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Drugging DNA repair to target T-ALL cells.

Dasgupta Y, Golovine K, Nieborowska-Skorska M, Luo L, Matlawska-Wasowska K, Mullighan CG, Skorski T.

Leuk Lymphoma. 2018 Jul;59(7):1746-1749. doi: 10.1080/10428194.2017.1397662. Epub 2017 Nov 8. No abstract available.


LDL cholesterol counteracts the antitumour effect of tyrosine kinase inhibitors against renal cell carcinoma.

Naito S, Makhov P, Astsaturov I, Golovine K, Tulin A, Kutikov A, Uzzo RG, Kolenko VM.

Br J Cancer. 2017 Apr 25;116(9):1203-1207. doi: 10.1038/bjc.2017.77. Epub 2017 Mar 28.


Non-NAD-Like poly(ADP-Ribose) Polymerase-1 Inhibitors effectively Eliminate Cancer in vivo.

Thomas C, Ji Y, Lodhi N, Kotova E, Pinnola AD, Golovine K, Makhov P, Pechenkina K, Kolenko V, Tulin AV.

EBioMedicine. 2016 Nov;13:90-98. doi: 10.1016/j.ebiom.2016.10.001. Epub 2016 Oct 4.


Piperlongumine and its analogs down-regulate expression of c-Met in renal cell carcinoma.

Golovine K, Makhov P, Naito S, Raiyani H, Tomaszewski J, Mehrazin R, Tulin A, Kutikov A, Uzzo RG, Kolenko VM.

Cancer Biol Ther. 2015;16(5):743-9. doi: 10.1080/15384047.2015.1026511.


Minor grove binding ligands disrupt PARP-1 activation pathways.

Kirsanov KI, Kotova E, Makhov P, Golovine K, Lesovaya EA, Kolenko VM, Yakubovskaya MG, Tulin AV.

Oncotarget. 2014 Jan 30;5(2):428-37.


Piperlongumine promotes autophagy via inhibition of Akt/mTOR signalling and mediates cancer cell death.

Makhov P, Golovine K, Teper E, Kutikov A, Mehrazin R, Corcoran A, Tulin A, Uzzo RG, Kolenko VM.

Br J Cancer. 2014 Feb 18;110(4):899-907. doi: 10.1038/bjc.2013.810. Epub 2014 Jan 16.


Piperlongumine inhibits NF-κB activity and attenuates aggressive growth characteristics of prostate cancer cells.

Ginzburg S, Golovine KV, Makhov PB, Uzzo RG, Kutikov A, Kolenko VM.

Prostate. 2014 Feb;74(2):177-86. doi: 10.1002/pros.22739. Epub 2013 Oct 22.


The effect of 5-aminolevulinic acid and its derivatives on protoporphyrin IX accumulation and apoptotic cell death in castrate-resistant prostate cancer cells.

Teper E, Makhov P, Golovine K, Canter DJ, Myers CB, Kutikov A, Sterious SN, Uzzo RG, Kolenko VM.

Urology. 2012 Dec;80(6):1391.e1-7. doi: 10.1016/j.urology.2012.07.008. Epub 2012 Aug 28.


Piperlongumine induces rapid depletion of the androgen receptor in human prostate cancer cells.

Golovine KV, Makhov PB, Teper E, Kutikov A, Canter D, Uzzo RG, Kolenko VM.

Prostate. 2013 Jan;73(1):23-30. doi: 10.1002/pros.22535. Epub 2012 May 16.


Modulation of Akt/mTOR signaling overcomes sunitinib resistance in renal and prostate cancer cells.

Makhov PB, Golovine K, Kutikov A, Teper E, Canter DJ, Simhan J, Uzzo RG, Kolenko VM.

Mol Cancer Ther. 2012 Jul;11(7):1510-7. doi: 10.1158/1535-7163.MCT-11-0907. Epub 2012 Apr 24.


Interleukin-6: a potential biomarker of resistance to multitargeted receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors in castration-resistant prostate cancer.

Kutikov A, Makhov P, Golovine K, Canter DJ, Sirohi M, Street R, Simhan J, Uzzo RG, Kolenko VM.

Urology. 2011 Oct;78(4):968.e7-11. doi: 10.1016/j.urology.2011.07.1384.


Reversal of epigenetic silencing of AP-2alpha results in increased zinc uptake in DU-145 and LNCaP prostate cancer cells.

Makhov PB, Golovine KV, Kutikov A, Canter DJ, Rybko VA, Roshchin DA, Matveev VB, Uzzo RG, Kolenko VM.

Carcinogenesis. 2011 Dec;32(12):1773-81. doi: 10.1093/carcin/bgr212. Epub 2011 Sep 22.


Are all multi-targeted tyrosine kinase inhibitors created equal? An in vitro study of sunitinib and pazopanib in renal cell carcinoma cell lines.

Canter D, Kutikov A, Golovine K, Makhov P, Simhan J, Uzzo RG, Kolenko VM.

Can J Urol. 2011 Aug;18(4):5819-25.


Co-administration of piperine and docetaxel results in improved anti-tumor efficacy via inhibition of CYP3A4 activity.

Makhov P, Golovine K, Canter D, Kutikov A, Simhan J, Corlew MM, Uzzo RG, Kolenko VM.

Prostate. 2012 May 1;72(6):661-7. doi: 10.1002/pros.21469. Epub 2011 Jul 27.


Docetaxel-mediated apoptosis in myeloid progenitor TF-1 cells is mitigated by zinc: potential implication for prostate cancer therapy.

Makhov P, Kutikov A, Golovine K, Uzzo RG, Canter DJ, Kolenko VM.

Prostate. 2011 Sep 15;71(13):1413-9. doi: 10.1002/pros.21357. Epub 2011 Feb 9.


Cadmium down-regulates expression of XIAP at the post-transcriptional level in prostate cancer cells through an NF-kappaB-independent, proteasome-mediated mechanism.

Golovine K, Makhov P, Uzzo RG, Kutikov A, Kaplan DJ, Fox E, Kolenko VM.

Mol Cancer. 2010 Jul 9;9:183. doi: 10.1186/1476-4598-9-183.


Transcriptional regulation of the major zinc uptake protein hZip1 in prostate cancer cells.

Makhov P, Golovine K, Uzzo RG, Wuestefeld T, Scoll BJ, Kolenko VM.

Gene. 2009 Feb 15;431(1-2):39-46. doi: 10.1016/j.gene.2008.10.015. Epub 2008 Nov 5.


Overexpression of the zinc uptake transporter hZIP1 inhibits nuclear factor-kappaB and reduces the malignant potential of prostate cancer cells in vitro and in vivo.

Golovine K, Makhov P, Uzzo RG, Shaw T, Kunkle D, Kolenko VM.

Clin Cancer Res. 2008 Sep 1;14(17):5376-84. doi: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-08-0455.


Zinc chelation induces rapid depletion of the X-linked inhibitor of apoptosis and sensitizes prostate cancer cells to TRAIL-mediated apoptosis.

Makhov P, Golovine K, Uzzo RG, Rothman J, Crispen PL, Shaw T, Scoll BJ, Kolenko VM.

Cell Death Differ. 2008 Nov;15(11):1745-51. doi: 10.1038/cdd.2008.106. Epub 2008 Jul 11.


Depletion of intracellular zinc increases expression of tumorigenic cytokines VEGF, IL-6 and IL-8 in prostate cancer cells via NF-kappaB-dependent pathway.

Golovine K, Uzzo RG, Makhov P, Crispen PL, Kunkle D, Kolenko VM.

Prostate. 2008 Sep 15;68(13):1443-9. doi: 10.1002/pros.20810.


Vitamin E succinate inhibits NF-kappaB and prevents the development of a metastatic phenotype in prostate cancer cells: implications for chemoprevention.

Crispen PL, Uzzo RG, Golovine K, Makhov P, Pollack A, Horwitz EM, Greenberg RE, Kolenko VM.

Prostate. 2007 May 1;67(6):582-90.


Diverse effects of zinc on NF-kappaB and AP-1 transcription factors: implications for prostate cancer progression.

Uzzo RG, Crispen PL, Golovine K, Makhov P, Horwitz EM, Kolenko VM.

Carcinogenesis. 2006 Oct;27(10):1980-90. Epub 2006 Apr 10.


Methylseleninic acid sensitizes prostate cancer cells to TRAIL-mediated apoptosis.

Yamaguchi K, Uzzo RG, Pimkina J, Makhov P, Golovine K, Crispen P, Kolenko VM.

Oncogene. 2005 Sep 1;24(38):5868-77.


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