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Editorial overview: Cilia in development and disease.

Ingham PW, Reversade B.

Curr Opin Genet Dev. 2019 Jun;56:iii-iv. doi: 10.1016/j.gde.2019.09.005. No abstract available.


Open questions: how to get developmental biology into shape?

Saunders TE, Ingham PW.

BMC Biol. 2019 Feb 22;17(1):17. doi: 10.1186/s12915-019-0636-6.


From Drosophila segmentation to human cancer therapy.

Ingham PW.

Development. 2018 Nov 9;145(21). pii: dev168898. doi: 10.1242/dev.168898. Review.


Spatiotemporal Coordination of FGF and Shh Signaling Underlies the Specification of Myoblasts in the Zebrafish Embryo.

Yin J, Lee R, Ono Y, Ingham PW, Saunders TE.

Dev Cell. 2018 Sep 24;46(6):735-750.e4. doi: 10.1016/j.devcel.2018.08.024.


Publisher Correction: The ciliopathy protein TALPID3/KIAA0586 acts upstream of Rab8 activation in zebrafish photoreceptor outer segment formation and maintenance.

Ojeda Naharros I, Cristian FB, Zang J, Gesemann M, Ingham PW, Neuhauss SCF, Bachmann-Gagescu R.

Sci Rep. 2018 Aug 17;8(1):12534. doi: 10.1038/s41598-018-30671-8.


G protein-coupled receptors control the sensitivity of cells to the morphogen Sonic Hedgehog.

Pusapati GV, Kong JH, Patel BB, Gouti M, Sagner A, Sircar R, Luchetti G, Ingham PW, Briscoe J, Rohatgi R.

Sci Signal. 2018 Feb 6;11(516). pii: eaao5749. doi: 10.1126/scisignal.aao5749.


The ciliopathy protein TALPID3/KIAA0586 acts upstream of Rab8 activation in zebrafish photoreceptor outer segment formation and maintenance.

Ojeda Naharros I, Cristian FB, Zang J, Gesemann M, Ingham PW, Neuhauss SCF, Bachmann-Gagescu R.

Sci Rep. 2018 Feb 2;8(1):2211. doi: 10.1038/s41598-018-20489-9. Erratum in: Sci Rep. 2018 Aug 17;8(1):12534.


Guidelines for morpholino use in zebrafish.

Stainier DYR, Raz E, Lawson ND, Ekker SC, Burdine RD, Eisen JS, Ingham PW, Schulte-Merker S, Yelon D, Weinstein BM, Mullins MC, Wilson SW, Ramakrishnan L, Amacher SL, Neuhauss SCF, Meng A, Mochizuki N, Panula P, Moens CB.

PLoS Genet. 2017 Oct 19;13(10):e1007000. doi: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1007000. eCollection 2017 Oct. No abstract available.


Engrailed controls epaxial-hypaxial muscle innervation and the establishment of vertebrate three-dimensional mobility.

Ahmed MU, Maurya AK, Cheng L, Jorge EC, Schubert FR, Maire P, Basson MA, Ingham PW, Dietrich S.

Dev Biol. 2017 Oct 1;430(1):90-104. doi: 10.1016/j.ydbio.2017.08.011. Epub 2017 Aug 12.


MoD Special Issue celebrating 100 years since "On Growth and Form" by D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson.

Saunders TE, Ingham PW.

Mech Dev. 2017 Jun;145:1. doi: 10.1016/j.mod.2017.05.001. No abstract available.


Editor's Highlight: Transgenic Zebrafish Reporter Lines as Alternative In Vivo Organ Toxicity Models.

Poon KL, Wang X, Lee SG, Ng AS, Goh WH, Zhao Z, Al-Haddawi M, Wang H, Mathavan S, Ingham PW, McGinnis C, Carney TJ.

Toxicol Sci. 2017 Mar 1;156(1):133-148. doi: 10.1093/toxsci/kfw250.


A Zebrafish Model for a Human Myopathy Associated with Mutation of the Unconventional Myosin MYO18B.

Gurung R, Ono Y, Baxendale S, Lee SL, Moore S, Calvert M, Ingham PW.

Genetics. 2017 Feb;205(2):725-735. doi: 10.1534/genetics.116.192864. Epub 2016 Nov 22.


Ribozyme Mediated gRNA Generation for In Vitro and In Vivo CRISPR/Cas9 Mutagenesis.

Lee RT, Ng AS, Ingham PW.

PLoS One. 2016 Nov 10;11(11):e0166020. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0166020. eCollection 2016.


Humanizing the zebrafish liver shifts drug metabolic profiles and improves pharmacokinetics of CYP3A4 substrates.

Poon KL, Wang X, Ng AS, Goh WH, McGinnis C, Fowler S, Carney TJ, Wang H, Ingham PW.

Arch Toxicol. 2017 Mar;91(3):1187-1197. doi: 10.1007/s00204-016-1789-5. Epub 2016 Aug 2.


An essential role for Grk2 in Hedgehog signalling downstream of Smoothened.

Zhao Z, Lee RT, Pusapati GV, Iyu A, Rohatgi R, Ingham PW.

EMBO Rep. 2016 May;17(5):739-52. doi: 10.15252/embr.201541532. Epub 2016 Apr 4.


Identification of benzopyrone as a common structural feature in compounds with anti-inflammatory activity in a zebrafish phenotypic screen.

Robertson AL, Ogryzko NV, Henry KM, Loynes CA, Foulkes MJ, Meloni MM, Wang X, Ford C, Jackson M, Ingham PW, Wilson HL, Farrow SN, Solari R, Flower RJ, Jones S, Whyte MK, Renshaw SA.

Dis Model Mech. 2016 Jun 1;9(6):621-32. doi: 10.1242/dmm.024935. Epub 2016 Apr 14.


Drosophila Segment Polarity Mutants and the Rediscovery of the Hedgehog Pathway Genes.

Ingham PW.

Curr Top Dev Biol. 2016;116:477-88. doi: 10.1016/bs.ctdb.2016.01.007. Epub 2016 Feb 13. Review.


The transcription factor SOX6 contributes to the developmental origins of obesity by promoting adipogenesis.

Leow SC, Poschmann J, Too PG, Yin J, Joseph R, McFarlane C, Dogra S, Shabbir A, Ingham PW, Prabhakar S, Leow MK, Lee YS, Ng KL, Chong YS, Gluckman PD, Stünkel W.

Development. 2016 Mar 15;143(6):950-61. doi: 10.1242/dev.131573. Epub 2016 Feb 18.


Hedgehog signalling.

Lee RT, Zhao Z, Ingham PW.

Development. 2016 Feb 1;143(3):367-72. doi: 10.1242/dev.120154. Review.


Deep sequencing of small RNA facilitates tissue and sex associated microRNA discovery in zebrafish.

Vaz C, Wee CW, Lee GP, Ingham PW, Tanavde V, Mathavan S.

BMC Genomics. 2015 Nov 16;16:950. doi: 10.1186/s12864-015-2135-7.


Adaxial cell migration in the zebrafish embryo is an active cell autonomous property that requires the Prdm1a transcription factor.

Ono Y, Yu W, Jackson HE, Parkin CA, Ingham PW.

Differentiation. 2015 Mar-Apr;89(3-4):77-86. doi: 10.1016/j.diff.2015.03.002. Epub 2015 Apr 7.


The role of Sox6 in zebrafish muscle fiber type specification.

Jackson HE, Ono Y, Wang X, Elworthy S, Cunliffe VT, Ingham PW.

Skelet Muscle. 2015 Jan 27;5(1):2. doi: 10.1186/s13395-014-0026-2. eCollection 2015.


On the origin of SCPP genes.

Venkatesh B, Lee AP, Ravi V, Maurya AK, Korzh V, Lim ZW, Ingham PW, Boehm T, Brenner S, Warren WC.

Evol Dev. 2014 May;16(3):125-6. doi: 10.1111/ede.12072. Epub 2014 May 5. No abstract available.


Divergence of zebrafish and mouse lymphatic cell fate specification pathways.

van Impel A, Zhao Z, Hermkens DM, Roukens MG, Fischer JC, Peterson-Maduro J, Duckers H, Ober EA, Ingham PW, Schulte-Merker S.

Development. 2014 Mar;141(6):1228-38. doi: 10.1242/dev.105031. Epub 2014 Feb 12.


Serum and glucocorticoid-regulated kinase 1 regulates neutrophil clearance during inflammation resolution.

Burgon J, Robertson AL, Sadiku P, Wang X, Hooper-Greenhill E, Prince LR, Walker P, Hoggett EE, Ward JR, Farrow SN, Zuercher WJ, Jeffrey P, Savage CO, Ingham PW, Hurlstone AF, Whyte MK, Renshaw SA.

J Immunol. 2014 Feb 15;192(4):1796-805. doi: 10.4049/jimmunol.1300087. Epub 2014 Jan 15.


Elephant shark genome provides unique insights into gnathostome evolution.

Venkatesh B, Lee AP, Ravi V, Maurya AK, Lian MM, Swann JB, Ohta Y, Flajnik MF, Sutoh Y, Kasahara M, Hoon S, Gangu V, Roy SW, Irimia M, Korzh V, Kondrychyn I, Lim ZW, Tay BH, Tohari S, Kong KW, Ho S, Lorente-Galdos B, Quilez J, Marques-Bonet T, Raney BJ, Ingham PW, Tay A, Hillier LW, Minx P, Boehm T, Wilson RK, Brenner S, Warren WC.

Nature. 2014 Jan 9;505(7482):174-9. doi: 10.1038/nature12826. Erratum in: Nature. 2014 Sep 25;513(7519):574.


A method for high-throughput PCR-based genotyping of larval zebrafish tail biopsies.

Wilkinson RN, Elworthy S, Ingham PW, van Eeden FJ.

Biotechniques. 2013 Dec;55(6):314-6. doi: 10.2144/000114116.


Positive and negative regulation of Gli activity by Kif7 in the zebrafish embryo.

Maurya AK, Ben J, Zhao Z, Lee RT, Niah W, Ng AS, Iyu A, Yu W, Elworthy S, van Eeden FJ, Ingham PW.

PLoS Genet. 2013;9(12):e1003955. doi: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1003955. Epub 2013 Dec 5.


Inhibitors of neutrophil recruitment identified using transgenic zebrafish to screen a natural product library.

Wang X, Robertson AL, Li J, Chai RJ, Haishan W, Sadiku P, Ogryzko NV, Everett M, Yoganathan K, Luo HR, Renshaw SA, Ingham PW.

Dis Model Mech. 2014 Jan;7(1):163-9. doi: 10.1242/dmm.012047. Epub 2013 Nov 28.


Targeted inactivation and identification of targets of the Gli2a transcription factor in the zebrafish.

Wang X, Zhao Z, Muller J, Iyu A, Khng AJ, Guccione E, Ruan Y, Ingham PW.

Biol Open. 2013 Sep 9;2(11):1203-13. doi: 10.1242/bio.20136262. eCollection 2013.


Structure and function of the Smoothened extracellular domain in vertebrate Hedgehog signaling.

Nachtergaele S, Whalen DM, Mydock LK, Zhao Z, Malinauskas T, Krishnan K, Ingham PW, Covey DF, Siebold C, Rohatgi R.

Elife. 2013 Oct 29;2:e01340. doi: 10.7554/eLife.01340.


TigarB causes mitochondrial dysfunction and neuronal loss in PINK1 deficiency.

Flinn LJ, Keatinge M, Bretaud S, Mortiboys H, Matsui H, De Felice E, Woodroof HI, Brown L, McTighe A, Soellner R, Allen CE, Heath PR, Milo M, Muqit MM, Reichert AS, Köster RW, Ingham PW, Bandmann O.

Ann Neurol. 2013 Dec;74(6):837-47. doi: 10.1002/ana.23999.


Control of muscle fibre-type diversity during embryonic development: the zebrafish paradigm.

Jackson HE, Ingham PW.

Mech Dev. 2013 Sep-Oct;130(9-10):447-57. doi: 10.1016/j.mod.2013.06.001. Epub 2013 Jun 28. Review.


Signalling change: signal transduction through the decades.

Hynes NE, Ingham PW, Lim WA, Marshall CJ, Massagué J, Pawson T.

Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol. 2013 Jun;14(6):393-8. doi: 10.1038/nrm3581. Epub 2013 May 2. Review.


Drugging Hedgehog: signaling the pathway to translation.

Carney TJ, Ingham PW.

BMC Biol. 2013 Apr 15;11:37. doi: 10.1186/1741-7007-11-37. Review.


Tardbpl splicing rescues motor neuron and axonal development in a mutant tardbp zebrafish.

Hewamadduma CA, Grierson AJ, Ma TP, Pan L, Moens CB, Ingham PW, Ramesh T, Shaw PJ.

Hum Mol Genet. 2013 Jun 15;22(12):2376-86. doi: 10.1093/hmg/ddt082. Epub 2013 Feb 19.


Zebrafish genetics gets the Scube on Hedgehog secretion.

Ingham PW.

Genes Dev. 2012 Nov 15;26(22):2468-70. doi: 10.1101/gad.207126.112.


Identification of compounds with anti-convulsant properties in a zebrafish model of epileptic seizures.

Baxendale S, Holdsworth CJ, Meza Santoscoy PL, Harrison MR, Fox J, Parkin CA, Ingham PW, Cunliffe VT.

Dis Model Mech. 2012 Nov;5(6):773-84. doi: 10.1242/dmm.010090. Epub 2012 Jun 21.


Hedgehog signaling via a calcitonin receptor-like receptor can induce arterial differentiation independently of VEGF signaling in zebrafish.

Wilkinson RN, Koudijs MJ, Patient RK, Ingham PW, Schulte-Merker S, van Eeden FJ.

Blood. 2012 Jul 12;120(2):477-88. doi: 10.1182/blood-2011-10-383729. Epub 2012 Jun 5.


Hedgehog signaling.

Ingham PW.

Cold Spring Harb Perspect Biol. 2012 Jun 1;4(6). pii: a011221. doi: 10.1101/cshperspect.a011221. No abstract available.


Targeted mutation of the talpid3 gene in zebrafish reveals its conserved requirement for ciliogenesis and Hedgehog signalling across the vertebrates.

Ben J, Elworthy S, Ng AS, van Eeden F, Ingham PW.

Development. 2011 Nov;138(22):4969-78. doi: 10.1242/dev.070862.


Analysis of Pax7 expressing myogenic cells in zebrafish muscle development, injury, and models of disease.

Seger C, Hargrave M, Wang X, Chai RJ, Elworthy S, Ingham PW.

Dev Dyn. 2011 Nov;240(11):2440-51. doi: 10.1002/dvdy.22745. Epub 2011 Sep 26.


Prdm1a and miR-499 act sequentially to restrict Sox6 activity to the fast-twitch muscle lineage in the zebrafish embryo.

Wang X, Ono Y, Tan SC, Chai RJ, Parkin C, Ingham PW.

Development. 2011 Oct;138(20):4399-404. doi: 10.1242/dev.070516. Epub 2011 Aug 31.


The influence of the zebrafish genetic background on Parkinson's disease-related aspects.

Bretaud S, MacRaild S, Ingham PW, Bandmann O.

Zebrafish. 2011 Sep;8(3):103-8. doi: 10.1089/zeb.2011.0697. Epub 2011 Jul 11.


Activation of hypoxia-inducible factor-1α (Hif-1α) delays inflammation resolution by reducing neutrophil apoptosis and reverse migration in a zebrafish inflammation model.

Elks PM, van Eeden FJ, Dixon G, Wang X, Reyes-Aldasoro CC, Ingham PW, Whyte MK, Walmsley SR, Renshaw SA.

Blood. 2011 Jul 21;118(3):712-22. doi: 10.1182/blood-2010-12-324186. Epub 2011 May 9.


Mechanisms and functions of Hedgehog signalling across the metazoa.

Ingham PW, Nakano Y, Seger C.

Nat Rev Genet. 2011 Jun;12(6):393-406. doi: 10.1038/nrg2984. Epub 2011 Apr 19. Review.


Integration of Hedgehog and BMP signalling by the engrailed2a gene in the zebrafish myotome.

Maurya AK, Tan H, Souren M, Wang X, Wittbrodt J, Ingham PW.

Development. 2011 Feb;138(4):755-65. doi: 10.1242/dev.062521. Erratum in: Development. 2012 May;139(10):1885.


Zebrafish models of the immune response: taking it on the ChIn.

Renshaw SA, Ingham PW.

BMC Biol. 2010 Dec 22;8:148. doi: 10.1186/1741-7007-8-148.


Genetic analysis of fin development in zebrafish identifies furin and hemicentin1 as potential novel fraser syndrome disease genes.

Carney TJ, Feitosa NM, Sonntag C, Slanchev K, Kluger J, Kiyozumi D, Gebauer JM, Coffin Talbot J, Kimmel CB, Sekiguchi K, Wagener R, Schwarz H, Ingham PW, Hammerschmidt M.

PLoS Genet. 2010 Apr 15;6(4):e1000907. doi: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1000907.

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