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Predicting changes in hemoglobin S after simple transfusion using complete blood counts.

Mathur G, Ten Eyck P, Knudson CM.

Transfusion. 2018 Jan;58(1):138-144. doi: 10.1111/trf.14371. Epub 2017 Oct 11.


Factors influencing platelet clumping during peripheral blood hematopoietic stem cell collection.

Mathur G, Mott SL, Collins L, Nelson GA, Knudson CM, Schlueter AJ.

Transfusion. 2017 May;57(5):1142-1151. doi: 10.1111/trf.14022. Epub 2017 Feb 1.


Obesity-associated NLRC4 inflammasome activation drives breast cancer progression.

Kolb R, Phan L, Borcherding N, Liu Y, Yuan F, Janowski AM, Xie Q, Markan KR, Li W, Potthoff MJ, Fuentes-Mattei E, Ellies LG, Knudson CM, Lee MH, Yeung SJ, Cassel SL, Sutterwala FS, Zhang W.

Nat Commun. 2016 Oct 6;7:13007. doi: 10.1038/ncomms13007.


2-Deoxy-d-glucose Suppresses the In Vivo Antitumor Efficacy of Erlotinib in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cells.

Sobhakumari A, Orcutt KP, Love-Homan L, Kowalski CE, Parsons AD, Knudson CM, Simons AL.

Oncol Res. 2016;24(1):55-64. doi: 10.3727/096504016X14586627440192.


Pathology Milestones: Assessing Clinical Competency by Committee.

Klutts JS, Guerin LA, Bruch LA, Firchau DJ, Knudson CM, Rosenthal NS, Samuelson MI, Jensen CS, Delwiche JL, Krasowski MD.

Acad Pathol. 2015 Oct 29;2(4):2374289515614003. doi: 10.1177/2374289515614003. eCollection 2015 Oct-Dec.


The heritability of hemolysis in stored human red blood cells.

Van 't Erve TJ, Wagner BA, Martin SM, Knudson CM, Blendowski R, Keaton M, Holt T, Hess JR, Buettner GR, Ryckman KK, Darbro BW, Murray JC, Raife TJ.

Transfusion. 2015 Jun;55(6):1178-85. doi: 10.1111/trf.12992. Epub 2015 Feb 2.


Visual and functional demonstration of growing Bax-induced pores in mitochondrial outer membranes.

Gillies LA, Du H, Peters B, Knudson CM, Newmeyer DD, Kuwana T.

Mol Biol Cell. 2015 Jan 15;26(2):339-49. doi: 10.1091/mbc.E13-11-0638. Epub 2014 Nov 19.


The heritability of metabolite concentrations in stored human red blood cells.

van 't Erve TJ, Wagner BA, Martin SM, Knudson CM, Blendowski R, Keaton M, Holt T, Hess JR, Buettner GR, Ryckman KK, Darbro BW, Murray JC, Raife TJ.

Transfusion. 2014 Aug;54(8):2055-63. doi: 10.1111/trf.12605. Epub 2014 Mar 6.


Low-dose radiation-induced enhancement of thymic lymphomagenesis in Lck-Bax mice is dependent on LET and gender.

Jacobus JA, Duda CG, Coleman MC, Martin SM, Mapuskar K, Mao G, Smith BJ, Aykin-Burns N, Guida P, Gius D, Domann FE, Knudson CM, Spitz DR.

Radiat Res. 2013 Aug;180(2):156-65. doi: 10.1667/RR3293.1. Epub 2013 Jul 2.


Susceptibility of human head and neck cancer cells to combined inhibition of glutathione and thioredoxin metabolism.

Sobhakumari A, Love-Homan L, Fletcher EV, Martin SM, Parsons AD, Spitz DR, Knudson CM, Simons AL.

PLoS One. 2012;7(10):e48175. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0048175. Epub 2012 Oct 31.


The TCF-1 and LEF-1 transcription factors have cooperative and opposing roles in T cell development and malignancy.

Yu S, Zhou X, Steinke FC, Liu C, Chen SC, Zagorodna O, Jing X, Yokota Y, Meyerholz DK, Mullighan CG, Knudson CM, Zhao DM, Xue HH.

Immunity. 2012 Nov 16;37(5):813-26. doi: 10.1016/j.immuni.2012.08.009. Epub 2012 Oct 25. Erratum in: Immunity. 2014 Jan 16;40(1):166.


2-deoxyglucose-induced toxicity is regulated by Bcl-2 family members and is enhanced by antagonizing Bcl-2 in lymphoma cell lines.

Zagorodna O, Martin SM, Rutkowski DT, Kuwana T, Spitz DR, Knudson CM.

Oncogene. 2012 May 31;31(22):2738-49. doi: 10.1038/onc.2011.454. Epub 2011 Oct 10.


Cell of origin strongly influences genetic selection in a mouse model of T-ALL.

Berquam-Vrieze KE, Nannapaneni K, Brett BT, Holmfeldt L, Ma J, Zagorodna O, Jenkins NA, Copeland NG, Meyerholz DK, Knudson CM, Mullighan CG, Scheetz TE, Dupuy AJ.

Blood. 2011 Oct 27;118(17):4646-56. doi: 10.1182/blood-2011-03-343947. Epub 2011 Aug 9.


Caspase inhibition blocks cell death and enhances mitophagy but fails to promote T-cell lymphoma.

Wang SH, Martin SM, Harris PS, Knudson CM.

PLoS One. 2011;6(5):e19786. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0019786. Epub 2011 May 17.


Mechanisms of ascorbate-induced cytotoxicity in pancreatic cancer.

Du J, Martin SM, Levine M, Wagner BA, Buettner GR, Wang SH, Taghiyev AF, Du C, Knudson CM, Cullen JJ.

Clin Cancer Res. 2010 Jan 15;16(2):509-20. doi: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-09-1713. Epub 2010 Jan 12.


p27 deficiency cooperates with Bcl-2 but not Bax to promote T-cell lymphoma.

Cheng N, van de Wetering CI, Knudson CM.

PLoS One. 2008 Apr 2;3(4):e1911. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0001911.


Manganese superoxide dismutase gene dosage affects chromosomal instability and tumor onset in a mouse model of T cell lymphoma.

van de Wetering CI, Coleman MC, Spitz DR, Smith BJ, Knudson CM.

Free Radic Biol Med. 2008 Apr 15;44(8):1677-86. doi: 10.1016/j.freeradbiomed.2008.01.022. Epub 2008 Feb 7.


Mitochondria potential, bax "activation," and programmed cell death.

Knudson CM, Brown NM.

Methods Mol Biol. 2008;414:95-108. Review.


Chromosomal instability and supernumerary centrosomes represent precursor defects in a mouse model of T-cell lymphoma.

van de Wetering CI, Horne MC, Knudson CM.

Cancer Res. 2007 Sep 1;67(17):8081-8. Erratum in: Cancer Res. 2007 Oct 15;67(20):10097. Horne, Mary C [added].


Severe citrate toxicity complicating volunteer apheresis platelet donation.

Bell AM, Nolen JD, Knudson CM, Raife TJ.

J Clin Apher. 2007 Feb;22(1):15-6.


Caspase inhibition blocks cell death and results in cell cycle arrest in cytokine-deprived hematopoietic cells.

Brown NM, Martin SM, Maurice N, Kuwana T, Knudson CM.

J Biol Chem. 2007 Jan 26;282(4):2144-55. Epub 2006 Nov 13.


Complete dissociation of motor neuron death from motor dysfunction by Bax deletion in a mouse model of ALS.

Gould TW, Buss RR, Vinsant S, Prevette D, Sun W, Knudson CM, Milligan CE, Oppenheim RW.

J Neurosci. 2006 Aug 23;26(34):8774-86.


The role of low molecular weight thiols in T lymphocyte proliferation and IL-2 secretion.

Hadzic T, Li L, Cheng N, Walsh SA, Spitz DR, Knudson CM.

J Immunol. 2005 Dec 15;175(12):7965-72. Erratum in: J Immunol. 2006 May 1;176(9):5682.


Taurine monochloramine activates a cell death pathway involving Bax and Caspase-9.

Emerson DK, McCormick ML, Schmidt JA, Knudson CM.

J Biol Chem. 2005 Feb 4;280(5):3233-41. Epub 2004 Nov 15.


Bcl-2 inhibition of T-cell proliferation is related to prolonged T-cell survival.

Cheng N, Janumyan YM, Didion L, Van Hofwegen C, Yang E, Knudson CM.

Oncogene. 2004 May 6;23(21):3770-80.


The HSV-1 Us3 protein kinase is sufficient to block apoptosis induced by overexpression of a variety of Bcl-2 family members.

Ogg PD, McDonell PJ, Ryckman BJ, Knudson CM, Roller RJ.

Virology. 2004 Feb 20;319(2):212-24.


The pro-apoptotic gene Bax is required for the death of ectopic primordial germ cells during their migration in the mouse embryo.

Stallock J, Molyneaux K, Schaible K, Knudson CM, Wylie C.

Development. 2003 Dec;130(26):6589-97.


Bcl-xL/Bcl-2 coordinately regulates apoptosis, cell cycle arrest and cell cycle entry.

Janumyan YM, Sansam CG, Chattopadhyay A, Cheng N, Soucie EL, Penn LZ, Andrews D, Knudson CM, Yang E.

EMBO J. 2003 Oct 15;22(20):5459-70.


Lymphoma development in Bax transgenic mice is inhibited by Bcl-2 and associated with chromosomal instability.

Luke JJ, Van De Wetering CI, Knudson CM.

Cell Death Differ. 2003 Jun;10(6):740-8.


Bax-dependent spermatogonia apoptosis is required for testicular development and spermatogenesis.

Russell LD, Chiarini-Garcia H, Korsmeyer SJ, Knudson CM.

Biol Reprod. 2002 Apr;66(4):950-8.


BCLW mediates survival of postmitotic Sertoli cells by regulating BAX activity.

Ross AJ, Amy SP, Mahar PL, Lindsten T, Knudson CM, Thompson CB, Korsmeyer SJ, MacGregor GR.

Dev Biol. 2001 Nov 15;239(2):295-308.


BAX contributes to apoptotic-like death following neonatal hypoxia-ischemia: evidence for distinct apoptosis pathways.

Gibson ME, Han BH, Choi J, Knudson CM, Korsmeyer SJ, Parsadanian M, Holtzman DM.

Mol Med. 2001 Sep;7(9):644-55.


Bcl-2 oncoprotein protects the human prostatic carcinoma cell line PC3 from TRAIL-mediated apoptosis.

Rokhlin OW, Guseva N, Tagiyev A, Knudson CM, Cohen MB.

Oncogene. 2001 May 17;20(22):2836-43.


Bax accelerates tumorigenesis in p53-deficient mice.

Knudson CM, Johnson GM, Lin Y, Korsmeyer SJ.

Cancer Res. 2001 Jan 15;61(2):659-65.


Gain of Bcl-2 is more potent than bax loss in regulating mammary epithelial cell survival in vivo.

Schorr K, Li M, Bar-Peled U, Lewis A, Heredia A, Lewis B, Knudson CM, Korsmeyer SJ, J├Ąger R, Weiher H, Furth PA.

Cancer Res. 1999 Jun 1;59(11):2541-5.


Overexpression of Bcl-2 in transgenic mice decreases apoptosis and improves survival in sepsis.

Hotchkiss RS, Swanson PE, Knudson CM, Chang KC, Cobb JP, Osborne DF, Zollner KM, Buchman TG, Korsmeyer SJ, Karl IE.

J Immunol. 1999 Apr 1;162(7):4148-56.


Prolongation of ovarian lifespan into advanced chronological age by Bax-deficiency.

Perez GI, Robles R, Knudson CM, Flaws JA, Korsmeyer SJ, Tilly JL.

Nat Genet. 1999 Feb;21(2):200-3.


Neurotrophins support the development of diverse sensory axon morphologies.

Lentz SI, Knudson CM, Korsmeyer SJ, Snider WD.

J Neurosci. 1999 Feb 1;19(3):1038-48.


Hyperglycemia induces apoptosis in pre-implantation embryos through cell death effector pathways.

Moley KH, Chi MM, Knudson CM, Korsmeyer SJ, Mueckler MM.

Nat Med. 1998 Dec;4(12):1421-4. Erratum in: Nat Med 2002 Mar;8(3):303.


Suppression of developmental retinal cell death but not of photoreceptor degeneration in Bax-deficient mice.

Mosinger Ogilvie J, Deckwerth TL, Knudson CM, Korsmeyer SJ.

Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 1998 Aug;39(9):1713-20. Erratum in: Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 1998 Nov;39(12):2244.


Placement of the BCL2 family member BAX in the death pathway of sympathetic neurons activated by trophic factor deprivation.

Deckwerth TL, Easton RM, Knudson CM, Korsmeyer SJ, Johnson EM Jr.

Exp Neurol. 1998 Jul;152(1):150-62.


Widespread elimination of naturally occurring neuronal death in Bax-deficient mice.

White FA, Keller-Peck CR, Knudson CM, Korsmeyer SJ, Snider WD.

J Neurosci. 1998 Feb 15;18(4):1428-39.


Bax involvement in p53-mediated neuronal cell death.

Xiang H, Kinoshita Y, Knudson CM, Korsmeyer SJ, Schwartzkroin PA, Morrison RS.

J Neurosci. 1998 Feb 15;18(4):1363-73.


Apoptosis-associated signaling pathways are required for chemotherapy-mediated female germ cell destruction.

Perez GI, Knudson CM, Leykin L, Korsmeyer SJ, Tilly JL.

Nat Med. 1997 Nov;3(11):1228-32.


Bax deletion further orders the cell death pathway in cerebellar granule cells and suggests a caspase-independent pathway to cell death.

Miller TM, Moulder KL, Knudson CM, Creedon DJ, Deshmukh M, Korsmeyer SJ, Johnson EM Jr.

J Cell Biol. 1997 Oct 6;139(1):205-17.


Bcl-2 and Bax function independently to regulate cell death.

Knudson CM, Korsmeyer SJ.

Nat Genet. 1997 Aug;16(4):358-63.


bax-deficiency promotes drug resistance and oncogenic transformation by attenuating p53-dependent apoptosis.

McCurrach ME, Connor TM, Knudson CM, Korsmeyer SJ, Lowe SW.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1997 Mar 18;94(6):2345-9.


Bax suppresses tumorigenesis and stimulates apoptosis in vivo.

Yin C, Knudson CM, Korsmeyer SJ, Van Dyke T.

Nature. 1997 Feb 13;385(6617):637-40.


BAX is required for neuronal death after trophic factor deprivation and during development.

Deckwerth TL, Elliott JL, Knudson CM, Johnson EM Jr, Snider WD, Korsmeyer SJ.

Neuron. 1996 Sep;17(3):401-11.

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