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Does Disclosure About the Common Factors Affect Laypersons' Opinions About How Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy Works?

Blease CR, Kelley JM.

Front Psychol. 2018 Dec 21;9:2635. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2018.02635. eCollection 2018.


Lumping and Splitting: Toward a Taxonomy of Placebo and Related Effects.

Kelley JM.

Int Rev Neurobiol. 2018;139:29-48. doi: 10.1016/bs.irn.2018.07.011. Epub 2018 Aug 2. Review.


Implications of Placebo and Nocebo Effects for Clinical Practice: Expert Consensus.

Evers AWM, Colloca L, Blease C, Annoni M, Atlas LY, Benedetti F, Bingel U, Büchel C, Carvalho C, Colagiuri B, Crum AJ, Enck P, Gaab J, Geers AL, Howick J, Jensen KB, Kirsch I, Meissner K, Napadow V, Peerdeman KJ, Raz A, Rief W, Vase L, Wager TD, Wampold BE, Weimer K, Wiech K, Kaptchuk TJ, Klinger R, Kelley JM.

Psychother Psychosom. 2018;87(4):204-210. doi: 10.1159/000490354. Epub 2018 Jun 12.


A role for the CXCR4-CXCL12 axis in the little skate, Leucoraja erinacea.

Hersh TA, Dimond AL, Ruth BA, Lupica NV, Bruce JC, Kelley JM, King BL, Lutton BV.

Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol. 2018 Aug 1;315(2):R218-R229. doi: 10.1152/ajpregu.00322.2017. Epub 2018 Apr 11.


Topical Clonazepam Solution for the Management of Burning Mouth Syndrome: A Retrospective Study.

Kuten-Shorrer M, Treister NS, Stock S, Kelley JM, Ji YD, Woo SB, Lerman MA, Palmason S, Sonis ST, Villa A.

J Oral Facial Pain Headache. 2017 Summer;31(3):257-263. doi: 10.11607/ofph.1754.


False-positive HIV nucleic acid amplification testing during CAR T-cell therapy.

Ariza-Heredia EJ, Granwehr BP, Viola GM, Bhatti M, Kelley JM, Kochenderfer J, Hosing C.

Diagn Microbiol Infect Dis. 2017 Aug;88(4):305-307. doi: 10.1016/j.diagmicrobio.2017.05.016. Epub 2017 Jun 3.


Safety and tolerability of topical clonazepam solution for management of oral dysesthesia.

Kuten-Shorrer M, Treister NS, Stock S, Kelley JM, Ji YD, Woo SB, Lerman MA, Palmason S, Sonis ST, Villa A.

Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol Oral Radiol. 2017 Aug;124(2):146-151. doi: 10.1016/j.oooo.2017.05.470. Epub 2017 May 11.


Open-label versus double-blind placebo treatment in irritable bowel syndrome: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial.

Ballou S, Kaptchuk TJ, Hirsch W, Nee J, Iturrino J, Hall KT, Kelley JM, Cheng V, Kirsch I, Jacobson E, Conboy L, Lembo A, Davis RB.

Trials. 2017 May 25;18(1):234. doi: 10.1186/s13063-017-1964-x.


Empathic nonverbal behavior increases ratings of both warmth and competence in a medical context.

Kraft-Todd GT, Reinero DA, Kelley JM, Heberlein AS, Baer L, Riess H.

PLoS One. 2017 May 15;12(5):e0177758. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0177758. eCollection 2017.


Effects of placebos without deception compared with no treatment: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

Charlesworth JEG, Petkovic G, Kelley JM, Hunter M, Onakpoya I, Roberts N, Miller FG, Howick J.

J Evid Based Med. 2017 May;10(2):97-107. doi: 10.1111/jebm.12251. Review.


Evidence-Based Practice and Psychological Treatments: The Imperatives of Informed Consent.

Blease CR, Lilienfeld SO, Kelley JM.

Front Psychol. 2016 Aug 10;7:1170. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2016.01170. eCollection 2016. No abstract available.


Current Threat of Triclabendazole Resistance in Fasciola hepatica.

Kelley JM, Elliott TP, Beddoe T, Anderson G, Skuce P, Spithill TW.

Trends Parasitol. 2016 Jun;32(6):458-469. doi: 10.1016/ Epub 2016 Apr 2. Review.


Placebo effect of medication cost in Parkinson disease: a randomized double-blind study.

Kelley JM.

Neurology. 2015 Aug 25;85(8):742-3. No abstract available.


High prevalence of fasciolosis and evaluation of drug efficacy against Fasciola hepatica in dairy cattle in the Maffra and Bairnsdale districts of Gippsland, Victoria, Australia.

Elliott TP, Kelley JM, Rawlin G, Spithill TW.

Vet Parasitol. 2015 Apr 15;209(1-2):117-24. doi: 10.1016/j.vetpar.2015.02.014. Epub 2015 Feb 23.


Conscientiousness is modified by genetic variation in catechol-O-methyltransferase to reduce symptom complaints in IBS patients.

Hall KT, Tolkin BR, Chinn GM, Kirsch I, Kelley JM, Lembo AJ, Kaptchuk TJ, Kokkotou E, Davis RB, Conboy LA.

Brain Behav. 2015 Jan;5(1):39-44. doi: 10.1002/brb3.294. Epub 2014 Nov 13.


Expectancy-induced placebo analgesia in children and the role of magical thinking.

Krummenacher P, Kossowsky J, Schwarz C, Brugger P, Kelley JM, Meyer A, Gaab J.

J Pain. 2014 Dec;15(12):1282-93. doi: 10.1016/j.jpain.2014.09.005. Epub 2014 Sep 23.


I am a critical care nurse.

Kelley JM.

Crit Care Nurse. 2014 Jun;34(3):92. doi: 10.4037/ccn2014837. No abstract available.


The influence of the patient-clinician relationship on healthcare outcomes: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.

Kelley JM, Kraft-Todd G, Schapira L, Kossowsky J, Riess H.

PLoS One. 2014 Apr 9;9(4):e94207. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0094207. eCollection 2014. Review. Erratum in: PLoS One. 2014;9(6):e101191.


Genome-wide transcriptional sequencing identifies novel mutations in metabolic genes in human hepatocellular carcinoma.

Meerzaman DM, Yan C, Chen QR, Edmonson MN, Schaefer CF, Clifford RJ, Dunn BK, Dong L, Finney RP, Cultraro CM, Hu Y, Yang Z, Nguyen CV, Kelley JM, Cai S, Zhang H, Zhang J, Wilson R, Messmer L, Chung YH, Kim JA, Park NH, Lyu MS, Song IH, Komatsoulis G, Buetow KH.

Cancer Genomics Proteomics. 2014 Jan-Feb;11(1):1-12.


Altered placebo and drug labeling changes the outcome of episodic migraine attacks.

Kam-Hansen S, Jakubowski M, Kelley JM, Kirsch I, Hoaglin DC, Kaptchuk TJ, Burstein R.

Sci Transl Med. 2014 Jan 8;6(218):218ra5. doi: 10.1126/scitranslmed.3006175.


Placebo effect in burning mouth syndrome: a systematic review.

Kuten-Shorrer M, Kelley JM, Sonis ST, Treister NS.

Oral Dis. 2014 Apr;20(3):e1-6. doi: 10.1111/odi.12192. Epub 2013 Oct 25. Review.


Proteolytic autodigestion: common tissue pathology in Shwachman-Diamond syndrome?

Kelley JM, Tulpule A, Daley GQ.

Cell Cycle. 2013;12(22):3457-8. doi: 10.4161/cc.26698. Epub 2013 Oct 8. No abstract available.


Hematopoietic defects and iPSC disease modeling: lessons learned.

Kelley JM, Daley GQ.

Immunol Lett. 2013 Sep-Oct;155(1-2):18-20. doi: 10.1016/j.imlet.2013.09.018. Epub 2013 Sep 25.


Pluripotent stem cell models of Shwachman-Diamond syndrome reveal a common mechanism for pancreatic and hematopoietic dysfunction.

Tulpule A, Kelley JM, Lensch MW, McPherson J, Park IH, Hartung O, Nakamura T, Schlaeger TM, Shimamura A, Daley GQ.

Cell Stem Cell. 2013 Jun 6;12(6):727-36. doi: 10.1016/j.stem.2013.04.002. Epub 2013 Apr 18.


Blind dates and mate preferences: an analysis of newspaper matchmaking columns.

Kelley JM, Malouf RA.

Evol Psychol. 2013 Jan 2;11(1):1-8.


Catechol-O-methyltransferase val158met polymorphism predicts placebo effect in irritable bowel syndrome.

Hall KT, Lembo AJ, Kirsch I, Ziogas DC, Douaiher J, Jensen KB, Conboy LA, Kelley JM, Kokkotou E, Kaptchuk TJ.

PLoS One. 2012;7(10):e48135. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0048135. Epub 2012 Oct 23.


Open-label placebo for major depressive disorder: a pilot randomized controlled trial.

Kelley JM, Kaptchuk TJ, Cusin C, Lipkin S, Fava M.

Psychother Psychosom. 2012;81(5):312-4. Epub 2012 Aug 1. No abstract available.


Life sciences domain analysis model.

Freimuth RR, Freund ET, Schick L, Sharma MK, Stafford GA, Suzek BE, Hernandez J, Hipp J, Kelley JM, Rokicki K, Pan S, Buckler A, Stokes TH, Fernandez A, Fore I, Buetow KH, Klemm JD.

J Am Med Inform Assoc. 2012 Nov-Dec;19(6):1095-102. doi: 10.1136/amiajnl-2011-000763. Epub 2012 Jun 28.


Method comparison of a 25-hydroxy vitamin D enzyme immunoassay to liquid chromatography tandem mass spectroscopy.

Kelley JM, Melanson SE, Snyder ML, Cremers S, Jarolim P.

Clin Chem Lab Med. 2012 Jan 31;50(6):1137-8. doi: 10.1515/cclm-2011-0703. No abstract available.


Cookie lover's crash.

Kelley JM, Watkins J, Jarolim P.

Clin Chem. 2012 Jun;58(6):1067-7. doi: 10.1373/clinchem.2011.180091. No abstract available.


Bacillus cereus septicemia attributed to a matched unrelated bone marrow transplant.

Kelley JM, Onderdonk AB, Kao G.

Transfusion. 2013 Feb;53(2):394-7. doi: 10.1111/j.1537-2995.2012.03723.x. Epub 2012 May 25.


Empathy training for resident physicians: a randomized controlled trial of a neuroscience-informed curriculum.

Riess H, Kelley JM, Bailey RW, Dunn EJ, Phillips M.

J Gen Intern Med. 2012 Oct;27(10):1280-6. Epub 2012 May 2.


Atomic-level insights into metabolite recognition and specificity of the SAM-II riboswitch.

Doshi U, Kelley JM, Hamelberg D.

RNA. 2012 Feb;18(2):300-7. doi: 10.1261/rna.028779.111. Epub 2011 Dec 22.


IgA and IgG antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody engagement of Fc receptor genetic variants influences granulomatosis with polyangiitis.

Kelley JM, Monach PA, Ji C, Zhou Y, Wu J, Tanaka S, Mahr AD, Johnson S, McAlear C, Cuthbertson D, Carette S, Davis JC Jr, Dellaripa PF, Hoffman GS, Khalidi N, Langford CA, Seo P, St Clair EW, Specks U, Stone JH, Spiera RF, Ytterberg SR, Merkel PA, Edberg JC, Kimberly RP.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2011 Dec 20;108(51):20736-41. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1109227109. Epub 2011 Dec 6.


Active albuterol or placebo, sham acupuncture, or no intervention in asthma.

Wechsler ME, Kelley JM, Boyd IO, Dutile S, Marigowda G, Kirsch I, Israel E, Kaptchuk TJ.

N Engl J Med. 2011 Jul 14;365(2):119-26. doi: 10.1056/NEJMoa1103319.


Improving empathy and relational skills in otolaryngology residents: a pilot study.

Riess H, Kelley JM, Bailey R, Konowitz PM, Gray ST.

Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 2011 Jan;144(1):120-2. doi: 10.1177/0194599810390897.


Placebo acupuncture as a form of ritual touch healing: a neurophenomenological model.

Kerr CE, Shaw JR, Conboy LA, Kelley JM, Jacobson E, Kaptchuk TJ.

Conscious Cogn. 2011 Sep;20(3):784-91. doi: 10.1016/j.concog.2010.12.009. Epub 2011 Mar 11.


The role of the couch in psychoanalysis: proposed research designs and some preliminary data.

Lable I, Kelley JM, Ackerman J, Levy R, Waldron S Jr, Ablon JS.

J Am Psychoanal Assoc. 2010 Oct;58(5):861-87. doi: 10.1177/0003065110390210.


Placebos without deception: a randomized controlled trial in irritable bowel syndrome.

Kaptchuk TJ, Friedlander E, Kelley JM, Sanchez MN, Kokkotou E, Singer JP, Kowalczykowski M, Miller FG, Kirsch I, Lembo AJ.

PLoS One. 2010 Dec 22;5(12):e15591. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0015591.


Novel pathway analysis of genomic polymorphism-cancer risk interaction in the Breast Cancer Prevention Trial.

Dunn BK, Greene MH, Kelley JM, Costantino JP, Clifford RJ, Hu Y, Tang G, Kazerouni N, Rosenberg PS, Meerzaman DM, Buetow KH.

Int J Mol Epidemiol Genet. 2010;1(4):332-49. Epub 2010 Sep 5.


Most common single-nucleotide polymorphisms associated with rheumatoid arthritis in persons of European ancestry confer risk of rheumatoid arthritis in African Americans.

Hughes LB, Reynolds RJ, Brown EE, Kelley JM, Thomson B, Conn DL, Jonas BL, Westfall AO, Padilla MA, Callahan LF, Smith EA, Brasington RD, Edberg JC, Kimberly RP, Moreland LW, Plenge RM, Bridges SL Jr.

Arthritis Rheum. 2010 Dec;62(12):3547-53. doi: 10.1002/art.27732.


Genetic variations at loci involved in the immune response are risk factors for hepatocellular carcinoma.

Clifford RJ, Zhang J, Meerzaman DM, Lyu MS, Hu Y, Cultraro CM, Finney RP, Kelley JM, Efroni S, Greenblum SI, Nguyen CV, Rowe WL, Sharma S, Wu G, Yan C, Zhang H, Chung YH, Kim JA, Park NH, Song IH, Buetow KH.

Hepatology. 2010 Dec;52(6):2034-43. doi: 10.1002/hep.23943.


Early palliative care for lung cancer: improving quality of life and increasing survival.

Dahlin CM, Kelley JM, Jackson VA, Temel JS.

Int J Palliat Nurs. 2010 Sep;16(9):420-3. No abstract available.


Group analysis versus individual response: the inferential limits of randomized controlled trials.

Kelley JM, Kaptchuk TJ.

Contemp Clin Trials. 2010 Sep;31(5):423-8. doi: 10.1016/j.cct.2010.07.003. Epub 2010 Jul 16.


Association of IL4R single-nucleotide polymorphisms with rheumatoid nodules in African Americans with rheumatoid arthritis.

Burgos PI, Causey ZL, Tamhane A, Kelley JM, Brown EE, Hughes LB, Danila MI, van Everdingen A, Conn DL, Jonas BL, Callahan LF, Smith EA, Brasington RD Jr, Moreland LW, van der Heijde DM, Alarcón GS, Bridges SL Jr.

Arthritis Res Ther. 2010;12(3):R75. doi: 10.1186/ar2994. Epub 2010 May 5.


Meta-analysis: the effects of placebo treatment on gastro-oesophageal reflux disease.

Cremonini F, Ziogas DC, Chang HY, Kokkotou E, Kelley JM, Conboy L, Kaptchuk TJ, Lembo AJ.

Aliment Pharmacol Ther. 2010 Jul;32(1):29-42. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2036.2010.04315.x. Epub 2010 Mar 26.


Genetic variants of STAT4 associated with rheumatoid arthritis in persons of Asian and European ancestry do not replicate in African Americans.

Kelley JM, Hughes LB, Malik A, Danila MI, Edberg Y, Alarcón GS, Conn DL, Jonas BL, Callahan LF, Smith EA, Brasington RD, Edberg JC, Kimberly RP, Moreland LW, Bridges SL.

Ann Rheum Dis. 2010 Apr;69(4):625-6. doi: 10.1136/ard.2009.113183. No abstract available.


Pathways: Strategies for susceptibility genes in SLE.

Kelley JM, Edberg JC, Kimberly RP.

Autoimmun Rev. 2010 May;9(7):473-6. doi: 10.1016/j.autrev.2010.02.003. Epub 2010 Feb 8. Review.


Serum correlates of the placebo effect in irritable bowel syndrome.

Kokkotou E, Conboy LA, Ziogas DC, Quilty MT, Kelley JM, Davis RB, Lembo AJ, Kaptchuk TJ.

Neurogastroenterol Motil. 2010 Mar;22(3):285-e81. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2982.2009.01440.x. Epub 2009 Dec 22.


Retraction: an African ancestry-specific allele of CTLA4 confers protection against rheumatoid arthritis in African Americans.

Kelley JM, Hughes LB, Faggard JD, Danila MI, Crawford MH, Edberg Y, Padilla MA, Tiwari HK, Westfall AO, Alarcón GS, Conn DL, Jonas BL, Callahan LF, Smith EA, Brasington RD Jr, Allison DB Jr, Kimberly RP, Moreland LW, Edberg JC, Bridges SL Jr.

PLoS Genet. 2009 Dec;5(12). doi: 10.1371/annotation/80bd7285-9d2d-403a-8e6f-9c375bf977ca. Epub 2009 Dec 1. No abstract available.

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