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The importance of preventing work-related disability. Burdorf A A et al. Scand J Work Environ Health. (2014)

Work environment and safety climate in the Swedish merchant fleet. Forsell K et al. Int Arch Occup Environ Health. (2017)

Evidence-based evaluation of information: the centrality and limitations of systematic reviews. Järvholm B et al. Scand J Public Health. (2014)

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Silica dust and sarcoidosis in Swedish construction workers.

Jonsson E, Järvholm B, Andersson M.

Occup Med (Lond). 2019 Dec 7;69(7):482-486. doi: 10.1093/occmed/kqz118.


Educational differences in duration of working life and loss of paid employment: working life expectancy in The Netherlands.

Robroek SJ, Nieboer D, Järvholm B, Burdorf A.

Scand J Work Environ Health. 2019 Aug 16. pii: 3843. doi: 10.5271/sjweh.3843. [Epub ahead of print]


Risk factors for subarachnoid haemorrhage: a nationwide cohort of 950 000 adults.

Sundström J, Söderholm M, Söderberg S, Alfredsson L, Andersson M, Bellocco R, Björck M, Broberg P, Eriksson M, Eriksson M, Forsberg B, Fransson EI, Giedraitis V, Theorell-Haglöw J, Hallqvist J, Hansson PO, Heller S, Håkansson N, Ingelsson M, Janson C, Järvholm B, Khalili P, Knutsson A, Lager A, Lagerros YT, Larsson SC, Leander K, Leppert J, Lind L, Lindberg E, Magnusson C, Magnusson PKE, Malfert M, Michaëlsson K, Nilsson P, Olsson H, Pedersen NL, Pennlert J, Rosenblad A, Rosengren A, Torén K, Wanhainen A, Wolk A, Engström G, Svennblad B, Wiberg B.

Int J Epidemiol. 2019 Jul 30. pii: dyz163. doi: 10.1093/ije/dyz163. [Epub ahead of print]


Occupational biomechanical risk factors for radial nerve entrapment in a 13-year prospective study among male construction workers.

Jackson JA, Olsson D, Burdorf A, Punnett L, Järvholm B, Wahlström J.

Occup Environ Med. 2019 May;76(5):326-331. doi: 10.1136/oemed-2018-105311. Epub 2019 Mar 8.


Airflow limitation classified with the fixed ratio or the lower limit of normal and cause-specific mortality - A prospective study.

Torén K, Andersson M, Olin AC, Blanc PD, Järvholm B.

Respir Med. 2018 Nov;144:36-41. doi: 10.1016/j.rmed.2018.10.001. Epub 2018 Oct 4.


Occupational biomechanical risk factors for surgically treated ulnar nerve entrapment in a prospective study of male construction workers.

Jackson JA, Olsson D, Punnett L, Burdorf A, Järvholm B, Wahlström J.

Scand J Work Environ Health. 2019 Jan 1;45(1):63-72. doi: 10.5271/sjweh.3757. Epub 2018 Aug 22.


Exposure to whole-body vibration and hospitalization due to lumbar disc herniation.

Wahlström J, Burström L, Johnson PW, Nilsson T, Järvholm B.

Int Arch Occup Environ Health. 2018 Aug;91(6):689-694. doi: 10.1007/s00420-018-1316-5. Epub 2018 May 31.


Impact of changes in welfare legislation on the incidence of disability pension. A cohort study of construction workers.

Söderberg M, Mannelqvist R, Järvholm B, Schiöler L, Stattin M.

Scand J Public Health. 2018 Jan 1:1403494818754747. doi: 10.1177/1403494818754747. [Epub ahead of print]


The association between tobacco smoking and surgical intervention for lumbar spinal stenosis: cohort study of 331,941 workers.

Knutsson B, Mukka S, Wahlström J, Järvholm B, Sayed-Noor AS.

Spine J. 2018 Aug;18(8):1313-1317. doi: 10.1016/j.spinee.2017.11.018. Epub 2017 Dec 12.


Effect of reduced use of organic solvents on disability pension in painters.

Järvholm B, Burdorf A.

Occup Environ Med. 2017 Nov;74(11):827-829. doi: 10.1136/oemed-2017-104421. Epub 2017 Aug 5.


[Significant shortcomings in proposals from the investigation on the occupational injury insurance].

Järvholm B, Albin M, Mannelqvist R.

Lakartidningen. 2017 Jul 10;114. pii: ERYC. Swedish. No abstract available.


Patient-reported signs of dampness at home may be a risk factor for chronic rhinosinusitis: A cross-sectional study.

Ahlroth Pind C, Gunnbjörnsdottír M, Bjerg A, Järvholm B, Lundbäck B, Malinovschi A, Middelveld R, Sommar JN, Norbäck D, Janson C.

Clin Exp Allergy. 2017 Nov;47(11):1383-1389. doi: 10.1111/cea.12976. Epub 2017 Aug 8.


Influence of obesity and physical workload on disability benefits among construction workers followed up for 37 years.

Robroek SJW, Järvholm B, van der Beek AJ, Proper KI, Wahlström J, Burdorf A.

Occup Environ Med. 2017 Sep;74(9):621-627. doi: 10.1136/oemed-2016-104059. Epub 2017 Apr 8.


Work environment and safety climate in the Swedish merchant fleet.

Forsell K, Eriksson H, Järvholm B, Lundh M, Andersson E, Nilsson R.

Int Arch Occup Environ Health. 2017 Feb;90(2):161-168. doi: 10.1007/s00420-016-1180-0. Epub 2016 Nov 4.


Asbestos exposure and the risk of sinonasal cancer.

Andersson M, Selin F, Järvholm B.

Occup Med (Lond). 2016 Jun;66(4):326-31. doi: 10.1093/occmed/kqw018. Epub 2016 Mar 2.


Smoking and the Risk of Hospitalization for Symptomatic Diverticular Disease: A Population-Based Cohort Study from Sweden.

Humes DJ, Ludvigsson JF, Jarvholm B.

Dis Colon Rectum. 2016 Feb;59(2):110-4. doi: 10.1097/DCR.0000000000000515.


[Serious silicosis still exits in Sweden].

Järvholm B, Svartengren M.

Lakartidningen. 2015 Dec 1;112. pii: DL7F. Swedish.


Disability Pensions due to Skin Diseases: A Cohort Study in Swedish Construction Workers.

Meding B, Wrangsjö K, Burdorf A, Järvholm B.

Acta Derm Venereol. 2016 Feb;96(2):232-6. doi: 10.2340/00015555-2215.


Emerging evidence that the ban on asbestos use is reducing the occurrence of pleural mesothelioma in Sweden.

Järvholm B, Burdorf A.

Scand J Public Health. 2015 Dec;43(8):875-81. doi: 10.1177/1403494815596500. Epub 2015 Jul 20.


Body Mass Index and Risk for Clinical Lumbar Spinal Stenosis: A Cohort Study.

Knutsson B, Sandén B, Sjödén G, Järvholm B, Michaëlsson K.

Spine (Phila Pa 1976). 2015 Sep 15;40(18):1451-6. doi: 10.1097/BRS.0000000000001038.


Prospective risk of rheumatologic disease associated with occupational exposure in a cohort of male construction workers.

Blanc PD, Järvholm B, Torén K.

Am J Med. 2015 Oct;128(10):1094-101. doi: 10.1016/j.amjmed.2015.05.001. Epub 2015 May 22.


Psychosocial work environment and risk of ischemic stroke and coronary heart disease: a prospective longitudinal study of 75 236 construction workers.

Schiöler L, Söderberg M, Rosengren A, Järvholm B, Torén K.

Scand J Work Environ Health. 2015 May 1;41(3):280-7. doi: 10.5271/sjweh.3491. Epub 2015 Mar 18.


Who is the expert for the evaluation of work ability?

Torén K, Järvholm B.

Scand J Work Environ Health. 2015 Jan;41(1):102-4. No abstract available.


IARC monographs: 40 years of evaluating carcinogenic hazards to humans.

Pearce N, Blair A, Vineis P, Ahrens W, Andersen A, Anto JM, Armstrong BK, Baccarelli AA, Beland FA, Berrington A, Bertazzi PA, Birnbaum LS, Brownson RC, Bucher JR, Cantor KP, Cardis E, Cherrie JW, Christiani DC, Cocco P, Coggon D, Comba P, Demers PA, Dement JM, Douwes J, Eisen EA, Engel LS, Fenske RA, Fleming LE, Fletcher T, Fontham E, Forastiere F, Frentzel-Beyme R, Fritschi L, Gerin M, Goldberg M, Grandjean P, Grimsrud TK, Gustavsson P, Haines A, Hartge P, Hansen J, Hauptmann M, Heederik D, Hemminki K, Hemon D, Hertz-Picciotto I, Hoppin JA, Huff J, Jarvholm B, Kang D, Karagas MR, Kjaerheim K, Kjuus H, Kogevinas M, Kriebel D, Kristensen P, Kromhout H, Laden F, Lebailly P, LeMasters G, Lubin JH, Lynch CF, Lynge E, 't Mannetje A, McMichael AJ, McLaughlin JR, Marrett L, Martuzzi M, Merchant JA, Merler E, Merletti F, Miller A, Mirer FE, Monson R, Nordby KC, Olshan AF, Parent ME, Perera FP, Perry MJ, Pesatori AC, Pirastu R, Porta M, Pukkala E, Rice C, Richardson DB, Ritter L, Ritz B, Ronckers CM, Rushton L, Rusiecki JA, Rusyn I, Samet JM, Sandler DP, de Sanjose S, Schernhammer E, Costantini AS, Seixas N, Shy C, Siemiatycki J, Silverman DT, Simonato L, Smith AH, Smith MT, Spinelli JJ, Spitz MR, Stallones L, Stayner LT, Steenland K, Stenzel M, Stewart BW, Stewart PA, Symanski E, Terracini B, Tolbert PE, Vainio H, Vena J, Vermeulen R, Victora CG, Ward EM, Weinberg CR, Weisenburger D, Wesseling C, Weiderpass E, Zahm SH.

Environ Health Perspect. 2015 Jun;123(6):507-14. doi: 10.1289/ehp.1409149. Epub 2015 Feb 24.


The risk of lung cancer after cessation of asbestos exposure in construction workers using pleural malignant mesothelioma as a marker of exposure.

Järvholm B, Aström E.

J Occup Environ Med. 2014 Dec;56(12):1297-301. doi: 10.1097/JOM.0000000000000258.


Smoking, use of moist snuff and risk of celiac disease: a prospective study.

Ludvigsson JF, Nordenvall C, Järvholm B.

BMC Gastroenterol. 2014 Jul 3;14:120. doi: 10.1186/1471-230X-14-120.


The importance of preventing work-related disability.

Burdorf A A, Järvholm B, Härmä M.

Scand J Work Environ Health. 2014 Jul;40(4):331-3. doi: 10.5271/sjweh.3439. Epub 2014 Jun 4. No abstract available.


[Sweden should be a model for safety and environment in the mining industry].

Järvholm B, Vingård E, Englyst V, Elgstrand K, Burström L.

Lakartidningen. 2014 Apr 29-May 13;111(18-19):812. Swedish. No abstract available.


Evidence-based evaluation of information: the centrality and limitations of systematic reviews.

Järvholm B, Bohlin I.

Scand J Public Health. 2014 Mar;42(13 Suppl):3-10. doi: 10.1177/1403494813516713.


Heavy work and disability pension - a long term follow-up of Swedish construction workers.

Järvholm B, Stattin M, Robroek SJ, Janlert U, Karlsson B, Burdorf A.

Scand J Work Environ Health. 2014 Jul;40(4):335-42. doi: 10.5271/sjweh.3413. Epub 2014 Jan 2.


The impact of asbestos exposure in Swedish construction workers.

Järvholm B, Englund A.

Am J Ind Med. 2014 Jan;57(1):49-55. doi: 10.1002/ajim.22264. Epub 2013 Sep 20.


Asthma and physical activity--a population based study results from the Swedish GA(2)LEN survey.

Jerning C, Martinander E, Bjerg A, Ekerljung L, Franklin KA, Järvholm B, Larsson K, Malinovschi A, Middelveld R, Emtner M, Janson C.

Respir Med. 2013 Nov;107(11):1651-8. doi: 10.1016/j.rmed.2013.08.040. Epub 2013 Sep 6.


Back and neck pain due to working in a cold environment: a cross-sectional study of male construction workers.

Burström L, Järvholm B, Nilsson T, Wahlström J.

Int Arch Occup Environ Health. 2013 Oct;86(7):809-13. doi: 10.1007/s00420-012-0818-9. Epub 2012 Sep 23.


A comparison of occupational and non-occupational exposure to diesel exhausts and its consequences for studying health effects.

Järvholm B, Reuterwall C.

Occup Environ Med. 2012 Nov;69(11):851-2. doi: 10.1136/oemed-2012-101134. Epub 2012 Sep 21. No abstract available.


[On diseases in the neck and upper musculoskeletal system: Too low scientific quality in the SBU report].

Järvholm B, Andersen JH, Veiersted B.

Lakartidningen. 2012 Jun 19-26;109(25):1235; discussion 1236. Swedish. No abstract available.


Mortality attributable to occupational exposure in Sweden.

Järvholm B, Reuterwall C, Bystedt J.

Scand J Work Environ Health. 2013 Jan;39(1):106-11. doi: 10.5271/sjweh.3284. Epub 2012 Feb 22.


How should methods for return to work be evaluated?

Järvholm B.

Scand J Work Environ Health. 2012 Mar;38(2):89-91. doi: 10.5271/sjweh.3277. Epub 2012 Jan 30. No abstract available.


Risk factors for hospitalization due to lumbar disc disease.

Wahlström J, Burström L, Nilsson T, Järvholm B.

Spine (Phila Pa 1976). 2012 Jul 1;37(15):1334-9. doi: 10.1097/BRS.0b013e31824b5464.


Increased mortality from infectious pneumonia after occupational exposure to inorganic dust, metal fumes and chemicals.

Torén K, Qvarfordt I, Bergdahl IA, Järvholm B.

Thorax. 2011 Nov;66(11):992-6. doi: 10.1136/thoraxjnl-2011-200707. Epub 2011 Aug 19.


[Low quality of work capacity evaluations in COPD. Both the Swedish Social Insurance Agency and physicians make errors according to a pilot study in Umea].

Weibring J, Järvholm B.

Lakartidningen. 2010 Aug 11-24;107(32-33):1848-9. Swedish. No abstract available.


Lung cancer risk and radon exposure in a cohort of iron ore miners in Malmberget, Sweden.

Jonsson H, Bergdahl IA, Akerblom G, Eriksson K, Andersson K, Kågström L, Järvholm B, Damber L.

Occup Environ Med. 2010 Aug;67(8):519-25. doi: 10.1136/oem.2009.047449.


White fingers, cold environment, and vibration--exposure among Swedish construction workers.

Burström L, Järvholm B, Nilsson T, Wahlström J.

Scand J Work Environ Health. 2010 Nov;36(6):509-13. Epub 2010 Jun 22.


Lung cancer and exposure to quartz and diesel exhaust in Swedish iron ore miners with concurrent exposure to radon.

Bergdahl IA, Jonsson H, Eriksson K, Damber L, Järvholm B.

Occup Environ Med. 2010 Aug;67(8):513-8. doi: 10.1136/oem.2009.047456. Epub 2010 Jun 2.


Scientists appeal to Quebec Premier Charest to stop exporting asbestos to the developing world.

Takaro TK, Davis D, Van Rensburg SJ, Arroyo Aguilar RS, Algranti E, Bailar JC 3rd, Belpoggi F, Berlin M, Bhattacharya S, Bonnier Viger YV, Brophy J, Bustinza R, Cameron RB, Dement JM, Egilman D, Castleman B, Chaturvedi S, Cherniack M, Choudhury H, Demers PA, Digangi J, Digon A, Edwards JG, Englund A, Erikson B, Corréa Filho HR, Franco G, Frank AL, Freund A, Gee D, Giordano A, Gochfeld M, Gilberg M, Goldsmith DF, Goldstein BD, Grandjean P, Greenberg M, Gut I, Harari R, Hindry M, Hogstedt C, Huff J, Infante PF, Järvholm B, Kern DG, Keifer M, Khatter K, Kjuus H, Keith M, Koo LC, Kumar A, LaDou J, Landrigan PJ, Lemen RA, Last JM, Lee CW, Leigh J, Levin SM, Lippman A, Madrid GA, McCulloch J, McDiarmid MA, Merchant JA, Monforton C, Morse T, Muir DC, Mukerjee D, Mulloy KB, Myers J, Nuwayhid I, Orris P, Ozonoff D, Paek D, Patra M, Pelclová D, Pepper L, Poje GV, Rahman Q, Reyes B, Robinson BW, Rodríguez E, Rose C, Rosenman KD, Rosenstock L, Ruchirawat M, Rydzyński K, Schneider J, Silverstein B, Siqueira CE, Slatin C, Soffritti M, Soskoline C, Sparer J, Stayner LT, Takaro TK, Tarkowski S, Teitelbaum DT, Tompa A, Trosic I, Turcotte F, Vilela RA, Waterman YR, Watterson A, Wegman DH, Welch LS, Woitowitz HJ, Yanri Z, Zavariz C.

Int J Occup Environ Health. 2010 Apr-Jun;16(2):241-8. No abstract available.


Respiratory symptoms and exposure-response relations in workers exposed to metalworking fluid aerosols.

Lillienberg L, Andersson EM, Järvholm B, Torén K.

Ann Occup Hyg. 2010 Jun;54(4):403-11. doi: 10.1093/annhyg/meq009. Epub 2010 Mar 3.


Workers' mental models of chemical exposure in the workplace.

Pettersson-Strömbäck AE, Liljelind IE, Nordin S, Järvholm B.

Risk Anal. 2010 Mar;30(3):488-500. doi: 10.1111/j.1539-6924.2009.01347.x. Epub 2010 Feb 2.


Physical activity and lung cancer among non-smokers: a pilot molecular epidemiological study within EPIC.

Rundle A, Richie J, Steindorf K, Peluso M, Overvad K, Raaschou-Nielsen O, Clavel-Chapelon F, Linseisen JP, Boeing H, Trichopoulou A, Palli D, Krogh V, Tumino R, Panico S, Bueno-De-Mesquita HB, Peeters PH, Lund E, Gonzalez CA, Martinez C, Dorronsoro M, Barricarte A, Tormo MJ, Quiros J, Agudo A, Berglund G, Jarvholm B, Bingham S, Key TJ, Gormally E, Saracci R, Kaaks R, Riboli E, Vineis P.

Biomarkers. 2010 Feb;15(1):20-30. doi: 10.3109/13547500903186452.

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