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The development and validation of risk-stratification models for short-term outcomes following contaminated complex abdominal wall reconstruction.

Hodgkinson JD, de Vries FEE, Claessen JJM, Leo CA, Maeda Y, van Ruler O, Lapid O, Obdeijn MC, Tanis PJ, Bemelman WA, Constantinides J, Hanna GB, Warusavitarne J, Boermeester MA, Vaizey C.

Hernia. 2020 Feb 10. doi: 10.1007/s10029-019-02120-6. [Epub ahead of print]


Comparison of high-resolution water perfused anorectal manometry with the THD® Anopress anal manometry: a prospective observational study.

Leo CA, Cavazzoni E, Leeuwenburgh MMN, Thomas GP, Dennis A, Bassett P, Hodgkinson JD, Warusavitarne J, Murphy J, Vaizey CJ.

Colorectal Dis. 2020 Jan 28. doi: 10.1111/codi.14992. [Epub ahead of print]


Blood pressure monitoring in high-risk pregnancy to improve the detection and monitoring of hypertension (the BUMP 1 and 2 trials): protocol for two linked randomised controlled trials.

Dougall G, Franssen M, Tucker KL, Yu LM, Hinton L, Rivero-Arias O, Abel L, Allen J, Band RJ, Chisholm A, Crawford C, Green M, Greenfield S, Hodgkinson J, Leeson P, McCourt C, MacKillop L, Nickless A, Sandall J, Santos M, Tarassenko L, Velardo C, Wilson H, Yardley L, Chappell L, McManus RJ.

BMJ Open. 2020 Jan 23;10(1):e034593. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2019-034593.


Intervention planning and modification of the BUMP intervention: a digital intervention for the early detection of raised blood pressure in pregnancy.

Band R, Hinton L, Tucker KL, Chappell LC, Crawford C, Franssen M, Greenfield S, Hodgkinson J, McCourt C, McManus RJ, Sandall J, Santos MD, Velardo C, Yardley L.

Pilot Feasibility Stud. 2019 Dec 20;5:153. doi: 10.1186/s40814-019-0537-z. eCollection 2019.


Spectroscopic gas detection using a Bragg grating - stabilized external cavity laser, custom written in planar integrated silica-on-silicon.

Davis NM, Lynch SG, Gates JC, Hodgkinson J, Smith PGR, Tatam RP.

Opt Express. 2019 Sep 30;27(20):29034-29044. doi: 10.1364/OE.27.029034.


A survey of the level of horse owner uptake of evidence-based anthelmintic treatment protocols for equine helminth control in the UK.

Tzelos T, Morgan ER, Easton S, Hodgkinson JE, Matthews JB.

Vet Parasitol. 2019 Oct;274:108926. doi: 10.1016/j.vetpar.2019.108926. Epub 2019 Sep 19.


Siderophore-Antibiotic Conjugate Design: New Drugs for Bad Bugs?

Negash KH, Norris JKS, Hodgkinson JT.

Molecules. 2019 Sep 11;24(18). pii: E3314. doi: 10.3390/molecules24183314. Review.


Using mHealth for the management of hypertension in UK primary care: an embedded qualitative study of the TASMINH4 randomised controlled trial.

Grant S, Hodgkinson J, Schwartz C, Bradburn P, Franssen M, Hobbs FR, Jowett S, McManus RJ, Greenfield S.

Br J Gen Pract. 2019 Aug 29;69(686):e612-e620. doi: 10.3399/bjgp19X704585. Print 2019 Sep.


Fasciola hepatica in UK horses.

Howell AK, Malalana F, Beesley NJ, Hodgkinson JE, Rhodes H, Sekiya M, Archer D, Clough HE, Gilmore P, Williams DJL.

Equine Vet J. 2020 Mar;52(2):194-199. doi: 10.1111/evj.13149. Epub 2019 Jul 21.


A review of our current understanding of parasite survival in silage and stored forages, with a focus on Fasciola hepatica metacercariae.

John BC, Davies DR, Williams DJL, Hodgkinson JE.

Grass Forage Sci. 2019 Jun;74(2):211-217. doi: 10.1111/gfs.12429. Epub 2019 May 7. Review.


Incisional hernia and enterocutaneous fistula in patients with chronic intestinal failure: prevalence and risk factors in a cohort of patients referred to a tertiary centre.

Hodgkinson JD, Oke SM, Warusavitarne J, Hanna GB, Gabe SM, Vaizey CJ.

Colorectal Dis. 2019 Nov;21(11):1288-1295. doi: 10.1111/codi.14735. Epub 2019 Jul 15.


Symptomatic trochanteric non-union following total hip replacement treated with reattachment combined with two-stage revision surgery of the femoral stem.

Drampalos E, Bayam L, Oakley J, Hemmady M, Hodgkinson J.

Ann R Coll Surg Engl. 2019 Jul;101(6):e133-e135. doi: 10.1308/rcsann.2019.0048. Epub 2019 Jun 3.


Refugia and anthelmintic resistance: Concepts and challenges.

Hodgkinson JE, Kaplan RM, Kenyon F, Morgan ER, Park AW, Paterson S, Babayan SA, Beesley NJ, Britton C, Chaudhry U, Doyle SR, Ezenwa VO, Fenton A, Howell SB, Laing R, Mable BK, Matthews L, McIntyre J, Milne CE, Morrison TA, Prentice JC, Sargison ND, Williams DJL, Wolstenholme AJ, Devaney E.

Int J Parasitol Drugs Drug Resist. 2019 Aug;10:51-57. doi: 10.1016/j.ijpddr.2019.05.001. Epub 2019 May 17. Review.


Cost-Effectiveness of Telemonitoring and Self-Monitoring of Blood Pressure for Antihypertensive Titration in Primary Care (TASMINH4).

Monahan M, Jowett S, Nickless A, Franssen M, Grant S, Greenfield S, Hobbs FDR, Hodgkinson J, Mant J, McManus RJ.

Hypertension. 2019 Jun;73(6):1231-1239. doi: 10.1161/HYPERTENSIONAHA.118.12415.


Lack of efficacy of triclabendazole against Fasciola hepatica is present on sheep farms in three regions of England, and Wales.

Kamaludeen J, Graham-Brown J, Stephens N, Miller J, Howell A, Beesley NJ, Hodgkinson J, Learmount J, Williams D.

Vet Rec. 2019 Apr 20;184(16):502. doi: 10.1136/vr.105209. Epub 2019 Mar 1.


Teleost contributions to the understanding of mycobacterial diseases.

Hodgkinson JW, Belosevic M, Elks PM, Barreda DR.

Dev Comp Immunol. 2019 Jul;96:111-125. doi: 10.1016/j.dci.2019.02.011. Epub 2019 Feb 15. Review.


The Renew® anal insert for passive faecal incontinence: a retrospective audit of our use of a novel device.

Leo CA, Thomas GP, Hodgkinson JD, Segal JP, Maeda Y, Murphy J, Vaizey CJ.

Colorectal Dis. 2019 Jun;21(6):684-688. doi: 10.1111/codi.14587. Epub 2019 Mar 12.


Schedules for Self-monitoring Blood Pressure: A Systematic Review.

Hodgkinson JA, Stevens R, Grant S, Mant J, Bray EP, Hobbs FDR, Martin U, Schwartz C, McCartney D, O'Mahony R, Perera-Salazar R, Roberts N, Stevens S, Williams B, McManus RJ.

Am J Hypertens. 2019 Mar 16;32(4):350-364. doi: 10.1093/ajh/hpy185.


Teleost antimicrobial peptide hepcidin contributes to host defense of goldfish (Carassius auratus L.) against Trypanosoma carassii.

Xie J, Obiefuna V, Hodgkinson JW, McAllister M, Belosevic M.

Dev Comp Immunol. 2019 May;94:11-15. doi: 10.1016/j.dci.2019.01.007. Epub 2019 Jan 17.


Patterns of Fasciola hepatica infection in Danish dairy cattle: implications for on-farm control of the parasite based on different diagnostic methods.

Takeuchi-Storm N, Denwood M, Petersen HH, Enemark HL, Stensgaard AS, Sengupta ME, Beesley NJ, Hodgkinson J, Williams D, Thamsborg SM.

Parasit Vectors. 2018 Dec 29;11(1):674. doi: 10.1186/s13071-018-3248-z.


100 Questions in Livestock Helminthology Research.

Morgan ER, Aziz NA, Blanchard A, Charlier J, Charvet C, Claerebout E, Geldhof P, Greer AW, Hertzberg H, Hodgkinson J, Höglund J, Hoste H, Kaplan RM, Martínez-Valladares M, Mitchell S, Ploeger HW, Rinaldi L, von Samson-Himmelstjerna G, Sotiraki S, Schnyder M, Skuce P, Bartley D, Kenyon F, Thamsborg SM, Vineer HR, de Waal T, Williams AR, van Wyk JA, Vercruysse J.

Trends Parasitol. 2019 Jan;35(1):52-71. doi: 10.1016/ Epub 2018 Nov 23. Review.


Synthesis and biological evaluation of 1,2-disubsubstituted 4-quinolone analogues of Pseudonocardia sp. natural products.

Geddis SM, Coroama T, Forrest S, Hodgkinson JT, Welch M, Spring DR.

Beilstein J Org Chem. 2018 Oct 19;14:2680-2688. doi: 10.3762/bjoc.14.245. eCollection 2018.


The design and synthesis of an antibacterial phenothiazine-siderophore conjugate.

Tarapdar A, Norris JKS, Sampson O, Mukamolova G, Hodgkinson JT.

Beilstein J Org Chem. 2018 Oct 16;14:2646-2650. doi: 10.3762/bjoc.14.242. eCollection 2018.


How Do Home and Clinic Blood Pressure Readings Compare in Pregnancy?

Tucker KL, Bankhead C, Hodgkinson J, Roberts N, Stevens R, Heneghan C, Rey É, Lo C, Chandiramani M, Taylor RS, North RA, Khalil A, Marko K, Waugh J, Brown M, Crawford C, Taylor KS, Mackillop L, McManus RJ.

Hypertension. 2018 Sep;72(3):686-694. doi: 10.1161/HYPERTENSIONAHA.118.10917.


Acceptability, effectiveness and safety of a Renew® anal insert in patients who have undergone restorative proctocolectomy with ileal pouch-anal anastomosis.

Segal JP, Leo CA, Hodgkinson JD, Cavazzoni E, Bradshaw E, Lung PFC, Ilangovan R, Vaizey CJ, Faiz OD, Hart AL, Clark SK.

Colorectal Dis. 2019 Jan;21(1):73-78. doi: 10.1111/codi.14422. Epub 2018 Oct 8.


Clonal amplification of Fasciola hepatica in Galba truncatula: within and between isolate variation of triclabendazole-susceptible and -resistant clones.

Hodgkinson JE, Cwiklinski K, Beesley N, Hartley C, Allen K, Williams DJL.

Parasit Vectors. 2018 Jun 26;11(1):363. doi: 10.1186/s13071-018-2952-z.


Mechanisms of Fish Macrophage Antimicrobial Immunity.

Grayfer L, Kerimoglu B, Yaparla A, Hodgkinson JW, Xie J, Belosevic M.

Front Immunol. 2018 May 28;9:1105. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2018.01105. eCollection 2018. Review.


Contraceptive Practices, Preferences, and Barriers Among Abortion Clients in North Carolina.

Bryant AG, Speizer IS, Hodgkinson JC, Swiatlo A, Curtis SL, Perreira K.

South Med J. 2018 Jun;111(6):317-323. doi: 10.14423/SMJ.0000000000000820.


A survey of experiences of UK cattle and sheep farmers with anthelmintic prescribers; Are best practice principles being deployed at farm level?

Easton S, Pinchbeck GL, Bartley DJ, Hodgkinson JE, Matthews JB.

Prev Vet Med. 2018 Jul 1;155:27-37. doi: 10.1016/j.prevetmed.2018.04.009. Epub 2018 Apr 15.


Does the Internet provide patients or clinicians with useful information regarding faecal incontinence? An observational study.

Leo CA, Murphy J, Hodgkinson JD, Vaizey CJ, Maeda Y.

G Chir. 2018 Mar-Apr;39(2):71-76.


A meta-analysis comparing open anterior component separation with posterior component separation and transversus abdominis release in the repair of midline ventral hernias.

Hodgkinson JD, Leo CA, Maeda Y, Bassett P, Oke SM, Vaizey CJ, Warusavitarne J.

Hernia. 2018 Aug;22(4):617-626. doi: 10.1007/s10029-018-1757-5. Epub 2018 Mar 7. Review.


Efficacy of self-monitored blood pressure, with or without telemonitoring, for titration of antihypertensive medication (TASMINH4): an unmasked randomised controlled trial.

McManus RJ, Mant J, Franssen M, Nickless A, Schwartz C, Hodgkinson J, Bradburn P, Farmer A, Grant S, Greenfield SM, Heneghan C, Jowett S, Martin U, Milner S, Monahan M, Mort S, Ogburn E, Perera-Salazar R, Shah SA, Yu LM, Tarassenko L, Hobbs FDR; TASMINH4 investigators.

Lancet. 2018 Mar 10;391(10124):949-959. doi: 10.1016/S0140-6736(18)30309-X. Epub 2018 Feb 27.


Profiling G protein-coupled receptors of Fasciola hepatica identifies orphan rhodopsins unique to phylum Platyhelminthes.

McVeigh P, McCammick E, McCusker P, Wells D, Hodgkinson J, Paterson S, Mousley A, Marks NJ, Maule AG.

Int J Parasitol Drugs Drug Resist. 2018 Apr;8(1):87-103. doi: 10.1016/j.ijpddr.2018.01.001. Epub 2018 Feb 5.


The relationships between faecal egg counts and gut microbial composition in UK Thoroughbreds infected by cyathostomins.

Peachey LE, Molena RA, Jenkins TP, Di Cesare A, Traversa D, Hodgkinson JE, Cantacessi C.

Int J Parasitol. 2018 May;48(6):403-412. doi: 10.1016/j.ijpara.2017.11.003. Epub 2018 Feb 9.


Blood pressure self-monitoring in pregnancy: examining feasibility in a prospective cohort study.

Tucker KL, Taylor KS, Crawford C, Hodgkinson JA, Bankhead C, Carver T, Ewers E, Glogowska M, Greenfield SM, Ingram L, Hinton L, Khan KS, Locock L, Mackillop L, McCourt C, Pirie AM, Stevens R, McManus RJ.

BMC Pregnancy Childbirth. 2017 Dec 28;17(1):442. doi: 10.1186/s12884-017-1605-0.


Blood pressure self-monitoring in pregnancy (BuMP) feasibility study; a qualitative analysis of women's experiences of self-monitoring.

Hinton L, Tucker KL, Greenfield SM, Hodgkinson JA, Mackillop L, McCourt C, Carver T, Crawford C, Glogowska M, Locock L, Selwood M, Taylor KS, McManus RJ.

BMC Pregnancy Childbirth. 2017 Dec 19;17(1):427. doi: 10.1186/s12884-017-1592-1.


Five year experience of the treatment of squamous cell carcinoma of the anus.

Leo CA, Santorelli C, Hodgkinson JD, Bidovaneta O, Baldelli F, Cantarella F, Cavazzoni E.

G Chir. 2017 Jul-Aug;38(4):176-180.


Identification of new quorum sensing autoinducer binding partners in Pseudomonas aeruginosa using photoaffinity probes.

Baker YR, Hodgkinson JT, Florea BI, Alza E, Galloway WRJD, Grimm L, Geddis SM, Overkleeft HS, Welch M, Spring DR.

Chem Sci. 2017 Nov 1;8(11):7403-7411. doi: 10.1039/c7sc01270e. Epub 2017 Aug 29.


P-glycoproteins play a role in ivermectin resistance in cyathostomins.

Peachey LE, Pinchbeck GL, Matthews JB, Burden FA, Lespine A, von Samson-Himmelstjerna G, Krücken J, Hodgkinson JE.

Int J Parasitol Drugs Drug Resist. 2017 Dec;7(3):388-398. doi: 10.1016/j.ijpddr.2017.10.006. Epub 2017 Oct 25.


Trends in Abortion Incidence and Availability in North Carolina, 1980-2013.

Alvey J, Bryant AG, Curtis S, Speizer IS, Morgan SP, Tippett R, Hodgkinson JC, Perreira K.

South Med J. 2017 Nov;110(11):714-721. doi: 10.14423/SMJ.0000000000000726.


Fasciola and fasciolosis in ruminants in Europe: Identifying research needs.

Beesley NJ, Caminade C, Charlier J, Flynn RJ, Hodgkinson JE, Martinez-Moreno A, Martinez-Valladares M, Perez J, Rinaldi L, Williams DJL.

Transbound Emerg Dis. 2018 May;65 Suppl 1:199-216. doi: 10.1111/tbed.12682. Epub 2017 Oct 6. Review.


All-electronic frequency stabilization of a DFB laser diode.

Asmari A, Hodgkinson J, Chehura E, Staines SE, Tatam RP.

Opt Express. 2017 May 15;25(10):11679-11691. doi: 10.1364/OE.25.011679.


Current practice of continence advisors in managing faecal incontinence in the United Kingdom: results of an online survey.

Leo CA, Maeda Y, Collins B, Thomas GP, Hodgkinson JD, Murphy J, Vaizey CJ.

Colorectal Dis. 2017 Sep;19(9):O339-O344. doi: 10.1111/codi.13823.


Screening for Squamous Cell Anal Cancer in HIV Positive Patients: A Five-Year Experience.

Santorelli C, Leo CA, Hodgkinson JD, Baldelli F, Cantarella F, Cavazzoni E.

J Invest Surg. 2018 Oct;31(5):378-384. doi: 10.1080/08941939.2017.1334845. Epub 2017 Jun 23.


Single Port Laparoscopic Surgery for Complex Crohn's Disease Is Safe with a Lower Conversion Rate.

Leo CA, Samaranayake SF, Chandrasinghe PC, Shaikh IA, Hodgkinson JD, Warusavitarne JH.

J Laparoendosc Adv Surg Tech A. 2017 Nov;27(11):1095-1100. doi: 10.1089/lap.2016.0567. Epub 2017 May 5.


Long-Term Functional Outcome after Internal Delorme's Procedure for Obstructed Defecation Syndrome, and the Role of Postoperative Rehabilitation.

Leo CA, Campennì P, Hodgkinson JD, Rossitti P, Digito F, De Carli G, D'Ambrosi L, Carducci P, Seriau L, Terrosu G.

J Invest Surg. 2018 Jun;31(3):256-262. doi: 10.1080/08941939.2017.1300714. Epub 2017 Mar 31.


Strongyle egg reappearance period after moxidectin treatment and its relationship with management factors in UK equine populations.

Tzelos T, Barbeito JS, Nielsen MK, Morgan ER, Hodgkinson JE, Matthews JB.

Vet Parasitol. 2017 Apr 15;237:70-76. doi: 10.1016/j.vetpar.2017.02.018. Epub 2017 Feb 21.


Survivorship Analysis of Eighty Revised Hip Arthroplasties With the Impaction Grafting Technique Using Whole Femoral Head Allografts With the Articular Cartilage.

Fadulelmola A, Drampalos E, Hodgkinson J, Hemmady M.

J Arthroplasty. 2017 Jun;32(6):1970-1975. doi: 10.1016/j.arth.2017.01.021. Epub 2017 Jan 24.


Telemonitoring and/or self-monitoring of blood pressure in hypertension (TASMINH4): protocol for a randomised controlled trial.

Franssen M, Farmer A, Grant S, Greenfield S, Heneghan C, Hobbs R, Hodgkinson J, Jowett S, Mant J, Martin U, Milner S, Monahan M, Ogburn E, Perera-Salazar R, Schwartz C, Yu LM, McManus RJ.

BMC Cardiovasc Disord. 2017 Feb 13;17(1):58. doi: 10.1186/s12872-017-0494-5.

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