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Experientia. 1979 Nov 15;35(11):1508-10.

The effects of decreased glucose concentrations on the in vitro development of the post-blastocyst mouse embryo in a fetal calf serum- or bovine serum albumin-supplemented medium.


Decreasing the glucose concentration from 1.0 mg/ml to 0.25 mg/ml has no detrimental effects on post-blastocyst embryo development when either dialyzed fetal calf serum serum (20%) or bovine serum albumin (4.0 mg/ml) is used to supplement Eagle's Basal Medium (BME). Development is reduced in both serum- and BSA-supplemented BME devoid of glucose in comparison to glucose controls. Serum-supplemented media support better overall development than BSA-supplemented media.

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