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Commentary: Manifold Routes to a Nucleus.

Jogler C, Wiegand S, Devos DP.

Front Microbiol. 2019 May 31;10:1198. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2019.01198. eCollection 2019. No abstract available.


Corrigendum: Fuerstia marisgermanicae gen. nov., sp. nov., an Unusual Member of the Phylum Planctomycetes From the German Wadden Sea.

Kohn T, Heuer A, Jogler M, Vollmers J, Boedeker C, Bunk B, Rast P, Borchert D, Glöckner I, Freese HM, Klenk HP, Overmann J, Kaster AK, Rohde M, Wiegand S, Jogler C.

Front Microbiol. 2019 May 15;10:1029. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2019.01029. eCollection 2019.


On the maverick Planctomycetes.

Wiegand S, Jogler M, Jogler C.

FEMS Microbiol Rev. 2018 Nov 1;42(6):739-760. doi: 10.1093/femsre/fuy029. Review.


Reevaluation of the Complete Genome Sequence of Magnetospirillum gryphiswaldense MSR-1 with Single-Molecule Real-Time Sequencing Data.

Uebe R, Schüler D, Jogler C, Wiegand S.

Genome Announc. 2018 Apr 26;6(17). pii: e00309-18. doi: 10.1128/genomeA.00309-18.


Untangling Genomes of Novel Planctomycetal and Verrucomicrobial Species from Monterey Bay Kelp Forest Metagenomes by Refined Binning.

Vollmers J, Frentrup M, Rast P, Jogler C, Kaster AK.

Front Microbiol. 2017 Mar 29;8:472. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2017.00472. eCollection 2017.


Determining the bacterial cell biology of Planctomycetes.

Boedeker C, Schüler M, Reintjes G, Jeske O, van Teeseling MC, Jogler M, Rast P, Borchert D, Devos DP, Kucklick M, Schaffer M, Kolter R, van Niftrik L, Engelmann S, Amann R, Rohde M, Engelhardt H, Jogler C.

Nat Commun. 2017 Apr 10;8:14853. doi: 10.1038/ncomms14853. Review.


Three Novel Species with Peptidoglycan Cell Walls form the New Genus Lacunisphaera gen. nov. in the Family Opitutaceae of the Verrucomicrobial Subdivision 4.

Rast P, Glöckner I, Boedeker C, Jeske O, Wiegand S, Reinhardt R, Schumann P, Rohde M, Spring S, Glöckner FO, Jogler C, Jogler M.

Front Microbiol. 2017 Feb 13;8:202. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2017.00202. eCollection 2017.


Fuerstia marisgermanicae gen. nov., sp. nov., an Unusual Member of the Phylum Planctomycetes from the German Wadden Sea.

Kohn T, Heuer A, Jogler M, Vollmers J, Boedeker C, Bunk B, Rast P, Borchert D, Glöckner I, Freese HM, Klenk HP, Overmann J, Kaster AK, Rohde M, Wiegand S, Jogler C.

Front Microbiol. 2016 Dec 22;7:2079. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2016.02079. eCollection 2016. Erratum in: Front Microbiol. 2019 May 15;10:1029.


Developing Techniques for the Utilization of Planctomycetes As Producers of Bioactive Molecules.

Jeske O, Surup F, Ketteniß M, Rast P, Förster B, Jogler M, Wink J, Jogler C.

Front Microbiol. 2016 Aug 19;7:1242. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2016.01242. eCollection 2016.


Planctomycetes do possess a peptidoglycan cell wall.

Jeske O, Schüler M, Schumann P, Schneider A, Boedeker C, Jogler M, Bollschweiler D, Rohde M, Mayer C, Engelhardt H, Spring S, Jogler C.

Nat Commun. 2015 May 12;6:7116. doi: 10.1038/ncomms8116.


Plasmid curing and the loss of grip--the 65-kb replicon of Phaeobacter inhibens DSM 17395 is required for biofilm formation, motility and the colonization of marine algae.

Frank O, Michael V, Päuker O, Boedeker C, Jogler C, Rohde M, Petersen J.

Syst Appl Microbiol. 2015 Mar;38(2):120-7. doi: 10.1016/j.syapm.2014.12.001. Epub 2014 Dec 27.


The bacterial 'mitochondrium'.

Jogler C.

Mol Microbiol. 2014 Nov;94(4):751-5. doi: 10.1111/mmi.12814. Epub 2014 Oct 22.


Biosynthesis of magnetic nanostructures in a foreign organism by transfer of bacterial magnetosome gene clusters.

Kolinko I, Lohße A, Borg S, Raschdorf O, Jogler C, Tu Q, Pósfai M, Tompa E, Plitzko JM, Brachmann A, Wanner G, Müller R, Zhang Y, Schüler D.

Nat Nanotechnol. 2014 Mar;9(3):193-7. doi: 10.1038/nnano.2014.13. Epub 2014 Feb 23.


The 1st EMBO workshop on PVC bacteria-Planctomycetes-Verrucomicrobia-Chlamydiae superphylum: exceptions to the bacterial definition?

Devos DP, Jogler C, Fuerst JA.

Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek. 2013 Oct;104(4):443-9. doi: 10.1007/s10482-013-0026-y. Epub 2013 Sep 20.


From genome mining to phenotypic microarrays: Planctomycetes as source for novel bioactive molecules.

Jeske O, Jogler M, Petersen J, Sikorski J, Jogler C.

Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek. 2013 Oct;104(4):551-67. doi: 10.1007/s10482-013-0007-1. Epub 2013 Aug 27.


Comparative genomic analysis of magnetotactic bacteria from the Deltaproteobacteria provides new insights into magnetite and greigite magnetosome genes required for magnetotaxis.

Lefèvre CT, Trubitsyn D, Abreu F, Kolinko S, Jogler C, de Almeida LG, de Vasconcelos AT, Kube M, Reinhardt R, Lins U, Pignol D, Schüler D, Bazylinski DA, Ginet N.

Environ Microbiol. 2013 Oct;15(10):2712-35. doi: 10.1111/1462-2920.12128. Epub 2013 Apr 23.


Identification of proteins likely to be involved in morphogenesis, cell division, and signal transduction in Planctomycetes by comparative genomics.

Jogler C, Waldmann J, Huang X, Jogler M, Glöckner FO, Mascher T, Kolter R.

J Bacteriol. 2012 Dec;194(23):6419-30. doi: 10.1128/JB.01325-12. Epub 2012 Sep 21.


Single-cell analysis reveals a novel uncultivated magnetotactic bacterium within the candidate division OP3.

Kolinko S, Jogler C, Katzmann E, Wanner G, Peplies J, Schüler D.

Environ Microbiol. 2012 Jul;14(7):1709-21. doi: 10.1111/j.1462-2920.2011.02609.x. Epub 2011 Oct 18.


Frequent mutations within the genomic magnetosome island of Magnetospirillum gryphiswaldense are mediated by RecA.

Kolinko I, Jogler C, Katzmann E, Schüler D.

J Bacteriol. 2011 Oct;193(19):5328-34. doi: 10.1128/JB.05491-11. Epub 2011 Aug 5.


Characterization of Planctomyces limnophilus and development of genetic tools for its manipulation establish it as a model species for the phylum Planctomycetes.

Jogler C, Glöckner FO, Kolter R.

Appl Environ Microbiol. 2011 Aug 15;77(16):5826-9. doi: 10.1128/AEM.05132-11. Epub 2011 Jul 1.


Conservation of proteobacterial magnetosome genes and structures in an uncultivated member of the deep-branching Nitrospira phylum.

Jogler C, Wanner G, Kolinko S, Niebler M, Amann R, Petersen N, Kube M, Reinhardt R, Schüler D.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2011 Jan 18;108(3):1134-9. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1012694108. Epub 2010 Dec 29.


Metagenomic analysis reveals unexpected subgenomic diversity of magnetotactic bacteria within the phylum Nitrospirae.

Lin W, Jogler C, Schüler D, Pan Y.

Appl Environ Microbiol. 2011 Jan;77(1):323-6. doi: 10.1128/AEM.01476-10. Epub 2010 Nov 5.


Cultivation-independent characterization of 'Candidatus Magnetobacterium bavaricum' via ultrastructural, geochemical, ecological and metagenomic methods.

Jogler C, Niebler M, Lin W, Kube M, Wanner G, Kolinko S, Stief P, Beck AJ, De Beer D, Petersen N, Pan Y, Amann R, Reinhardt R, Schüler D.

Environ Microbiol. 2010 Sep;12(9):2466-78. doi: 10.1111/j.1462-2920.2010.02220.x. Epub 2010 Apr 19.


Genomics, genetics, and cell biology of magnetosome formation.

Jogler C, Schüler D.

Annu Rev Microbiol. 2009;63:501-21. doi: 10.1146/annurev.micro.62.081307.162908. Review.


Toward cloning of the magnetotactic metagenome: identification of magnetosome island gene clusters in uncultivated magnetotactic bacteria from different aquatic sediments.

Jogler C, Lin W, Meyerdierks A, Kube M, Katzmann E, Flies C, Pan Y, Amann R, Reinhardt R, Schüler D.

Appl Environ Microbiol. 2009 Jun;75(12):3972-9. doi: 10.1128/AEM.02701-08. Epub 2009 Apr 24.


Comparative analysis of magnetosome gene clusters in magnetotactic bacteria provides further evidence for horizontal gene transfer.

Jogler C, Kube M, Schübbe S, Ullrich S, Teeling H, Bazylinski DA, Reinhardt R, Schüler D.

Environ Microbiol. 2009 May;11(5):1267-77. doi: 10.1111/j.1462-2920.2009.01854.x. Epub 2009 Feb 11.


Diversity analysis of magnetotactic bacteria in Lake Miyun, northern China, by restriction fragment length polymorphism.

Lin W, Li J, Schüler D, Jogler C, Pan Y.

Syst Appl Microbiol. 2009 Aug;32(5):342-50. doi: 10.1016/j.syapm.2008.10.005. Epub 2009 Jan 24.


Replication properties of human adenovirus in vivo and in cultures of primary cells from different animal species.

Jogler C, Hoffmann D, Theegarten D, Grunwald T, Uberla K, Wildner O.

J Virol. 2006 Apr;80(7):3549-58.


Effects of the Ad5 upstream E1 region and gene products on heterologous promoters.

Hoffmann D, Jogler C, Wildner O.

J Gene Med. 2005 Oct;7(10):1356-66.


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