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Monocyte count and the risk for acute exacerbation of fibrosing interstitial lung disease: A retrospective cohort study.

Kawamura K, Ichikado K, Anan K, Yasuda Y, Sekido Y, Suga M, Ichiyasu H, Sakagami T.

Chron Respir Dis. 2020 Jan-Dec;17:1479973120909840. doi: 10.1177/1479973120909840.


Non-small-cell Lung Cancer with Severe Skin Manifestations Related to Radiation Recall Dermatitis after Atezolizumab Treatment: A Case Report.

Nakashima K, Saruwatari K, Sato R, Imamura K, Kajihara I, Fukusima S, Saito T, Ishizuka S, Tamanoi D, Jodai T, Hamada S, Tomita Y, Saeki S, Ichiyasu H, Oya N, Ihn H, Sakagami T.

Intern Med. 2020 Feb 12. doi: 10.2169/internalmedicine.3937-19. [Epub ahead of print]


Predictive value of 18F-FDG PET/CT for acute exacerbation of interstitial lung disease in patients with lung cancer and interstitial lung disease treated with chemotherapy.

Akaike K, Saruwatari K, Oda S, Shiraishi S, Takahashi H, Hamada S, Iyama S, Horio Y, Tomita Y, Saeki S, Okamoto S, Ichiyasu H, Fujii K, Sakagami T.

Int J Clin Oncol. 2020 Apr;25(4):681-690. doi: 10.1007/s10147-019-01584-x. Epub 2019 Nov 28.


Small Cell Lung Cancer Derived from Adenocarcinoma with Mutant Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Provides a Signature of Transcriptional Alteration in Tumor Cells.

Tenjin Y, Nakamura K, Ishizuka S, Saruwatari K, Sato R, Tomita Y, Saeki S, Ichiyasu H, Fujii K, Ito T, Sakagami T.

Intern Med. 2019 Nov 15;58(22):3261-3265. doi: 10.2169/internalmedicine.2988-19. Epub 2019 Jul 10.


Acute exacerbation of chronic fibrosing interstitial pneumonia in patients receiving antifibrotic agents: incidence and risk factors from real-world experience.

Kawamura K, Ichikado K, Ichiyasu H, Anan K, Yasuda Y, Suga M, Sakagami T.

BMC Pulm Med. 2019 Jun 25;19(1):113. doi: 10.1186/s12890-019-0880-0.


Four-meter gait speed predicts daily physical activity in patients with chronic respiratory diseases.

Yoshida C, Ichiyasu H, Ideguchi H, Hirosako S, Masunaga A, Kojima K, Saeki S, Fujii K, Sakagami T, Kohrogi H.

Respir Investig. 2019 Jul;57(4):368-375. doi: 10.1016/j.resinv.2019.03.009. Epub 2019 May 13.


Protective effect of bevacizumab on chemotherapy-related acute exacerbation of interstitial lung disease in patients with advanced non-squamous non-small cell lung cancer.

Hamada S, Ichiyasu H, Ikeda T, Inaba M, Kashiwabara K, Sadamatsu T, Sato N, Akaike K, Okabayashi H, Saruwatari K, Tomita Y, Saeki S, Hirata N, Yoshinaga T, Fujii K.

BMC Pulm Med. 2019 Apr 2;19(1):72. doi: 10.1186/s12890-019-0838-2.


Upfront Cranial Radiotherapy Followed by Erlotinib Positively Affects Clinical Outcomes of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor-mutant Non-small Cell Lung Cancer With Brain Metastases.

Saruwatari K, Ikeda T, Saeki S, Shingu N, Imamura K, Komatu T, Ushijima S, Maruyama H, Kashiwabara K, Tomita Y, Ichiyasu H, Fujii K, Sakagami T.

Anticancer Res. 2019 Feb;39(2):923-931. doi: 10.21873/anticanres.13195.


Acute Exacerbation of Idiopathic Interstitial Pneumonia in a Patient with Hepatocellular Carcinoma after Transcatheter Arterial Therapy Using Miriplatin.

Kakiuchi Y, Sakata S, Nakamura K, Okabayashi H, Akaike K, Tokunaga T, Saeki S, Fujii K, Ichiyasu H.

Intern Med. 2019 May 1;58(9):1329-1333. doi: 10.2169/internalmedicine.1446-18. Epub 2019 Jan 10.


A potential mechanism of the onset of acute eosinophilic pneumonia triggered by an anti-PD-1 immune checkpoint antibody in a lung cancer patient.

Jodai T, Yoshida C, Sato R, Kakiuchi Y, Sato N, Iyama S, Kimura T, Saruwatari K, Saeki S, Ichiyasu H, Fujii K, Tomita Y.

Immun Inflamm Dis. 2019 Mar;7(1):3-6. doi: 10.1002/iid3.238. Epub 2018 Nov 21.


Negative Impact of Coexisting Interstitial Lung Disease on Clinical Outcomes in Small-cell Lung Cancer Patients.

Akaike K, Saruwatari K, Okabayashi H, Hamada S, Jodai Y, Jodai T, Sakata S, Iyama S, Sato R, Iriki T, Tomita Y, Saeki S, Ichiyasu H, Fujii K.

Anticancer Res. 2018 Nov;38(11):6543-6550. doi: 10.21873/anticanres.13020.


Respiratory evaluation of the risk for postoperative pulmonary complications in patients who preoperatively consulted pulmonologists: Studying both patients who underwent and who precluded planned surgery.

Hirosako S, Nakamura K, Hamada S, Sugahara K, Yoshida C, Saeki S, Kojima K, Okamoto S, Ichiyasu H, Fujii K, Kohrogi H.

Respir Investig. 2018 Nov;56(6):448-456. doi: 10.1016/j.resinv.2018.07.005. Epub 2018 Aug 23.


Trousseau's syndrome triggered by an immune checkpoint blockade in a non-small cell lung cancer patient.

Horio Y, Takamatsu K, Tamanoi D, Sato R, Saruwatari K, Ikeda T, Nakane S, Nakajima M, Saeki S, Ichiyasu H, Fujii K, Tomita Y.

Eur J Immunol. 2018 Oct;48(10):1764-1767. doi: 10.1002/eji.201847645. Epub 2018 Jul 19.


Lung abscess following bronchoscopy due to multidrug-resistant Capnocytophaga sputigena adjacent to lung cancer with high PD-L1 expression.

Migiyama Y, Anai M, Kashiwabara K, Tomita Y, Saeki S, Nakamura K, Okamoto S, Ichiyasu H, Fujii K, Kohrogi H.

J Infect Chemother. 2018 Oct;24(10):852-855. doi: 10.1016/j.jiac.2018.03.017. Epub 2018 Apr 25.


Clinical effects of direct hemoperfusion using a polymyxin B-immobilized fiber column in clinically amyopathic dermatomyositis-associated rapidly progressive interstitial pneumonias.

Okabayashi H, Ichiyasu H, Hirooka S, Akaike K, Kojima K, Jodai T, Sakamoto Y, Ideguchi H, Hamada S, Yoshida C, Hirosako S, Okamoto S, Kohrogi H.

BMC Pulm Med. 2017 Oct 24;17(1):134. doi: 10.1186/s12890-017-0479-2.


Protective effect of Galectin-9 in murine model of lung emphysema: Involvement of neutrophil migration and MMP-9 production.

Horio Y, Ichiyasu H, Kojima K, Saita N, Migiyama Y, Iriki T, Fujii K, Niki T, Hirashima M, Kohrogi H.

PLoS One. 2017 Jul 12;12(7):e0180742. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0180742. eCollection 2017.


Acute coronary syndrome as a possible immune-related adverse event in a lung cancer patient achieving a complete response to anti-PD-1 immune checkpoint antibody.

Tomita Y, Sueta D, Kakiuchi Y, Saeki S, Saruwatari K, Sakata S, Jodai T, Migiyama Y, Akaike K, Hirosako S, Fujisue K, Yamamura S, Miyazaki S, Takashio S, Izumiya Y, Nakamura K, Tsujita K, Ichiyasu H, Fujii K.

Ann Oncol. 2017 Nov 1;28(11):2893-2895. doi: 10.1093/annonc/mdx326. No abstract available.


Efficacy of direct hemoperfusion using polymyxin B-immobilized fiber column (PMX-DHP) in rapidly progressive interstitial pneumonias: results of a historical control study and a review of previous studies.

Ichiyasu H, Horio Y, Masunaga A, Migiyama Y, Sakamoto Y, Jodai T, Ideguchi H, Okabayashi H, Hamada S, Yoshida C, Hirosako S, Okamoto S, Kohrogi H.

Ther Adv Respir Dis. 2017 Jul;11(7):261-275. doi: 10.1177/1753465817708950. Epub 2017 May 30. Review.


The cell-cell interaction between tumor-associated macrophages and small cell lung cancer cells is involved in tumor progression via STAT3 activation.

Iriki T, Ohnishi K, Fujiwara Y, Horlad H, Saito Y, Pan C, Ikeda K, Mori T, Suzuki M, Ichiyasu H, Kohrogi H, Takeya M, Komohara Y.

Lung Cancer. 2017 Apr;106:22-32. doi: 10.1016/j.lungcan.2017.01.003. Epub 2017 Jan 9.


Pulmonary Mucosa-associated Lymphoid Tissue Lymphoma with Spontaneous Regression after Computed Tomography-guided Needle Biopsy: A Case Report and Summary of 8 Reported Cases.

Fukushima K, Hirosako S, Tenjin Y, Mukasa Y, Kojima K, Saeki S, Okamoto S, Ichiyasu H, Fujii K, Kikukawa Y, Kawanaka K, Kohrogi H.

Intern Med. 2016;55(24):3655-3660. Epub 2016 Dec 15.


Primary Diaphragmatic Dedifferentiated Liposarcoma in a Young Female Patient after Delivery.

Sakata S, Yoshida C, Saeki S, Hirosako S, Ichiyasu H, Kohrogi H.

Case Rep Oncol Med. 2016;2016:4042719. doi: 10.1155/2016/4042719. Epub 2016 May 10.


Elevated serum IgG4 levels in two cases of paragonimiasis.

Saeki S, Horio Y, Hirosako S, Ichiyasu H, Fujii K, Kohrogi H.

Respirol Case Rep. 2015 Sep;3(3):92-4. doi: 10.1002/rcr2.110. Epub 2015 May 26.


A Case of Biphasic Pulmonary Blastoma Treated with Carboplatin and Paclitaxel plus Bevacizumab.

Sakata S, Saeki S, Hirooka S, Hirosako S, Ichiyasu H, Kohrogi H.

Case Rep Oncol Med. 2015;2015:842621. doi: 10.1155/2015/842621. Epub 2015 May 13.


Cisplatin-induced eosinophilic pneumonia.

Ideguchi H, Kojima K, Hirosako S, Ichiyasu H, Fujii K, Kohrogi H.

Case Rep Pulmonol. 2014;2014:209732. doi: 10.1155/2014/209732. Epub 2014 Nov 13.


Favorable outcome with hemoperfusion of polymyxin B-immobilized fiber column for rapidly progressive interstitial pneumonia associated with clinically amyopathic dermatomyositis: report of three cases.

Ichiyasu H, Horio Y, Tsumura S, Hirosako S, Sakamoto Y, Sakata S, Nakashima K, Komatsu T, Kojima K, Masunaga A, Fujii K, Saita N, Kohrogi H.

Mod Rheumatol. 2014 Mar;24(2):361-5. doi: 10.3109/14397595.2013.852847.


Successful treatment of severe amiodarone pulmonary toxicity with polymyxin B-immobilized fiber column direct hemoperfusion.

Sato N, Kojima K, Horio Y, Goto E, Masunaga A, Ichiyasu H, Kohrogi H.

Chest. 2013 Apr;143(4):1146-1150. doi: 10.1378/chest.12-0994.


Lung miliary micro-nodules in human T-cell leukemia virus type I carriers.

Fukuoka J, Tominaga M, Ichikado K, Tanaka T, Ichiyasu H, Kohrogi H, Ishizawa S, Suga M.

Pathol Int. 2013 Feb;63(2):108-12. doi: 10.1111/pin.12030. Epub 2013 Feb 22.


FDG-PET and chemotherapy for successful diagnosis and treatment of cardiac metastasis from non-small cell lung cancer.

Sato R, Ichiyasu H, Saeki S, Sakata S, Sasaki J, Fujii K, Saita N, Kohrogi H.

Intern Med. 2012;51(14):1909-12. Epub 2012 Jul 15.


Fibroproliferative changes on high-resolution CT in the acute respiratory distress syndrome predict mortality and ventilator dependency: a prospective observational cohort study.

Ichikado K, Muranaka H, Gushima Y, Kotani T, Nader HM, Fujimoto K, Johkoh T, Iwamoto N, Kawamura K, Nagano J, Fukuda K, Hirata N, Yoshinaga T, Ichiyasu H, Tsumura S, Kohrogi H, Kawaguchi A, Yoshioka M, Sakuma T, Suga M.

BMJ Open. 2012 Mar 1;2(2):e000545. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2011-000545. Print 2012.


[A case of AIDS with Pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia which required differentiation from ANCA-related lung disease].

Takeda N, Ichiyasu H, Kijima A, Notsute D, Saita N, Kohrogi H.

Nihon Kokyuki Gakkai Zasshi. 2011 Dec;49(12):929-35. Japanese.


[Successful treatment of pleurodesis for seemingly intractable pleural effusion in pleural amyloidosis with rheumatoid arthritis].

Masunaga A, Takeda N, Akaike K, Tsumori K, Goto E, Ichiyasu H, Kohrogi H.

Nihon Kokyuki Gakkai Zasshi. 2011 Dec;49(12):897-902. Japanese.


[A case of Epstein-Barr virus-positive diffuse large B-cell lymphoma in an elderly person with a necrotizing pulmonary bulky mass].

Sakata S, Hamamoto J, Sugahara K, Ichiyasu H, Saita N, Iyama K, Kohrogi H.

Nihon Kokyuki Gakkai Zasshi. 2011 Nov;49(11):833-7. Japanese.


Pneumocyte biomarkers KL-6 and surfactant protein D reflect the distinct findings of high-resolution computed tomography in nonspecific interstitial pneumonia.

Ichiyasu H, Ichikado K, Yamashita A, Iyonaga K, Sakamoto O, Suga M, Kohrogi H.

Respiration. 2012;83(3):190-7. doi: 10.1159/000326924. Epub 2011 May 10.


A case of pulmonary capillary hemangiomatosis with pulmonary fibrosis associated with MMP-9 related pulmonary remodeling.

Sakashita N, Motooka Y, Suganuma M, Ohnishi K, Fujiwara Y, Nakagawa T, Ichiyasu H, Takeya M.

Pathol Int. 2011 May;61(5):306-12. doi: 10.1111/j.1440-1827.2011.02652.x.


[A case of systemic IgG4-related disease with bilateral pleural effusions].

Tanaka H, Ichiyasu H, Notsute D, Yamashita A, Hamamoto J, Kohrogi H.

Nihon Kokyuki Gakkai Zasshi. 2011 Mar;49(3):214-20. Japanese.


[Autopsy case of pulmonary zygomycosis and pneumocystis pneumonia in a patient with interstitial pneumonia treated by corticosteroid therapy].

Mukasa Y, Ichiyasu H, Akaike K, Okamoto S, Komohara Y, Kohrogi H.

Nihon Kokyuki Gakkai Zasshi. 2010 Nov;48(11):847-54. Japanese.


[Two cases of severe necrotizing pneumonia caused by community-acquired methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus].

Tomita Y, Kawano O, Ichiyasu H, Fukushima T, Fukuda K, Sugimoto M, Kohrogi H.

Nihon Kokyuki Gakkai Zasshi. 2008 May;46(5):395-403. Japanese.


[Successful treatment by voliconazole for pulmonary and adductor magnus muscle aspergillosis induced by immunosuppressive therapy for hypersensitivity pneumonia].

Ichiyasu H, Yamamura A, Honda M, Okamoto S, Tsumori K, Okamoto T, Sato K, Matsumoto M, Kohrogi H.

Nihon Kokyuki Gakkai Zasshi. 2006 Oct;44(10):754-60. Japanese.


[Clinical analysis of the acute exacerbation in patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis].

Okamoto T, Ichiyasu H, Ichikado K, Muranaka H, Sato K, Okamoto S, Iyonaga K, Suga M, Kohrogi H.

Nihon Kokyuki Gakkai Zasshi. 2006 May;44(5):359-67. Japanese.


Prognostic value of circulating KL-6 in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

Yokoyama A, Kondo K, Nakajima M, Matsushima T, Takahashi T, Nishimura M, Bando M, Sugiyama Y, Totani Y, Ishizaki T, Ichiyasu H, Suga M, Hamada H, Kohno N.

Respirology. 2006 Mar;11(2):164-8.


Use of tacrolimus, a potent antifibrotic agent, in bleomycin-induced lung fibrosis.

Nagano J, Iyonaga K, Kawamura K, Yamashita A, Ichiyasu H, Okamoto T, Suga M, Sasaki Y, Kohrogi H.

Eur Respir J. 2006 Mar;27(3):460-9.


Differentiation, maturation, and survival of dendritic cells by osteopontin regulation.

Kawamura K, Iyonaga K, Ichiyasu H, Nagano J, Suga M, Sasaki Y.

Clin Diagn Lab Immunol. 2005 Jan;12(1):206-12.


Matrix metalloproteinase-9-deficient dendritic cells have impaired migration through tracheal epithelial tight junctions.

Ichiyasu H, McCormack JM, McCarthy KM, Dombkowski D, Preffer FI, Schneeberger EE.

Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol. 2004 Jun;30(6):761-70. Epub 2003 Dec 4.


[Effects of erythromycin on the Pseudomonas-induced rabbit diffuse panbronchiolitis model--the improvements in granuloma-like lesions with increasing production of MCP-1].

Takahashi T, Suga M, Sato K, Okamoto T, Ichiyasu H, Matsukawa A, Okawara S, Yoshinaga S, Ando M.

Jpn J Antibiot. 2001 Feb;54 Suppl A:125-9. Japanese. No abstract available.


Erythromycin attenuates an experimental model of chronic bronchiolitis via augmenting monocyte chemoattractant protein-1.

Takahashi T, Suga M, Matsukawa A, Sato K, Okamoto T, Ichiyasu H, Ohkawara S, Yoshinaga M, Ando M.

Eur Respir J. 2001 Mar;17(3):360-7.


Role of monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 in Propionibacterium acnes-induced pulmonary granulomatosis.

Ichiyasu H, Suga M, Iyonaga K, Ando M.

Microsc Res Tech. 2001 May 15;53(4):288-97.


[Efficacy of erythromycin (EM) on a rabbit model of Pseudomonas aeruginosa-induced chronic bronchiolitis--its action on apoptosis].

Takahashi T, Suga M, Sato K, Okamoto R, Ichiyasu H, Matsukawa A, Okawara S, Yoshinaga H, Ando M.

Jpn J Antibiot. 2000 Jan;53 Suppl A:89-91. Japanese. No abstract available.


Novel chloride channel gene mutations in two unrelated Japanese families with Becker's autosomal recessive generalized myotonia.

Sasaki R, Ichiyasu H, Ito N, Ikeda T, Takano H, Ikeuchi T, Kuzuhara S, Uchino M, Tsuji S, Uyama E.

Neuromuscul Disord. 1999 Dec;9(8):587-92.


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