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Chronic pain is independently associated with social frailty in community-dwelling older adults.

Hirase T, Makizako H, Okubo Y, Lord SR, Inokuchi S, Okita M.

Geriatr Gerontol Int. 2019 Nov;19(11):1153-1156. doi: 10.1111/ggi.13785. Epub 2019 Oct 23.


Cost-effectiveness Analysis of Empagliflozin in Japan Based on Results From the Asian subpopulation in the EMPA-REG OUTCOME Trial.

Kaku K, Haneda M, Sakamaki H, Yasui A, Murata T, Ustyugova A, Chin R, Hirase T, Shibahara T, Hayashi N, Kansal A, Kaspers S, Okamura T.

Clin Ther. 2019 Oct;41(10):2021-2040.e11. doi: 10.1016/j.clinthera.2019.07.016. Epub 2019 Sep 25.


Carrier and spin dynamics of high-density exciton magnetic polarons in Cd0.8Mn0.2Te.

Hirase T, Koyama H, Nagata M, Ishihara J, Miyajima K.

J Phys Condens Matter. 2019 Oct 23;31(42):425403. doi: 10.1088/1361-648X/ab2dc1. Epub 2019 Jun 28.


Preoperative Warming Reduces Intraoperative Hypothermia in Total Joint Arthroplasty Patients.

Kay AB, Klavas DM, Hirase T, Cotton MO, Lambert BS, Incavo SJ.

J Am Acad Orthop Surg. 2019 Jun 14. doi: 10.5435/JAAOS-D-19-00041. [Epub ahead of print]


Performance and Return to Sport After Hip Arthroscopy for Femoroacetabular Impingement in Professional Athletes Differs Between Sports.

Jack RA 2nd, Sochacki KR, Hirase T, Vickery JW, Harris JD.

Arthroscopy. 2019 May;35(5):1422-1428. doi: 10.1016/j.arthro.2018.10.153. Epub 2019 Apr 9.


Performance and Return to Sport After Femoroacetabular Impingement Surgery in National Football League Players.

Sochacki KR, Jack RA 2nd, Hirase T, Vickery J, McCulloch PC, Lintner DM, Echo A, Harris JD.

Orthopedics. 2019 Sep 1;42(5):e423-e429. doi: 10.3928/01477447-20190403-01. Epub 2019 Apr 9.


Performance and Return to Sport After Hip Arthroscopic Surgery in Major League Baseball Players.

Jack RA, Sochacki KR, Hirase T, Vickery J, McCulloch PC, Lintner DM, Harris JD.

Orthop J Sports Med. 2019 Feb 22;7(2):2325967119825835. doi: 10.1177/2325967119825835. eCollection 2019 Feb.


Topical application of platelet-rich plasma for diabetic foot ulcers: A systematic review.

Hirase T, Ruff E, Surani S, Ratnani I.

World J Diabetes. 2018 Oct 15;9(10):172-179. doi: 10.4239/wjd.v9.i10.172.


Characteristics of muscle function and the effect of cachexia in patients with haematological malignancy.

Fukushima T, Nakano J, Ishii S, Natsuzako A, Hirase T, Sakamoto J, Okita M.

Eur J Cancer Care (Engl). 2019 Mar;28(2):e12956. doi: 10.1111/ecc.12956. Epub 2018 Oct 25.


Management of Posttraumatic Ankle Arthritis: Literature Review.

Ewalefo SO, Dombrowski M, Hirase T, Rocha JL, Weaver M, Kline A, Carney D, Hogan MV.

Curr Rev Musculoskelet Med. 2018 Dec;11(4):546-557. doi: 10.1007/s12178-018-9525-9. Review.


Evaluation of Antibiotic-Impregnated Mesh in Preventing the Recurrence of Capsular Contracture.

Ruff ES, Hirase T, Rude MJ.

Aesthet Surg J. 2019 Apr 8;39(5):509-515. doi: 10.1093/asj/sjy171.


Effects of Exercise Training Combined with Increased Physical Activity to Prevent Chronic Pain in Community-Dwelling Older Adults: A Preliminary Randomized Controlled Trial.

Hirase T, Kataoka H, Inokuchi S, Nakano J, Sakamoto J, Okita M.

Pain Res Manag. 2018 Apr 5;2018:2132039. doi: 10.1155/2018/2132039. eCollection 2018.


Impact of frailty on chronic pain, activities of daily living and physical activity in community-dwelling older adults: A cross-sectional study.

Hirase T, Kataoka H, Nakano J, Inokuchi S, Sakamoto J, Okita M.

Geriatr Gerontol Int. 2018 Jul;18(7):1079-1084. doi: 10.1111/ggi.13314. Epub 2018 Mar 26.


[The characteristics of frail elderly patients in acute care hospitals].

Yamaguchi K, Hirase T, Koizumi T, Inoguchi S.

Nihon Ronen Igakkai Zasshi. 2018;55(1):124-130. doi: 10.3143/geriatrics.55.124. Japanese.


Empagliflozin Induces Transient Diuresis Without Changing Long-Term Overall Fluid Balance in Japanese Patients With Type 2 Diabetes.

Yasui A, Lee G, Hirase T, Kaneko T, Kaspers S, von Eynatten M, Okamura T.

Diabetes Ther. 2018 Apr;9(2):863-871. doi: 10.1007/s13300-018-0385-5. Epub 2018 Feb 27.


Effects of a psychosocial intervention programme combined with exercise in community-dwelling older adults with chronic pain: A randomized controlled trial.

Hirase T, Kataoka H, Nakano J, Inokuchi S, Sakamoto J, Okita M.

Eur J Pain. 2018 Mar;22(3):592-600. doi: 10.1002/ejp.1149. Epub 2017 Nov 21.


Arthroscopic Debridement for Primary Degenerative Osteoarthritis of the Elbow Leads to Significant Improvement in Range of Motion and Clinical Outcomes: A Systematic Review.

Sochacki KR, Jack RA 2nd, Hirase T, McCulloch PC, Lintner DM, Liberman SR, Harris JD.

Arthroscopy. 2017 Dec;33(12):2255-2262. doi: 10.1016/j.arthro.2017.08.247. Review.


Performance and Return to Sport After Forearm Fracture Open Reduction and Internal Fixation in National Football League Players.

Sochacki KR, Jack RA 2nd, Hirase T, McCulloch PC, Lintner DM, Liberman SR, Harris JD.

Hand (N Y). 2018 Nov;13(6):682-688. doi: 10.1177/1558944717726137. Epub 2017 Aug 20.


Role of AMPD2 in impaired glucose tolerance induced by high fructose diet.

Hudoyo AW, Hirase T, Tandelillin A, Honda M, Shirai M, Cheng J, Morisaki H, Morisaki T.

Mol Genet Metab Rep. 2017 Jul 24;13:23-29. doi: 10.1016/j.ymgmr.2017.07.006. eCollection 2017 Dec.


Factors associated with chronic musculoskeletal pain in Japanese community-dwelling older adults: A cross-sectional study.

Hirase T, Kataoka H, Inokuchi S, Nakano J, Sakamoto J, Okita M.

Medicine (Baltimore). 2017 Jun;96(23):e7069. doi: 10.1097/MD.0000000000007069.


NLR locus-mediated trade-off between abiotic and biotic stress adaptation in Arabidopsis.

Ariga H, Katori T, Tsuchimatsu T, Hirase T, Tajima Y, Parker JE, Alcázar R, Koornneef M, Hoekenga O, Lipka AE, Gore MA, Sakakibara H, Kojima M, Kobayashi Y, Iuchi S, Kobayashi M, Shinozaki K, Sakata Y, Hayashi T, Saijo Y, Taji T.

Nat Plants. 2017 May 26;3:17072. doi: 10.1038/nplants.2017.72.


Effects of a resistance training program performed with an interocclusal splint for community-dwelling older adults: a randomized controlled trial.

Hirase T, Inokuchi S, Matsusaka N, Nakahara K, Okita M.

J Phys Ther Sci. 2016 May;28(5):1499-504. doi: 10.1589/jpts.28.1499. Epub 2016 May 31.


Pentraxin-3 regulates the inflammatory activity of macrophages.

Shiraki A, Kotooka N, Komoda H, Hirase T, Oyama JI, Node K.

Biochem Biophys Rep. 2016 Jan 14;5:290-295. doi: 10.1016/j.bbrep.2016.01.009. eCollection 2016 Mar.


Erratum to: AMPD1 regulates mTORC1-p70 S6 kinase axis in the control of insulin sensitivity in skeletal muscle.

Tandelilin AA, Hirase T, Hudoyo AW, Cheng J, Toyama K, Morisaki H, Morisaki T.

BMC Endocr Disord. 2015 Dec 8;15:80. doi: 10.1186/s12902-015-0078-2. No abstract available.


Danger peptide receptor signaling in plants ensures basal immunity upon pathogen-induced depletion of BAK1.

Yamada K, Yamashita-Yamada M, Hirase T, Fujiwara T, Tsuda K, Hiruma K, Saijo Y.

EMBO J. 2016 Jan 4;35(1):46-61. doi: 10.15252/embj.201591807. Epub 2015 Nov 16.


Capturing VE-Cadherin-Positive Endothelial Progenitor Cells for in-stent Vascular Repair.

Hirase T.

J Atheroscler Thromb. 2016;23(1):46-7. doi: 10.5551/jat.ED027. Epub 2015 Nov 9. No abstract available.


Death-associated protein kinase 2 mediates nocodazole-induced apoptosis through interaction with tubulin.

Isshiki K, Hirase T, Matsuda S, Miyamoto K, Tsuji A, Yuasa K.

Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2015 Dec 4-11;468(1-2):113-8. doi: 10.1016/j.bbrc.2015.10.151. Epub 2015 Oct 31.


Using Callus Cushions as a Simple Approach for Postoperative Dressing after Nipple Reconstruction.

Hirase T, Falco JJ, Boulter TD, Rude MJ.

Plast Reconstr Surg. 2015 Aug;136(2):284e-285e. doi: 10.1097/PRS.0000000000001465. No abstract available.


AMPD1 regulates mTORC1-p70 S6 kinase axis in the control of insulin sensitivity in skeletal muscle.

Tandelilin AA, Hirase T, Hudoyo AW, Cheng J, Toyama K, Morisaki H, Morisaki T.

BMC Endocr Disord. 2015 Mar 27;15:11. doi: 10.1186/s12902-015-0010-9. Erratum in: BMC Endocr Disord. 2015;15:80.


Effectiveness of a balance-training program provided by qualified care workers for community-based older adults: A preliminary study.

Hirase T, Inokuchi S, Matsusaka N, Okita M.

Geriatr Nurs. 2015 May-Jun;36(3):219-23. doi: 10.1016/j.gerinurse.2015.02.005. Epub 2015 Apr 4.


AMPD1: a novel therapeutic target for reversing insulin resistance.

Cheng J, Morisaki H, Toyama K, Sugimoto N, Shintani T, Tandelilin A, Hirase T, Holmes EW, Morisaki T.

BMC Endocr Disord. 2014 Dec 15;14:96. doi: 10.1186/1472-6823-14-96.


Effects of a balance training program using a foam rubber pad in community-based older adults: a randomized controlled trial.

Hirase T, Inokuchi S, Matsusaka N, Okita M.

J Geriatr Phys Ther. 2015 Apr-Jun;38(2):62-70. doi: 10.1519/JPT.0000000000000023.


A modified fall risk assessment tool that is specific to physical function predicts falls in community-dwelling elderly people.

Hirase T, Inokuchi S, Matsusaka N, Nakahara K, Okita M.

J Geriatr Phys Ther. 2014 Oct-Dec;37(4):159-65. doi: 10.1519/JPT.0b013e3182abe7cb.


Homodigital artery flap reconstruction for fingertip amputation: a comparative study of the oblique triangular neurovascular advancement flap and the reverse digital artery island flap.

Usami S, Kawahara S, Yamaguchi Y, Hirase T.

J Hand Surg Eur Vol. 2015 Mar;40(3):291-7. doi: 10.1177/1753193413515134. Epub 2013 Dec 3.


Interleukin 27 inhibits atherosclerosis via immunoregulation of macrophages in mice.

Hirase T, Hara H, Miyazaki Y, Ide N, Nishimoto-Hazuku A, Fujimoto H, Saris CJ, Yoshida H, Node K.

Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2013 Aug 1;305(3):H420-9. doi: 10.1152/ajpheart.00198.2013. Epub 2013 May 31.


Detection of early stage atherosclerotic plaques using PET and CT fusion imaging targeting P-selectin in low density lipoprotein receptor-deficient mice.

Nakamura I, Hasegawa K, Wada Y, Hirase T, Node K, Watanabe Y.

Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2013 Mar 29;433(1):47-51. doi: 10.1016/j.bbrc.2013.02.069. Epub 2013 Feb 26.


A large-scale zebrafish gene knockout resource for the genome-wide study of gene function.

Varshney GK, Lu J, Gildea DE, Huang H, Pei W, Yang Z, Huang SC, Schoenfeld D, Pho NH, Casero D, Hirase T, Mosbrook-Davis D, Zhang S, Jao LE, Zhang B, Woods IG, Zimmerman S, Schier AF, Wolfsberg TG, Pellegrini M, Burgess SM, Lin S.

Genome Res. 2013 Apr;23(4):727-35. doi: 10.1101/gr.151464.112. Epub 2013 Feb 4.


Sub-acute demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy as an initial symptom of peripheral T cell lymphoma, not otherwise specified (PTCL-NOS).

Kawanishi K, Ohyama Y, Kanai Y, Hirase T, Tanaka H, Miyatake J, Tatsumi Y, Ashida T, Nakamine H, Matsumura I.

Intern Med. 2012;51(15):2015-20. Epub 2012 Aug 1.


The glucagon-like peptide 1 analog liraglutide reduces TNF-α-induced oxidative stress and inflammation in endothelial cells.

Shiraki A, Oyama J, Komoda H, Asaka M, Komatsu A, Sakuma M, Kodama K, Sakamoto Y, Kotooka N, Hirase T, Node K.

Atherosclerosis. 2012 Apr;221(2):375-82. doi: 10.1016/j.atherosclerosis.2011.12.039. Epub 2012 Jan 4.


Endothelial dysfunction as a cellular mechanism for vascular failure.

Hirase T, Node K.

Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2012 Feb 1;302(3):H499-505. doi: 10.1152/ajpheart.00325.2011. Epub 2011 Nov 11. Review.


IL-27 inhibits hyperglycemia and pancreatic islet inflammation induced by streptozotocin in mice.

Fujimoto H, Hirase T, Miyazaki Y, Hara H, Ide-Iwata N, Nishimoto-Hazuku A, Saris CJ, Yoshida H, Node K.

Am J Pathol. 2011 Nov;179(5):2327-36. doi: 10.1016/j.ajpath.2011.08.001. Epub 2011 Sep 15.


Angiotensin II induces microtubule reorganization mediated by a deacetylase SIRT2 in endothelial cells.

Hashimoto-Komatsu A, Hirase T, Asaka M, Node K.

Hypertens Res. 2011 Aug;34(8):949-56. doi: 10.1038/hr.2011.64. Epub 2011 Jun 16.


Rab5a-mediated localization of claudin-1 is regulated by proteasomes in endothelial cells.

Asaka M, Hirase T, Hashimoto-Komatsu A, Node K.

Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2011 Jan;300(1):C87-96. doi: 10.1152/ajpcell.00565.2010. Epub 2010 Oct 6.


Non-Fouling Character of Poly[2-(methacryloyloxy)ethyl Phosphorylcholine]-Modified Gold Surfaces Fabricated by the 'Grafting to' Method: Comparison of its Protein Resistance with Poly(ethylene glycol)-Modified Gold Surfaces.

Yoshimoto K, Hirase T, Madsen J, Armes SP, Nagasaki Y.

Macromol Rapid Commun. 2009 Dec 16;30(24):2136-40. doi: 10.1002/marc.200900484. Epub 2009 Oct 16.


Eicosapentaenoic acid increases cytochrome P-450 2J2 gene expression and epoxyeicosatrienoic acid production via peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ in endothelial cells.

Wang D, Hirase T, Nitto T, Soma M, Node K.

J Cardiol. 2009 Dec;54(3):368-74. doi: 10.1016/j.jjcc.2009.06.004. Epub 2009 Jul 23.


Angiotensin II increases expression of IP-10 and the renin-angiotensin system in endothelial cells.

Ide N, Hirase T, Nishimoto-Hazuku A, Ikeda Y, Node K.

Hypertens Res. 2008 Jun;31(6):1257-67. doi: 10.1291/hypres.31.1257.


Simvastatin stimulates vascular endothelial growth factor production by hypoxia-inducible factor-1alpha upregulation in endothelial cells.

Nishimoto-Hazuku A, Hirase T, Ide N, Ikeda Y, Node K.

J Cardiovasc Pharmacol. 2008 Mar;51(3):267-73. doi: 10.1097/FJC.0b013e3181624b44.


Adenoviral transfer of rho family proteins to lung cancer cells ameliorates cell proliferation and motility and increases apoptotic change.

Shimada T, Nishimura Y, Nishiuma T, Rikitake Y, Hirase T, Yokoyama M.

Kobe J Med Sci. 2007;53(3):125-34.

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