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ZBTB20 is required for anterior pituitary development and lactotrope specification.

Cao D, Ma X, Cai J, Luan J, Liu AJ, Yang R, Cao Y, Zhu X, Zhang H, Chen YX, Shi Y, Shi GX, Zou D, Cao X, Grusby MJ, Xie Z, Zhang WJ.

Nat Commun. 2016 Apr 15;7:11121. doi: 10.1038/ncomms11121.


IL-21 receptor signalling partially mediates Th2-mediated allergic airway responses.

Lajoie S, Lewkowich I, Herman NS, Sproles A, Pesce JT, Wynn TA, Grusby MJ, Hamid Q, Wills-Karp M.

Clin Exp Allergy. 2014 Jul;44(7):976-85. doi: 10.1111/cea.12341.


IL-21 promotes CD8+ CTL activity via the transcription factor T-bet.

Sutherland AP, Joller N, Michaud M, Liu SM, Kuchroo VK, Grusby MJ.

J Immunol. 2013 Apr 15;190(8):3977-84. doi: 10.4049/jimmunol.1201730. Epub 2013 Mar 11.


PDLIM2 restricts Th1 and Th17 differentiation and prevents autoimmune disease.

Qu Z, Fu J, Ma H, Zhou J, Jin M, Mapara MY, Grusby MJ, Xiao G.

Cell Biosci. 2012 Jun 25;2(1):23. doi: 10.1186/2045-3701-2-23.


The zinc finger protein ZBTB20 regulates transcription of fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase 1 and β cell function in mice.

Zhang Y, Xie Z, Zhou L, Li L, Zhang H, Zhou G, Ma X, Herrera PL, Liu Z, Grusby MJ, Zhang WJ.

Gastroenterology. 2012 Jun;142(7):1571-1580.e6. doi: 10.1053/j.gastro.2012.02.043. Epub 2012 Feb 25.


PDLIM2 inhibits T helper 17 cell development and granulomatous inflammation through degradation of STAT3.

Tanaka T, Yamamoto Y, Muromoto R, Ikeda O, Sekine Y, Grusby MJ, Kaisho T, Matsuda T.

Sci Signal. 2011 Dec 6;4(202):ra85. doi: 10.1126/scisignal.2001637.


DNA methylation-dependent repression of PDZ-LIM domain-containing protein 2 in colon cancer and its role as a potential therapeutic target.

Qu Z, Yan P, Fu J, Jiang J, Grusby MJ, Smithgall TE, Xiao G.

Cancer Res. 2010 Mar 1;70(5):1766-72. doi: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-09-3263. Epub 2010 Feb 9.


NIP45 controls the magnitude of the type 2 T helper cell response.

Fathman JW, Gurish MF, Hemmers S, Bonham K, Friend DS, Grusby MJ, Glimcher LH, Mowen KA.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2010 Feb 23;107(8):3663-8. doi: 10.1073/pnas.0914700107. Epub 2010 Feb 4.


c-Maf activates the promoter and enhancer of the IL-21 gene, and TGF-beta inhibits c-Maf-induced IL-21 production in CD4+ T cells.

Hiramatsu Y, Suto A, Kashiwakuma D, Kanari H, Kagami S, Ikeda K, Hirose K, Watanabe N, Grusby MJ, Iwamoto I, Nakajima H.

J Leukoc Biol. 2010 Apr;87(4):703-12. doi: 10.1189/jlb.0909639. Epub 2009 Dec 30.


Zinc finger protein Zbtb20 is essential for postnatal survival and glucose homeostasis.

Sutherland AP, Zhang H, Zhang Y, Michaud M, Xie Z, Patti ME, Grusby MJ, Zhang WJ.

Mol Cell Biol. 2009 May;29(10):2804-15. doi: 10.1128/MCB.01667-08. Epub 2009 Mar 9.


Identification of the small protein rich in arginine and glycine (SRAG): a newly identified nucleolar protein that can regulate cell proliferation.

Zullo AJ, Michaud M, Zhang W, Grusby MJ.

J Biol Chem. 2009 May 1;284(18):12504-11. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M809436200. Epub 2009 Mar 2.


Interleukin-21 is required for the development of type 1 diabetes in NOD mice.

Sutherland AP, Van Belle T, Wurster AL, Suto A, Michaud M, Zhang D, Grusby MJ, von Herrath M.

Diabetes. 2009 May;58(5):1144-55. doi: 10.2337/db08-0882. Epub 2009 Feb 10.


PDLIM2 suppresses human T-cell leukemia virus type I Tax-mediated tumorigenesis by targeting Tax into the nuclear matrix for proteasomal degradation.

Yan P, Fu J, Qu Z, Li S, Tanaka T, Grusby MJ, Xiao G.

Blood. 2009 Apr 30;113(18):4370-80. doi: 10.1182/blood-2008-10-185660. Epub 2009 Jan 8.


IL-21R is essential for epicutaneous sensitization and allergic skin inflammation in humans and mice.

Jin H, Oyoshi MK, Le Y, Bianchi T, Koduru S, Mathias CB, Kumar L, Le Bras S, Young D, Collins M, Grusby MJ, Wenzel J, Bieber T, Boes M, Silberstein LE, Oettgen HC, Geha RS.

J Clin Invest. 2009 Jan;119(1):47-60. doi: 10.1172/JCI32310. Epub 2008 Dec 15.


Zinc finger protein ZBTB20 is a key repressor of alpha-fetoprotein gene transcription in liver.

Xie Z, Zhang H, Tsai W, Zhang Y, Du Y, Zhong J, Szpirer C, Zhu M, Cao X, Barton MC, Grusby MJ, Zhang WJ.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2008 Aug 5;105(31):10859-64. doi: 10.1073/pnas.0800647105. Epub 2008 Jul 31.


Development and characterization of IL-21-producing CD4+ T cells.

Suto A, Kashiwakuma D, Kagami S, Hirose K, Watanabe N, Yokote K, Saito Y, Nakayama T, Grusby MJ, Iwamoto I, Nakajima H.

J Exp Med. 2008 Jun 9;205(6):1369-79. doi: 10.1084/jem.20072057. Epub 2008 May 12.


IL-13 receptor alpha2 selectively inhibits IL-13-induced responses in the murine lung.

Zheng T, Liu W, Oh SY, Zhu Z, Hu B, Homer RJ, Cohn L, Grusby MJ, Elias JA.

J Immunol. 2008 Jan 1;180(1):522-9.


Contribution of IL-12R mediated feedback loop to Th1 cell differentiation.

Becskei A, Grusby MJ.

FEBS Lett. 2007 Nov 13;581(27):5199-206. Epub 2007 Oct 12.


Functional role for I kappa BNS in T cell cytokine regulation as revealed by targeted gene disruption.

Touma M, Antonini V, Kumar M, Osborn SL, Bobenchik AM, Keskin DB, Connolly JE, Grusby MJ, Reinherz EL, Clayton LK.

J Immunol. 2007 Aug 1;179(3):1681-92.


Regulation of signal transducer and activator of transcription signaling by the tyrosine phosphatase PTP-BL.

Nakahira M, Tanaka T, Robson BE, Mizgerd JP, Grusby MJ.

Immunity. 2007 Feb;26(2):163-76.


Osteopontin induces ubiquitin-dependent degradation of STAT1 in RAW264.7 murine macrophages.

Gao C, Guo H, Mi Z, Grusby MJ, Kuo PC.

J Immunol. 2007 Feb 1;178(3):1870-81.


IL-13 is pivotal in the fibro-obliterative process of bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome.

Keane MP, Gomperts BN, Weigt S, Xue YY, Burdick MD, Nakamura H, Zisman DA, Ardehali A, Saggar R, Lynch JP 3rd, Hogaboam C, Kunkel SL, Lukacs NW, Ross DJ, Grusby MJ, Strieter RM, Belperio JA.

J Immunol. 2007 Jan 1;178(1):511-9.


IL-21 inhibits IFN-gamma production in developing Th1 cells through the repression of Eomesodermin expression.

Suto A, Wurster AL, Reiner SL, Grusby MJ.

J Immunol. 2006 Sep 15;177(6):3721-7.


The IL-21 receptor augments Th2 effector function and alternative macrophage activation.

Pesce J, Kaviratne M, Ramalingam TR, Thompson RW, Urban JF Jr, Cheever AW, Young DA, Collins M, Grusby MJ, Wynn TA.

J Clin Invest. 2006 Jul;116(7):2044-55. Epub 2006 Jun 15.


Induction of tolerance in arthritogenic B cells with receptors of differing affinity for self-antigen.

Huang H, Kearney JF, Grusby MJ, Benoist C, Mathis D.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2006 Mar 7;103(10):3734-9. Epub 2006 Feb 27.


SLIM is a nuclear ubiquitin E3 ligase that negatively regulates STAT signaling.

Tanaka T, Soriano MA, Grusby MJ.

Immunity. 2005 Jun;22(6):729-36.


NFATc2 and T-bet contribute to T-helper-cell-subset-specific regulation of IL-21 expression.

Mehta DS, Wurster AL, Weinmann AS, Grusby MJ.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2005 Feb 8;102(6):2016-21. Epub 2005 Jan 31.


Biology of IL-21 and the IL-21 receptor.

Mehta DS, Wurster AL, Grusby MJ.

Immunol Rev. 2004 Dec;202:84-95. Review.


Simultaneous deficiency in CD28 and STAT6 results in chronic ectoparasite-induced inflammatory skin disease.

Liu Q, Arseculeratne C, Liu Z, Whitmire J, Grusby MJ, Finkelman FD, Darling TN, Cheever AW, Swearengen J, Urban JF, Gause WC.

Infect Immun. 2004 Jul;72(7):3706-15.


Defining Th1 and Th2 immune responses in a reciprocal cytokine environment in vivo.

Chitnis T, Salama AD, Grusby MJ, Sayegh MH, Khoury SJ.

J Immunol. 2004 Apr 1;172(7):4260-5.


Role of group V phospholipase A2 in zymosan-induced eicosanoid generation and vascular permeability revealed by targeted gene disruption.

Satake Y, Diaz BL, Balestrieri B, Lam BK, Kanaoka Y, Grusby MJ, Arm JP.

J Biol Chem. 2004 Apr 16;279(16):16488-94. Epub 2004 Feb 4.


IL-13 receptor alpha 2 down-modulates granulomatous inflammation and prolongs host survival in schistosomiasis.

Mentink-Kane MM, Cheever AW, Thompson RW, Hari DM, Kabatereine NB, Vennervald BJ, Ouma JH, Mwatha JK, Jones FM, Donaldson DD, Grusby MJ, Dunne DW, Wynn TA.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2004 Jan 13;101(2):586-90. Epub 2003 Dec 29.


IL-21 activates both innate and adaptive immunity to generate potent antitumor responses that require perforin but are independent of IFN-gamma.

Ma HL, Whitters MJ, Konz RF, Senices M, Young DA, Grusby MJ, Collins M, Dunussi-Joannopoulos K.

J Immunol. 2003 Jul 15;171(2):608-15.


IL-21 induces the apoptosis of resting and activated primary B cells.

Mehta DS, Wurster AL, Whitters MJ, Young DA, Collins M, Grusby MJ.

J Immunol. 2003 Apr 15;170(8):4111-8.


Essential role of NKT cells producing IL-4 and IL-13 in the development of allergen-induced airway hyperreactivity.

Akbari O, Stock P, Meyer E, Kronenberg M, Sidobre S, Nakayama T, Taniguchi M, Grusby MJ, DeKruyff RH, Umetsu DT.

Nat Med. 2003 May;9(5):582-8. Epub 2003 Mar 31.


Enhanced interleukin (IL)-13 responses in mice lacking IL-13 receptor alpha 2.

Wood N, Whitters MJ, Jacobson BA, Witek J, Sypek JP, Kasaian M, Eppihimer MJ, Unger M, Tanaka T, Goldman SJ, Collins M, Donaldson DD, Grusby MJ.

J Exp Med. 2003 Mar 17;197(6):703-9.


Regulation and function of the interleukin 13 receptor alpha 2 during a T helper cell type 2-dominant immune response.

Chiaramonte MG, Mentink-Kane M, Jacobson BA, Cheever AW, Whitters MJ, Goad ME, Wong A, Collins M, Donaldson DD, Grusby MJ, Wynn TA.

J Exp Med. 2003 Mar 17;197(6):687-701.


IL-4 synergistically enhances both IL-2- and IL-12-induced IFN-gamma expression in murine NK cells.

Bream JH, Curiel RE, Yu CR, Egwuagu CE, Grusby MJ, Aune TM, Young HA.

Blood. 2003 Jul 1;102(1):207-14. Epub 2003 Mar 13.


CD4+ T cells mediate abscess formation in intra-abdominal sepsis by an IL-17-dependent mechanism.

Chung DR, Kasper DL, Panzo RJ, Chitnis T, Grusby MJ, Sayegh MH, Tzianabos AO.

J Immunol. 2003 Feb 15;170(4):1958-63. Erratum in: J Immunol. 2003 Apr 15;170(8):4411. Chtinis, T [corrected to Chitnis, T].


Interleukin 21 is a T helper (Th) cell 2 cytokine that specifically inhibits the differentiation of naive Th cells into interferon gamma-producing Th1 cells.

Wurster AL, Rodgers VL, Satoskar AR, Whitters MJ, Young DA, Collins M, Grusby MJ.

J Exp Med. 2002 Oct 7;196(7):969-77.


Negative regulation of interleukin-12 signaling by suppressor of cytokine signaling-1.

Eyles JL, Metcalf D, Grusby MJ, Hilton DJ, Starr R.

J Biol Chem. 2002 Nov 15;277(46):43735-40. Epub 2002 Sep 8.


IL-4 and IL-12 regulate proteoglycan-induced arthritis through Stat-dependent mechanisms.

Finnegan A, Grusby MJ, Kaplan CD, O'Neill SK, Eibel H, Koreny T, Czipri M, Mikecz K, Zhang J.

J Immunol. 2002 Sep 15;169(6):3345-52.


Interleukin-4-mediated protection of primary B cells from apoptosis through Stat6-dependent up-regulation of Bcl-xL.

Wurster AL, Rodgers VL, White MF, Rothstein TL, Grusby MJ.

J Biol Chem. 2002 Jul 26;277(30):27169-75. Epub 2002 May 22.


IL-21 limits NK cell responses and promotes antigen-specific T cell activation: a mediator of the transition from innate to adaptive immunity.

Kasaian MT, Whitters MJ, Carter LL, Lowe LD, Jussif JM, Deng B, Johnson KA, Witek JS, Senices M, Konz RF, Wurster AL, Donaldson DD, Collins M, Young DA, Grusby MJ.

Immunity. 2002 Apr;16(4):559-69.


IL-12, STAT4-dependent up-regulation of CD4(+) T cell core 2 beta-1,6-n-acetylglucosaminyltransferase, an enzyme essential for biosynthesis of P-selectin ligands.

Lim YC, Xie H, Come CE, Alexander SI, Grusby MJ, Lichtman AH, Luscinskas FW.

J Immunol. 2001 Oct 15;167(8):4476-84.


Effect of targeted disruption of STAT4 and STAT6 on the induction of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis.

Chitnis T, Najafian N, Benou C, Salama AD, Grusby MJ, Sayegh MH, Khoury SJ.

J Clin Invest. 2001 Sep;108(5):739-47.


Plasma cell differentiation requires the transcription factor XBP-1.

Reimold AM, Iwakoshi NN, Manis J, Vallabhajosyula P, Szomolanyi-Tsuda E, Gravallese EM, Friend D, Grusby MJ, Alt F, Glimcher LH.

Nature. 2001 Jul 19;412(6844):300-7.


Increased severity of local and systemic anaphylactic reactions in gp49B1-deficient mice.

Daheshia M, Friend DS, Grusby MJ, Austen KF, Katz HR.

J Exp Med. 2001 Jul 16;194(2):227-34.

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