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Influences of Ingredients and Bakers on the Bacteria and Fungi in Sourdough Starters and Bread.

Reese AT, Madden AA, Joossens M, Lacaze G, Dunn RR.

mSphere. 2020 Jan 15;5(1). pii: e00950-19. doi: 10.1128/mSphere.00950-19.


Assessment of microbial communities on freshly killed wild boar meat by MALDI-TOF MS and 16S rRNA amplicon sequencing.

Peruzy MF, Murru N, Yu Z, Kerkhof PJ, Neola B, Joossens M, Proroga YTR, Houf K.

Int J Food Microbiol. 2019 Jul 16;301:51-60. doi: 10.1016/j.ijfoodmicro.2019.05.005. Epub 2019 May 9.


Assessment of food microbiological indicators applied on poultry carcasses by culture combined MALDI-TOF MS identification and 16S rRNA amplicon sequencing.

Yu Z, Peruzy MF, Dumolin C, Joossens M, Houf K.

Food Microbiol. 2019 Sep;82:53-61. doi: 10.1016/ Epub 2019 Jan 30.


The neuroactive potential of the human gut microbiota in quality of life and depression.

Valles-Colomer M, Falony G, Darzi Y, Tigchelaar EF, Wang J, Tito RY, Schiweck C, Kurilshikov A, Joossens M, Wijmenga C, Claes S, Van Oudenhove L, Zhernakova A, Vieira-Silva S, Raes J.

Nat Microbiol. 2019 Apr;4(4):623-632. doi: 10.1038/s41564-018-0337-x. Epub 2019 Feb 4.


Gut microbiota dynamics and uraemic toxins: one size does not fit all.

Joossens M, Faust K, Gryp T, Nguyen ATL, Wang J, Eloot S, Schepers E, Dhondt A, Pletinck A, Vieira-Silva S, Falony G, Vaneechoutte M, Vanholder R, Van Biesen W, Huys GRB, Raes J, Glorieux G.

Gut. 2019 Dec;68(12):2257-2260. doi: 10.1136/gutjnl-2018-317561. Epub 2018 Nov 21. No abstract available.


Determination of the microbiological contamination in minced pork by culture dependent and 16S amplicon sequencing analysis.

Peruzy MF, Murru N, Yu Z, Cnockaert M, Joossens M, Proroga YTR, Houf K.

Int J Food Microbiol. 2019 Feb 2;290:27-35. doi: 10.1016/j.ijfoodmicro.2018.09.025. Epub 2018 Oct 2.


Lactococci dominate the bacterial communities of fermented maize, sorghum and millet slurries in Zimbabwe.

Gabaza M, Joossens M, Cnockaert M, Muchuweti M, Raes K, Vandamme P.

Int J Food Microbiol. 2019 Jan 16;289:77-87. doi: 10.1016/j.ijfoodmicro.2018.09.001. Epub 2018 Sep 3.


Population-level analysis of Blastocystis subtype prevalence and variation in the human gut microbiota.

Tito RY, Chaffron S, Caenepeel C, Lima-Mendez G, Wang J, Vieira-Silva S, Falony G, Hildebrand F, Darzi Y, Rymenans L, Verspecht C, Bork P, Vermeire S, Joossens M, Raes J.

Gut. 2019 Jul;68(7):1180-1189. doi: 10.1136/gutjnl-2018-316106. Epub 2018 Aug 31.


Low eukaryotic viral richness is associated with faecal microbiota transplantation success in patients with UC.

Conceição-Neto N, Deboutte W, Dierckx T, Machiels K, Wang J, Yinda KC, Maes P, Van Ranst M, Joossens M, Raes J, Vermeire S, Matthijnssens J.

Gut. 2018 Aug;67(8):1558-1559. doi: 10.1136/gutjnl-2017-315281. Epub 2017 Oct 24. No abstract available.


The Probiotic Butyricicoccus pullicaecorum Reduces Feed Conversion and Protects from Potentially Harmful Intestinal Microorganisms and Necrotic Enteritis in Broilers.

Eeckhaut V, Wang J, Van Parys A, Haesebrouck F, Joossens M, Falony G, Raes J, Ducatelle R, Van Immerseel F.

Front Microbiol. 2016 Sep 21;7:1416. eCollection 2016.


Assessment of faecal microbial transfer in irritable bowel syndrome with severe bloating.

Holvoet T, Joossens M, Wang J, Boelens J, Verhasselt B, Laukens D, van Vlierberghe H, Hindryckx P, De Vos M, De Looze D, Raes J.

Gut. 2017 May;66(5):980-982. doi: 10.1136/gutjnl-2016-312513. Epub 2016 Aug 10. No abstract available.


Brief Report: Dialister as a Microbial Marker of Disease Activity in Spondyloarthritis.

Tito RY, Cypers H, Joossens M, Varkas G, Van Praet L, Glorieus E, Van den Bosch F, De Vos M, Raes J, Elewaut D.

Arthritis Rheumatol. 2017 Jan;69(1):114-121. doi: 10.1002/art.39802. Epub 2016 Dec 1.


Primary sclerosing cholangitis is characterised by intestinal dysbiosis independent from IBD.

Sabino J, Vieira-Silva S, Machiels K, Joossens M, Falony G, Ballet V, Ferrante M, Van Assche G, Van der Merwe S, Vermeire S, Raes J.

Gut. 2016 Oct;65(10):1681-9. doi: 10.1136/gutjnl-2015-311004. Epub 2016 May 20.


Population-based metagenomics analysis reveals markers for gut microbiome composition and diversity.

Zhernakova A, Kurilshikov A, Bonder MJ, Tigchelaar EF, Schirmer M, Vatanen T, Mujagic Z, Vila AV, Falony G, Vieira-Silva S, Wang J, Imhann F, Brandsma E, Jankipersadsing SA, Joossens M, Cenit MC, Deelen P, Swertz MA; LifeLines cohort study, Weersma RK, Feskens EJ, Netea MG, Gevers D, Jonkers D, Franke L, Aulchenko YS, Huttenhower C, Raes J, Hofker MH, Xavier RJ, Wijmenga C, Fu J.

Science. 2016 Apr 29;352(6285):565-9. doi: 10.1126/science.aad3369. Epub 2016 Apr 28.


Population-level analysis of gut microbiome variation.

Falony G, Joossens M, Vieira-Silva S, Wang J, Darzi Y, Faust K, Kurilshikov A, Bonder MJ, Valles-Colomer M, Vandeputte D, Tito RY, Chaffron S, Rymenans L, Verspecht C, De Sutter L, Lima-Mendez G, D'hoe K, Jonckheere K, Homola D, Garcia R, Tigchelaar EF, Eeckhaudt L, Fu J, Henckaerts L, Zhernakova A, Wijmenga C, Raes J.

Science. 2016 Apr 29;352(6285):560-4. doi: 10.1126/science.aad3503. Epub 2016 Apr 28.


Concordance in Anti-OmpC and Anti-I2 Indicate the Influence of Genetic Predisposition: Results of a European Study of Twins with Crohn's Disease.

Amcoff K, Joossens M, Pierik MJ, Jonkers D, Bohr J, Joossens S, Romberg-Camps M, Nyhlin N, Wickbom A, Rutgeerts PJ, Tysk C, Bodin L, Colombel JF, Vermeire S, Halfvarson J.

J Crohns Colitis. 2016 Jun;10(6):695-702. doi: 10.1093/ecco-jcc/jjw021. Epub 2016 Jan 27.


Meta-omics in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Research: Applications, Challenges, and Guidelines.

Valles-Colomer M, Darzi Y, Vieira-Silva S, Falony G, Raes J, Joossens M.

J Crohns Colitis. 2016 Jun;10(6):735-46. doi: 10.1093/ecco-jcc/jjw024. Epub 2016 Jan 22. Review.


Donor Species Richness Determines Faecal Microbiota Transplantation Success in Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Vermeire S, Joossens M, Verbeke K, Wang J, Machiels K, Sabino J, Ferrante M, Van Assche G, Rutgeerts P, Raes J.

J Crohns Colitis. 2016 Apr;10(4):387-94. doi: 10.1093/ecco-jcc/jjv203. Epub 2015 Oct 29.


Specific members of the predominant gut microbiota predict pouchitis following colectomy and IPAA in UC.

Machiels K, Sabino J, Vandermosten L, Joossens M, Arijs I, de Bruyn M, Eeckhaut V, Van Assche G, Ferrante M, Verhaegen J, Van Steen K, Van Immerseel F, Huys G, Verbeke K, Wolthuis A, de Buck Van Overstraeten A, D'Hoore A, Rutgeerts P, Vermeire S.

Gut. 2017 Jan;66(1):79-88. doi: 10.1136/gutjnl-2015-309398. Epub 2015 Sep 30.


Stool consistency is strongly associated with gut microbiota richness and composition, enterotypes and bacterial growth rates.

Vandeputte D, Falony G, Vieira-Silva S, Tito RY, Joossens M, Raes J.

Gut. 2016 Jan;65(1):57-62. doi: 10.1136/gutjnl-2015-309618. Epub 2015 Jun 11.


Faecal metabolite profiling identifies medium-chain fatty acids as discriminating compounds in IBD.

De Preter V, Machiels K, Joossens M, Arijs I, Matthys C, Vermeire S, Rutgeerts P, Verbeke K.

Gut. 2015 Mar;64(3):447-58. doi: 10.1136/gutjnl-2013-306423. Epub 2014 May 8.


A decrease of the butyrate-producing species Roseburia hominis and Faecalibacterium prausnitzii defines dysbiosis in patients with ulcerative colitis.

Machiels K, Joossens M, Sabino J, De Preter V, Arijs I, Eeckhaut V, Ballet V, Claes K, Van Immerseel F, Verbeke K, Ferrante M, Verhaegen J, Rutgeerts P, Vermeire S.

Gut. 2014 Aug;63(8):1275-83. doi: 10.1136/gutjnl-2013-304833. Epub 2013 Sep 10.


Metabolic profiling of the impact of oligofructose-enriched inulin in Crohn's disease patients: a double-blinded randomized controlled trial.

De Preter V, Joossens M, Ballet V, Shkedy Z, Rutgeerts P, Vermeire S, Verbeke Phd K.

Clin Transl Gastroenterol. 2013 Jan 10;4:e30. doi: 10.1038/ctg.2012.24.


A metagenomic insight into our gut's microbiome.

Lepage P, Leclerc MC, Joossens M, Mondot S, Blottière HM, Raes J, Ehrlich D, Doré J.

Gut. 2013 Jan;62(1):146-58. doi: 10.1136/gutjnl-2011-301805. Epub 2012 Apr 23. Review.


Assessment of the microbiota in microdissected tissues of Crohn's disease patients.

De Hertogh G, Lemmens B, Verhasselt P, de Hoogt R, Sagaert X, Joossens M, Van Assche G, Rutgeerts P, Vermeire S, Aerssens J.

Int J Inflam. 2012;2012:505674. doi: 10.1155/2012/505674. Epub 2011 Dec 7.


Effect of oligofructose-enriched inulin (OF-IN) on bacterial composition and disease activity of patients with Crohn's disease: results from a double-blinded randomised controlled trial.

Joossens M, De Preter V, Ballet V, Verbeke K, Rutgeerts P, Vermeire S.

Gut. 2012 Jun;61(6):958. doi: 10.1136/gutjnl-2011-300413. Epub 2011 Jul 11. No abstract available.


Dysbiosis of the faecal microbiota in patients with Crohn's disease and their unaffected relatives.

Joossens M, Huys G, Cnockaert M, De Preter V, Verbeke K, Rutgeerts P, Vandamme P, Vermeire S.

Gut. 2011 May;60(5):631-7. doi: 10.1136/gut.2010.223263. Epub 2011 Jan 5.


High-throughput method for comparative analysis of denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis profiles from human fecal samples reveals significant increases in two bifidobacterial species after inulin-type prebiotic intake.

Joossens M, Huys G, Van Steen K, Cnockaert M, Vermeire S, Rutgeerts P, Verbeke K, Vandamme P, De Preter V.

FEMS Microbiol Ecol. 2011 Feb;75(2):343-9. doi: 10.1111/j.1574-6941.2010.01008.x. Epub 2010 Dec 6.


Familial aggregation and antimicrobial response dose-dependently affect the risk for Crohn's disease.

Joossens M, Van Steen K, Branche J, Sendid B, Rutgeerts P, Vasseur F, Poulain D, Broly F, Colombel JF, Vermeire S, Chamaillard M.

Inflamm Bowel Dis. 2010 Jan;16(1):58-67. doi: 10.1002/ibd.20985.


Candida albicans colonization and ASCA in familial Crohn's disease.

Standaert-Vitse A, Sendid B, Joossens M, François N, Vandewalle-El Khoury P, Branche J, Van Kruiningen H, Jouault T, Rutgeerts P, Gower-Rousseau C, Libersa C, Neut C, Broly F, Chamaillard M, Vermeire S, Poulain D, Colombel JF.

Am J Gastroenterol. 2009 Jul;104(7):1745-53. doi: 10.1038/ajg.2009.225. Epub 2009 May 26.


Clustering of (auto)immune diseases with early-onset and complicated inflammatory bowel disease.

Bueno de Mesquita M, Ferrante M, Henckaerts L, Joossens M, Janssens V, Hlavaty T, Pierik M, Joossens S, Van Schuerbeek N, Van Assche G, Rutgeerts P, Vermeire S, Hoffman I.

Eur J Pediatr. 2009 May;168(5):575-83. doi: 10.1007/s00431-008-0798-7. Epub 2008 Aug 1.


Coamplification of eukaryotic DNA with 16S rRNA gene-based PCR primers: possible consequences for population fingerprinting of complex microbial communities.

Huys G, Vanhoutte T, Joossens M, Mahious AS, De Brandt E, Vermeire S, Swings J.

Curr Microbiol. 2008 Jun;56(6):553-7. doi: 10.1007/s00284-008-9122-z. Epub 2008 Feb 27.


Cluster of Crohn's disease in Herny, France, including 2 cases from a common residence.

Van Kruiningen HJ, Joossens M, Colombel JF.

Inflamm Bowel Dis. 2007 Nov;13(11):1454-5. No abstract available.


Mutations in pattern recognition receptor genes modulate seroreactivity to microbial antigens in patients with inflammatory bowel disease.

Henckaerts L, Pierik M, Joossens M, Ferrante M, Rutgeerts P, Vermeire S.

Gut. 2007 Nov;56(11):1536-42. Epub 2007 Jun 26.


Familial Crohn's disease in Belgium: pedigrees, temporal relationships among cases, and family histories.

Van Kruiningen HJ, Joossens M, Vermeire S, Joossens S, Debeugny S, Gower-Rousseau C, Cortot A, Colombel JF, Rutgeerts P, Vlietinck R.

J Clin Gastroenterol. 2007 Jul;41(6):583-90.


New serological markers in inflammatory bowel disease are associated with complicated disease behaviour.

Ferrante M, Henckaerts L, Joossens M, Pierik M, Joossens S, Dotan N, Norman GL, Altstock RT, Van Steen K, Rutgeerts P, Van Assche G, Vermeire S.

Gut. 2007 Oct;56(10):1394-403. Epub 2007 Apr 24.


Contribution of genetic and environmental factors in the pathogenesis of Crohn's disease in a large family with multiple cases.

Joossens M, Simoens M, Vermeire S, Bossuyt X, Geboes K, Rutgeerts P.

Inflamm Bowel Dis. 2007 May;13(5):580-4.


The role of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) in inflammatory bowel disease.

Ferrante M, Pierik M, Henckaerts L, Joossens M, Claes K, Van Schuerbeek N, Vlietinck R, Rutgeerts P, Van Assche G, Vermeire S.

Inflamm Bowel Dis. 2006 Sep;12(9):870-8.


Crohn's disease and month of birth.

Van Ranst M, Joossens M, Joossens S, Van Steen K, Pierik M, Vermeire S, Rutgeerts P.

Inflamm Bowel Dis. 2005 Jun;11(6):597-9.


Environmental factors in familial Crohn's disease in Belgium.

Van Kruiningen HJ, Joossens M, Vermeire S, Joossens S, Debeugny S, Gower-Rousseau C, Cortot A, Colombel JF, Rutgeerts P, Vlietinck R.

Inflamm Bowel Dis. 2005 Apr;11(4):360-5.


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