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The RNA-binding protein QKI controls alternative splicing in vascular cells, producing an effective model for therapy.

Caines R, Cochrane A, Kelaini S, Vila-Gonzalez M, Yang C, Eleftheriadou M, Moez A, Stitt AW, Zeng L, Grieve DJ, Margariti A.

J Cell Sci. 2019 Aug 15;132(16). pii: jcs230276. doi: 10.1242/jcs.230276.


Enhanced Function of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Endothelial Cells Through ESM1 Signaling.

Vilà-González M, Kelaini S, Magee C, Caines R, Campbell D, Eleftheriadou M, Cochrane A, Drehmer D, Tsifaki M, O'Neill K, Pedrini E, Yang C, Medina R, McDonald D, Simpson D, Zampetaki A, Zeng L, Grieve D, Lois N, Stitt AW, Margariti A.

Stem Cells. 2019 Feb;37(2):226-239. doi: 10.1002/stem.2936. Epub 2018 Nov 17.


RBPs Play Important Roles in Vascular Endothelial Dysfunction Under Diabetic Conditions.

Yang C, Kelaini S, Caines R, Margariti A.

Front Physiol. 2018 Sep 20;9:1310. doi: 10.3389/fphys.2018.01310. eCollection 2018. Review.


Constitutively active SMAD2/3 facilitates efficient transcription factor-mediated cell conversion.

Kelaini S, Margariti A.

Stem Cell Investig. 2018 Aug 22;5:25. doi: 10.21037/sci.2018.08.03. eCollection 2018. No abstract available.


Regenerating the Cardiovascular System Through Cell Reprogramming; Current Approaches and a Look Into the Future.

Tsifaki M, Kelaini S, Caines R, Yang C, Margariti A.

Front Cardiovasc Med. 2018 Aug 20;5:109. doi: 10.3389/fcvm.2018.00109. eCollection 2018. Review.


Follistatin-Like 3 Enhances the Function of Endothelial Cells Derived from Pluripotent Stem Cells by Facilitating β-Catenin Nuclear Translocation Through Inhibition of Glycogen Synthase Kinase-3β Activity.

Kelaini S, Vilà-González M, Caines R, Campbell D, Eleftheriadou M, Tsifaki M, Magee C, Cochrane A, O'neill K, Yang C, Stitt AW, Zeng L, Grieve DJ, Margariti A.

Stem Cells. 2018 Jul;36(7):1033-1044. doi: 10.1002/stem.2820. Epub 2018 Apr 10.


Quaking Is a Key Regulator of Endothelial Cell Differentiation, Neovascularization, and Angiogenesis.

Cochrane A, Kelaini S, Tsifaki M, Bojdo J, Vilà-González M, Drehmer D, Caines R, Magee C, Eleftheriadou M, Hu Y, Grieve D, Stitt AW, Zeng L, Xu Q, Margariti A.

Stem Cells. 2017 Apr;35(4):952-966. doi: 10.1002/stem.2594. Epub 2017 Mar 5. Erratum in: Stem Cells. 2017 Jun;35(6):1654.


MicroRNA-199b Modulates Vascular Cell Fate During iPS Cell Differentiation by Targeting the Notch Ligand Jagged1 and Enhancing VEGF Signaling.

Chen T, Margariti A, Kelaini S, Cochrane A, Guha ST, Hu Y, Stitt AW, Zhang L, Xu Q.

Stem Cells. 2015 May;33(5):1405-18. doi: 10.1002/stem.1930.


Direct reprogramming of adult cells: avoiding the pluripotent state.

Kelaini S, Cochrane A, Margariti A.

Stem Cells Cloning. 2014 Feb 15;7:19-29. doi: 10.2147/SCCAA.S38006. eCollection 2014. Review.

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