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Human Lymph Nodes Maintain TCF-1hi Memory T Cells with High Functional Potential and Clonal Diversity throughout Life.

Miron M, Kumar BV, Meng W, Granot T, Carpenter DJ, Senda T, Chen D, Rosenfeld AM, Zhang B, Lerner H, Friedman AL, Hershberg U, Shen Y, Rahman A, Luning Prak ET, Farber DL.

J Immunol. 2018 Oct 1;201(7):2132-2140. doi: 10.4049/jimmunol.1800716. Epub 2018 Aug 15.


Computational Evaluation of B-Cell Clone Sizes in Bulk Populations.

Rosenfeld AM, Meng W, Chen DY, Zhang B, Granot T, Farber DL, Hershberg U, Luning Prak ET.

Front Immunol. 2018 Jun 29;9:1472. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2018.01472. eCollection 2018.


Human Tissue-Resident Memory T Cells Are Defined by Core Transcriptional and Functional Signatures in Lymphoid and Mucosal Sites.

Kumar BV, Ma W, Miron M, Granot T, Guyer RS, Carpenter DJ, Senda T, Sun X, Ho SH, Lerner H, Friedman AL, Shen Y, Farber DL.

Cell Rep. 2017 Sep 19;20(12):2921-2934. doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2017.08.078.


An atlas of B-cell clonal distribution in the human body.

Meng W, Zhang B, Schwartz GW, Rosenfeld AM, Ren D, Thome JJC, Carpenter DJ, Matsuoka N, Lerner H, Friedman AL, Granot T, Farber DL, Shlomchik MJ, Hershberg U, Luning Prak ET.

Nat Biotechnol. 2017 Sep;35(9):879-884. doi: 10.1038/nbt.3942. Epub 2017 Aug 21.


Human immunology studies using organ donors: Impact of clinical variations on immune parameters in tissues and circulation.

Carpenter DJ, Granot T, Matsuoka N, Senda T, Kumar BV, Thome JJC, Gordon CL, Miron M, Weiner J, Connors T, Lerner H, Friedman A, Kato T, Griesemer AD, Farber DL.

Am J Transplant. 2018 Jan;18(1):74-88. doi: 10.1111/ajt.14434. Epub 2017 Sep 8.


Dendritic Cells Display Subset and Tissue-Specific Maturation Dynamics over Human Life.

Granot T, Senda T, Carpenter DJ, Matsuoka N, Weiner J, Gordon CL, Miron M, Kumar BV, Griesemer A, Ho SH, Lerner H, Thome JJC, Connors T, Reizis B, Farber DL.

Immunity. 2017 Mar 21;46(3):504-515. doi: 10.1016/j.immuni.2017.02.019.


Tissue reservoirs of antiviral T cell immunity in persistent human CMV infection.

Gordon CL, Miron M, Thome JJ, Matsuoka N, Weiner J, Rak MA, Igarashi S, Granot T, Lerner H, Goodrum F, Farber DL.

J Exp Med. 2017 Mar 6;214(3):651-667. doi: 10.1084/jem.20160758. Epub 2017 Jan 27.


Factors Affecting Communication Patterns between Oncology Staff and Family Members of Deceased Patients: A Cross-Sectional Study.

Granot T, Gordon N, Perry S, Rizel S, Stemmer SM.

PLoS One. 2016 Sep 28;11(9):e0162813. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0162813. eCollection 2016.


Early-life compartmentalization of human T cell differentiation and regulatory function in mucosal and lymphoid tissues.

Thome JJ, Bickham KL, Ohmura Y, Kubota M, Matsuoka N, Gordon C, Granot T, Griesemer A, Lerner H, Kato T, Farber DL.

Nat Med. 2016 Jan;22(1):72-7. doi: 10.1038/nm.4008. Epub 2015 Dec 14.


ReCAP: Perspectives of Patients, Caregivers, and Medical Staff on Greetings in Oncology Practice: A Prospective Survey.

Limon D, Perry S, Granot T, Gordon N, Stemmer N, Stemmer SM, Limon D, Perry S, Granot T, Gordon N, Stemmer N, Stemmer SM.

J Oncol Pract. 2016 Feb;12(2):170-1; e188-96. doi: 10.1200/JOP.2015.006049. Epub 2015 Sep 15.


Long-Term Follow-Up of Chemotherapy-Induced Ovarian Failure in Young Breast Cancer Patients: The Role of Vascular Toxicity.

Ben-Aharon I, Granot T, Meizner I, Hasky N, Tobar A, Rizel S, Yerushalmi R, Ben-Haroush A, Fisch B, Stemmer SM.

Oncologist. 2015 Sep;20(9):985-91. doi: 10.1634/theoncologist.2015-0044. Epub 2015 Jun 22.


Adjuvant Docetaxel and Cyclophosphamide (DC) with prophylactic granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF) on days 8 &12 in breast cancer patients: a retrospective analysis.

Yerushalmi R, Goldvaser H, Sulkes A, Ben-Aharon I, Hendler D, Neiman V, Ciuraru NB, Bonilla L, Amit L, Zer A, Granot T, Rizel S, Stemmer SM.

PLoS One. 2014 Oct 15;9(10):e107273. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0107273. eCollection 2014.


Sindbis viral vectors transiently deliver tumor-associated antigens to lymph nodes and elicit diversified antitumor CD8+ T-cell immunity.

Granot T, Yamanashi Y, Meruelo D.

Mol Ther. 2014 Jan;22(1):112-22. doi: 10.1038/mt.2013.215. Epub 2013 Sep 12.


Chemotherapy-induced ovarian failure as a prototype for acute vascular toxicity.

Ben-Aharon I, Meizner I, Granot T, Uri S, Hasky N, Rizel S, Yerushalmi R, Sulkes A, Stemmer SM.

Oncologist. 2012;17(11):1386-93. doi: 10.1634/theoncologist.2012-0172. Epub 2012 Sep 6.


The role of natural killer cells in combinatorial anti-cancer therapy using Sindbis viral vectors and irinotecan.

Granot T, Meruelo D.

Cancer Gene Ther. 2012 Aug;19(8):588-91. doi: 10.1038/cgt.2012.33. Epub 2012 Jun 8.


Activation of cytotoxic and regulatory functions of NK cells by Sindbis viral vectors.

Granot T, Venticinque L, Tseng JC, Meruelo D.

PLoS One. 2011;6(6):e20598. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0020598. Epub 2011 Jun 2.


Enhanced specific delivery and targeting of oncolytic Sindbis viral vectors by modulating vascular leakiness in tumor.

Tseng JC, Granot T, DiGiacomo V, Levin B, Meruelo D.

Cancer Gene Ther. 2010 Apr;17(4):244-55. doi: 10.1038/cgt.2009.70. Epub 2009 Oct 2.


Decline in pulmonary function in patients with breast cancer receiving dose-dense chemotherapy: a prospective study.

Yerushalmi R, Kramer MR, Rizel S, Sulkes A, Gelmon K, Granot T, Neiman V, Stemmer SM.

Ann Oncol. 2009 Mar;20(3):437-40. doi: 10.1093/annonc/mdn652. Epub 2009 Jan 12.


Student nurses' care of terrorists and their victims.

Margalith I, Tabak N, Granot T.

Nurs Ethics. 2008 Sep;15(5):601-13. doi: 10.1177/0969733008092869.


Caspase-dependent and -independent cell death of Jurkat human leukemia cells induced by novel synthetic ceramide analogs.

Granot T, Milhas D, Carpentier S, Dagan A, S├ęgui B, Gatt S, Levade T.

Leukemia. 2006 Mar;20(3):392-9.


A lipid analogue that inhibits sphingomyelin hydrolysis and synthesis, increases ceramide, and leads to cell death.

Darroch PI, Dagan A, Granot T, He X, Gatt S, Schuchman EH.

J Lipid Res. 2005 Nov;46(11):2315-24. Epub 2005 Sep 8.

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