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Estimation of thermal comfort felt by human exposed to extreme heat wave in a complex urban area using a WRF-MENEX model.

Hwang MK, Bang JH, Kim S, Kim YK, Oh I.

Int J Biometeorol. 2019 Jul;63(7):927-938. doi: 10.1007/s00484-019-01705-1. Epub 2019 Mar 20.


Re-analysis of symptom clusters in advanced cancer patients attending a palliative outpatient radiotherapy clinic.

McKenzie E, Zhang L, Zaki P, Chan S, Ganesh V, Razvi Y, Tsao M, Barnes E, Hwang MK, DeAngelis C, Chow E.

Ann Palliat Med. 2019 Apr;8(2):140-149. doi: 10.21037/apm.2018.08.06. Epub 2018 Sep 5.


Predictors of dyspnea in patients with advanced cancer.

McKenzie E, Hwang MK, Chan S, Zhang L, Zaki P, Tsao M, Barnes E, Razvi Y, Drost L, Yee C, Chow E.

Ann Palliat Med. 2018 Oct;7(4):427-436. doi: 10.21037/apm.2018.06.09. Epub 2018 Jul 13.


Enhanced efficacy of combined temozolomide and bromodomain inhibitor therapy for gliomas using targeted nanoparticles.

Lam FC, Morton SW, Wyckoff J, Vu Han TL, Hwang MK, Maffa A, Balkanska-Sinclair E, Yaffe MB, Floyd SR, Hammond PT.

Nat Commun. 2018 May 18;9(1):1991. doi: 10.1038/s41467-018-04315-4.


RNA-Peptide nanoplexes drug DNA damage pathways in high-grade serous ovarian tumors.

Dreaden EC, Kong YW, Quadir MA, Correa S, Suárez-López L, Barberio AE, Hwang MK, Shi AC, Oberlton B, Gallagher PN, Shopsowitz KE, Elias KM, Yaffe MB, Hammond PT.

Bioeng Transl Med. 2018 Jan 19;3(1):26-36. doi: 10.1002/btm2.10086. eCollection 2018 Jan.


The Clinical Analysis of the Nasal Septal Cartilage by Measurement Using Computed Tomography.

Hwang SM, Lim O, Hwang MK, Kim MW, Lee JS.

Arch Craniofac Surg. 2016 Sep;17(3):140-145. doi: 10.7181/acfs.2016.17.3.140. Epub 2016 Sep 23.


Discovery of Parasite Eggs in Archeological Residence during the 15th Century in Seoul, Korea.

Cho PY, Park JM, Hwang MK, Park SH, Park YK, Jeon BY, Kim TS, Lee HW.

Korean J Parasitol. 2017 Jun;55(3):357-361. doi: 10.3347/kjp.2017.55.3.357. Epub 2017 Jun 30.


An update in symptom clusters using the Edmonton Symptom Assessment System in a palliative radiotherapy clinic.

Ganesh V, Zhang L, Chan S, Wan BA, Drost L, Tsao M, Danjoux C, Barnes E, McDonald R, Rowbottom L, Zaki P, Chow R, Hwang MK, DeAngelis C, Lao N, Chow E.

Support Care Cancer. 2017 Nov;25(11):3321-3327. doi: 10.1007/s00520-017-3749-x. Epub 2017 May 23.


Cranioplasty with Methylmethacrylate in Plagiocephaly.

Hwang SM, Chu SC, Kim HD, Hwang MK, Kim MW, Lee JS.

Arch Craniofac Surg. 2016 Jun;17(2):99-101. doi: 10.7181/acfs.2016.17.2.99. Epub 2016 Jun 21. No abstract available.


Malignant Skin Tumor Misdiagnosed as a Benign Skin Lesion.

Hwang SM, Pan HC, Hwang MK, Kim MW, Lee JS.

Arch Craniofac Surg. 2016 Jun;17(2):86-89. doi: 10.7181/acfs.2016.17.2.86. Epub 2016 Jun 21.


Aesthetic Facial Correction of Cleidocranial Dysplasia.

Hwang SM, Park B, Hwang MK, Kim MW, Lee JS.

Arch Craniofac Surg. 2016 Jun;17(2):82-85. doi: 10.7181/acfs.2016.17.2.82. Epub 2016 Jun 21.


Improvement of Infraorbital Rim contour Using Medpor.

Hwang SM, Park SH, Lee JS, Kim HD, Hwang MK, Kim MW.

Arch Craniofac Surg. 2016 Jun;17(2):77-81. doi: 10.7181/acfs.2016.17.2.77. Epub 2016 Jun 21.


Reduction of Nasal Bone Fracture using Ultrasound Imaging during Surgery.

Hwang SM, Pan HC, Kim HI, Kim HD, Hwang MK, Kim MW, Lee JS.

Arch Craniofac Surg. 2016 Mar;17(1):14-19. doi: 10.7181/acfs.2016.17.1.14. Epub 2016 Mar 21.


Clinical Analysis of Lobular Keloid after Ear Piercing.

Kim HD, Chu SC, Hwang SM, Sun H, Hwang MK, Kim MW, Lee JS.

Arch Craniofac Surg. 2016 Mar;17(1):5-8. doi: 10.7181/acfs.2016.17.1.5. Epub 2016 Mar 21.


The Study of Optical Properties as Glass Composition of Bi2O3-Based Glass/Phosphor Mixed Paste.

Hwang MK, Kim IG, Jung YK, Ryu BK.

J Nanosci Nanotechnol. 2015 Oct;15(10):7657-63.


Time series modeling of live-cell shape dynamics for image-based phenotypic profiling.

Gordonov S, Hwang MK, Wells A, Gertler FB, Lauffenburger DA, Bathe M.

Integr Biol (Camb). 2016 Jan;8(1):73-90. doi: 10.1039/c5ib00283d. Epub 2015 Dec 11.


Xanthii fructus inhibits inflammatory responses in LPS-stimulated RAW 264.7 macrophages through suppressing NF-κB and JNK/p38 MAPK.

Yeom M, Kim JH, Min JH, Hwang MK, Jung HS, Sohn Y.

J Ethnopharmacol. 2015 Dec 24;176:394-401. doi: 10.1016/j.jep.2015.11.020. Epub 2015 Nov 10.


Korean Atrial Fibrillation (AF) Network: Genetic Variants for AF Do Not Predict Ablation Success.

Choi EK, Park JH, Lee JY, Nam CM, Hwang MK, Uhm JS, Joung B, Ko YG, Lee MH, Lubitz SA, Ellinor PT, Pak HN.

J Am Heart Assoc. 2015 Aug 13;4(8):e002046. doi: 10.1161/JAHA.115.002046.


Soft tissue chondroma presenting as a dermal mass in the toe.

Hwang SM, Kim JH, Kim MW, Jung YH, Kim HD, Kim HI, Hwang MK.

Arch Plast Surg. 2015 May;42(3):383-5. doi: 10.5999/aps.2015.42.3.383. Epub 2015 May 14. No abstract available.


A Multivariate Computational Method to Analyze High-Content RNAi Screening Data.

Rameseder J, Krismer K, Dayma Y, Ehrenberger T, Hwang MK, Airoldi EM, Floyd SR, Yaffe MB.

J Biomol Screen. 2015 Sep;20(8):985-97. doi: 10.1177/1087057115583037. Epub 2015 Apr 27.


Clinical Characteristics of the Forehead Lipoma.

Lee JS, Hwang SM, Jung YH, Kim HI, Kim HD, Hwang MK, Kim MW.

Arch Craniofac Surg. 2014 Dec;15(3):117-120. doi: 10.7181/acfs.2014.15.3.117. Epub 2014 Dec 23.


Rutin inhibits B[a]PDE-induced cyclooxygenase-2 expression by targeting EGFR kinase activity.

Choi S, Lim TG, Hwang MK, Kim YA, Kim J, Kang NJ, Jang TS, Park JS, Yeom MH, Lee KW.

Biochem Pharmacol. 2013 Nov 15;86(10):1468-75. doi: 10.1016/j.bcp.2013.08.066. Epub 2013 Sep 7.


Persimmon peel extract attenuates PDGF-BB-induced human aortic smooth muscle cell migration and invasion through inhibition of c-Src activity.

Son JE, Hwang MK, Lee E, Seo SG, Kim JE, Jung SK, Kim JR, Ahn GH, Lee KW, Lee HJ.

Food Chem. 2013 Dec 15;141(4):3309-16. doi: 10.1016/j.foodchem.2013.06.038. Epub 2013 Jun 18.


Piceatannol suppresses the metastatic potential of MCF10A human breast epithelial cells harboring mutated H-ras by inhibiting MMP-2 expression.

Song NR, Hwang MK, Heo YS, Lee KW, Lee HJ.

Int J Mol Med. 2013 Oct;32(4):775-84. doi: 10.3892/ijmm.2013.1449. Epub 2013 Jul 18.


Effect of thermal dissipation by adding graphene materials to surface coating of LED lighting module.

Kim S, Jeong JY, Han SH, Kim JH, Kwon KT, Hwang MK, Kim IT, Cho GS.

J Nanosci Nanotechnol. 2013 May;13(5):3554-8.


Value of the Palliative Performance Scale in the prognostication of advanced cancer patients in a tertiary care setting.

Mei AH, Jin WL, Hwang MK, Meng YC, Seng LC, Yaw WH.

J Palliat Med. 2013 Aug;16(8):887-93. doi: 10.1089/jpm.2012.0556. Epub 2013 Jun 12.


20-O-β-d-glucopyranosyl-20(S)-protopanaxadiol, a metabolite of ginseng, inhibits colon cancer growth by targeting TRPC channel-mediated calcium influx.

Hwang JA, Hwang MK, Jang Y, Lee EJ, Kim JE, Oh MH, Shin DJ, Lim S, Ji Go, Oh U, Bode AM, Dong Z, Lee KW, Lee HJ.

J Nutr Biochem. 2013 Jun;24(6):1096-104. doi: 10.1016/j.jnutbio.2012.08.008. Epub 2013 Jan 11.


Schizonepeta tenuifolia inhibits the development of atopic dermatitis in mice.

Choi YY, Kim MH, Kim JH, Jung HS, Sohn Y, Choi YJ, Hwang MK, Kim SH, Kim J, Yang WM.

Phytother Res. 2013 Aug;27(8):1131-5. doi: 10.1002/ptr.4833. Epub 2012 Sep 4.


Thiourea compound AW00178 sensitizes human H1299 lung carcinoma cells to TRAIL-mediated apoptosis.

Ryu BJ, Hwang MK, Park M, Lee K, Kim SH.

Bioorg Med Chem Lett. 2012 Jun 15;22(12):3862-5. doi: 10.1016/j.bmcl.2012.05.013. Epub 2012 May 11.


Cocarcinogenic effect of capsaicin involves activation of EGFR signaling but not TRPV1.

Hwang MK, Bode AM, Byun S, Song NR, Lee HJ, Lee KW, Dong Z.

Cancer Res. 2010 Sep 1;70(17):6859-69. doi: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-09-4393. Epub 2010 Jul 26.


Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase, a novel target molecule for the inhibitory effects of kaempferol on neoplastic cell transformation.

Lee KM, Lee DE, Seo SK, Hwang MK, Heo YS, Lee KW, Lee HJ.

Carcinogenesis. 2010 Aug;31(8):1338-43. doi: 10.1093/carcin/bgq102. Epub 2010 Jun 8.


Protective effect of quercetin against arsenite-induced COX-2 expression by targeting PI3K in rat liver epithelial cells.

Lee KM, Hwang MK, Lee DE, Lee KW, Lee HJ.

J Agric Food Chem. 2010 May 12;58(9):5815-20. doi: 10.1021/jf903698s.


Luteolin inhibits protein kinase C(epsilon) and c-Src activities and UVB-induced skin cancer.

Byun S, Lee KW, Jung SK, Lee EJ, Hwang MK, Lim SH, Bode AM, Lee HJ, Dong Z.

Cancer Res. 2010 Mar 15;70(6):2415-23. doi: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-09-4093. Epub 2010 Mar 9.


Cyanidin suppresses ultraviolet B-induced COX-2 expression in epidermal cells by targeting MKK4, MEK1, and Raf-1.

Kim JE, Kwon JY, Seo SK, Son JE, Jung SK, Min SY, Hwang MK, Heo YS, Lee KW, Lee HJ.

Biochem Pharmacol. 2010 May 15;79(10):1473-82. doi: 10.1016/j.bcp.2010.01.008. Epub 2010 Jan 21.


Calmodulin inhibition contributes to sensitize TRAIL-induced apoptosis in human lung cancer H1299 cells.

Hwang MK, Min YK, Kim SH.

Biochem Cell Biol. 2009 Dec;87(6):919-26. doi: 10.1139/o09-058.


Phosphoinositide 3-kinase is a novel target of piceatannol for inhibiting PDGF-BB-induced proliferation and migration in human aortic smooth muscle cells.

Choi KH, Kim JE, Song NR, Son JE, Hwang MK, Byun S, Kim JH, Lee KW, Lee HJ.

Cardiovasc Res. 2010 Mar 1;85(4):836-44. doi: 10.1093/cvr/cvp359. Epub 2009 Nov 3.


Delphinidin suppresses ultraviolet B-induced cyclooxygenases-2 expression through inhibition of MAPKK4 and PI-3 kinase.

Kwon JY, Lee KW, Kim JE, Jung SK, Kang NJ, Hwang MK, Heo YS, Bode AM, Dong Z, Lee HJ.

Carcinogenesis. 2009 Nov;30(11):1932-40. doi: 10.1093/carcin/bgp216. Epub 2009 Sep 23.


Activation of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase is required for tumor necrosis factor-alpha-induced upregulation of matrix metalloproteinase-9: its direct inhibition by quercetin.

Hwang MK, Song NR, Kang NJ, Lee KW, Lee HJ.

Int J Biochem Cell Biol. 2009 Jul;41(7):1592-600. doi: 10.1016/j.biocel.2009.01.014. Epub 2009 Jan 29.


Cocoa procyanidins attenuate 4-hydroxynonenal-induced apoptosis of PC12 cells by directly inhibiting mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 4 activity.

Cho ES, Jang YJ, Kang NJ, Hwang MK, Kim YT, Lee KW, Lee HJ.

Free Radic Biol Med. 2009 May 15;46(10):1319-27. doi: 10.1016/j.freeradbiomed.2009.02.010. Epub 2009 Feb 25.


Fyn kinase is a direct molecular target of delphinidin for the inhibition of cyclooxygenase-2 expression induced by tumor necrosis factor-alpha.

Hwang MK, Kang NJ, Heo YS, Lee KW, Lee HJ.

Biochem Pharmacol. 2009 Apr 1;77(7):1213-22. doi: 10.1016/j.bcp.2008.12.021. Epub 2009 Jan 7.


Delphinidin attenuates neoplastic transformation in JB6 Cl41 mouse epidermal cells by blocking Raf/mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase/extracellular signal-regulated kinase signaling.

Kang NJ, Lee KW, Kwon JY, Hwang MK, Rogozin EA, Heo YS, Bode AM, Lee HJ, Dong Z.

Cancer Prev Res (Phila). 2008 Dec;1(7):522-31. doi: 10.1158/1940-6207.CAPR-08-0071.


Caffeic acid, a phenolic phytochemical in coffee, directly inhibits Fyn kinase activity and UVB-induced COX-2 expression.

Kang NJ, Lee KW, Shin BJ, Jung SK, Hwang MK, Bode AM, Heo YS, Lee HJ, Dong Z.

Carcinogenesis. 2009 Feb;30(2):321-30. doi: 10.1093/carcin/bgn282. Epub 2008 Dec 10.


Attenuation of oxidative neuronal cell death by coffee phenolic phytochemicals.

Cho ES, Jang YJ, Hwang MK, Kang NJ, Lee KW, Lee HJ.

Mutat Res. 2009 Feb 10;661(1-2):18-24. doi: 10.1016/j.mrfmmm.2008.10.021. Epub 2008 Nov 5.


Cocoa procyanidins inhibit expression and activation of MMP-2 in vascular smooth muscle cells by direct inhibition of MEK and MT1-MMP activities.

Lee KW, Kang NJ, Oak MH, Hwang MK, Kim JH, Schini-Kerth VB, Lee HJ.

Cardiovasc Res. 2008 Jul 1;79(1):34-41. doi: 10.1093/cvr/cvn056. Epub 2008 Mar 1.


Raf and MEK protein kinases are direct molecular targets for the chemopreventive effect of quercetin, a major flavonol in red wine.

Lee KW, Kang NJ, Heo YS, Rogozin EA, Pugliese A, Hwang MK, Bowden GT, Bode AM, Lee HJ, Dong Z.

Cancer Res. 2008 Feb 1;68(3):946-55. doi: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-07-3140.


Double-stranded RNA virus in Korean isolate IH-2 of Trichomonas vaginalis.

Kim JW, Chung PR, Hwang MK, Choi EY.

Korean J Parasitol. 2007 Jun;45(2):87-94.


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