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CRK2 and C-terminal Phosphorylation of NADPH Oxidase RBOHD Regulate Reactive Oxygen Species Production in Arabidopsis.

Kimura S, Hunter K, Vaahtera L, Tran HC, Citterico M, Vaattovaara A, Rokka A, Stolze SC, Harzen A, Meissner L, Wilkens MMT, Hamann T, Toyota M, Nakagami H, Wrzaczek M.

Plant Cell. 2020 Feb 7. pii: tpc.00525.2019. doi: 10.1105/tpc.19.00525. [Epub ahead of print]


Gene modification by fast-track recombineering for cellular localization and isolation of components of plant protein complexes.

Hu Z, Ghosh A, Stolze SC, Horváth M, Bai B, Schaefer S, Zündorf S, Liu S, Harzen A, Hajheidari M, Sarnowski TJ, Nakagami H, Koncz Z, Koncz C.

Plant J. 2019 Oct;100(2):411-429. doi: 10.1111/tpj.14450. Epub 2019 Jul 26.


Benzoxazolinone detoxification by N-Glucosylation: The multi-compartment-network of Zea mays L.

Schulz M, Filary B, Kühn S, Colby T, Harzen A, Schmidt J, Sicker D, Hennig L, Hofmann D, Disko U, Anders N.

Plant Signal Behav. 2016;11(1):e1119962. doi: 10.1080/15592324.2015.1119962.


Proteomic profiling of Botrytis cinerea conidial germination.

González-Rodríguez VE, Liñeiro E, Colby T, Harzen A, Garrido C, Cantoral JM, Schmidt J, Fernández-Acero FJ.

Arch Microbiol. 2015 Mar;197(2):117-33. doi: 10.1007/s00203-014-1029-4. Epub 2014 Aug 21.


Broad-range glycosidase activity profiling.

Chandrasekar B, Colby T, Emran Khan Emon A, Jiang J, Hong TN, Villamor JG, Harzen A, Overkleeft HS, van der Hoorn RA.

Mol Cell Proteomics. 2014 Oct;13(10):2787-800. doi: 10.1074/mcp.O114.041616. Epub 2014 Jul 23.


Staurosporine and extracellular matrix proteins mediate the conversion of small cell lung carcinoma cells into a neuron-like phenotype.

Murmann T, Carrillo-García C, Veit N, Courts C, Glassmann A, Janzen V, Madea B, Reinartz M, Harzen A, Nowak M, Perner S, Winter J, Probstmeier R.

PLoS One. 2014 Feb 28;9(2):e86910. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0086910. eCollection 2014.


Large-scale proteomic analysis of the grapevine leaf apoplastic fluid reveals mainly stress-related proteins and cell wall modifying enzymes.

Delaunois B, Colby T, Belloy N, Conreux A, Harzen A, Baillieul F, Clément C, Schmidt J, Jeandet P, Cordelier S.

BMC Plant Biol. 2013 Feb 8;13:24. doi: 10.1186/1471-2229-13-24.


Proteomic analysis of conidia germination in Colletotrichum acutatum.

El-Akhal MR, Colby T, Cantoral JM, Harzen A, Schmidt J, Fernández-Acero FJ.

Arch Microbiol. 2013 Apr;195(4):227-46. doi: 10.1007/s00203-013-0871-0. Epub 2013 Feb 1.


Identification of proteins associated with malting quality in a subset of wild barley introgression lines.

March TJ, Richter D, Colby T, Harzen A, Schmidt J, Pillen K.

Proteomics. 2012 Sep;12(18):2843-51. doi: 10.1002/pmic.201200117.


Proteomic analysis of latex from the rubber-producing plant Taraxacum brevicorniculatum.

Wahler D, Colby T, Kowalski NA, Harzen A, Wotzka SY, Hillebrand A, Fischer R, Helsper J, Schmidt J, Schulze Gronover C, Prüfer D.

Proteomics. 2012 Mar;12(6):901-5. doi: 10.1002/pmic.201000778.


Modified metal-oxide affinity enrichment combined with 2D-PAGE and analysis of phosphoproteomes.

Colby T, Röhrig H, Harzen A, Schmidt J.

Methods Mol Biol. 2011;779:273-86. doi: 10.1007/978-1-61779-264-9_16.


2-DE proteomic approach to the Botrytis cinerea secretome induced with different carbon sources and plant-based elicitors.

Fernández-Acero FJ, Colby T, Harzen A, Carbú M, Wieneke U, Cantoral JM, Schmidt J.

Proteomics. 2010 Jun;10(12):2270-80. doi: 10.1002/pmic.200900408.


Tryptophan-derived metabolites are required for antifungal defense in the Arabidopsis mlo2 mutant.

Consonni C, Bednarek P, Humphry M, Francocci F, Ferrari S, Harzen A, Ver Loren van Themaat E, Panstruga R.

Plant Physiol. 2010 Mar;152(3):1544-61. doi: 10.1104/pp.109.147660. Epub 2009 Dec 18.


Proteomic analysis of the phytopathogenic fungus Botrytis cinerea during cellulose degradation.

Fernández-Acero FJ, Colby T, Harzen A, Cantoral JM, Schmidt J.

Proteomics. 2009 May;9(10):2892-902. doi: 10.1002/pmic.200800540.


A proteomic analysis of powdery mildew (Blumeria graminis f.sp. hordei) conidiospores.

Noir S, Colby T, Harzen A, Schmidt J, Panstruga R.

Mol Plant Pathol. 2009 Mar;10(2):223-36. doi: 10.1111/j.1364-3703.2008.00524.x.


Analysis of desiccation-induced candidate phosphoproteins from Craterostigma plantagineum isolated with a modified metal oxide affinity chromatography procedure.

Röhrig H, Colby T, Schmidt J, Harzen A, Facchinelli F, Bartels D.

Proteomics. 2008 Sep;8(17):3548-60. doi: 10.1002/pmic.200700548.


Fungal effector protein AVR2 targets diversifying defense-related cys proteases of tomato.

Shabab M, Shindo T, Gu C, Kaschani F, Pansuriya T, Chintha R, Harzen A, Colby T, Kamoun S, van der Hoorn RA.

Plant Cell. 2008 Apr;20(4):1169-83. doi: 10.1105/tpc.107.056325. Epub 2008 Apr 30.

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