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Associations of hemodynamics, morphology, and patient characteristics with aneurysm rupture stratified by aneurysm location.

Detmer FJ, Chung BJ, Jimenez C, Hamzei-Sichani F, Kallmes D, Putman C, Cebral JR.

Neuroradiology. 2019 Mar;61(3):275-284. doi: 10.1007/s00234-018-2135-9. Epub 2018 Nov 19.


Identification of Hostile Hemodynamics and Geometries of Cerebral Aneurysms: A Case-Control Study.

Chung BJ, Mut F, Putman CM, Hamzei-Sichani F, Brinjikji W, Kallmes D, Jimenez CM, Cebral JR.

AJNR Am J Neuroradiol. 2018 Oct;39(10):1860-1866. doi: 10.3174/ajnr.A5764. Epub 2018 Aug 30.


Development and internal validation of an aneurysm rupture probability model based on patient characteristics and aneurysm location, morphology, and hemodynamics.

Detmer FJ, Chung BJ, Mut F, Slawski M, Hamzei-Sichani F, Putman C, Jiménez C, Cebral JR.

Int J Comput Assist Radiol Surg. 2018 Nov;13(11):1767-1779. doi: 10.1007/s11548-018-1837-0. Epub 2018 Aug 9.


Development of a statistical model for discrimination of rupture status in posterior communicating artery aneurysms.

Detmer FJ, Chung BJ, Mut F, Pritz M, Slawski M, Hamzei-Sichani F, Kallmes D, Putman C, Jimenez C, Cebral JR.

Acta Neurochir (Wien). 2018 Aug;160(8):1643-1652. doi: 10.1007/s00701-018-3595-8. Epub 2018 Jun 20.


Dopamine drives left-hemispheric lateralization of neural networks during human speech.

Fuertinger S, Zinn JC, Sharan AD, Hamzei-Sichani F, Simonyan K.

J Comp Neurol. 2018 Apr 1;526(5):920-931. doi: 10.1002/cne.24375. Epub 2017 Dec 21.


Hemodynamic Characteristics of Ruptured and Unruptured Multiple Aneurysms at Mirror and Ipsilateral Locations.

Doddasomayajula R, Chung BJ, Mut F, Jimenez CM, Hamzei-Sichani F, Putman CM, Cebral JR.

AJNR Am J Neuroradiol. 2017 Dec;38(12):2301-2307. doi: 10.3174/ajnr.A5397. Epub 2017 Oct 5.


Angioarchitectures and Hemodynamic Characteristics of Posterior Communicating Artery Aneurysms and Their Association with Rupture Status.

Chung BJ, Doddasomayajula R, Mut F, Detmer F, Pritz MB, Hamzei-Sichani F, Brinjikji W, Kallmes DF, Jimenez CM, Putman CM, Cebral JR.

AJNR Am J Neuroradiol. 2017 Nov;38(11):2111-2118. doi: 10.3174/ajnr.A5358. Epub 2017 Aug 31.


Differences in Hemodynamics and Rupture Rate of Aneurysms at the Bifurcation of the Basilar and Internal Carotid Arteries.

Doddasomayajula R, Chung B, Hamzei-Sichani F, Putman CM, Cebral JR.

AJNR Am J Neuroradiol. 2017 Mar;38(3):570-576. doi: 10.3174/ajnr.A5088. Epub 2017 Feb 16.


High-frequency brain networks undergo modular breakdown during epileptic seizures.

Fuertinger S, Simonyan K, Sperling MR, Sharan AD, Hamzei-Sichani F.

Epilepsia. 2016 Jul;57(7):1097-108. doi: 10.1111/epi.13413. Epub 2016 May 25.


Mixed Electrical-Chemical Synapses in Adult Rat Hippocampus are Primarily Glutamatergic and Coupled by Connexin-36.

Hamzei-Sichani F, Davidson KG, Yasumura T, Janssen WG, Wearne SL, Hof PR, Traub RD, Gutiérrez R, Ottersen OP, Rash JE.

Front Neuroanat. 2012 May 15;6:13. doi: 10.3389/fnana.2012.00013. eCollection 2012.


Gap junctions on hippocampal mossy fiber axons demonstrated by thin-section electron microscopy and freeze fracture replica immunogold labeling.

Hamzei-Sichani F, Kamasawa N, Janssen WG, Yasumura T, Davidson KG, Hof PR, Wearne SL, Stewart MG, Young SR, Whittington MA, Rash JE, Traub RD.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2007 Jul 24;104(30):12548-53. Epub 2007 Jul 18.


Dendritic size of pyramidal neurons differs among mouse cortical regions.

Benavides-Piccione R, Hamzei-Sichani F, Ballesteros-Yáñez I, DeFelipe J, Yuste R.

Cereb Cortex. 2006 Jul;16(7):990-1001. Epub 2005 Sep 29.


Quantitative morphologic classification of layer 5 neurons from mouse primary visual cortex.

Tsiola A, Hamzei-Sichani F, Peterlin Z, Yuste R.

J Comp Neurol. 2003 Jul 7;461(4):415-28.


Morphological and physiological characterization of layer VI corticofugal neurons of mouse primary visual cortex.

Brumberg JC, Hamzei-Sichani F, Yuste R.

J Neurophysiol. 2003 May;89(5):2854-67.


Dynamics of spontaneous activity in neocortical slices.

Mao BQ, Hamzei-Sichani F, Aronov D, Froemke RC, Yuste R.

Neuron. 2001 Dec 6;32(5):883-98.


Stereotyped position of local synaptic targets in neocortex.

Kozloski J, Hamzei-Sichani F, Yuste R.

Science. 2001 Aug 3;293(5531):868-72.

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