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Persistent changes in liver methylation and microbiome composition following reversal of diet-induced non-alcoholic-fatty liver disease.

Kim H, Worsley O, Yang E, Purbojati RW, Liang AL, Tan W, Moses DID, Hartono S, Fan V, Lim TKH, Schuster SC, Foo RS, Chow PKH, Pettersson S.

Cell Mol Life Sci. 2019 May 22. doi: 10.1007/s00018-019-03114-4. [Epub ahead of print]


Complete Genome Sequence of Tomato Leaf Curl New Delhi Virus from Luffa in Indonesia.

Wilisiani F, Neriya Y, Tagami M, Kaneko M, Hartono S, Nishigawa H, Natsuaki T.

Microbiol Resour Announc. 2019 Apr 11;8(15). pii: e01605-18. doi: 10.1128/MRA.01605-18.


Interplay between DNA sequence and negative superhelicity drives R-loop structures.

Stolz R, Sulthana S, Hartono SR, Malig M, Benham CJ, Chedin F.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2019 Mar 26;116(13):6260-6269. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1819476116. Epub 2019 Mar 8.


Development of a LAMP assay with a portable device for real-time detection of begomoviruses under field conditions.

Wilisiani F, Tomiyama A, Katoh H, Hartono S, Neriya Y, Nishigawa H, Natsuaki T.

J Virol Methods. 2019 Mar;265:71-76. doi: 10.1016/j.jviromet.2018.10.005. Epub 2018 Oct 12.


Novel STAT1 Gain-of-Function Mutation Presenting as Combined Immunodeficiency.

Hartono SP, Vargas-Hernández A, Ponsford MJ, Chinn IK, Jolles S, Wilson K, Forbes LR.

J Clin Immunol. 2018 Oct;38(7):753-756. doi: 10.1007/s10875-018-0554-3. Epub 2018 Oct 13. No abstract available.


Large plasmidome of dairy Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis biovar diacetylactis FM03P encodes technological functions and appears highly unstable.

van Mastrigt O, Di Stefano E, Hartono S, Abee T, Smid EJ.

BMC Genomics. 2018 Aug 17;19(1):620. doi: 10.1186/s12864-018-5005-2.


DNA Topoisomerase I differentially modulates R-loops across the human genome.

Manzo SG, Hartono SR, Sanz LA, Marinello J, De Biasi S, Cossarizza A, Capranico G, Chedin F.

Genome Biol. 2018 Jul 30;19(1):100. doi: 10.1186/s13059-018-1478-1.


Gastrointestinal Disorders Associated with Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases.

Hartono S, Ippoliti MR, Mastroianni M, Torres R, Rider NL.

Clin Rev Allergy Immunol. 2018 May 13. doi: 10.1007/s12016-018-8689-9. [Epub ahead of print] Review.


The Affinity of the S9.6 Antibody for Double-Stranded RNAs Impacts the Accurate Mapping of R-Loops in Fission Yeast.

Hartono SR, Malapert A, Legros P, Bernard P, Chédin F, Vanoosthuyse V.

J Mol Biol. 2018 Feb 2;430(3):272-284. doi: 10.1016/j.jmb.2017.12.016. Epub 2017 Dec 28.


Author's response.

Hartono S, Motosue MS, Khan S, Rodriguez V, Iyer VN, Divekar R, Joshi AY.

Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol. 2017 Sep;119(3):296-297. doi: 10.1016/j.anai.2017.07.004. No abstract available.


Understanding K trans: a simulation study based on a multiple-pathway model.

Koh TS, Hennedige TP, Thng CH, Hartono S, Ng QS.

Phys Med Biol. 2017 Jul 7;62(13):N297-N319. doi: 10.1088/1361-6560/aa70c9. Epub 2017 May 3.


A phase Ib study of selumetinib (AZD6244, ARRY-142886) in combination with sorafenib in advanced hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).

Tai WM, Yong WP, Lim C, Low LS, Tham CK, Koh TS, Ng QS, Wang WW, Wang LZ, Hartono S, Thng CH, Huynh H, Lim KT, Toh HC, Goh BC, Choo SP.

Ann Oncol. 2018 Feb 1;29(2):526. doi: 10.1093/annonc/mdx060. No abstract available.


Predictors of granulomatous lymphocytic interstitial lung disease in common variable immunodeficiency.

Hartono S, Motosue MS, Khan S, Rodriguez V, Iyer VN, Divekar R, Joshi AY.

Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol. 2017 May;118(5):614-620. doi: 10.1016/j.anai.2017.01.004. Epub 2017 Feb 20.


A longitudinal study of whole body, tissue, and cellular physiology in a mouse model of fibrosing NASH with high fidelity to the human condition.

Krishnan A, Abdullah TS, Mounajjed T, Hartono S, McConico A, White T, LeBrasseur N, Lanza I, Nair S, Gores G, Charlton M.

Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol. 2017 Jun 1;312(6):G666-G680. doi: 10.1152/ajpgi.00213.2016. Epub 2017 Feb 23.


Telomeres in ICF syndrome cells are vulnerable to DNA damage due to elevated DNA:RNA hybrids.

Sagie S, Toubiana S, Hartono SR, Katzir H, Tzur-Gilat A, Havazelet S, Francastel C, Velasco G, Chédin F, Selig S.

Nat Commun. 2017 Jan 24;8:14015. doi: 10.1038/ncomms14015.


Intravoxel incoherent motion and diffusion tensor imaging of early renal fibrosis induced in a murine model of streptozotocin induced diabetes.

Yan YY, Hartono S, Hennedige T, Koh TS, Chan CM, Zhou L, Rumpel H, Martarello L, Khoo JB, Koh DM, Chuang KH, Tony Lim KH, Dan YY, Thng CH.

Magn Reson Imaging. 2017 May;38:71-76. doi: 10.1016/j.mri.2016.12.023. Epub 2016 Dec 28.


Amine functionalized cubic mesoporous silica nanoparticles as an oral delivery system for curcumin bioavailability enhancement.

Hartono SB, Hadisoewignyo L, Yang Y, Meka AK, Antaresti, Yu C.

Nanotechnology. 2016 Dec 16;27(50):505605. Epub 2016 Nov 22.


No! When the immunologist becomes a virologist: Norovirus - an emerging infection in immune deficiency diseases.

Hartono S, Bhagia A, Joshi AY.

Curr Opin Allergy Clin Immunol. 2016 Dec;16(6):557-564. Review.


Prevalent, Dynamic, and Conserved R-Loop Structures Associate with Specific Epigenomic Signatures in Mammals.

Sanz LA, Hartono SR, Lim YW, Steyaert S, Rajpurkar A, Ginno PA, Xu X, Chédin F.

Mol Cell. 2016 Jul 7;63(1):167-78. doi: 10.1016/j.molcel.2016.05.032. Epub 2016 Jun 30.


Blockade of CCR2 reduces macrophage influx and development of chronic renal damage in murine renovascular hypertension.

Kashyap S, Warner GM, Hartono SP, Boyilla R, Knudsen BE, Zubair AS, Lien K, Nath KA, Textor SC, Lerman LO, Grande JP.

Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 2016 Mar 1;310(5):F372-84. doi: 10.1152/ajprenal.00131.2015. Epub 2015 Dec 9.


GC skew is a conserved property of unmethylated CpG island promoters across vertebrates.

Hartono SR, Korf IF, Chédin F.

Nucleic Acids Res. 2015 Nov 16;43(20):9729-41. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkv811. Epub 2015 Aug 7.


Intravoxel incoherent imaging of renal fibrosis induced in a murine model of unilateral ureteral obstruction.

Hennedige T, Koh TS, Hartono S, Yan YY, Song IC, Zheng L, Lee WS, Rumpel H, Martarello L, Khoo JB, Koh DM, Chuang KH, Thng CH.

Magn Reson Imaging. 2015 Dec;33(10):1324-1328. doi: 10.1016/j.mri.2015.07.012. Epub 2015 Aug 4.


Genome-wide DNA hypomethylation and RNA:DNA hybrid accumulation in Aicardi-Goutières syndrome.

Lim YW, Sanz LA, Xu X, Hartono SR, Chédin F.

Elife. 2015 Jul 16;4. doi: 10.7554/eLife.08007.


An approach to prepare polyethylenimine functionalized silica-based spheres with small size for siRNA delivery.

Yu M, Niu Y, Yang Y, Hartono SB, Yang J, Huang X, Thorn P, Yu C.

ACS Appl Mater Interfaces. 2014 Sep 24;6(18):15626-31. doi: 10.1021/am503060n. Epub 2014 Sep 8.


The Pathogenesis of Lupus Nephritis.

Sterner RM, Hartono SP, Grande JP.

J Clin Cell Immunol. 2014 Apr;5(2). pii: 205.


Combined effect of hyperfiltration and renin angiotensin system activation on development of chronic kidney disease in diabetic db/db mice.

Hartono SP, Knudsen BE, Lerman LO, Textor SC, Grande JP.

BMC Nephrol. 2014 Apr 4;15:58. doi: 10.1186/1471-2369-15-58.


Assessment of tumor necrotic fraction by dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI: a preclinical study of human tumor xenografts with histopathologic correlation.

Koh TS, Thng CH, Hartono S, Dominguez LT, Lim TK, Huynh H, Martarello L, Ng QS.

NMR Biomed. 2014 Apr;27(4):486-94. doi: 10.1002/nbm.3090. Epub 2014 Feb 17.


Synthesis of multi-functional large pore mesoporous silica nanoparticles as gene carriers.

Hartono SB, Yu M, Gu W, Yang J, Strounina E, Wang X, Qiao S, Yu C.

Nanotechnology. 2014 Feb 7;25(5):055701. doi: 10.1088/0957-4484/25/5/055701. Epub 2014 Jan 9.


Sequencing the transcriptome of milk production: milk trumps mammary tissue.

Lemay DG, Hovey RC, Hartono SR, Hinde K, Smilowitz JT, Ventimiglia F, Schmidt KA, Lee JW, Islas-Trejo A, Silva PI, Korf I, Medrano JF, Barry PA, German JB.

BMC Genomics. 2013 Dec 12;14:872. doi: 10.1186/1471-2164-14-872.


Redox signaling is an early event in the pathogenesis of renovascular hypertension.

Hartono SP, Knudsen BE, Zubair AS, Nath KA, Textor SJ, Lerman LO, Grande JP.

Int J Mol Sci. 2013 Sep 10;14(9):18640-56. doi: 10.3390/ijms140918640.


Cheap and scalable synthesis of α-Fe2O3 multi-shelled hollow spheres as high-performance anode materials for lithium ion batteries.

Zhou L, Xu H, Zhang H, Yang J, Hartono SB, Qian K, Zou J, Yu C.

Chem Commun (Camb). 2013 Oct 7;49(77):8695-7. doi: 10.1039/c3cc43867h.


Nanoparticles mimicking viral surface topography for enhanced cellular delivery.

Niu Y, Yu M, Hartono SB, Yang J, Xu H, Zhang H, Zhang J, Zou J, Dexter A, Gu W, Yu C.

Adv Mater. 2013 Nov 20;25(43):6233-7. doi: 10.1002/adma.201302737. Epub 2013 Aug 15.


Inactive DNMT3B splice variants modulate de novo DNA methylation.

Gordon CA, Hartono SR, Chédin F.

PLoS One. 2013 Jul 19;8(7):e69486. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0069486. Print 2013.


A Phase 1 dose-finding and pharmacodynamic study of rapamycin in combination with bevacizumab in patients with unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma.

Choo SP, Chowbay B, Ng QS, Thng CH, Lim C, Hartono S, Koh TS, Huynh H, Poon D, Ang MK, Chang S, Toh HC.

Eur J Cancer. 2013 Mar;49(5):999-1008. doi: 10.1016/j.ejca.2012.11.008. Epub 2012 Dec 19.


Improved nutrition knowledge and practice through intensive nutrition education: a study among caregivers of mildly wasted children on Nias Island, Indonesia.

Inayati DA, Scherbaum V, Purwestri RC, Wirawan NN, Suryantan J, Hartono S, Bloem MA, Pangaribuan RV, Biesalski HK, Hoffmann V, Bellows AC.

Food Nutr Bull. 2012 Jun;33(2):117-27.


Combined intensive nutrition education and micronutrient powder supplementation improved nutritional status of mildly wasted children on Nias Island, Indonesia.

Inayati DA, Scherbaum V, Purwestri RC, Wirawan NN, Suryantan J, Hartono S, Bloem MA, Pangaribuan RV, Biesalski HK, Hoffmann V, Bellows AC.

Asia Pac J Clin Nutr. 2012;21(3):361-73.


In vivo measurement of gadolinium diffusivity by dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI: a preclinical study of human xenografts.

Koh TS, Hartono S, Thng CH, Lim TK, Martarello L, Ng QS.

Magn Reson Med. 2013 Jan;69(1):269-76. doi: 10.1002/mrm.24246. Epub 2012 Mar 22.


Infant feeding practices among mildly wasted children: a retrospective study on Nias Island, Indonesia.

Inayati DA, Scherbaum V, Purwestri RC, Hormann E, Wirawan NN, Suryantan J, Hartono S, Bloem MA, Pangaribuan RV, Biesalski HK, Hoffmann V, Bellows AC.

Int Breastfeed J. 2012 Mar 21;7(1):3. doi: 10.1186/1746-4358-7-3.


Poly-L-lysine functionalized large pore cubic mesostructured silica nanoparticles as biocompatible carriers for gene delivery.

Hartono SB, Gu W, Kleitz F, Liu J, He L, Middelberg AP, Yu C, Lu GQ, Qiao SZ.

ACS Nano. 2012 Mar 27;6(3):2104-17. doi: 10.1021/nn2039643. Epub 2012 Mar 12.


High temporal resolution dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI at 7 Tesla: a feasibility study with mouse liver model.

Hartono S, Thng CH, Ng QS, Yong CX, Yang CT, Shi W, Chuang KH, Koh TS.

Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc. 2011;2011:2788-91. doi: 10.1109/IEMBS.2011.6090763.


White dot syndromes: a 20-year study of incidence, clinical features, and outcomes.

Abu-Yaghi NE, Hartono SP, Hodge DO, Pulido JS, Bakri SJ.

Ocul Immunol Inflamm. 2011 Dec;19(6):426-30. doi: 10.3109/09273948.2011.624287.


Magnetic silica spheres with large nanopores for nucleic acid adsorption and cellular uptake.

Liu J, Wang B, Hartono SB, Liu T, Kantharidis P, Middelberg AP, Lu GQ, He L, Qiao SZ.

Biomaterials. 2012 Jan;33(3):970-8. doi: 10.1016/j.biomaterials.2011.10.001. Epub 2011 Oct 22.


Wash-out of hepatocellular carcinoma: quantitative region of interest analysis on CT.

Tan CH, Thng CH, Low AS, Tan VK, Hartono S, Koh TS, Goh BK, Cheow PC, Tan YM, Chung AY, Ooi LL, Earnest A, Chow PK.

Ann Acad Med Singapore. 2011 Jun;40(6):269-75.


Deconvolution assessment of splenic and splanchnic contributions to portal venous blood flow in liver cirrhosis.

Koh TS, Thng CH, Hartono S, Choo SP, Ng QS, Khoo JB, Bisdas S, Koh DM.

Med Phys. 2011 May;38(5):2768-82.


Dynamic contrast-enhanced computed tomography in metastatic nasopharyngeal carcinoma: reproducibility analysis and observer variability of the distributed parameter model.

Ng QS, Thng CH, Lim WT, Hartono S, Thian YL, Lee PS, Tan DS, Tan EH, Koh TS.

Invest Radiol. 2012 Jan;47(1):5-10. doi: 10.1097/RLI.0b013e3182199b9a.


Mesoporous silica nanoparticles for bioadsorption, enzyme immobilisation, and delivery carriers.

Popat A, Hartono SB, Stahr F, Liu J, Qiao SZ, Qing Max Lu G.

Nanoscale. 2011 Jul;3(7):2801-18. doi: 10.1039/c1nr10224a. Epub 2011 May 5. Review.


A comparative study of dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI parameters as biomarkers for anti-angiogenic drug therapy.

Koh TS, Thng CH, Hartono S, Tai BC, Rumpel H, Ong AB, Sukri N, Soo RA, Wong CI, Low AS, Humerickhouse RA, Goh BC.

NMR Biomed. 2011 Nov;24(9):1169-80. doi: 10.1002/nbm.1680. Epub 2011 Mar 23.


Dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI of neuroendocrine hepatic metastases: A feasibility study using a dual-input two-compartment model.

Koh TS, Thng CH, Hartono S, Kwek JW, Khoo JB, Miyazaki K, Collins DJ, Orton MR, Leach MO, Lewington V, Koh DM.

Magn Reson Med. 2011 Jan;65(1):250-60. doi: 10.1002/mrm.22596.


Fabrication of uniform anatase TiO(2) particles exposed by {001} facets.

Ma XY, Chen ZG, Hartono SB, Jiang HB, Zou J, Qiao SZ, Yang HG.

Chem Commun (Camb). 2010 Sep 21;46(35):6608-10. doi: 10.1039/c0cc01473g. Epub 2010 Aug 16.


Phase I and biomarker study of ABT-869, a multiple receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor, in patients with refractory solid malignancies.

Wong CI, Koh TS, Soo R, Hartono S, Thng CH, McKeegan E, Yong WP, Chen CS, Lee SC, Wong J, Lim R, Sukri N, Lim SE, Ong AB, Steinberg J, Gupta N, Pradhan R, Humerickhouse R, Goh BC.

J Clin Oncol. 2009 Oct 1;27(28):4718-26. doi: 10.1200/JCO.2008.21.7125. Epub 2009 Aug 31.


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