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The prehospital quick SOFA score is associated with in-hospital mortality in noninfected patients: A retrospective, cross-sectional study.

Kitahara O, Nishiyama K, Yamamoto B, Inoue S, Inokuchi S.

PLoS One. 2018 Aug 16;13(8):e0202111. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0202111. eCollection 2018.


Anti-angiogenic and anti-tumor effects of TAK-593, a potent and selective inhibitor of vascular endothelial growth factor and platelet-derived growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase.

Awazu Y, Mizutani A, Nagase Y, Tsuchiya S, Nakamura K, Kakoi Y, Kitahara O, Takeuchi T, Yamasaki S, Miyamoto N, Iwata H, Miki H, Imamura S, Hori A.

Cancer Sci. 2013 Apr;104(4):486-94. doi: 10.1111/cas.12101. Epub 2013 Feb 18.


Nucleobindin 1 controls the unfolded protein response by inhibiting ATF6 activation.

Tsukumo Y, Tomida A, Kitahara O, Nakamura Y, Asada S, Mori K, Tsuruo T.

J Biol Chem. 2007 Oct 5;282(40):29264-72. Epub 2007 Aug 8.


A case of takotsubo-shaped hypokinesis of the left ventricle caused by a lightning strike.

Hayashi M, Yamada H, Agatsuma T, Nomura H, Kitahara O.

Int Heart J. 2005 Sep;46(5):933-8.


Combined protein C and protein S deficiency in a family with repetitive thromboembolism and segregated gene mutations.

Hayashida M, Yamada H, Yamazaki S, Nomura H, Yoshimura K, Kitahara O, Momose K, Kubo K, Kurihara M, Hamasaki N.

Intern Med. 2003 Mar;42(3):268-72.


Prediction of chemosensitivity for patients with acute myeloid leukemia, according to expression levels of 28 genes selected by genome-wide complementary DNA microarray analysis.

Okutsu J, Tsunoda T, Kaneta Y, Katagiri T, Kitahara O, Zembutsu H, Yanagawa R, Miyawaki S, Kuriyama K, Kubota N, Kimura Y, Kubo K, Yagasaki F, Higa T, Taguchi H, Tobita T, Akiyama H, Takeshita A, Wang YH, Motoji T, Ohno R, Nakamura Y.

Mol Cancer Ther. 2002 Oct;1(12):1035-42.


Involvement of FKHR-dependent TRADD expression in chemotherapeutic drug-induced apoptosis.

Rokudai S, Fujita N, Kitahara O, Nakamura Y, Tsuruo T.

Mol Cell Biol. 2002 Dec;22(24):8695-708.


An integrated database of chemosensitivity to 55 anticancer drugs and gene expression profiles of 39 human cancer cell lines.

Dan S, Tsunoda T, Kitahara O, Yanagawa R, Zembutsu H, Katagiri T, Yamazaki K, Nakamura Y, Yamori T.

Cancer Res. 2002 Feb 15;62(4):1139-47.


Genome-wide cDNA microarray screening to correlate gene expression profiles with sensitivity of 85 human cancer xenografts to anticancer drugs.

Zembutsu H, Ohnishi Y, Tsunoda T, Furukawa Y, Katagiri T, Ueyama Y, Tamaoki N, Nomura T, Kitahara O, Yanagawa R, Hirata K, Nakamura Y.

Cancer Res. 2002 Jan 15;62(2):518-27.


Genome-wide screening of genes showing altered expression in liver metastases of human colorectal cancers by cDNA microarray.

Yanagawa R, Furukawa Y, Tsunoda T, Kitahara O, Kameyama M, Murata K, Ishikawa O, Nakamura Y.

Neoplasia. 2001 Sep-Oct;3(5):395-401.


Prediction of sensitivity of esophageal tumors to adjuvant chemotherapy by cDNA microarray analysis of gene-expression profiles.

Kihara C, Tsunoda T, Tanaka T, Yamana H, Furukawa Y, Ono K, Kitahara O, Zembutsu H, Yanagawa R, Hirata K, Takagi T, Nakamura Y.

Cancer Res. 2001 Sep 1;61(17):6474-9.


Isolation of a novel human gene, MARKL1, homologous to MARK3 and its involvement in hepatocellular carcinogenesis.

Kato T, Satoh S, Okabe H, Kitahara O, Ono K, Kihara C, Tanaka T, Tsunoda T, Yamaoka Y, Nakamura Y, Furukawa Y.

Neoplasia. 2001 Jan-Feb;3(1):4-9.


Alterations of gene expression during colorectal carcinogenesis revealed by cDNA microarrays after laser-capture microdissection of tumor tissues and normal epithelia.

Kitahara O, Furukawa Y, Tanaka T, Kihara C, Ono K, Yanagawa R, Nita ME, Takagi T, Nakamura Y, Tsunoda T.

Cancer Res. 2001 May 1;61(9):3544-9.


Genome-wide analysis of gene expression in human hepatocellular carcinomas using cDNA microarray: identification of genes involved in viral carcinogenesis and tumor progression.

Okabe H, Satoh S, Kato T, Kitahara O, Yanagawa R, Yamaoka Y, Tsunoda T, Furukawa Y, Nakamura Y.

Cancer Res. 2001 Mar 1;61(5):2129-37.


Conformation of a peptide ligand bound to its G-protein coupled receptor.

Inooka H, Ohtaki T, Kitahara O, Ikegami T, Endo S, Kitada C, Ogi K, Onda H, Fujino M, Shirakawa M.

Nat Struct Biol. 2001 Feb;8(2):161-5.


Identification by cDNA microarray of genes involved in ovarian carcinogenesis.

Ono K, Tanaka T, Tsunoda T, Kitahara O, Kihara C, Okamoto A, Ochiai K, Takagi T, Nakamura Y.

Cancer Res. 2000 Sep 15;60(18):5007-11.


Excessive fibrinolysis in suspected amyloidosis: demonstration of plasmin-alpha 2-plasmin inhibitor complex and von Willebrand factor fragment in plasma.

Takahashi H, Koike T, Yoshida N, Kitahara O, Hanano M, Shibata A, Aoki N.

Am J Hematol. 1986 Oct;23(2):153-66.


Familial bilateral pheochromocytoma with medullary carcinoma of the thyroid. The second kindred of familial pheochromocytoma in Japan.

Sato T, Seino M, Kitahara O, Ono I, Miura Y.

Jpn Heart J. 1971 Jul;12(4):405-13. No abstract available.


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