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"Am I Going to Be in Trouble for What I'm Doing?": Providing Contraceptive Care in Religious Health Care Systems.

Liu Y, Hebert LE, Hasselbacher LA, Stulberg DB.

Perspect Sex Reprod Health. 2019 Dec;51(4):193-199. doi: 10.1363/psrh.12125. Epub 2019 Dec 4.


Women's Expectation of Receiving Reproductive Health Care at Catholic and Non-Catholic Hospitals.

Stulberg DB, Guiahi M, Hebert LE, Freedman LR.

Perspect Sex Reprod Health. 2019 Sep;51(3):135-142. doi: 10.1363/psrh.12118. Epub 2019 Sep 4.


Shared negative experiences of long-acting reversible contraception and their influence on contraceptive decision-making: a multi-methods study.

Brown BP, Chor J, Hebert LE, Webb ME, Whitaker AK.

Contraception. 2019 Apr;99(4):228-232. doi: 10.1016/j.contraception.2019.01.002. Epub 2019 Jan 24.


Mobile contraceptive application use in a clinical setting in addition to standard contraceptive counseling: A randomized controlled trial.

Hebert LE, Hill BJ, Quinn M, Holl JL, Whitaker AK, Gilliam ML.

Contraception. 2018 Oct;98(4):281-287. doi: 10.1016/j.contraception.2018.07.001. Epub 2018 Jul 10.


Development of a Mobile App on Contraceptive Options for Young African American and Latina Women.

Akinola M, Hebert LE, Hill BJ, Quinn M, Holl JL, Whitaker AK, Gilliam ML.

Health Educ Behav. 2019 Feb;46(1):89-96. doi: 10.1177/1090198118775476. Epub 2018 Jun 13.


Do women know whether their hospital is Catholic? Results from a national survey.

Wascher JM, Hebert LE, Freedman LR, Stulberg DB.

Contraception. 2018 Dec;98(6):498-503. doi: 10.1016/j.contraception.2018.05.017. Epub 2018 May 29.


Supporting Women at the Time of Abortion: A Mixed-Methods Study of Male Partner Experiences and Perspectives.

Nguyen BT, Hebert LE, Newton SL, Gilliam ML.

Perspect Sex Reprod Health. 2018 Jun;50(2):75-83. doi: 10.1363/psrh.12059. Epub 2018 May 21.


Well-woman Care Barriers and Facilitators of Low-income Women Obtaining Induced Abortion after the Affordable Care Act.

Chor J, Garcia-Ricketts S, Young D, Hebert LE, Hasselbacher LA, Gilliam ML.

Womens Health Issues. 2018 Sep - Oct;28(5):387-392. doi: 10.1016/j.whi.2018.03.009. Epub 2018 May 7.


MOBILE-izing Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Care: A Pilot Study Using a Mobile Health Unit in Chicago.

Stefansson LS, Webb ME, Hebert LE, Masinter L, Gilliam ML.

J Sch Health. 2018 Mar;88(3):208-216. doi: 10.1111/josh.12598.


Religious hospital policies on reproductive care: what do patients want to know?

Freedman LR, Hebert LE, Battistelli MF, Stulberg DB.

Am J Obstet Gynecol. 2018 Feb;218(2):251.e1-251.e9. doi: 10.1016/j.ajog.2017.11.595. Epub 2017 Dec 6.


Inadequate birth spacing is perceived as riskier than all family planning methods, except sterilization and abortion, in a qualitative study among urban Nigerians.

Schwandt HM, Skinner J, Hebert LE, Cobb L, Saad A, Odeku M.

BMC Womens Health. 2017 Sep 11;17(1):80. doi: 10.1186/s12905-017-0439-2.


Cognitive Aging in Black and White Americans: Cognition, Cognitive Decline, and Incidence of Alzheimer Disease Dementia.

Weuve J, Barnes LL, Mendes de Leon CF, Rajan KB, Beck T, Aggarwal NT, Hebert LE, Bennett DA, Wilson RS, Evans DA.

Epidemiology. 2018 Jan;29(1):151-159. doi: 10.1097/EDE.0000000000000747.


Various mutations compensate for a deleterious lacZα insert in the replication enhancer of M13 bacteriophage.

Zygiel EM, Noren KA, Adamkiewicz MA, Aprile RJ, Bowditch HK, Carroll CL, Cerezo MAS, Dagher AM, Hebert CR, Hebert LE, Mahame GM, Milne SC, Silvestri KM, Sutherland SE, Sylvia AM, Taveira CN, VanValkenburgh DJ, Noren CJ, Hall MF.

PLoS One. 2017 Apr 26;12(4):e0176421. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0176421. eCollection 2017.


Perceived Risks Associated with Contraceptive Method Use among Men and Women in Ibadan and Kaduna, Nigeria.

Schwandt HM, Skinner J, Hebert LE, Saad A.

Afr J Reprod Health. 2015 Dec;19(4):31-40.


Prevalence and Correlates of Having a Regular Physician among Women Presenting for Induced Abortion.

Chor J, Hebert LE, Hasselbacher LA, Whitaker AK.

Womens Health Issues. 2016 Sep-Oct;26(5):517-22. doi: 10.1016/j.whi.2016.03.013. Epub 2016 Apr 29.


Variation in Pregnancy Options Counseling and Referrals, And Reported Proximity to Abortion Services, Among Publicly Funded Family Planning Facilities.

Hebert LE, Fabiyi C, Hasselbacher LA, Starr K, Gilliam ML.

Perspect Sex Reprod Health. 2016 Jun;48(2):65-71. doi: 10.1363/48e8816. Epub 2016 Apr 26.


Attitudes Towards Power in Relationships and Sexual Concurrency Within Heterosexual Youth Partnerships in Baltimore, MD.

Lilleston PS, Hebert LE, Jennings JM, Holtgrave DR, Ellen JM, Sherman SG.

AIDS Behav. 2015 Dec;19(12):2280-90. doi: 10.1007/s10461-015-1105-z.


Rate of Cognitive Decline Before and After the Onset of Functional Limitations in Older Persons.

Rajan KB, Hebert LE, Scherr PA, Mendes de Leon CF, Evans DA.

J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. 2015 Oct;70(10):1221-5. doi: 10.1093/gerona/glv062. Epub 2015 May 2.


Race, Any Cancer, Income, or Cognitive Function: What Inf luences Hospice or Aggressive Services Use at the End of Life Among Community-Dwelling Medicare Beneficiaries?

Karikari-Martin P, McCann JJ, Farran CJ, Hebert LE, Haffer SC, Phillips M.

Am J Hosp Palliat Care. 2016 Jul;33(6):537-45. doi: 10.1177/1049909115574263. Epub 2015 Mar 9. Review. No abstract available.


Individual, partner, and partnership level correlates of anal sex among youth in Baltimore City.

Hebert LE, Lilleston PS, Jennings JM, Sherman SG.

Arch Sex Behav. 2015 Apr;44(3):619-29. doi: 10.1007/s10508-014-0431-y. Epub 2015 Jan 13.


Prevalence of Alzheimer disease in US states.

Weuve J, Hebert LE, Scherr PA, Evans DA.

Epidemiology. 2015 Jan;26(1):e4-6. doi: 10.1097/EDE.0000000000000199. No abstract available.


Identification and characterization of mutant clones with enhanced propagation rates from phage-displayed peptide libraries.

Nguyen KT, Adamkiewicz MA, Hebert LE, Zygiel EM, Boyle HR, Martone CM, Meléndez-Ríos CB, Noren KA, Noren CJ, Hall MF.

Anal Biochem. 2014 Oct 1;462:35-43. doi: 10.1016/j.ab.2014.06.007. Epub 2014 Jun 19.


Deaths in the United States among persons with Alzheimer's disease (2010-2050).

Weuve J, Hebert LE, Scherr PA, Evans DA.

Alzheimers Dement. 2014 Mar;10(2):e40-6. doi: 10.1016/j.jalz.2014.01.004.


Contribution of Alzheimer disease to mortality in the United States.

James BD, Leurgans SE, Hebert LE, Scherr PA, Yaffe K, Bennett DA.

Neurology. 2014 Mar 25;82(12):1045-50. doi: 10.1212/WNL.0000000000000240. Epub 2014 Mar 5.


Cognitive aging and rate of hospitalization in an urban population of older people.

Wilson RS, Rajan KB, Barnes LL, Hebert LE, Mendes de Leon CF, Evans DA.

J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. 2014 Apr;69(4):447-54. doi: 10.1093/gerona/glt145. Epub 2013 Oct 10.


Alzheimer disease in the United States (2010-2050) estimated using the 2010 census.

Hebert LE, Weuve J, Scherr PA, Evans DA.

Neurology. 2013 May 7;80(19):1778-83. doi: 10.1212/WNL.0b013e31828726f5. Epub 2013 Feb 6.


Disability in basic and instrumental activities of daily living is associated with faster rate of decline in cognitive function of older adults.

Rajan KB, Hebert LE, Scherr PA, Mendes de Leon CF, Evans DA.

J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. 2013 May;68(5):624-30. doi: 10.1093/gerona/gls208. Epub 2012 Oct 25.


Family planning providers' perspectives on family planning service delivery in Ibadan and Kaduna, Nigeria: a qualitative study.

Hebert LE, Schwandt HM, Boulay M, Skinner J.

J Fam Plann Reprod Health Care. 2013 Jan;39(1):29-35. doi: 10.1136/jfprhc-2011-100244. Epub 2012 Aug 20.


Do Community and Caregiver Factors Influence Hospice Use at the End of Life Among Older Adults With Alzheimer Disease?

Karikari-Martin P, McCann JJ, Hebert LE, Haffer SC, Phillips M.

J Hosp Palliat Nurs. 2012 May;14(3). doi: 10.1097/NJH.0b013e3182433a15.


Cognitive and physical functions as determinants of delayed age at onset and progression of disability.

Rajan KB, Hebert LE, Scherr P, Dong X, Wilson RS, Evans DA, Mendes de Leon CF.

J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. 2012 Dec;67(12):1419-26. doi: 10.1093/gerona/gls098. Epub 2012 Apr 26.


Cognitive decline after hospitalization in a community population of older persons.

Wilson RS, Hebert LE, Scherr PA, Dong X, Leurgens SE, Evans DA.

Neurology. 2012 Mar 27;78(13):950-6. doi: 10.1212/WNL.0b013e31824d5894. Epub 2012 Mar 21.


A prospective population-based study of differences in elder self-neglect and mortality between black and white older adults.

Dong X, Simon MA, Fulmer T, Mendes de Leon CF, Hebert LE, Beck T, Scherr PA, Evans DA.

J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. 2011 Jun;66(6):695-704. doi: 10.1093/gerona/glr053. Epub 2011 Apr 15.


Racial differences in the association of education with physical and cognitive function in older blacks and whites.

Barnes LL, Wilson RS, Hebert LE, Scherr PA, Evans DA, Mendes de Leon CF.

J Gerontol B Psychol Sci Soc Sci. 2011 May;66(3):354-63. doi: 10.1093/geronb/gbr016. Epub 2011 Mar 14.


Trends in the incidence and prevalence of Alzheimer's disease, dementia, and cognitive impairment in the United States.

Rocca WA, Petersen RC, Knopman DS, Hebert LE, Evans DA, Hall KS, Gao S, Unverzagt FW, Langa KM, Larson EB, White LR.

Alzheimers Dement. 2011 Jan;7(1):80-93. doi: 10.1016/j.jalz.2010.11.002.


Sources of variability in estimates of the prevalence of Alzheimer's disease in the United States.

Wilson RS, Weir DR, Leurgans SE, Evans DA, Hebert LE, Langa KM, Plassman BL, Small BJ, Bennett DA.

Alzheimers Dement. 2011 Jan;7(1):74-9. doi: 10.1016/j.jalz.2010.11.006.


Cognitive activity and the cognitive morbidity of Alzheimer disease.

Wilson RS, Barnes LL, Aggarwal NT, Boyle PA, Hebert LE, Mendes de Leon CF, Evans DA.

Neurology. 2010 Sep 14;75(11):990-6. doi: 10.1212/WNL.0b013e3181f25b5e. Epub 2010 Sep 1.


Change in risk of Alzheimer disease over time.

Hebert LE, Bienias JL, Aggarwal NT, Wilson RS, Bennett DA, Shah RC, Evans DA.

Neurology. 2010 Aug 31;75(9):786-91. doi: 10.1212/WNL.0b013e3181f0754f.


Upper and lower extremity motor performance and functional impairment in Alzheimer's disease.

Hebert LE, Bienias JL, McCann JJ, Scherr PA, Wilson RS, Evans DA.

Am J Alzheimers Dis Other Demen. 2010 Aug;25(5):425-31. doi: 10.1177/1533317510367636. Epub 2010 May 19.


Cognitive decline in incident Alzheimer disease in a community population.

Wilson RS, Aggarwal NT, Barnes LL, Mendes de Leon CF, Hebert LE, Evans DA.

Neurology. 2010 Mar 23;74(12):951-5. doi: 10.1212/WNL.0b013e3181d64786.


Educational attainment and cognitive decline in old age.

Wilson RS, Hebert LE, Scherr PA, Barnes LL, Mendes de Leon CF, Evans DA.

Neurology. 2009 Feb 3;72(5):460-5. doi: 10.1212/01.wnl.0000341782.71418.6c.


Change in direct measures of physical performance among persons with Alzheimer's disease.

Hebert LE, Scherr PA, McCann JJ, Bienias JL, Evans DA.

Aging Ment Health. 2008 Nov;12(6):729-34. doi: 10.1080/13607860802154390.


The effect of adult day care services on time to nursing home placement in older adults with Alzheimer's disease.

McCann JJ, Hebert LE, Li Y, Wolinsky FD, Gilley DW, Aggarwal NT, Miller JM, Evans DA.

Gerontologist. 2005 Dec;45(6):754-63.


Dietary folate and vitamin B12 intake and cognitive decline among community-dwelling older persons.

Morris MC, Evans DA, Bienias JL, Tangney CC, Hebert LE, Scherr PA, Schneider JA.

Arch Neurol. 2005 Apr;62(4):641-5.


Predictors of beginning and ending caregiving during a 3-year period in a biracial community population of older adults.

McCann JJ, Hebert LE, Bienias JL, Morris MC, Evans DA.

Am J Public Health. 2004 Oct;94(10):1800-6.


Dietary niacin and the risk of incident Alzheimer's disease and of cognitive decline.

Morris MC, Evans DA, Bienias JL, Scherr PA, Tangney CC, Hebert LE, Bennett DA, Wilson RS, Aggarwal N.

J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry. 2004 Aug;75(8):1093-9.


Blood pressure and late-life cognitive function change: a biracial longitudinal population study.

Hebert LE, Scherr PA, Bennett DA, Bienias JL, Wilson RS, Morris MC, Evans DA.

Neurology. 2004 Jun 8;62(11):2021-4.


State-specific projections through 2025 of Alzheimer disease prevalence.

Hebert LE, Scherr PA, Bienias JL, Bennett DA, Evans DA.

Neurology. 2004 May 11;62(9):1645. No abstract available.


Alzheimer disease in the US population: prevalence estimates using the 2000 census.

Hebert LE, Scherr PA, Bienias JL, Bennett DA, Evans DA.

Arch Neurol. 2003 Aug;60(8):1119-22.


Incidence of Alzheimer disease in a biracial urban community: relation to apolipoprotein E allele status.

Evans DA, Bennett DA, Wilson RS, Bienias JL, Morris MC, Scherr PA, Hebert LE, Aggarwal N, Beckett LA, Joglekar R, Berry-Kravis E, Schneider J.

Arch Neurol. 2003 Feb;60(2):185-9.


Association between blood pressure and cognitive function in a biracial community population of older persons.

Morris MC, Scherr PA, Hebert LE, Bennett DA, Wilson RS, Glynn RJ, Evans DA.

Neuroepidemiology. 2002 May-Jun;21(3):123-30.


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