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Separation by cell size enriches for mammary stem cell repopulation activity.

Machado HL, Kittrell FS, Edwards D, White AN, Atkinson RL, Rosen JM, Medina D, Lewis MT.

Stem Cells Transl Med. 2013 Mar;2(3):199-203. doi: 10.5966/sctm.2012-0121. Epub 2013 Feb 13.


The combination of tamoxifen and the rexinoid LG100268 prevents ER-positive and ER-negative mammary tumors in p53-null mammary gland mice.

Mazumdar A, Medina D, Kittrell FS, Zhang Y, Hill JL, Edwards DE, Bissonnette RP, Brown PH.

Cancer Prev Res (Phila). 2012 Oct;5(10):1195-202. doi: 10.1158/1940-6207.CAPR-11-0524. Epub 2012 Aug 27.


Prospective isolation and characterization of committed and multipotent progenitors from immortalized mouse mammary epithelial cells with morphogenic potential.

Kittrell FS, Carletti MZ, Kerbawy S, Heestand J, Xian W, Zhang M, Lamarca HL, Sonnenberg A, Rosen JM, Medina D, Behbod F.

Breast Cancer Res. 2011 Apr 5;13(2):R41. doi: 10.1186/bcr2863.


Immortalized, pre-malignant epithelial cell populations contain long-lived, label-retaining cells that asymmetrically divide and retain their template DNA.

Bussard KM, Boulanger CA, Kittrell FS, Behbod F, Medina D, Smith GH.

Breast Cancer Res. 2010;12(5):R86. doi: 10.1186/bcr2754. Epub 2010 Oct 21.


Pathways contributing to development of spontaneous mammary tumors in BALB/c-Trp53+/- mice.

Yan H, Blackburn AC, McLary SC, Tao L, Roberts AL, Xavier EA, Dickinson ES, Seo JH, Arenas RB, Otis CN, Cao QJ, Lawlor RG, Osborne BA, Kittrell FS, Medina D, Jerry DJ.

Am J Pathol. 2010 Mar;176(3):1421-32. doi: 10.2353/ajpath.2010.090438. Epub 2010 Jan 28.


An intraductal human-in-mouse transplantation model mimics the subtypes of ductal carcinoma in situ.

Behbod F, Kittrell FS, LaMarca H, Edwards D, Kerbawy S, Heestand JC, Young E, Mukhopadhyay P, Yeh HW, Allred DC, Hu M, Polyak K, Rosen JM, Medina D.

Breast Cancer Res. 2009;11(5):R66. doi: 10.1186/bcr2358.


Identification of modulated genes by three classes of chemopreventive agents at preneoplastic stages in a p53-null mouse mammary tumor model.

Abba MC, Hu Y, Levy CC, Gaddis S, Kittrell FS, Hill J, Bissonnette RP, Brown PH, Medina D, Aldaz CM.

Cancer Prev Res (Phila). 2009 Feb;2(2):175-84. doi: 10.1158/1940-6207.CAPR-08-0104. Epub 2009 Jan 27.


Transcriptomic signature of bexarotene (rexinoid LGD1069) on mammary gland from three transgenic mouse mammary cancer models.

Abba MC, Hu Y, Levy CC, Gaddis S, Kittrell FS, Zhang Y, Hill J, Bissonnette RP, Medina D, Brown PH, Aldaz CM.

BMC Med Genomics. 2008 Sep 11;1:40. doi: 10.1186/1755-8794-1-40.


Overexpression of Separase induces aneuploidy and mammary tumorigenesis.

Zhang N, Ge G, Meyer R, Sethi S, Basu D, Pradhan S, Zhao YJ, Li XN, Cai WW, El-Naggar AK, Baladandayuthapani V, Kittrell FS, Rao PH, Medina D, Pati D.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2008 Sep 2;105(35):13033-8. doi: 10.1073/pnas.0801610105. Epub 2008 Aug 26.


Inhibition of mammary tumorigenesis by estrogen and progesterone in genetically engineered mice.

Medina D, Kittrell FS, Tsimelzon A, Fuqua SA.

Ernst Schering Found Symp Proc. 2007;(1):109-26. Review.


Ataxia telangiectasia-mutated and p53 are potential mediators of chloroquine-induced resistance to mammary carcinogenesis.

Loehberg CR, Thompson T, Kastan MB, Maclean KH, Edwards DG, Kittrell FS, Medina D, Conneely OM, O'Malley BW.

Cancer Res. 2007 Dec 15;67(24):12026-33.


Identification of novel amplification gene targets in mouse and human breast cancer at a syntenic cluster mapping to mouse ch8A1 and human ch13q34.

Abba MC, Fabris VT, Hu Y, Kittrell FS, Cai WW, Donehower LA, Sahin A, Medina D, Aldaz CM.

Cancer Res. 2007 May 1;67(9):4104-12.


Hormone-induced protection of mammary tumorigenesis in genetically engineered mouse models.

Rajkumar L, Kittrell FS, Guzman RC, Brown PH, Nandi S, Medina D.

Breast Cancer Res. 2007;9(1):R12.


Expression of heregulin by mouse mammary tumor cells: role in activation of ErbB receptors.

Schmitt M, Walker MP, Richards RG, Bocchinfuso WP, Fukuda T, Medina D, Kittrell FS, Korach KS, DiAugustine RP.

Mol Carcinog. 2006 Jul;45(7):490-505.


Tamoxifen inhibition of estrogen receptor-alpha-negative mouse mammary tumorigenesis.

Medina D, Kittrell FS, Hill J, Shepard A, Thordarson G, Brown P.

Cancer Res. 2005 Apr 15;65(8):3493-6.


Osteopontin is a potential target gene in mouse mammary cancer chemoprevention by Se-methylselenocysteine.

Unni E, Kittrell FS, Singh U, Sinha R.

Breast Cancer Res. 2004;6(5):R586-92. Epub 2004 Jul 29.


Hormone-induced chromosomal instability in p53-null mammary epithelium.

Pati D, Haddad BR, Haegele A, Thompson H, Kittrell FS, Shepard A, Montagna C, Zhang N, Ge G, Otta SK, McCarthy M, Ullrich RL, Medina D.

Cancer Res. 2004 Aug 15;64(16):5608-16.


A mechanism of cyclin D1 action encoded in the patterns of gene expression in human cancer.

Lamb J, Ramaswamy S, Ford HL, Contreras B, Martinez RV, Kittrell FS, Zahnow CA, Patterson N, Golub TR, Ewen ME.

Cell. 2003 Aug 8;114(3):323-34.


Hormone dependence in premalignant mammary progression.

Medina D, Kittrell FS, Shepard A, Contreras A, Rosen JM, Lydon J.

Cancer Res. 2003 Mar 1;63(5):1067-72.


Biological and genetic properties of the p53 null preneoplastic mammary epithelium.

Medina D, Kittrell FS, Shepard A, Stephens LC, Jiang C, Lu J, Allred DC, McCarthy M, Ullrich RL.

FASEB J. 2002 Jun;16(8):881-3. Epub 2002 Apr 10.


Blocking tumor growth, invasion, and metastasis by maspin in a syngeneic breast cancer model.

Shi HY, Zhang W, Liang R, Abraham S, Kittrell FS, Medina D, Zhang M.

Cancer Res. 2001 Sep 15;61(18):6945-51.


Radiation induces genomic instability and mammary ductal dysplasia in Atm heterozygous mice.

Weil MM, Kittrell FS, Yu Y, McCarthy M, Zabriskie RC, Ullrich RL.

Oncogene. 2001 Jul 19;20(32):4409-11.


Cyclin-dependent kinase (cdk) inhibitors/cdk4/cdk2 complexes in early stages of mouse mammary preneoplasia.

Said TK, Moraes RC, Singh U, Kittrell FS, Medina D.

Cell Growth Differ. 2001 Jun;12(6):285-95.


Development of spontaneous mammary tumors in BALB/c p53 heterozygous mice. A model for Li-Fraumeni syndrome.

Kuperwasser C, Hurlbut GD, Kittrell FS, Dickinson ES, Laucirica R, Medina D, Naber SP, Jerry DJ.

Am J Pathol. 2000 Dec;157(6):2151-9.


Progesterone facilitates chromosome instability (aneuploidy) in p53 null normal mammary epithelial cells.

Goepfert TM, McCarthy M, Kittrell FS, Stephens C, Ullrich RL, Brinkley BR, Medina D.

FASEB J. 2000 Nov;14(14):2221-9.


A mammary-specific model demonstrates the role of the p53 tumor suppressor gene in tumor development.

Jerry DJ, Kittrell FS, Kuperwasser C, Laucirica R, Dickinson ES, Bonilla PJ, Butel JS, Medina D.

Oncogene. 2000 Feb 21;19(8):1052-8.


Bcl-2 expression delays mammary tumor development in dimethylbenz(a)anthracene-treated transgenic mice.

Murphy KL, Kittrell FS, Gay JP, J├Ąger R, Medina D, Rosen JM.

Oncogene. 1999 Nov 11;18(47):6597-604.


Murine mammary gland carcinogenesis is critically dependent on progesterone receptor function.

Lydon JP, Ge G, Kittrell FS, Medina D, O'Malley BW.

Cancer Res. 1999 Sep 1;59(17):4276-84.


Interactions of apoptosis, proliferation and host age in the regression of the mouse mammary preneoplasia, TM3, carrying an unusual mutation in p53.

Bonnette SG, Kittrell FS, Stephens LC, Meyn RE, Medina D.

Carcinogenesis. 1999 Sep;20(9):1715-20.


Mutations in p53 are frequent in the preneoplastic stage of mouse mammary tumor development.

Jerry DJ, Ozbun MA, Kittrell FS, Lane DP, Medina D, Butel JS.

Cancer Res. 1993 Jul 15;53(14):3374-81.


Growth factor dependency and gene expression in preneoplastic mouse mammary epithelial cells.

Medina D, Kittrell FS, Oborn CJ, Schwartz M.

Cancer Res. 1993 Feb 1;53(3):668-74.


Morphological and functional properties of TM preneoplastic mammary outgrowths.

Medina D, Kittrell FS, Liu YJ, Schwartz M.

Cancer Res. 1993 Feb 1;53(3):663-7.


Nuclear type II sites and malignant cell proliferation: inhibition by 2,6-bis-benzylidenecyclohexanones.

Markaverich BM, Schauweker TH, Gregory RR, Varma M, Kittrell FS, Medina D, Varma RS.

Cancer Res. 1992 May 1;52(9):2482-8.


Development of mammary preneoplasias in vivo from mouse mammary epithelial cell lines in vitro.

Kittrell FS, Oborn CJ, Medina D.

Cancer Res. 1992 Apr 1;52(7):1924-32.


Methyl p-hydroxyphenyllactate and nuclear type II binding sites in malignant cells: metabolic fate and mammary tumor growth.

Markaverich BM, Gregory RR, Alejandro M, Kittrell FS, Medina D, Clark JH, Varma M, Varma RS.

Cancer Res. 1990 Mar 1;50(5):1470-8.


Clonal populations of the mouse mammary cell line, COMMA-D, which retain capability of morphogenesis in vivo.

Danielson KG, Knepper JE, Kittrell FS, Butel JS, Medina D, Durban EM.

In Vitro Cell Dev Biol. 1989 Jun;25(6):535-43.


Enhancement of tumorigenicity with morphological progression in a BALB/c preneoplastic outgrowth line.

Medina D, Kittrell FS.

J Natl Cancer Inst. 1987 Sep;79(3):569-76.


Properties of mouse mammary epithelial cell lines characterized by in vivo transplantation and in vitro immunocytochemical methods.

Medina D, Oborn CJ, Kittrell FS, Ullrich RL.

J Natl Cancer Inst. 1986 Jun;76(6):1143-56.


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