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Genetic and pharmacological inactivation of d-alanylation of teichoic acids sensitizes pathogenic enterococci to β-lactams.

Coupri D, Budin-Verneuil A, Hartke A, Benachour A, Léger L, Lequeux T, Pfund E, Verneuil N.

J Antimicrob Chemother. 2019 Jul 24. pii: dkz322. doi: 10.1093/jac/dkz322. [Epub ahead of print]


Expression profiling in a mammalian host reveals the strong induction of genes encoding LysM domain-containing proteins in Enterococcus faecium.

Cacaci M, Giraud C, Leger L, Torelli R, Martini C, Posteraro B, Palmieri V, Sanguinetti M, Bugli F, Hartke A.

Sci Rep. 2018 Aug 17;8(1):12412. doi: 10.1038/s41598-018-30882-z.


Enzymes Required for Maltodextrin Catabolism in Enterococcus faecalis Exhibit Novel Activities.

Joyet P, Mokhtari A, Riboulet-Bisson E, Blancato VS, Espariz M, Magni C, Hartke A, Deutscher J, Sauvageot N.

Appl Environ Microbiol. 2017 Jun 16;83(13). pii: e00038-17. doi: 10.1128/AEM.00038-17. Print 2017 Jul 1.


Enterococcus faecalis Uses a Phosphotransferase System Permease and a Host Colonization-Related ABC Transporter for Maltodextrin Uptake.

Sauvageot N, Mokhtari A, Joyet P, Budin-Verneuil A, Blancato VS, Repizo GD, Henry C, Pikis A, Thompson J, Magni C, Hartke A, Deutscher J.

J Bacteriol. 2017 Apr 11;199(9). pii: e00878-16. doi: 10.1128/JB.00878-16. Print 2017 May 1.


Genome Analysis and Development of a Multiplex TaqMan Real-Time PCR for Specific Identification and Detection of Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. nebraskensis.

Tambong JT, Xu R, Daayf F, Brière S, Bilodeau GJ, Tropiano R, Hartke A, Reid LM, Cott M, Cote T, Agarkova I.

Phytopathology. 2016 Dec;106(12):1473-1485. Epub 2016 Oct 4.


Characterization of Sviceucin from Streptomyces Provides Insight into Enzyme Exchangeability and Disulfide Bond Formation in Lasso Peptides.

Li Y, Ducasse R, Zirah S, Blond A, Goulard C, Lescop E, Giraud C, Hartke A, Guittet E, Pernodet JL, Rebuffat S.

ACS Chem Biol. 2015 Nov 20;10(11):2641-9. doi: 10.1021/acschembio.5b00584. Epub 2015 Sep 21.


Characterization of Two Metal Binding Lipoproteins as Vaccine Candidates for Enterococcal Infections.

Romero-Saavedra F, Laverde D, Budin-Verneuil A, Muller C, Bernay B, Benachour A, Hartke A, Huebner J.

PLoS One. 2015 Aug 31;10(8):e0136625. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0136625. eCollection 2015.


Loss of Antibiotic Tolerance in Sod-Deficient Mutants Is Dependent on the Energy Source and Arginine Catabolism in Enterococci.

Ladjouzi R, Bizzini A, van Schaik W, Zhang X, Rincé A, Benachour A, Hartke A.

J Bacteriol. 2015 Oct;197(20):3283-93. doi: 10.1128/JB.00389-15. Epub 2015 Aug 10.


The Intraperitoneal Transcriptome of the Opportunistic Pathogen Enterococcus faecalis in Mice.

Muller C, Cacaci M, Sauvageot N, Sanguinetti M, Rattei T, Eder T, Giard JC, Kalinowski J, Hain T, Hartke A.

PLoS One. 2015 May 15;10(5):e0126143. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0126143. eCollection 2015.


The polyamine N-acetyltransferase-like enzyme PmvE plays a role in the virulence of Enterococcus faecalis.

Martini C, Michaux C, Bugli F, Arcovito A, Iavarone F, Cacaci M, Paroni Sterbini F, Hartke A, Sauvageot N, Sanguinetti M, Posteraro B, Giard JC.

Infect Immun. 2015 Jan;83(1):364-71. doi: 10.1128/IAI.02585-14. Epub 2014 Nov 10.


Identification of peptidoglycan-associated proteins as vaccine candidates for enterococcal infections.

Romero-Saavedra F, Laverde D, Wobser D, Michaux C, Budin-Verneuil A, Bernay B, Benachour A, Hartke A, Huebner J.

PLoS One. 2014 Nov 4;9(11):e111880. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0111880. eCollection 2014.


First Genome Sequence of Potential Mycotoxin-Degrading Bacterium Devosia nanyangense DDB001.

Onyango M, Wang Y, Nickel O, Zhao C, Zhang X, Hartke A, Hemberger J, Cemic F.

Genome Announc. 2014 Oct 23;2(5). pii: e00922-14. doi: 10.1128/genomeA.00922-14.


The effect of inoculum size on selection of in vitro resistance to vancomycin, daptomycin, and linezolid in methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.

Rio-Marques L, Hartke A, Bizzini A.

Microb Drug Resist. 2014 Dec;20(6):539-43. doi: 10.1089/mdr.2014.0059.


Involvement of Enterococcus faecalis small RNAs in stress response and virulence.

Michaux C, Hartke A, Martini C, Reiss S, Albrecht D, Budin-Verneuil A, Sanguinetti M, Engelmann S, Hain T, Verneuil N, Giard JC.

Infect Immun. 2014 Sep;82(9):3599-611. doi: 10.1128/IAI.01900-14. Epub 2014 Jun 9.


Physiological roles of small RNA molecules.

Michaux C, Verneuil N, Hartke A, Giard JC.

Microbiology. 2014 Jun;160(Pt 6):1007-19. doi: 10.1099/mic.0.076208-0. Epub 2014 Apr 2. Review.


Pathogenesis and Models of Enterococcal Infection.

Garsin DA, Frank KL, Silanpää J, Ausubel FM, Hartke A, Shankar N, Murray BE.

In: Gilmore MS, Clewell DB, Ike Y, Shankar N, editors. Enterococci: From Commensals to Leading Causes of Drug Resistant Infection [Internet]. Boston: Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary; 2014-.
2014 Feb 7.


The Physiology and Metabolism of Enterococci.

Ramsey M, Hartke A, Huycke M.

In: Gilmore MS, Clewell DB, Ike Y, Shankar N, editors. Enterococci: From Commensals to Leading Causes of Drug Resistant Infection [Internet]. Boston: Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary; 2014-.
2014 Feb 15.


Cold-shock RNA-binding protein CspR is also exposed to the surface of Enterococcus faecalis.

Michaux C, Saavedra LF, Reffuveille F, Bernay B, Goux D, Hartke A, Verneuil N, Giard JC.

Microbiology. 2013 Oct;159(Pt 10):2153-61. doi: 10.1099/mic.0.071076-0. Epub 2013 Aug 16.


Analysis of the tolerance of pathogenic enterococci and Staphylococcus aureus to cell wall active antibiotics.

Ladjouzi R, Bizzini A, Lebreton F, Sauvageot N, Rincé A, Benachour A, Hartke A.

J Antimicrob Chemother. 2013 Sep;68(9):2083-91. doi: 10.1093/jac/dkt157. Epub 2013 May 6.


Redox balance via lactate dehydrogenase is important for multiple stress resistance and virulence in Enterococcus faecalis.

Rana NF, Sauvageot N, Laplace JM, Bao Y, Nes I, Rincé A, Posteraro B, Sanguinetti M, Hartke A.

Infect Immun. 2013 Aug;81(8):2662-8. doi: 10.1128/IAI.01299-12. Epub 2013 May 6.


Enterococcus faecalis utilizes maltose by connecting two incompatible metabolic routes via a novel maltose 6'-phosphate phosphatase (MapP).

Mokhtari A, Blancato VS, Repizo GD, Henry C, Pikis A, Bourand A, de Fátima Álvarez M, Immel S, Mechakra-Maza A, Hartke A, Thompson J, Magni C, Deutscher J.

Mol Microbiol. 2013 Apr;88(2):234-53. doi: 10.1111/mmi.12183. Epub 2013 Mar 14.


Mutations in msrA and msrB, encoding epimer-specific methionine sulfoxide reductases, affect expression of glycerol-catabolic operons in Enterococcus faecalis differently.

Zhao C, Bizzini A, Zhang X, Sauvageot N, Hartke A.

Microbiology. 2013 Mar;159(Pt 3):615-20. doi: 10.1099/mic.0.065037-0. Epub 2012 Dec 20.


CspR, a cold shock RNA-binding protein involved in the long-term survival and the virulence of Enterococcus faecalis.

Michaux C, Martini C, Shioya K, Ahmed Lecheheb S, Budin-Verneuil A, Cosette P, Sanguinetti M, Hartke A, Verneuil N, Giard JC.

J Bacteriol. 2012 Dec;194(24):6900-8. doi: 10.1128/JB.01673-12. Epub 2012 Oct 19.


Aerobic glycerol dissimilation via the Enterococcus faecalis DhaK pathway depends on NADH oxidase and a phosphotransfer reaction from PEP to DhaK via EIIADha.

Sauvageot N, Ladjouzi R, Benachour A, Rincé A, Deutscher J, Hartke A.

Microbiology. 2012 Oct;158(Pt 10):2661-6. Epub 2012 Aug 9.


Role of mprF1 and mprF2 in the pathogenicity of Enterococcus faecalis.

Bao Y, Sakinc T, Laverde D, Wobser D, Benachour A, Theilacker C, Hartke A, Huebner J.

PLoS One. 2012;7(6):e38458. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0038458. Epub 2012 Jun 18.


Large-scale screening of a targeted Enterococcus faecalis mutant library identifies envelope fitness factors.

Rigottier-Gois L, Alberti A, Houel A, Taly JF, Palcy P, Manson J, Pinto D, Matos RC, Carrilero L, Montero N, Tariq M, Karsens H, Repp C, Kropec A, Budin-Verneuil A, Benachour A, Sauvageot N, Bizzini A, Gilmore MS, Bessières P, Kok J, Huebner J, Lopes F, Gonzalez-Zorn B, Hartke A, Serror P.

PLoS One. 2011;6(12):e29023. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0029023. Epub 2011 Dec 15.


SlyA regulator is involved in bile salts stress response of Enterococcus faecalis.

Michaux C, Martini C, Hanin A, Auffray Y, Hartke A, Giard JC.

FEMS Microbiol Lett. 2011 Nov;324(2):142-6. doi: 10.1111/j.1574-6968.2011.02390.x. Epub 2011 Oct 4.


Genome-wide identification of small RNAs in the opportunistic pathogen Enterococcus faecalis V583.

Shioya K, Michaux C, Kuenne C, Hain T, Verneuil N, Budin-Verneuil A, Hartsch T, Hartke A, Giard JC.

PLoS One. 2011;6(9):e23948. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0023948. Epub 2011 Sep 2.


Immune response to Rhodococcus equi ATCC 33701-secreted proteins in mice and identification of immunogenic recombinant proteins by dot-blotting.

Barbey C, Cauchard S, Cauchard J, Laugier C, Hartke A, Petry S.

Res Vet Sci. 2012 Aug;93(1):172-6. doi: 10.1016/j.rvsc.2011.05.003. Epub 2011 May 28.


SlyA is a transcriptional regulator involved in the virulence of Enterococcus faecalis.

Michaux C, Sanguinetti M, Reffuveille F, Auffray Y, Posteraro B, Gilmore MS, Hartke A, Giard JC.

Infect Immun. 2011 Jul;79(7):2638-45. doi: 10.1128/IAI.01132-10. Epub 2011 May 2.


Role of the (Mn)superoxide dismutase of Enterococcus faecalis in the in vitro interaction with microglia.

Peppoloni S, Posteraro B, Colombari B, Manca L, Hartke A, Giard JC, Sanguinetti M, Fadda G, Blasi E.

Microbiology. 2011 Jun;157(Pt 6):1816-22. doi: 10.1099/mic.0.047381-0. Epub 2011 Apr 7.


Comparative genome-wide analysis of small RNAs of major Gram-positive pathogens: from identification to application.

Mraheil MA, Billion A, Kuenne C, Pischimarov J, Kreikemeyer B, Engelmann S, Hartke A, Giard JC, Rupnik M, Vorwerk S, Beier M, Retey J, Hartsch T, Jacob A, Cemič F, Hemberger J, Chakraborty T, Hain T.

Microb Biotechnol. 2010 Nov;3(6):658-76. doi: 10.1111/j.1751-7915.2010.00171.x. Review.


Genomic organization, structure, regulation and pathogenic role of pilus constituents in major pathogenic Streptococci and Enterococci.

Kreikemeyer B, Gámez G, Margarit I, Giard JC, Hammerschmidt S, Hartke A, Podbielski A.

Int J Med Microbiol. 2011 Mar;301(3):240-51. doi: 10.1016/j.ijmm.2010.09.003. Epub 2010 Nov 26. Review.


Construction of a new sensitive molecular tool for the study of gene expression in Enterococcus faecalis.

Le Jeune A, Touchet F, Zhao C, Hartke A, Auffray Y, Benachour A.

J Mol Microbiol Biotechnol. 2010;19(3):159-68. doi: 10.1159/000321663. Epub 2010 Oct 12.


Screening of in vivo activated genes in Enterococcus faecalis during insect and mouse infections and growth in urine.

Hanin A, Sava I, Bao Y, Huebner J, Hartke A, Auffray Y, Sauvageot N.

PLoS One. 2010 Jul 29;5(7):e11879. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0011879.


Role of methionine sulfoxide reductases A and B of Enterococcus faecalis in oxidative stress and virulence.

Zhao C, Hartke A, La Sorda M, Posteraro B, Laplace JM, Auffray Y, Sanguinetti M.

Infect Immun. 2010 Sep;78(9):3889-97. doi: 10.1128/IAI.00165-10. Epub 2010 Jun 21.


Incidence of re-arrest and critical events during prolonged transport of post-cardiac arrest patients.

Hartke A, Mumma BE, Rittenberger JC, Callaway CW, Guyette FX.

Resuscitation. 2010 Aug;81(8):938-42. doi: 10.1016/j.resuscitation.2010.04.012. Epub 2010 May 21.


Complete genome sequence of the probiotic Lactobacillus casei strain BL23.

Mazé A, Boël G, Zúñiga M, Bourand A, Loux V, Yebra MJ, Monedero V, Correia K, Jacques N, Beaufils S, Poncet S, Joyet P, Milohanic E, Casarégola S, Auffray Y, Pérez-Martínez G, Gibrat JF, Zagorec M, Francke C, Hartke A, Deutscher J.

J Bacteriol. 2010 May;192(10):2647-8. doi: 10.1128/JB.00076-10. Epub 2010 Mar 26.


The extracytoplasmic function sigma factor SigV plays a key role in the original model of lysozyme resistance and virulence of Enterococcus faecalis.

Le Jeune A, Torelli R, Sanguinetti M, Giard JC, Hartke A, Auffray Y, Benachour A.

PLoS One. 2010 Mar 11;5(3):e9658. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0009658.


Glycerol is metabolized in a complex and strain-dependent manner in Enterococcus faecalis.

Bizzini A, Zhao C, Budin-Verneuil A, Sauvageot N, Giard JC, Auffray Y, Hartke A.

J Bacteriol. 2010 Feb;192(3):779-85. doi: 10.1128/JB.00959-09. Epub 2009 Dec 4.


The Enterococcus faecalis superoxide dismutase is essential for its tolerance to vancomycin and penicillin.

Bizzini A, Zhao C, Auffray Y, Hartke A.

J Antimicrob Chemother. 2009 Dec;64(6):1196-202. doi: 10.1093/jac/dkp369. Epub 2009 Oct 14.


The (p)ppGpp synthetase RelA contributes to stress adaptation and virulence in Enterococcus faecalis V583.

Yan X, Zhao C, Budin-Verneuil A, Hartke A, Rincé A, Gilmore MS, Auffray Y, Pichereau V.

Microbiology. 2009 Oct;155(Pt 10):3226-37. doi: 10.1099/mic.0.026146-0. Epub 2009 Jul 16.


ace, Which encodes an adhesin in Enterococcus faecalis, is regulated by Ers and is involved in virulence.

Lebreton F, Riboulet-Bisson E, Serror P, Sanguinetti M, Posteraro B, Torelli R, Hartke A, Auffray Y, Giard JC.

Infect Immun. 2009 Jul;77(7):2832-9. doi: 10.1128/IAI.01218-08. Epub 2009 May 11.


Proteomic analysis and immunogenicity of secreted proteins from Rhodococcus equi ATCC 33701.

Barbey C, Budin-Verneuil A, Cauchard S, Hartke A, Laugier C, Pichereau V, Petry S.

Vet Microbiol. 2009 Mar 30;135(3-4):334-45. doi: 10.1016/j.vetmic.2008.09.086. Epub 2008 Oct 15.


Ers controls glycerol metabolism in Enterococcus faecalis.

Riboulet-Bisson E, Hartke A, Auffray Y, Giard JC.

Curr Microbiol. 2009 Mar;58(3):201-4. doi: 10.1007/s00284-008-9308-4. Epub 2008 Nov 6.


Molecular analysis of the replication region of the pCIZ2 plasmid from the multiple bacteriocin producer strain Enterococcus faecium L50.

Criado R, Gutiérrez J, Budin-Verneuil A, Hernández PE, Hartke A, Cintas LM, Auffray Y, Benachour A.

Plasmid. 2008 Nov;60(3):181-9. doi: 10.1016/j.plasmid.2008.07.002. Epub 2008 Sep 5.


Ers a Crp/Fnr-like transcriptional regulator of Enterococcus faecalis.

Riboulet-Bisson E, Le Jeune A, Benachour A, Auffray Y, Hartke A, Giard JC.

Int J Food Microbiol. 2009 Apr 30;131(1):71-4. doi: 10.1016/j.ijfoodmicro.2008.06.022. Epub 2008 Jun 29.


Characterization of the Ers regulon of Enterococcus faecalis.

Riboulet-Bisson E, Sanguinetti M, Budin-Verneuil A, Auffray Y, Hartke A, Giard JC.

Infect Immun. 2008 Jul;76(7):3064-74. doi: 10.1128/IAI.00161-08. Epub 2008 Apr 21.


Relationships between oxidative stress response and virulence in Enterococcus faecalis.

Riboulet E, Verneuil N, La Carbona S, Sauvageot N, Auffray Y, Hartke A, Giard JC.

J Mol Microbiol Biotechnol. 2007;13(1-3):140-6. Review.


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