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NKp30 (NCR3) is a pseudogene in 12 inbred and wild mouse strains, but an expressed gene in Mus caroli.

Hollyoake M, Campbell RD, Aguado B.

Mol Biol Evol. 2005 Aug;22(8):1661-72. Epub 2005 May 4.


Molecular characterization of the novel rat NK receptor 1C7.

Bäckman-Petersson E, Miller JR, Hollyoake M, Aguado B, Butcher GW.

Eur J Immunol. 2003 Feb;33(2):342-51.


Variant chromatin structure of the oriP region of Epstein-Barr virus and regulation of EBER1 expression by upstream sequences and oriP.

Wensing B, Stühler A, Jenkins P, Hollyoake M, Karstegl CE, Farrell PJ.

J Virol. 2001 Jul;75(13):6235-41.


Structure and coding content of CST (BART) family RNAs of Epstein-Barr virus.

Smith PR, de Jesus O, Turner D, Hollyoake M, Karstegl CE, Griffin BE, Karran L, Wang Y, Hayward SD, Farrell PJ.

J Virol. 2000 Apr;74(7):3082-92.


Control of cell cycle entry and apoptosis in B lymphocytes infected by Epstein-Barr virus.

Spender LC, Cannell EJ, Hollyoake M, Wensing B, Gawn JM, Brimmell M, Packham G, Farrell PJ.

J Virol. 1999 Jun;73(6):4678-88.


Direct demonstration of persistent Epstein-Barr virus gene expression in peripheral blood of infected common marmosets and analysis of virus-infected tissues in vivo.

Farrell PJ, Hollyoake M, Niedobitek G, Agathanggelou A, Morgan A, Wedderburn N.

J Gen Virol. 1997 Jun;78 ( Pt 6):1417-24.


The normal cell cycle activation program is exploited during the infection of quiescent B lymphocytes by Epstein-Barr virus.

Hollyoake M, Stühler A, Farrell P, Gordon J, Sinclair A.

Cancer Res. 1995 Nov 1;55(21):4784-7.


The EUROGEM map of human chromosome 5.

Villamar M, Gomendio B, Perera E, Telleria D, Fizames C, San Millan JL, Weissenbach J, Schott JJ, Dixon M, Hollyoake M, et al.

Eur J Hum Genet. 1994;2(3):212-3. No abstract available.


Phosphoglucomutase 1: a gene with two promoters and a duplicated first exon.

Putt W, Ives JH, Hollyoake M, Hopkinson DA, Whitehouse DB, Edwards YH.

Biochem J. 1993 Dec 1;296 ( Pt 2):417-22.


The classical human phosphoglucomutase (PGM1) isozyme polymorphism is generated by intragenic recombination.

March RE, Putt W, Hollyoake M, Ives JH, Lovegrove JU, Hopkinson DA, Edwards YH, Whitehouse DB.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1993 Nov 15;90(22):10730-3.


Genetic polymorphism in the 3' untranslated region of human phosphoglucomutase-1.

March RE, Hollyoake M, Putt W, Hopkinson DA, Edwards YH, Whitehouse DB.

Ann Hum Genet. 1993 Jan;57(1):1-8.


Two TaqI polymorphisms at the human PGM1 locus.

Hollyoake M, Putt W, Edwards YH, Whitehouse DB.

Hum Mol Genet. 1992 Aug;1(5):354. No abstract available.


Phosphoglucomutase 1: complete human and rabbit mRNA sequences and direct mapping of this highly polymorphic marker on human chromosome 1.

Whitehouse DB, Putt W, Lovegrove JU, Morrison K, Hollyoake M, Fox MF, Hopkinson DA, Edwards YH.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1992 Jan 1;89(1):411-5.

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