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Effectiveness of Oral Baclofen in the Treatment of Spasticity in Children and Adolescents With Cerebral Palsy. Navarrete-Opazo AA et al. Arch Phys Med Rehabil. (2016)

Computational Studies of Snake Venom Toxins. Ojeda PG et al. Toxins (Basel). (2017)

The Frailty Phenotype and Palliative Care Needs of Older Survivors of Critical Illness. Pollack LR et al. J Am Geriatr Soc. (2017)

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Exploring the fundamental role of potassium channels in novel model plants.

Dreyer I, Vergara-Jaque A, Riedelsberger J, González W.

J Exp Bot. 2019 Nov 18;70(21):5985-5989. doi: 10.1093/jxb/erz413. No abstract available.


Ethiopian mothers' experiences with micronutrient powders: Perspectives from continuing and noncontinuing users.

Pelto GH, Tumilowicz A, Schnefke CH, Gebreyesus SH, Hrabar M, Gonzalez W, Wodajo HY, Neufeld LM.

Matern Child Nutr. 2019 Oct;15(S5):e12708. doi: 10.1111/mcn.12708.


Designing an ethnographic interview for evaluation of micronutrient powder trial: Challenges and opportunities for implementation science.

Schnefke CH, Tumilowicz A, Pelto GH, Gebreyesus SH, Gonzalez W, Hrabar M, Mahmood S, Pedro C, Picolo M, Possolo E, Scarlatescu OA, Tarlton D, Vettersand J.

Matern Child Nutr. 2019 Oct;15(S5):e12804. doi: 10.1111/mcn.12804.


Mixed methods evaluation explains bypassing of vouchers in micronutrient powder trial in Mozambique.

Tumilowicz A, Vossenaar M, Kjaer K, Vettersand J, Possolo E, Pelto GH, Jefferds ME, Norte A, Dos Santos Dias K, Osman N, Gonzalez W, Poonawala A, Neufeld LM.

Matern Child Nutr. 2019 Oct;15(S5):e12718. doi: 10.1111/mcn.12718.


Persistence of neuronal representations through time and damage in the hippocampus.

Gonzalez WG, Zhang H, Harutyunyan A, Lois C.

Science. 2019 Aug 23;365(6455):821-825. doi: 10.1126/science.aav9199.


Discovery of Novel TASK-3 Channel Blockers Using a Pharmacophore-Based Virtual Screening.

Ramírez D, Concha G, Arévalo B, Prent-Peñaloza L, Zúñiga L, Kiper AK, Rinné S, Reyes-Parada M, Decher N, González W, Caballero J.

Int J Mol Sci. 2019 Aug 17;20(16). pii: E4014. doi: 10.3390/ijms20164014.


An extracellular cation coordination site influences ion conduction of OsHKT2;2.

Riedelsberger J, Vergara-Jaque A, Piñeros M, Dreyer I, González W.

BMC Plant Biol. 2019 Jul 15;19(1):316. doi: 10.1186/s12870-019-1909-5.


TASK Channels Pharmacology: New Challenges in Drug Design.

Bedoya M, Rinné S, Kiper AK, Decher N, González W, Ramírez D.

J Med Chem. 2019 Jul 15. doi: 10.1021/acs.jmedchem.9b00248. [Epub ahead of print]


Yeast strain Saccharomyces cerevisiae BYT45 lacking the cation extrusion systems ENA1-5 and NHA1 is suitable for the characterization of TASK-3 potassium channel antagonists.

Riedelsberger J, Obando PA, Gonzalez W.

FEMS Yeast Res. 2019 Aug 1;19(5). pii: foz044. doi: 10.1093/femsyr/foz044.


EB1- and EB2-dependent anterograde trafficking of TRPM4 regulates focal adhesion turnover and cell invasion.

Blanco C, Morales D, Mogollones I, Vergara-Jaque A, Vargas C, Álvarez A, Riquelme D, Leiva-Salcedo E, González W, Morales D, Maureira D, Aldunate I, Cáceres M, Varela D, Cerda O.

FASEB J. 2019 Aug;33(8):9434-9452. doi: 10.1096/fj.201900136R. Epub 2019 May 21.


Structure/Activity Analysis of TASK-3 Channel Antagonists Based on a 5,6,7,8 tetrahydropyrido[4,3-d]pyrimidine.

Ramírez D, Bedoya M, Kiper AK, Rinné S, Morales-Navarro S, Hernández-Rodríguez EW, Sepúlveda FV, Decher N, González W.

Int J Mol Sci. 2019 May 7;20(9). pii: E2252. doi: 10.3390/ijms20092252.


Chalcone derivatives as non-canonical ligands of TRPV1.

Benso B, Bustos D, Zarraga MO, Gonzalez W, Caballero J, Brauchi S.

Int J Biochem Cell Biol. 2019 Jul;112:18-23. doi: 10.1016/j.biocel.2019.04.010. Epub 2019 Apr 23.


Identification of the A293 (AVE1231) Binding Site in the Cardiac Two-Pore-Domain Potassium Channel TASK-1: a Common Low Affinity Antiarrhythmic Drug Binding Site.

Wiedmann F, Kiper AK, Bedoya M, Ratte A, Rinné S, Kraft M, Waibel M, Anad P, Wenzel W, González W, Katus HA, Decher N, Schmidt C.

Cell Physiol Biochem. 2019;52(5):1223-1235. doi: 10.33594/000000083.


The molecular basis for an allosteric inhibition of K+-flux gating in K2P channels.

Rinné S, Kiper AK, Vowinkel KS, Ramírez D, Schewe M, Bedoya M, Aser D, Gensler I, Netter MF, Stansfeld PJ, Baukrowitz T, Gonzalez W, Decher N.

Elife. 2019 Feb 26;8. pii: e39476. doi: 10.7554/eLife.39476.


Cx46 hemichannel modulation by nitric oxide: Role of the fourth transmembrane helix cysteine and its possible involvement in cataract formation.

Retamal MA, Orellana VP, Arévalo NJ, Rojas CG, Arjona RJ, Alcaíno CA, González W, Canan JG, Moraga-Amaro R, Stehberg J, Reuss L, Altenberg GA.

Nitric Oxide. 2019 May 1;86:54-62. doi: 10.1016/j.niox.2019.02.007. Epub 2019 Feb 21.


A pharmacological master key mechanism that unlocks the selectivity filter gate in K+ channels.

Schewe M, Sun H, Mert Ü, Mackenzie A, Pike ACW, Schulz F, Constantin C, Vowinkel KS, Conrad LJ, Kiper AK, Gonzalez W, Musinszki M, Tegtmeier M, Pryde DC, Belabed H, Nazare M, de Groot BL, Decher N, Fakler B, Carpenter EP, Tucker SJ, Baukrowitz T.

Science. 2019 Feb 22;363(6429):875-880. doi: 10.1126/science.aav0569.


In Vivo Quantitative Imaging Provides Insights into Trunk Neural Crest Migration.

Li Y, Vieceli FM, Gonzalez WG, Li A, Tang W, Lois C, Bronner ME.

Cell Rep. 2019 Feb 5;26(6):1489-1500.e3. doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2019.01.039.


Tumor Control in RG2 Glioma-Bearing Rats: A Comparison Between Proton Minibeam Therapy and Standard Proton Therapy.

Prezado Y, Jouvion G, Guardiola C, Gonzalez W, Juchaux M, Bergs J, Nauraye C, Labiod D, De Marzi L, Pouzoulet F, Patriarca A, Dendale R.

Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2019 Jun 1;104(2):266-271. doi: 10.1016/j.ijrobp.2019.01.080. Epub 2019 Jan 29.


Proton minibeam radiation therapy widens the therapeutic index for high-grade gliomas.

Prezado Y, Jouvion G, Patriarca A, Nauraye C, Guardiola C, Juchaux M, Lamirault C, Labiod D, Jourdain L, Sebrie C, Dendale R, Gonzalez W, Pouzoulet F.

Sci Rep. 2018 Nov 7;8(1):16479. doi: 10.1038/s41598-018-34796-8.


Effects of sample handling on the detection of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus in oral fluids by reverse-transcription real-time PCR.

Weiser AC, Poonsuk K, Bade SA, Gauger PC, Rotolo M, Harmon K, Gonzalez WM, Wang C, Main R, Zimmerman JJ.

J Vet Diagn Invest. 2018 Nov;30(6):807-812. doi: 10.1177/1040638718805534. Epub 2018 Oct 4.


Folding and Lipid Composition Determine Membrane Interaction of the Disordered Protein COR15A.

Navarro-Retamal C, Bremer A, Ingólfsson HI, Alzate-Morales J, Caballero J, Thalhammer A, González W, Hincha DK.

Biophys J. 2018 Sep 18;115(6):968-980. doi: 10.1016/j.bpj.2018.08.014. Epub 2018 Aug 18.


Seasonal-and dose-dependent effects of recombinant gonadotropins on sperm production and quality in the flatfish Solea senegalensis.

Chauvigné F, González W, Ramos S, Ducat C, Duncan N, Giménez I, Cerdà J.

Comp Biochem Physiol A Mol Integr Physiol. 2018 Nov;225:59-64. doi: 10.1016/j.cbpa.2018.06.022. Epub 2018 Jul 2.


Detection of Actinobacillus Pleuropneumoniae ApxIV Toxin Antibody in Serum and Oral Fluid Specimens from Pigs Inoculated Under Experimental Conditions.

González W, Giménez-Lirola LG, Holmes A, Lizano S, Goodell C, Poonsuk K, Sitthicharoenchai P, Sun Y, Zimmerman J.

J Vet Res. 2017 Dec 6;61(2):163-171. doi: 10.1515/jvetres-2017-0021. eCollection 2017 Jun.


Spatial fractionation of the dose in heavy ions therapy: An optimization study.

González W, Prezado Y.

Med Phys. 2018 Jun;45(6):2620-2627. doi: 10.1002/mp.12902. Epub 2018 Apr 19.


Insights from ion mobility-mass spectrometry, infrared spectroscopy, and molecular dynamics simulations on nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide structural dynamics: NAD+vs. NADH.

Molano-Arevalo JC, Gonzalez W, Jeanne Dit Fouque K, Miksovska J, Maitre P, Fernandez-Lima F.

Phys Chem Chem Phys. 2018 Mar 7;20(10):7043-7052. doi: 10.1039/c7cp05602h.


Computational Studies of Snake Venom Toxins.

Ojeda PG, Ramírez D, Alzate-Morales J, Caballero J, Kaas Q, González W.

Toxins (Basel). 2017 Dec 22;10(1). pii: E8. doi: 10.3390/toxins10010008. Review.


In silico analysis of the competition between Streptococcus sanguinis and Streptococcus mutans in the dental biofilm.

Valdebenito B, Tullume-Vergara PO, González W, Kreth J, Giacaman RA.

Mol Oral Microbiol. 2018 Apr;33(2):168-180. doi: 10.1111/omi.12209. Epub 2018 Feb 1.


Transfer of Minibeam Radiation Therapy into a cost-effective equipment for radiobiological studies: a proof of concept.

Prezado Y, Dos Santos M, Gonzalez W, Jouvion G, Guardiola C, Heinrich S, Labiod D, Juchaux M, Jourdain L, Sebrie C, Pouzoulet F.

Sci Rep. 2017 Dec 11;7(1):17295. doi: 10.1038/s41598-017-17543-3.


Comment on "In Vivo Drug Delivery Performance of Lipiodol-Based Emulsion or Drug-Eluting Beads in Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma".

González W, Idée JM, Ballet S.

Mol Pharm. 2018 Jan 2;15(1):332-335. doi: 10.1021/acs.molpharmaceut.7b00138. Epub 2017 Dec 1. No abstract available.


Proton minibeam radiation therapy spares normal rat brain: Long-Term Clinical, Radiological and Histopathological Analysis.

Prezado Y, Jouvion G, Hardy D, Patriarca A, Nauraye C, Bergs J, González W, Guardiola C, Juchaux M, Labiod D, Dendale R, Jourdain L, Sebrie C, Pouzoulet F.

Sci Rep. 2017 Oct 31;7(1):14403. doi: 10.1038/s41598-017-14786-y.


Conotoxins as Tools to Understand the Physiological Function of Voltage-Gated Calcium (CaV) Channels.

Ramírez D, Gonzalez W, Fissore RA, Carvacho I.

Mar Drugs. 2017 Oct 13;15(10). pii: E313. doi: 10.3390/md15100313. Review.


Carbon and oxygen minibeam radiation therapy: An experimental dosimetric evaluation.

Martínez-Rovira I, González W, Brons S, Prezado Y.

Med Phys. 2017 Aug;44(8):4223-4229. doi: 10.1002/mp.12383. Epub 2017 Jul 10.


Electron-Scale Quadrants of the Hall Magnetic Field Observed by the Magnetospheric Multiscale spacecraft during Asymmetric Reconnection.

Wang R, Nakamura R, Lu Q, Baumjohann W, Ergun RE, Burch JL, Volwerk M, Varsani A, Nakamura T, Gonzalez W, Giles B, Gershman D, Wang S.

Phys Rev Lett. 2017 Apr 28;118(17):175101. doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.118.175101. Epub 2017 Apr 25.


Side Fenestrations Provide an "Anchor" for a Stable Binding of A1899 to the Pore of TASK-1 Potassium Channels.

Ramírez D, Arévalo B, Martínez G, Rinné S, Sepúlveda FV, Decher N, González W.

Mol Pharm. 2017 Jul 3;14(7):2197-2208. doi: 10.1021/acs.molpharmaceut.7b00005. Epub 2017 May 30.


Refining Low Physical Activity Measurement Improves Frailty Assessment in Advanced Lung Disease and Survivors of Critical Illness.

Baldwin MR, Singer JP, Huang D, Sell J, Gonzalez WC, Pollack LR, Maurer MS, D'Ovidio FF, Bacchetta M, Sonett JR, Arcasoy SM, Shah L, Robbins H, Hays SR, Kukreja J, Greenland JR, Shah RJ, Leard L, Morrell M, Gries C, Katz PP, Christie JD, Diamond JM, Lederer DJ.

Ann Am Thorac Soc. 2017 Aug;14(8):1270-1279. doi: 10.1513/AnnalsATS.201612-1008OC.


Race, Ethnicity, Health Insurance, and Mortality in Older Survivors of Critical Illness.

Baldwin MR, Sell JL, Heyden N, Javaid A, Berlin DA, Gonzalez WC, Bach PB, Maurer MS, Lovasi GS, Lederer DJ.

Crit Care Med. 2017 Jun;45(6):e583-e591. doi: 10.1097/CCM.0000000000002313.


Toward developing recombinant gonadotropin-based hormone therapies for increasing fertility in the flatfish Senegalese sole.

Chauvigné F, Ollé J, González W, Duncan N, Giménez I, Cerdà J.

PLoS One. 2017 Mar 22;12(3):e0174387. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0174387. eCollection 2017.


Fortification of Complementary Foods: A Review of Products and Program Delivery.

Neufeld LM, Osendarp SJ, Gonzalez W.

Nestle Nutr Inst Workshop Ser. 2017;87:115-129. doi: 10.1159/000449210. Epub 2017 Mar 17. Review.


Stabilization Improves Theranostic Properties of Lipiodol®-Based Emulsion During Liver Trans-arterial Chemo-embolization in a VX2 Rabbit Model.

Deschamps F, Farouil G, Gonzalez W, Robic C, Paci A, Mir LM, Tselikas L, de Baère T.

Cardiovasc Intervent Radiol. 2017 Jun;40(6):907-913. doi: 10.1007/s00270-017-1616-2. Epub 2017 Mar 7.


The Frailty Phenotype and Palliative Care Needs of Older Survivors of Critical Illness.

Pollack LR, Goldstein NE, Gonzalez WC, Blinderman CD, Maurer MS, Lederer DJ, Baldwin MR.

J Am Geriatr Soc. 2017 Jun;65(6):1168-1175. doi: 10.1111/jgs.14799. Epub 2017 Mar 6.


Sodium permeable and "hypersensitive" TREK-1 channels cause ventricular tachycardia.

Decher N, Ortiz-Bonnin B, Friedrich C, Schewe M, Kiper AK, Rinné S, Seemann G, Peyronnet R, Zumhagen S, Bustos D, Kockskämper J, Kohl P, Just S, González W, Baukrowitz T, Stallmeyer B, Schulze-Bahr E.

EMBO Mol Med. 2017 Apr;9(4):403-414. doi: 10.15252/emmm.201606690.


Synthesis of 8-(1,2,3-triazol-1-yl)-7-deazapurine nucleosides by azide-alkyne click reactions and direct C-H bond functionalization.

Kavoosi S, Rayala R, Walsh B, Barrios M, Gonzalez WG, Miksovska J, Mathivathanan L, Raptis RG, Wnuk SF.

Tetrahedron Lett. 2016 Sep 28;57(39):4364-4367. doi: 10.1016/j.tetlet.2016.08.053. Epub 2016 Aug 19.


Theoretical dosimetric evaluation of carbon and oxygen minibeam radiation therapy.

González W, Peucelle C, Prezado Y.

Med Phys. 2017 May;44(5):1921-1929. doi: 10.1002/mp.12175. Epub 2017 Mar 30.


Corrigendum to "Exploring and understanding the functional role, and biochemical and structural characteristics of an acidic phospholipase A2, AplTx-I, purified from Agkistrodon piscivorus leucostoma snake venom" [Toxicon 127 (2017) 22-36].

Resende LM, Almeida JR, Ramos RS, Collaço RC, Simioni LR, Ramírez D, González W, Soares AM, Calderon LA, Marangoni S, da Silva SL.

Toxicon. 2017 Mar 15;128:61. doi: 10.1016/j.toxicon.2017.01.021. Epub 2017 Feb 7. No abstract available.


Exploring and understanding the functional role, and biochemical and structural characteristics of an acidic phospholipase A2, AplTx-I, purified from Agkistrodon piscivorus leucostoma snake venom.

Resende LM, Almeida JR, Schezaro-Ramos R, Collaço RC, Simioni LR, Ramírez D, González W, Soares AM, Calderon LA, Marangoni S, da Silva SL.

Toxicon. 2017 Mar 1;127:22-36. doi: 10.1016/j.toxicon.2017.01.002. Epub 2017 Jan 4. Erratum in: Toxicon. 2017 Mar 15;128:61.


Cloning and functional characterization of HKT1 and AKT1 genes of Fragaria spp.-Relationship to plant response to salt stress.

Garriga M, Raddatz N, Véry AA, Sentenac H, Rubio-Meléndez ME, González W, Dreyer I.

J Plant Physiol. 2017 Mar;210:9-17. doi: 10.1016/j.jplph.2016.12.007. Epub 2016 Dec 14.


Synthesis, gallium labelling and characterization of P04087, a functionalized phosphatidylserine-binding peptide.

Ben Azzouna R, Guez A, Benali K, Al-Shoukr F, Gonzalez W, Karoyan P, Rouzet F, Le Guludec D.

EJNMMI Radiopharm Chem. 2017;2(1):3. doi: 10.1186/s41181-016-0021-5. Epub 2017 Feb 7.


Quantifying the effect of lactogenic antibody on porcine epidemic diarrhea virus infection in neonatal piglets.

Poonsuk K, Zhang J, Chen Q, Gonzalez W, da Silva Carrion LC, Sun Y, Ji J, Wang C, Main R, Zimmerman J, Giménez-Lirola L.

Vet Microbiol. 2016 Dec 25;197:83-92. doi: 10.1016/j.vetmic.2016.11.002. Epub 2016 Nov 11.


Commandeering Channel Voltage Sensors for Secretion, Cell Turgor, and Volume Control.

Karnik R, Waghmare S, Zhang B, Larson E, Lefoulon C, Gonzalez W, Blatt MR.

Trends Plant Sci. 2017 Jan;22(1):81-95. doi: 10.1016/j.tplants.2016.10.006. Epub 2016 Oct 28. Review.


Fluorescently labeled circular DNA molecules for DNA topology and topoisomerases.

Gu M, Berrido A, Gonzalez WG, Miksovska J, Chambers JW, Leng F.

Sci Rep. 2016 Oct 31;6:36006. doi: 10.1038/srep36006.

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