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Application of single-step genomic evaluation using social genetic effect model for growth in pig.

Hong JK, Kim YS, Cho KH, Lee DH, Min YJ, Cho ES.

Asian-Australas J Anim Sci. 2019 Aug 26. doi: 10.5713/ajas.19.0182. [Epub ahead of print]


Genome-wide analysis of spatiotemporal gene expression patterns during floral organ development in Brassica rapa.

Lee SI, Muthusamy M, Nawaz MA, Hong JK, Lim MH, Kim JA, Jeong MJ.

Mol Genet Genomics. 2019 Jun 20. doi: 10.1007/s00438-019-01585-5. [Epub ahead of print]


Interaction among soil physicochemical properties, bacterial community structure, and arsenic contamination: Clay-induced change in long-term arsenic contaminated soils.

Jeong S, Hong JK, Jho EH, Nam K.

J Hazard Mater. 2019 Jun 3;378:120729. doi: 10.1016/j.jhazmat.2019.06.006. [Epub ahead of print]


Sequential biowashing-biopile processes for remediation of crude oil contaminated soil in Kuwait.

Kim T, Hong JK, Jho EH, Kang G, Yang DJ, Lee SJ.

J Hazard Mater. 2019 May 31;378:120710. doi: 10.1016/j.jhazmat.2019.05.103. [Epub ahead of print]


A Comparison Study of Fatigue Behavior of Hard and Soft Piezoelectric Single Crystal Macro-Fiber Composites for Vibration Energy Harvesting.

Peddigari M, Kim GY, Park CH, Min Y, Kim JW, Ahn CW, Choi JJ, Hahn BD, Choi JH, Park DS, Hong JK, Yeom JT, Park KI, Jeong DY, Yoon WH, Ryu J, Hwang GT.

Sensors (Basel). 2019 May 13;19(9). pii: E2196. doi: 10.3390/s19092196.


Effect of Bacillus aryabhattai H26-2 and B. siamensis H30-3 on Growth Promotion and Alleviation of Heat and Drought Stresses in Chinese Cabbage.

Shin DJ, Yoo SJ, Hong JK, Weon HY, Song J, Sang MK.

Plant Pathol J. 2019 Apr;35(2):178-187. doi: 10.5423/PPJ.NT.08.2018.0159. Epub 2019 Apr 1.


Targeting β-catenin overcomes MEK inhibition resistance in colon cancer with KRAS and PIK3CA mutations.

Moon JH, Hong SW, Kim JE, Shin JS, Kim JS, Jung SA, Ha SH, Lee S, Kim J, Lee DH, Park YS, Kim DM, Park SS, Hong JK, Kim DY, Kim EH, Jung J, Kim MJ, Kim SM, Deming DA, Kim K, Kim TW, Jin DH.

Br J Cancer. 2019 Apr;120(9):941-951. doi: 10.1038/s41416-019-0434-5. Epub 2019 Apr 4.


Role of hemoglobin in hemoglobin-based remediation of the crude oil-contaminated soil.

Hong JK, Jho EH, Choi HS, Kang G.

Sci Total Environ. 2018 Jun 15;627:1174-1181. doi: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2018.01.243. Epub 2018 Feb 6.


Genetic association between sow longevity and social genetic effects on growth in pigs.

Hong JK, Kim YM, Cho KH, Cho ES, Lee DH, Choi TJ.

Asian-Australas J Anim Sci. 2019 Aug;32(8):1077-1083. doi: 10.5713/ajas.18.0789. Epub 2019 Feb 7.


Cross-protective efficacy of the O1 Manisa + O 3039 bivalent vaccine and the O 3039 monovalent vaccine against heterologous challenge with FMDV O/Jincheon/SKR/2014 in pig.

Kim T, Hong JK, Oem JK, Lee KN, Lee HS, Kim YJ, Ryoo S, Ko YJ, Park JH, Choi J, Lee SH, Jo HJ, Lee MH, Kim B, Kim J.

Vaccine. 2019 Mar 14;37(12):1702-1709. doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2018.11.080. Epub 2019 Feb 1.


Self-healing encapsulation and controlled release of vaccine antigens from PLGA microparticles delivered by microneedle patches.

Mazzara JM, Ochyl LJ, Hong JKY, Moon JJ, Prausnitz MR, Schwendeman SP.

Bioeng Transl Med. 2018 Oct 30;4(1):116-128. doi: 10.1002/btm2.10103. eCollection 2019 Jan.


Ultralow surface energy self-assembled monolayers of iodo-perfluorinated alkanes on silica driven by halogen bonding.

Shou K, Hong JK, Wood ES, Hook JM, Nelson A, Yin Y, Andersson GG, Abate A, Steiner U, Neto C.

Nanoscale. 2019 Jan 31;11(5):2401-2411. doi: 10.1039/c8nr08195f.


Enhanced Tolerance of Chinese Cabbage Seedlings Mediated by Bacillus aryabhattai H26-2 and B. siamensis H30-3 against High Temperature Stress and Fungal Infections.

Lee YH, Jang SJ, Han JH, Bae JS, Shin H, Park HJ, Sang MK, Han SH, Kim KS, Han SW, Hong JK.

Plant Pathol J. 2018 Dec;34(6):555-566. doi: 10.5423/PPJ.OA.07.2018.0130. Epub 2018 Dec 1.


Age as a Moderator of Social Skills Intervention Response Among Korean Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Hong JK, Oh M, Bong G, Kim JH, Bahn G, Cho IH, Yoo HJ.

J Autism Dev Disord. 2019 Apr;49(4):1626-1637. doi: 10.1007/s10803-018-3859-4.


N-glycan Remodeling Using Mannosidase Inhibitors to Increase High-mannose Glycans on Acid α-Glucosidase in Transgenic Rice Cell Cultures.

Choi HY, Park H, Hong JK, Kim SD, Kwon JY, You S, Do J, Lee DY, Kim HH, Kim DI.

Sci Rep. 2018 Oct 31;8(1):16130. doi: 10.1038/s41598-018-34438-z.


The Effects of Continuation-Maintenance Electroconvulsive Therapy on Reducing Hospital Re-Admissions in Patients with Treatment-Resistant Schizophrenia.

Choi KM, Choi SH, Hong JK, Lee MH, Jung JH, Oh SH, Jung DC, Kim SN.

Clin Psychopharmacol Neurosci. 2018 Aug 31;16(3):339-342. doi: 10.9758/cpn.2018.16.3.339.


Comparative phenotypic analysis of CHO clones and culture media for lactate shift.

Hong JK, Nargund S, Lakshmanan M, Kyriakopoulos S, Kim DY, Ang KS, Leong D, Yang Y, Lee DY.

J Biotechnol. 2018 Oct 10;283:97-104. doi: 10.1016/j.jbiotec.2018.07.042. Epub 2018 Aug 1.


Exclusion zone and heterogeneous water structure at ambient temperature.

Hwang SG, Hong JK, Sharma A, Pollack GH, Bahng G.

PLoS One. 2018 Apr 18;13(4):e0195057. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0195057. eCollection 2018.


Ultrastructures of Colletotrichum orbiculare in Cucumber Leaves Expressing Systemic Acquired Resistance Mediated by Chlorella fusca.

Kim SJ, Ko EJ, Hong JK, Jeun YC.

Plant Pathol J. 2018 Apr;34(2):113-120. doi: 10.5423/PPJ.OA.09.2017.0204. Epub 2018 Apr 1.


Reduced Bacterial Wilt in Tomato Plants by Bactericidal Peroxyacetic Acid Mixture Treatment.

Hong JK, Jang SJ, Lee YH, Jo YS, Yun JG, Jo H, Park CJ, Kim HJ.

Plant Pathol J. 2018 Feb;34(1):78-84. doi: 10.5423/PPJ.NT.06.2017.0131. Epub 2018 Feb 1.


A genome-wide association study of social genetic effects in Landrace pigs.

Hong JK, Jeong YD, Cho ES, Choi TJ, Kim YM, Cho KH, Lee JB, Lim HT, Lee DH.

Asian-Australas J Anim Sci. 2018 Jun;31(6):784-790. doi: 10.5713/ajas.17.0440. Epub 2017 Dec 19.


Differential Inhibitory Activities of Four Plant Essential Oils on In Vitro Growth of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. fragariae Causing Fusarium Wilt in Strawberry Plants.

Park JY, Kim SH, Kim NH, Lee SW, Jeun YC, Hong JK.

Plant Pathol J. 2017 Dec;33(6):582-588. doi: 10.5423/PPJ.OA.06.2017.0133. Epub 2017 Dec 1.


Chitinimonas lacunae sp. nov., isolated from artificial pond in Korea.

Yang DJ, Choi HS, Hong JK.

Int J Syst Evol Microbiol. 2017 Nov;67(11):4323-4327. doi: 10.1099/ijsem.0.002195. Epub 2017 Oct 6.


Pedobacter solisilvae sp. nov., isolated from forest soil.

Yang DJ, Hong JK.

Int J Syst Evol Microbiol. 2017 Nov;67(11):4814-4819. doi: 10.1099/ijsem.0.002383. Epub 2017 Oct 6.


Detecting selection signatures between Duroc and Duroc synthetic pig populations using high-density SNP chip.

Edea Z, Hong JK, Jung JH, Kim DW, Kim YM, Kim ES, Shin SS, Jung YC, Kim KS.

Anim Genet. 2017 Aug;48(4):473-477. doi: 10.1111/age.12559. Epub 2017 May 16.


Functional roles of the pepper leucine-rich repeat protein and its interactions with pathogenesis-related and hypersensitive-induced proteins in plant cell death and immunity.

Hong JK, Hwang IS, Hwang BK.

Planta. 2017 Sep;246(3):351-364. doi: 10.1007/s00425-017-2709-5. Epub 2017 May 15. Review.


Correction: Novel PCR Primers for the Archaeal Phylum Thaumarchaeota Designed Based on the Comparative Analysis of 16S rRNA Gene Sequences.

Hong JK, Kim HJ, Cho JC.

PLoS One. 2017 Apr 11;12(4):e0175937. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0175937. eCollection 2017.


Patterned Polymer Coatings Increase the Efficiency of Dew Harvesting.

Al-Khayat O, Hong JK, Beck DM, Minett AI, Neto C.

ACS Appl Mater Interfaces. 2017 Apr 19;9(15):13676-13684. doi: 10.1021/acsami.6b16248. Epub 2017 Mar 3.


Optogenetic Modulation of Urinary Bladder Contraction for Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction.

Park JH, Hong JK, Jang JY, An J, Lee KS, Kang TM, Shin HJ, Suh JF.

Sci Rep. 2017 Jan 18;7:40872. doi: 10.1038/srep40872.


Behaviors and body weight of suckling piglets in different social environments.

Hong JK, Kim KH, Hwang HS, Lee JK, Eom TK, Rhim SJ.

Asian-Australas J Anim Sci. 2017 Jun;30(6):902-906. doi: 10.5713/ajas.16.0653. Epub 2016 Nov 21.


Differential Control Efficacies of Vitamin Treatments against Bacterial Wilt and Grey Mould Diseases in Tomato Plants.

Hong JK, Kim HJ, Jung H, Yang HJ, Kim DH, Sung CH, Park CJ, Chang SW.

Plant Pathol J. 2016 Oct;32(5):469-480. Epub 2016 Oct 1.


Six Germline Genetic Variations Impair the Translesion Synthesis Activity of Human DNA Polymerase κ.

Kim JK, Yeom M, Hong JK, Song I, Lee YS, Guengerich FP, Choi JY.

Chem Res Toxicol. 2016 Oct 17;29(10):1741-1754. Epub 2016 Sep 21.


Monitoring of airborne particulate matter at mountainous urban sites.

Dai J, Kim KH, Dutta T, Park WM, Hong JK, Jung K, Brown RJ.

Environ Monit Assess. 2016 Aug;188(8):490. doi: 10.1007/s10661-016-5501-2. Epub 2016 Jul 29.


Reduction of GIGANTEA expression in transgenic Brassica rapa enhances salt tolerance.

Kim JA, Jung HE, Hong JK, Hermand V, Robertson McClung C, Lee YH, Kim JY, Lee SI, Jeong MJ, Kim J, Yun D, Kim W.

Plant Cell Rep. 2016 Sep;35(9):1943-54. doi: 10.1007/s00299-016-2008-9. Epub 2016 Jun 13.


Isolation and characterization of novel microsatellites for Abies koreana and A. nephrolepis (Pinaceae).

Hong JK, Lim J, Lee BY, Kwak M.

Genet Mol Res. 2016 Apr 28;15(2). doi: 10.4238/gmr.15027542.


Comprehensive analysis of plant rapid alkalization factor (RALF) genes.

Sharma A, Hussain A, Mun BG, Imran QM, Falak N, Lee SU, Kim JY, Hong JK, Loake GJ, Ali A, Yun BW.

Plant Physiol Biochem. 2016 Sep;106:82-90. doi: 10.1016/j.plaphy.2016.03.037. Epub 2016 Mar 30.


Behavioral Characteristics of Weaned Piglets Mixed in Different Groups.

Hwang HS, Lee JK, Eom TK, Son SH, Hong JK, Kim KH, Rhim SJ.

Asian-Australas J Anim Sci. 2016 Jul;29(7):1060-4. doi: 10.5713/ajas.15.0734. Epub 2015 Oct 23.


Epidemiologic features of the first MERS outbreak in Korea: focus on Pyeongtaek St. Mary's Hospital.

Kim KM, Ki M, Cho SI, Sung M, Hong JK, Cheong HK, Kim JH, Lee SE, Lee C, Lee KJ, Park YS, Kim SW, Choi BY.

Epidemiol Health. 2015 Sep 17;37:e2015041. doi: 10.4178/epih/e2015041. eCollection 2015.


Application of Volatile Antifungal Plant Essential Oils for Controlling Pepper Fruit Anthracnose by Colletotrichum gloeosporioides.

Hong JK, Yang HJ, Jung H, Yoon DJ, Sang MK, Jeun YC.

Plant Pathol J. 2015 Sep;31(3):269-77. doi: 10.5423/PPJ.OA.03.2015.0027. Epub 2015 Sep 30.


Inactivation of foot-and-mouth disease virus by citric acid and sodium carbonate with deicers.

Hong JK, Lee KN, You SH, Kim SM, Tark D, Lee HS, Ko YJ, Seo MG, Park JH, Kim B.

Appl Environ Microbiol. 2015 Nov;81(21):7610-4. doi: 10.1128/AEM.01673-15. Epub 2015 Aug 28.


Environmental Variables Shaping the Ecological Niche of Thaumarchaeota in Soil: Direct and Indirect Causal Effects.

Hong JK, Cho JC.

PLoS One. 2015 Aug 4;10(8):e0133763. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0133763. eCollection 2015.


Whole-genome resequencing analyses of five pig breeds, including Korean wild and native, and three European origin breeds.

Choi JW, Chung WH, Lee KT, Cho ES, Lee SW, Choi BH, Lee SH, Lim W, Lim D, Lee YG, Hong JK, Kim DW, Jeon HJ, Kim J, Kim N, Kim TH.

DNA Res. 2015 Aug;22(4):259-67. doi: 10.1093/dnares/dsv011. Epub 2015 Jun 27.


Effects of Mixing on the Aggressive Behavior of Commercially Housed Pigs.

Rhim SJ, Son SH, Hwang HS, Lee JK, Hong JK.

Asian-Australas J Anim Sci. 2015 Jul;28(7):1038-43. doi: 10.5713/ajas.14.0907.


Effects of microstructure and deformation conditions on the hot formability of Ni-Ti-Hf shape memory alloys.

Kim JH, Park CH, Kim SW, Hong JK, Oh CS, Jeon YM, Kim KM, Yeom JT.

J Nanosci Nanotechnol. 2014 Dec;14(12):9548-53.


Parity-time-symmetry breaking in double-slab surface-plasmon-polariton waveguides.

Choi Y, Hong JK, Cho JH, Lee KG, Yoon JW, Song SH.

Opt Express. 2015 May 4;23(9):11783-9. doi: 10.1364/OE.23.011783.


Exploring the genetic signature of body size in Yucatan miniature pig.

Kim H, Song KD, Kim HJ, Park W, Kim J, Lee T, Shin DH, Kwak W, Kwon YJ, Sung S, Moon S, Lee KT, Kim N, Hong JK, Eo KY, Seo KS, Kim G, Park S, Yun CH, Kim H, Choi K, Kim J, Lee WK, Kim DK, Oh JD, Kim ES, Cho S, Lee HK, Kim TH, Kim H.

PLoS One. 2015 Apr 17;10(4):e0121732. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0121732. eCollection 2015.


Thickness-controllable electrospun fibers promote tubular structure formation by endothelial progenitor cells.

Hong JK, Bang JY, Xu G, Lee JH, Kim YJ, Lee HJ, Kim HS, Kwon SM.

Int J Nanomedicine. 2015 Feb 10;10:1189-200. doi: 10.2147/IJN.S73096. eCollection 2015.


Genome-wide analysis of the expansin gene superfamily reveals Brassica rapa-specific evolutionary dynamics upon whole genome triplication.

Krishnamurthy P, Hong JK, Kim JA, Jeong MJ, Lee YH, Lee SI.

Mol Genet Genomics. 2015 Apr;290(2):521-30. doi: 10.1007/s00438-014-0935-0. Epub 2014 Oct 18.


Altered cultivar resistance of kimchi cabbage seedlings mediated by salicylic Acid, jasmonic Acid and ethylene.

Lee YH, Kim SH, Yun BW, Hong JK.

Plant Pathol J. 2014 Sep;30(3):323-9. doi: 10.5423/PPJ.NT.06.2014.0053.

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