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Randomized Controlled Trial of Melatonin for Sleep Disturbance in Dravet Syndrome: The DREAMS Study.

Myers KA, Davey MJ, Ching M, Ellis C, Grinton BE, Roten A, Lightfoot PA, Scheffer IE.

J Clin Sleep Med. 2018 Oct 15;14(10):1697-1704. doi: 10.5664/jcsm.7376.


Genetic epilepsy with febrile seizures plus: Refining the spectrum.

Zhang YH, Burgess R, Malone JP, Glubb GC, Helbig KL, Vadlamudi L, Kivity S, Afawi Z, Bleasel A, Grattan-Smith P, Grinton BE, Bellows ST, Vears DF, Damiano JA, Goldberg-Stern H, Korczyn AD, Dibbens LM, Ruzzo EK, Hildebrand MS, Berkovic SF, Scheffer IE.

Neurology. 2017 Sep 19;89(12):1210-1219. doi: 10.1212/WNL.0000000000004384. Epub 2017 Aug 25.


Familial neonatal seizures in 36 families: Clinical and genetic features correlate with outcome.

Grinton BE, Heron SE, Pelekanos JT, Zuberi SM, Kivity S, Afawi Z, Williams TC, Casalaz DM, Yendle S, Linder I, Lev D, Lerman-Sagie T, Malone S, Bassan H, Goldberg-Stern H, Stanley T, Hayman M, Calvert S, Korczyn AD, Shevell M, Scheffer IE, Mulley JC, Berkovic SF.

Epilepsia. 2015 Jul;56(7):1071-80. doi: 10.1111/epi.13020. Epub 2015 May 15.


A variant of KCC2 from patients with febrile seizures impairs neuronal Cl- extrusion and dendritic spine formation.

Puskarjov M, Seja P, Heron SE, Williams TC, Ahmad F, Iona X, Oliver KL, Grinton BE, Vutskits L, Scheffer IE, Petrou S, Blaesse P, Dibbens LM, Berkovic SF, Kaila K.

EMBO Rep. 2014 Jun;15(6):723-9. doi: 10.1002/embr.201438749. Epub 2014 Mar 24.


PRRT2 phenotypic spectrum includes sporadic and fever-related infantile seizures.

Scheffer IE, Grinton BE, Heron SE, Kivity S, Afawi Z, Iona X, Goldberg-Stern H, Kinali M, Andrews I, Guerrini R, Marini C, Sadleir LG, Berkovic SF, Dibbens LM.

Neurology. 2012 Nov 20;79(21):2104-8. doi: 10.1212/WNL.0b013e3182752c6c. Epub 2012 Oct 17.


PRRT2 mutations cause benign familial infantile epilepsy and infantile convulsions with choreoathetosis syndrome.

Heron SE, Grinton BE, Kivity S, Afawi Z, Zuberi SM, Hughes JN, Pridmore C, Hodgson BL, Iona X, Sadleir LG, Pelekanos J, Herlenius E, Goldberg-Stern H, Bassan H, Haan E, Korczyn AD, Gardner AE, Corbett MA, G├ęcz J, Thomas PQ, Mulley JC, Berkovic SF, Scheffer IE, Dibbens LM.

Am J Hum Genet. 2012 Jan 13;90(1):152-60. doi: 10.1016/j.ajhg.2011.12.003.


Clinical genetic studies in benign childhood epilepsy with centrotemporal spikes.

Vears DF, Tsai MH, Sadleir LG, Grinton BE, Lillywhite LM, Carney PW, Harvey AS, Berkovic SF, Scheffer IE.

Epilepsia. 2012 Feb;53(2):319-24. doi: 10.1111/j.1528-1167.2011.03368.x. Epub 2012 Jan 5.


Investigation of the 15q13.3 CNV as a genetic modifier for familial epilepsies with variable phenotypes.

Mulley JC, Scheffer IE, Desai T, Bayly MA, Grinton BE, Vears DF, Berkovic SF, Dibbens LM.

Epilepsia. 2011 Oct;52(10):e139-42. doi: 10.1111/j.1528-1167.2011.03188.x. Epub 2011 Jul 21.


Familial mesial temporal lobe epilepsy: a benign epilepsy syndrome showing complex inheritance.

Crompton DE, Scheffer IE, Taylor I, Cook MJ, McKelvie PA, Vears DF, Lawrence KM, McMahon JM, Grinton BE, McIntosh AM, Berkovic SF.

Brain. 2010 Nov;133(11):3221-31. doi: 10.1093/brain/awq251. Epub 2010 Sep 23.


Familial neonatal seizures with intellectual disability caused by a microduplication of chromosome 2q24.3.

Heron SE, Scheffer IE, Grinton BE, Eyre H, Oliver KL, Bain S, Berkovic SF, Mulley JC.

Epilepsia. 2010 Sep;51(9):1865-9. doi: 10.1111/j.1528-1167.2010.02558.x.


Deletions or duplications in KCNQ2 can cause benign familial neonatal seizures.

Heron SE, Cox K, Grinton BE, Zuberi SM, Kivity S, Afawi Z, Straussberg R, Berkovic SF, Scheffer IE, Mulley JC.

J Med Genet. 2007 Dec;44(12):791-6. Epub 2007 Aug 3.


SCN2A mutations and benign familial neonatal-infantile seizures: the phenotypic spectrum.

Herlenius E, Heron SE, Grinton BE, Keay D, Scheffer IE, Mulley JC, Berkovic SF.

Epilepsia. 2007 Jun;48(6):1138-42. Epub 2007 Mar 26.


Invited comments on the Shostak and Ottman review.

Grinton BE, Scheffer IE, Berkovic SF.

Epilepsia. 2006 Oct;47(10):1751-2; author reply 1755-6. No abstract available.


Temporal lobe epilepsy and GEFS+ phenotypes associated with SCN1B mutations.

Scheffer IE, Harkin LA, Grinton BE, Dibbens LM, Turner SJ, Zielinski MA, Xu R, Jackson G, Adams J, Connellan M, Petrou S, Wellard RM, Briellmann RS, Wallace RH, Mulley JC, Berkovic SF.

Brain. 2007 Jan;130(Pt 1):100-9. Epub 2006 Oct 4.


The non-neurologists' view on epilepsy syndromes classification.

Vears DF, Grinton BE.

Epileptic Disord. 2006 Jun;8(2):160-1. No abstract available.


Familial clustering of seizure types within the idiopathic generalized epilepsies.

Winawer MR, Marini C, Grinton BE, Rabinowitz D, Berkovic SF, Scheffer IE, Ottman R.

Neurology. 2005 Aug 23;65(4):523-8.


Liquid serial dilution is inferior to solid media for isolation of cultures representative of the phylum-level diversity of soil bacteria.

Schoenborn L, Yates PS, Grinton BE, Hugenholtz P, Janssen PH.

Appl Environ Microbiol. 2004 Jul;70(7):4363-6.


Genetic architecture of idiopathic generalized epilepsy: clinical genetic analysis of 55 multiplex families.

Marini C, Scheffer IE, Crossland KM, Grinton BE, Phillips FL, McMahon JM, Turner SJ, Dean JT, Kivity S, Mazarib A, Neufeld MY, Korczyn AD, Harkin LA, Dibbens LM, Wallace RH, Mulley JC, Berkovic SF.

Epilepsia. 2004 May;45(5):467-78.


Benign familial neonatal-infantile seizures: characterization of a new sodium channelopathy.

Berkovic SF, Heron SE, Giordano L, Marini C, Guerrini R, Kaplan RE, Gambardella A, Steinlein OK, Grinton BE, Dean JT, Bordo L, Hodgson BL, Yamamoto T, Mulley JC, Zara F, Scheffer IE.

Ann Neurol. 2004 Apr;55(4):550-7.


Sodium channel alpha1-subunit mutations in severe myoclonic epilepsy of infancy and infantile spasms.

Wallace RH, Hodgson BL, Grinton BE, Gardiner RM, Robinson R, Rodriguez-Casero V, Sadleir L, Morgan J, Harkin LA, Dibbens LM, Yamamoto T, Andermann E, Mulley JC, Berkovic SF, Scheffer IE.

Neurology. 2003 Sep 23;61(6):765-9.


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