balmanoukian A, Cassier P, Liu B, Kowanetz M, O'Hear C, Fassò M, Sandler A, Gettinger SN.

J Thorac Oncol. 2016 Nov;11(11S):S309-S310. doi: 10.1016/j.jtho.2016.09.097. Epub 2016 Oct 28. No abstract available.


ORAL01.04: Phase II Trial of Atezolizumab for Patients with PD-L1-Selected Advanced NSCLC (BIRCH): Updated Efficacy and Exploratory Biomarker Results: Topic: Medical Oncology.

Wakelee H, Patel JD, Heist R, Balmanoukian A, Besse B, Felip E, Carcereny Costa E, Chow LQ, Koczywas M, Garassino MC, Christoph D, Toh CK, Johnson ML, Chaft J, Kurata T, Qiu J, Kowanetz M, Coleman S, Mocci S, Sandler A, Gettinger SN, Peters S.

J Thorac Oncol. 2016 Nov;11(11S):S251-S252. doi: 10.1016/j.jtho.2016.09.009. Epub 2016 Oct 28. No abstract available.


Atezolizumab versus docetaxel for patients with previously treated non-small-cell lung cancer (POPLAR): a multicentre, open-label, phase 2 randomised controlled trial.

Fehrenbacher L, Spira A, Ballinger M, Kowanetz M, Vansteenkiste J, Mazieres J, Park K, Smith D, Artal-Cortes A, Lewanski C, Braiteh F, Waterkamp D, He P, Zou W, Chen DS, Yi J, Sandler A, Rittmeyer A; POPLAR Study Group.

Lancet. 2016 Apr 30;387(10030):1837-46. doi: 10.1016/S0140-6736(16)00587-0. Epub 2016 Mar 10.


PD-L1 inhibition with MPDL3280A for solid tumors.

Cha E, Wallin J, Kowanetz M.

Semin Oncol. 2015 Jun;42(3):484-7. doi: 10.1053/j.seminoncol.2015.02.002. Epub 2015 Feb 12. Review.


Predictive correlates of response to the anti-PD-L1 antibody MPDL3280A in cancer patients.

Herbst RS, Soria JC, Kowanetz M, Fine GD, Hamid O, Gordon MS, Sosman JA, McDermott DF, Powderly JD, Gettinger SN, Kohrt HE, Horn L, Lawrence DP, Rost S, Leabman M, Xiao Y, Mokatrin A, Koeppen H, Hegde PS, Mellman I, Chen DS, Hodi FS.

Nature. 2014 Nov 27;515(7528):563-7. doi: 10.1038/nature14011.


Phenotypical differences in connective tissue cells emerging from microvascular pericytes in response to overexpression of PDGF-B and TGF-β1 in normal skin in vivo.

Rodriguez A, Friman T, Kowanetz M, van Wieringen T, Gustafsson R, Sundberg C.

Am J Pathol. 2013 Jun;182(6):2132-46. doi: 10.1016/j.ajpath.2013.01.054. Epub 2013 Apr 6.


P21-activated kinase 1 (PAK1) as a therapeutic target in BRAF wild-type melanoma.

Ong CC, Jubb AM, Jakubiak D, Zhou W, Rudolph J, Haverty PM, Kowanetz M, Yan Y, Tremayne J, Lisle R, Harris AL, Friedman LS, Belvin M, Middleton MR, Blackwood EM, Koeppen H, Hoeflich KP.

J Natl Cancer Inst. 2013 May 1;105(9):606-7. doi: 10.1093/jnci/djt054. Epub 2013 Mar 27.


Oncogenic RAS pathway activation promotes resistance to anti-VEGF therapy through G-CSF-induced neutrophil recruitment.

Phan VT, Wu X, Cheng JH, Sheng RX, Chung AS, Zhuang G, Tran C, Song Q, Kowanetz M, Sambrone A, Tan M, Meng YG, Jackson EL, Peale FV, Junttila MR, Ferrara N.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2013 Apr 9;110(15):6079-84. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1303302110. Epub 2013 Mar 25.


Development of a robust flow cytometry-based pharmacodynamic assay to detect phospho-protein signals for phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase inhibitors in multiple myeloma.

Li C, Takahashi C, Zhang L, Huseni M, Stankovich B, Mashhedi H, Lee J, French D, Anderson JE, Kim D, Howell K, Brauer MJ, Kowanetz M, Yan Y, Humke E, Ebens A, Hampton G, Lackner MR, Hegde P, Jia S.

J Transl Med. 2013 Mar 23;11:76. doi: 10.1186/1479-5876-11-76.


Differential drug class-specific metastatic effects following treatment with a panel of angiogenesis inhibitors.

Chung AS, Kowanetz M, Wu X, Zhuang G, Ngu H, Finkle D, Komuves L, Peale F, Ferrara N.

J Pathol. 2012 Aug;227(4):404-16. doi: 10.1002/path.4052. Epub 2012 Jul 3.


Transcriptional induction of salt-inducible kinase 1 by transforming growth factor β leads to negative regulation of type I receptor signaling in cooperation with the Smurf2 ubiquitin ligase.

Lönn P, Vanlandewijck M, Raja E, Kowanetz M, Watanabe Y, Kowanetz K, Vasilaki E, Heldin CH, Moustakas A.

J Biol Chem. 2012 Apr 13;287(16):12867-78. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M111.307249. Epub 2012 Feb 29.


Granulocyte-colony stimulating factor promotes lung metastasis through mobilization of Ly6G+Ly6C+ granulocytes.

Kowanetz M, Wu X, Lee J, Tan M, Hagenbeek T, Qu X, Yu L, Ross J, Korsisaari N, Cao T, Bou-Reslan H, Kallop D, Weimer R, Ludlam MJ, Kaminker JS, Modrusan Z, van Bruggen N, Peale FV, Carano R, Meng YG, Ferrara N.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2010 Dec 14;107(50):21248-55. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1015855107. Epub 2010 Nov 16.


PlGF blockade does not inhibit angiogenesis during primary tumor growth.

Bais C, Wu X, Yao J, Yang S, Crawford Y, McCutcheon K, Tan C, Kolumam G, Vernes JM, Eastham-Anderson J, Haughney P, Kowanetz M, Hagenbeek T, Kasman I, Reslan HB, Ross J, Van Bruggen N, Carano RA, Meng YJ, Hongo JA, Stephan JP, Shibuya M, Ferrara N.

Cell. 2010 Apr 2;141(1):166-77. doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2010.01.033.


G-CSF-initiated myeloid cell mobilization and angiogenesis mediate tumor refractoriness to anti-VEGF therapy in mouse models.

Shojaei F, Wu X, Qu X, Kowanetz M, Yu L, Tan M, Meng YG, Ferrara N.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2009 Apr 21;106(16):6742-7. doi: 10.1073/pnas.0902280106. Epub 2009 Apr 3.


[Psychiatric-psychological opinions in cases of declaration of will invalidation with emphasis on assessment of discretion].

Skupień E, Kowanetz M.

Arch Med Sadowej Kryminol. 2008 Jan-Mar;58(1):37-42. Polish.


TGFbeta induces SIK to negatively regulate type I receptor kinase signaling.

Kowanetz M, Lönn P, Vanlandewijck M, Kowanetz K, Heldin CH, Moustakas A.

J Cell Biol. 2008 Aug 25;182(4):655-62. doi: 10.1083/jcb.200804107.


Blocking vascular endothelial growth factor-A inhibits the growth of pituitary adenomas and lowers serum prolactin level in a mouse model of multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1.

Korsisaari N, Ross J, Wu X, Kowanetz M, Pal N, Hall L, Eastham-Anderson J, Forrest WF, Van Bruggen N, Peale FV, Ferrara N.

Clin Cancer Res. 2008 Jan 1;14(1):249-58. doi: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-07-1552.


Vascular endothelial growth factor signaling pathways: therapeutic perspective.

Kowanetz M, Ferrara N.

Clin Cancer Res. 2006 Sep 1;12(17):5018-22. Review.


Characterization of an imatinib-sensitive subset of high-grade human glioma cultures.

Hägerstrand D, Hesselager G, Achterberg S, Wickenberg Bolin U, Kowanetz M, Kastemar M, Heldin CH, Isaksson A, Nistér M, Ostman A.

Oncogene. 2006 Aug 10;25(35):4913-22. Epub 2006 Mar 20.


The mechanism of nuclear export of Smad3 involves exportin 4 and Ran.

Kurisaki A, Kurisaki K, Kowanetz M, Sugino H, Yoneda Y, Heldin CH, Moustakas A.

Mol Cell Biol. 2006 Feb;26(4):1318-32.


Smad pathway-specific transcriptional regulation of the cell cycle inhibitor p21(WAF1/Cip1).

Pardali K, Kowanetz M, Heldin CH, Moustakas A.

J Cell Physiol. 2005 Jul;204(1):260-72.


TGF-beta and the Smad signaling pathway support transcriptomic reprogramming during epithelial-mesenchymal cell transition.

Valcourt U, Kowanetz M, Niimi H, Heldin CH, Moustakas A.

Mol Biol Cell. 2005 Apr;16(4):1987-2002. Epub 2005 Feb 2.


CIN85 associates with multiple effectors controlling intracellular trafficking of epidermal growth factor receptors.

Kowanetz K, Husnjak K, Höller D, Kowanetz M, Soubeyran P, Hirsch D, Schmidt MHH, Pavelic K, De Camilli P, Randazzo PA, Dikic I.

Mol Biol Cell. 2004 Jul;15(7):3155-66. Epub 2004 Apr 16.


Identification of a novel proline-arginine motif involved in CIN85-dependent clustering of Cbl and down-regulation of epidermal growth factor receptors.

Kowanetz K, Szymkiewicz I, Haglund K, Kowanetz M, Husnjak K, Taylor JD, Soubeyran P, Engstrom U, Ladbury JE, Dikic I.

J Biol Chem. 2003 Oct 10;278(41):39735-46. Epub 2003 Jul 21.


Elucidation of Smad requirement in transforming growth factor-beta type I receptor-induced responses.

Itoh S, Thorikay M, Kowanetz M, Moustakas A, Itoh F, Heldin CH, ten Dijke P.

J Biol Chem. 2003 Feb 7;278(6):3751-61. Epub 2002 Nov 22.


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