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Walking the Walk: The Case for Internal Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Work Within the Canadian Public Health Sector.

Shahi A, Karachiwalla F, Grewal N.

Health Equity. 2019 May 2;3(1):183-185. doi: 10.1089/heq.2019.0008. eCollection 2019.


The role of hemodynamics in bicuspid aortopathy: a histopathologic study.

Grewal N, Girdauskas E, DeRuiter M, Goumans MJ, Poelmann RE, Klautz RJM, Gittenberger-de Groot AC.

Cardiovasc Pathol. 2019 Jul - Aug;41:29-37. doi: 10.1016/j.carpath.2019.03.002. Epub 2019 Apr 1.


Tumor Board Shadowing: A Unique Approach for Integrating Radiation Oncologists Into General Medical Student Education.

Tsui JMG, Grewal NKS, Sivapragasam M, Flanagan M, Golden DW, Alfieri J, Mattes MD.

Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2019 Jul 15;104(4):773-777. doi: 10.1016/j.ijrobp.2019.03.042. Epub 2019 Apr 3.


Combined tumor sequencing and case/control analyses of RAD51C in breast cancer.

Li N, McInerny S, Zethoven M, Cheasley D, Lim BWX, Rowley SM, Devereux L, Grewal N, Ahmadloo S, Byrne D, Lee JEA, Li J, Fox SB, John T, Antill Y, Gorringe KL, James PA, Campbell IG.

J Natl Cancer Inst. 2019 Apr 5. pii: djz045. doi: 10.1093/jnci/djz045. [Epub ahead of print]


Wall Shear Stress Directional Abnormalities in BAV Aortas: Toward a New Hemodynamic Predictor of Aortopathy?

Grewal N, Gittenberger-de Groot AC.

Front Physiol. 2019 Mar 19;10:225. doi: 10.3389/fphys.2019.00225. eCollection 2019. No abstract available.


Seebeck and Figure of Merit Enhancement by Rare Earth Doping in Yb14-xRExZnSb11 (x = 0.5).

Kunz Wille EL, Grewal NS, Bux SK, Kauzlarich SM.

Materials (Basel). 2019 Mar 3;12(5). pii: E731. doi: 10.3390/ma12050731.


Intraoperative Anesthesiology Management and Patient Outcomes for Surgical Revascularization for Moyamoya Disease: A Review and Clinical Experience.

Williams GW 2nd, Jones WS, Chaudhry R, Cai C, Pednekar GS, Long AC, Chouhan S, Artime C, Wegner RC, Grewal NK, Patterson VM, Contreras DA, Ferrario L.

J Neurol Surg A Cent Eur Neurosurg. 2019 May;80(3):143-148. doi: 10.1055/s-0039-1677823. Epub 2019 Feb 28. Review.


APOBEC-induced mutations and their cancer effect size in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.

Cannataro VL, Gaffney SG, Sasaki T, Issaeva N, Grewal NKS, Grandis JR, Yarbrough WG, Burtness B, Anderson KS, Townsend JP.

Oncogene. 2019 May;38(18):3475-3487. doi: 10.1038/s41388-018-0657-6. Epub 2019 Jan 15.


The senescence of vascular smooth muscle cells in BAV-associated aortopathy.

Mohamed SA, Grewal N, Gittenberger-de Groot AC.

Atherosclerosis. 2018 Nov;278:317-318. doi: 10.1016/j.atherosclerosis.2018.07.027. Epub 2018 Jul 31. No abstract available.


Dentin dysplasia type 1 - clinical management dilemmas: A case report of first-generation sufferers.

Grewal N, Gumber S, Kaur A, Kaur N.

J Indian Soc Pedod Prev Dent. 2018 Apr-Jun;36(2):213-215. doi: 10.4103/JISPPD.JISPPD_1127_17.


Regulations Regarding Operating Room Head Attire Appear Discordant With Literature.

Williams G, Grewal N, Wegner R, Contreras D, Patterson V.

Clin Infect Dis. 2018 Oct 15;67(9):1470-1471. doi: 10.1093/cid/ciy366. No abstract available.


Progerin Expression during Normal Closure of the Human Ductus Arteriosus: A Case of Premature Ageing?.

Gittenberger-de Groot AC, Bokenkamp R, Raz V, van Munsteren C, Poelmann RE, Grewal N, DeRuiter MC.

In: Nakanishi T, Markwald RR, Baldwin HS, Keller BB, Srivastava D, Yamagishi H, editors. Etiology and Morphogenesis of Congenital Heart Disease: From Gene Function and Cellular Interaction to Morphology [Internet]. Tokyo: Springer; 2016. Chapter 34.
2016 Jun 25.


Efficacy of a Community-Based Technology-Enabled Physical Activity Counseling Program for People With Knee Osteoarthritis: Proof-of-Concept Study.

Li LC, Sayre EC, Xie H, Falck RS, Best JR, Liu-Ambrose T, Grewal N, Hoens AM, Noonan G, Feehan LM.

J Med Internet Res. 2018 Apr 30;20(4):e159. doi: 10.2196/jmir.8514.


Pathogenesis of aortic wall complications in Marfan syndrome.

Grewal N, Gittenberger-de Groot AC.

Cardiovasc Pathol. 2018 Mar - Apr;33:62-69. doi: 10.1016/j.carpath.2018.01.005. Epub 2018 Feb 2.


Effect of Aggregation Operators on Network-Based Disease Gene Prioritization: A Case Study on Blood Disorders.

Grewal N, Singh S, Chand T.

IEEE/ACM Trans Comput Biol Bioinform. 2017 Nov-Dec;14(6):1276-1287. doi: 10.1109/TCBB.2016.2599155.


A technology-enabled Counselling program versus a delayed treatment control to support physical activity participation in people with inflammatory arthritis: study protocol for the OPAM-IA randomized controlled trial.

Li LC, Feehan LM, Shaw C, Xie H, Sayre EC, Aviña-Zubeita A, Grewal N, Townsend AF, Gromala D, Noonan G, Backman CL.

BMC Rheumatol. 2017 Nov 28;1:6. doi: 10.1186/s41927-017-0005-4. eCollection 2017.


Incidence and Outcomes of Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia in Patients Undergoing Vascular Surgery.

Chaudhry R, Wegner R, Zaki JF, Pednekar G, Tse A, Kukreja N, Grewal N, Williams GW.

J Cardiothorac Vasc Anesth. 2017 Oct;31(5):1751-1757. doi: 10.1053/j.jvca.2017.05.024. Epub 2017 May 17.


Evaluating the Adjuvant Effect of Dexamethasone to Ropivacaine in Transversus Abdominis Plane Block for Inguinal Hernia Repair and Spermatocelectomy: A Randomized Controlled Trial.

Wegner R, Akwar D, Guzman-Reyes S, Pednekar G, Chaudhry R, Grewal N, Kukreja N, Mancillas OL, Williams GW, Nwokolo O.

Pain Physician. 2017 Jul;20(5):413-418.


Dietary diversity is related to socioeconomic status among adult Saharawi refugees living in Algeria.

Morseth MS, Grewal NK, Kaasa IS, Hatloy A, Barikmo I, Henjum S.

BMC Public Health. 2017 Jul 3;17(1):621. doi: 10.1186/s12889-017-4527-x.


The relationship between minute ventilation and end tidal CO2 in intubated and spontaneously breathing patients undergoing procedural sedation.

Mehta JH, Williams GW 2nd, Harvey BC, Grewal NK, George EE.

PLoS One. 2017 Jun 29;12(6):e0180187. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0180187. eCollection 2017.


Trends and Outcomes of Early Versus Late Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy Placement in Patients With Traumatic Brain Injury: Nationwide Population-based Study.

Chaudhry R, Kukreja N, Tse A, Pednekar G, Mouchli A, Young L, Didyuk O, Wegner RC, Grewal N, Williams GW.

J Neurosurg Anesthesiol. 2018 Jul;30(3):251-257. doi: 10.1097/ANA.0000000000000434.


In-Hospital Mortality with Use of Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy in Traumatic Brain Injury Patients: Results of a Nationwide Population-Based Study.

Chaudhry R, Batra S, Mancillas OL, Wegner R, Grewal N, Williams GW.

Neurocrit Care. 2017 Apr;26(2):232-238. doi: 10.1007/s12028-016-0330-2.


Food and Nutrient Intake among 12-Month-Old Norwegian-Somali and Norwegian-Iraqi Infants.

Grewal NK, Andersen LF, Kolve CS, Kverndalen I, Torheim LE.

Nutrients. 2016 Sep 28;8(10). pii: E602.


A genetic database can be utilized to identify potential biomarkers for biphenotypic hepatocellular carcinoma-cholangiocarcinoma.

Mok SR, Mohan S, Grewal N, Elfant AB, Judge TA.

J Gastrointest Oncol. 2016 Aug;7(4):570-9. doi: 10.21037/jgo.2016.04.01.


Transradial vs Transfemoral Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction: A Systemic Review and Meta-analysis.

Singh S, Singh M, Grewal N, Khosla S.

Can J Cardiol. 2016 Jun;32(6):777-90. doi: 10.1016/j.cjca.2015.08.019. Epub 2015 Aug 28. Review.


Vedolizumab: A novel anti-integrin drug for treatment of inflammatory bowel disease.

Singh H, Grewal N, Arora E, Kumar H, Kakkar AK.

J Nat Sci Biol Med. 2016 Jan-Jun;7(1):4-9. doi: 10.4103/0976-9668.175016. Review.


The extent of the raphe in bicuspid aortic valves is associated with aortic regurgitation and aortic root dilatation.

Koenraadt WM, Grewal N, Gaidoukevitch OY, DeRuiter MC, Gittenberger-de Groot AC, Bartelings MM, Holman ER, Klautz RJ, Schalij MJ, Jongbloed MR.

Neth Heart J. 2016 Feb;24(2):127-33. doi: 10.1007/s12471-015-0784-4.


Eighth Joint National Committee (JNC-8) Guidelines and the Outpatient Management of Hypertension in the African-American Population.

Abel N, Contino K, Jain N, Grewal N, Grand E, Hagans I, Hunter K, Roy S.

N Am J Med Sci. 2015 Oct;7(10):438-45. doi: 10.4103/1947-2714.168669.


Feasibility and preliminary efficacy of a physical activity counseling intervention using Fitbit in people with knee osteoarthritis: the TRACK-OA study protocol.

Clayton C, Feehan L, Goldsmith CH, Miller WC, Grewal N, Ye J, Yoo JY, Li LC.

Pilot Feasibility Stud. 2015 Aug 22;1:30. eCollection 2015.


Simultaneously measured inter-arm and inter-leg systolic blood pressure differences and cardiovascular risk stratification: a systemic review and meta-analysis.

Singh S, Sethi A, Singh M, Khosla K, Grewal N, Khosla S.

J Am Soc Hypertens. 2015 Aug;9(8):640-650.e12. doi: 10.1016/j.jash.2015.05.013. Epub 2015 Jun 3. Review.


Histopathology of aortic complications in bicuspid aortic valve versus Marfan syndrome: relevance for therapy?

Grewal N, Franken R, Mulder BJ, Goumans MJ, Lindeman JH, Jongbloed MR, DeRuiter MC, Klautz RJ, Bogers AJ, Poelmann RE, Groot AC.

Heart Vessels. 2016 May;31(5):795-806. doi: 10.1007/s00380-015-0703-z. Epub 2015 Jul 1.


Breast-feeding and complementary feeding practices in the first 6 months of life among Norwegian-Somali and Norwegian-Iraqi infants: the InnBaKost survey.

Grewal NK, Andersen LF, Sellen D, Mosdøl A, Torheim LE.

Public Health Nutr. 2016 Mar;19(4):703-15. doi: 10.1017/S1368980015001962. Epub 2015 Jun 24.


Structure of Waxy Maize Starch Hydrolyzed by Maltogenic α-Amylase in Relation to Its Retrogradation.

Grewal N, Faubion J, Feng G, Kaufman RC, Wilson JD, Shi YC.

J Agric Food Chem. 2015 Apr 29;63(16):4196-201. doi: 10.1021/jf506215s. Epub 2015 Apr 17.


Accumulation of oxidized LDL in the tendon tissues of C57BL/6 or apolipoprotein E knock-out mice that consume a high fat diet: potential impact on tendon health.

Grewal N, Thornton GM, Behzad H, Sharma A, Lu A, Zhang P, Reid WD, Granville Alex Scott DJ.

PLoS One. 2014 Dec 12;9(12):e114214. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0114214. eCollection 2014. Erratum in: PLoS One. 2015;10(4):e0123280.


Lipids, adiposity and tendinopathy: is there a mechanistic link? Critical review.

Scott A, Zwerver J, Grewal N, de Sa A, Alktebi T, Granville DJ, Hart DA.

Br J Sports Med. 2015 Aug;49(15):984-8. doi: 10.1136/bjsports-2014-093989. Epub 2014 Dec 8.


Widening horizons through alternative and augmentative communication systems for managing children with special health care needs in a pediatric dental setup.

Grewal N, Sethi T, Grewal S.

Spec Care Dentist. 2015 May-Jun;35(3):114-9. doi: 10.1111/scd.12099. Epub 2014 Nov 30.


Reply to the editor.

Grewal N, Gittenberger-de Groot AC, DeRuiter MC.

J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg. 2014 Nov;148(5):2440-2. doi: 10.1016/j.jtcvs.2014.08.027. Epub 2014 Nov 4. No abstract available.


Sofosbuvir: A novel treatment option for chronic hepatitis C infection.

Bhatia HK, Singh H, Grewal N, Natt NK.

J Pharmacol Pharmacother. 2014 Oct;5(4):278-84. doi: 10.4103/0976-500X.142464.


Comparison between continuous non-invasive estimated cardiac output by pulse wave transit time and thermodilution method.

Sinha AC, Singh PM, Grewal N, Aman M, Dubowitz G.

Ann Card Anaesth. 2014 Oct-Dec;17(4):273-7. doi: 10.4103/0971-9784.142059.


Association of physical properties and maintenance of sterility of primary teeth in human tooth bank.

Bajaj N, Grewal N, Monga P, Grewal S.

J Indian Soc Pedod Prev Dent. 2014 Oct-Dec;32(4):279-85. doi: 10.4103/0970-4388.140939.


Bicuspid aortic valve: phosphorylation of c-Kit and downstream targets are prognostic for future aortopathy.

Grewal N, Gittenberger-de Groot AC, DeRuiter MC, Klautz RJ, Poelmann RE, Duim S, Lindeman JH, Koenraadt WM, Jongbloed MR, Mohamed SA, Sievers HH, Bogers AJ, Goumans MJ.

Eur J Cardiothorac Surg. 2014 Nov;46(5):831-9. doi: 10.1093/ejcts/ezu319. Epub 2014 Aug 26.


Normal and abnormal development of the aortic wall and valve: correlation with clinical entities.

Grewal N, DeRuiter MC, Jongbloed MR, Goumans MJ, Klautz RJ, Poelmann RE, Gittenberger-de Groot AC.

Neth Heart J. 2014 Sep;22(9):363-9. doi: 10.1007/s12471-014-0576-2.

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