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Endoscopic Ultrasound-Guided Radiofrequency Ablation: A New Therapeutic Approach for Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors.

Oleinikov K, Dancour A, Epshtein J, Benson A, Mazeh H, Tal I, Matalon S, Benbassat CA, Livovsky DM, Goldin E, Gross DJ, Jacob H, Grozinsky-Glasberg S.

J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2019 Jul 1;104(7):2637-2647. doi: 10.1210/jc.2019-00282.


Assessment of the procoagulant potential and associated risk factors in pregnant patients with inflammatory bowel diseases.

Rottenstreich A, Diminsky M, Granovsky SG, Mishael T, Roth B, Spectre G, Kalish Y, Goldin E, Shitrit AB.

Eur J Intern Med. 2019 Jul;65:63-68. doi: 10.1016/j.ejim.2019.04.013. Epub 2019 Apr 26.


Exposure to Vedolizumab in IBD Pregnant Women Appears of Low Risk for Mother and Neonate: A First Prospective Comparison Study.

Bar-Gil Shitrit A, Ben Yaʼacov A, Livovsky DM, Cuker T, Farkash R, Hoyda A, Granot T, Avni-Biron I, Lahat A, Goldin E, Grisaru-Granovsky S.

Am J Gastroenterol. 2019 Jul;114(7):1172-1175. doi: 10.14309/ajg.0000000000000186.


Thiopurine Therapy for Inflammatory Bowel Disease During Pregnancy Is Not Associated with Anemia in the Infant.

Koslowsky B, Sadeh C, Grisaru-Granovsky S, Miskin H, Goldin E, Bar-Gil Shitrit A.

Dig Dis Sci. 2019 Aug;64(8):2286-2290. doi: 10.1007/s10620-019-05555-0. Epub 2019 Feb 28.


Colonoscopy in Nonagenarians Is Safe and May Be Associated with Clinical Benefit.

Shafrir A, Koslowsky B, Wengrower D, Goldin E, Livovsky DM.

J Am Geriatr Soc. 2019 Jun;67(6):1158-1163. doi: 10.1111/jgs.15832. Epub 2019 Feb 22.


NCRP Program Area Committee 2: Operational Radiation Safety.

Pryor KH, Goldin EM.

Health Phys. 2018 Feb;114(2):246-247. doi: 10.1097/HP.0000000000000741.


Sleep Disturbances Can Be Prospectively Observed in Patients with an Inactive Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Bar-Gil Shitrit A, Chen-Shuali C, Adar T, Koslowsky B, Shteingart S, Paz K, Grisaru-Granovsky S, Goldin E, Epstein Shochet G, Shitrit D.

Dig Dis Sci. 2018 Nov;63(11):2992-2997. doi: 10.1007/s10620-018-5207-0. Epub 2018 Jul 19.


Chronic Use of Statins and Their Effect on Prevention of Post-Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography Pancreatitis.

Mahamid M, Watad A, Bragazzi NL, Wengrower D, Wolff J, Livovsky D, Amital H, Adawi M, Goldin E.

Front Pharmacol. 2018 Jun 29;9:704. doi: 10.3389/fphar.2018.00704. eCollection 2018.


Pregnancy-Onset Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Subtle Diagnosis.

Koslowsky B, Grisaru-Granovsky S, Livovsky DM, Milgrom Y, Goldin E, Bar-Gil Shitrit A.

Inflamm Bowel Dis. 2018 Jul 12;24(8):1826-1832. doi: 10.1093/ibd/izy081.


Correction to: Antenatal Management for Women with Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Experience from Our 'IBD MOM' Clinic.

Bar-Gil Shitrit A, Cohen Y, Hassin O, Ben Ya'acov A, Farkash R, Koslowsky B, Milgrom Y, Livovsky DM, Samueloff A, Goldin E, Grisaru-Granovsky S.

Dig Dis Sci. 2018 Sep;63(9):2485. doi: 10.1007/s10620-018-5084-6.


Antenatal Management for Women with Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Experience from Our 'IBD MOM' Clinic.

Shitrit AB, Cohen Y, Hassin O, Ya'acov AB, Farkash R, Koslowsky B, Milgrom Y, Livovsky DM, Samueloff A, Goldin E, Grisaru-Granovsky S.

Dig Dis Sci. 2018 Jul;63(7):1774-1781. doi: 10.1007/s10620-018-5048-x. Epub 2018 Apr 6. Erratum in: Dig Dis Sci. 2018 Apr 27;:.


Long-term Efficacy and Safety of Stem Cell Therapy (Cx601) for Complex Perianal Fistulas in Patients With Crohn's Disease.

Panés J, García-Olmo D, Van Assche G, Colombel JF, Reinisch W, Baumgart DC, Dignass A, Nachury M, Ferrante M, Kazemi-Shirazi L, Grimaud JC, de la Portilla F, Goldin E, Richard MP, Diez MC, Tagarro I, Leselbaum A, Danese S; ADMIRE CD Study Group Collaborators.

Gastroenterology. 2018 Apr;154(5):1334-1342.e4. doi: 10.1053/j.gastro.2017.12.020. Epub 2017 Dec 24.


Fecal Transplantation for Treatment of Clostridium Difficile Infection in Elderly and Debilitated Patients.

Friedman-Korn T, Livovsky DM, Maharshak N, Aviv Cohen N, Paz K, Bar-Gil Shitrit A, Goldin E, Koslowsky B.

Dig Dis Sci. 2018 Jan;63(1):198-203. doi: 10.1007/s10620-017-4833-2. Epub 2017 Nov 13.


Vedolizumab Levels in Breast Milk of Nursing Mothers With Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Lahat A, Shitrit AB, Naftali T, Milgrom Y, Elyakim R, Goldin E, Levhar N, Selinger L, Zuker T, Fudim E, Picard O, Yavzori M, Ben-Horin S.

J Crohns Colitis. 2018 Jan 5;12(1):120-123. doi: 10.1093/ecco-jcc/jjx120.


A novel purgative protocol for capsule endoscopy of the small bowel produces better quality of visibility than 2 l of PEG: Timing is of the essence.

Adler SN, Farkash S, Sompolinsky Y, Gafanovich I, Goldin E, Bar-Gil Shitrit A.

United European Gastroenterol J. 2017 Jun;5(4):485-490. doi: 10.1177/2050640616665291. Epub 2016 Sep 8.


A Retrospective Comparison of Fecal Microbial Transplantation Methods for Recurrent Clostridium Difficile Infection.

Cohen NA, Livovsky DM, Yaakobovitch S, Ben Yehoyada M, Ben Ami R, Adler A, Guzner-Gur H, Goldin E, Santo ME, Halpern Z, Paz K, Maharshak N.

Isr Med Assoc J. 2016 Oct;18(10):594-599.


Clarithromycin-Induced Mania after Triple Therapy for the Eradication of Helicobacter pylori.

Melamud B, Keller S, Mahamid M, Paz K, Goldin E.

Isr Med Assoc J. 2016 Aug;18(8):499-500. No abstract available.


Features of Patients With Hereditary Mixed Polyposis Syndrome Caused by Duplication of GREM1 and Implications for Screening and Surveillance.

Lieberman S, Walsh T, Schechter M, Adar T, Goldin E, Beeri R, Sharon N, Baris H, Ben Avi L, Half E, Lerer I, Shirts BH, Pritchard CC, Tomlinson I, King MC, Levy-Lahad E, Peretz T, Goldberg Y.

Gastroenterology. 2017 Jun;152(8):1876-1880.e1. doi: 10.1053/j.gastro.2017.02.014. Epub 2017 Feb 24.


A prospective study of fecal calprotectin and lactoferrin as predictors of small bowel Crohn's disease in patients undergoing capsule endoscopy.

Bar-Gil Shitrit A, Koslowsky B, Livovsky DM, Shitrit D, Paz K, Adar T, Adler SN, Goldin E.

Scand J Gastroenterol. 2017 Mar;52(3):328-333. doi: 10.1080/00365521.2016.1253769. Epub 2016 Nov 13.


Ameliorating Active Ulcerative Colitis via an Orally Available Toll-Like Receptor-9 Modifier: A Prospective Open-Label, Multicenter Phase II Trial.

Dotan I, Levy-Nissenbaum E, Chowers Y, Fich A, Israeli E, Adar T, Shteingart S, Soreq H, Goldin E.

Dig Dis Sci. 2016 Nov;61(11):3246-3254. Epub 2016 Aug 29.


Effect of BRCA germline mutations on breast cancer prognosis: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

Baretta Z, Mocellin S, Goldin E, Olopade OI, Huo D.

Medicine (Baltimore). 2016 Oct;95(40):e4975. Review.


Expanded allogeneic adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells (Cx601) for complex perianal fistulas in Crohn's disease: a phase 3 randomised, double-blind controlled trial.

Panés J, García-Olmo D, Van Assche G, Colombel JF, Reinisch W, Baumgart DC, Dignass A, Nachury M, Ferrante M, Kazemi-Shirazi L, Grimaud JC, de la Portilla F, Goldin E, Richard MP, Leselbaum A, Danese S; ADMIRE CD Study Group Collaborators.

Lancet. 2016 Sep 24;388(10051):1281-90. doi: 10.1016/S0140-6736(16)31203-X. Epub 2016 Jul 29.


Management of Inflammatory Bowel Disease During Pregnancy.

Bar-Gil Shitrit A, Grisaru-Granovsky S, Ben Ya'acov A, Goldin E.

Dig Dis Sci. 2016 Aug;61(8):2194-204. doi: 10.1007/s10620-016-4139-9. Epub 2016 Apr 11. Review.


Hearing Loss in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Wengrower D, Koslowsky B, Peleg U, Mazuz B, Cohen L, Ben-David A, Gross M, Goldin E, Shaul C.

Dig Dis Sci. 2016 Jul;61(7):2027-32. doi: 10.1007/s10620-016-4074-9. Epub 2016 Apr 5.


The Importance of Intestinal Eotaxin-1 in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: New Insights and Possible Therapeutic Implications.

Adar T, Shteingart S, Ben-Ya'acov A, Shitrit AB, Livovsky DM, Shmorak S, Mahamid M, Melamud B, Vernea F, Goldin E.

Dig Dis Sci. 2016 Jul;61(7):1915-24. doi: 10.1007/s10620-016-4047-z. Epub 2016 Feb 13.


NCRP Program Area Committee 2: Operational Radiation Safety.

Goldin EM, Pryor KH.

Health Phys. 2016 Feb;110(2):101-2. doi: 10.1097/HP.0000000000000396.


Mucolipidosis IV.

Schiffmann R, Grishchuk Y, Goldin E.

In: Adam MP, Ardinger HH, Pagon RA, Wallace SE, Bean LJH, Stephens K, Amemiya A, editors. GeneReviews® [Internet]. Seattle (WA): University of Washington, Seattle; 1993-2019.
2005 Jan 28 [updated 2015 Jul 30].


Sentinel node biopsy performance after neoadjuvant chemotherapy in locally advanced breast cancer: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

Mocellin S, Goldin E, Marchet A, Nitti D.

Int J Cancer. 2016 Jan 15;138(2):472-80. doi: 10.1002/ijc.29644. Epub 2015 Jul 30. Review.


RNAi therapy targeting KRAS in combination with chemotherapy for locally advanced pancreatic cancer patients.

Golan T, Khvalevsky EZ, Hubert A, Gabai RM, Hen N, Segal A, Domb A, Harari G, David EB, Raskin S, Goldes Y, Goldin E, Eliakim R, Lahav M, Kopleman Y, Dancour A, Shemi A, Galun E.

Oncotarget. 2015 Sep 15;6(27):24560-70.


Oral mixture of autologous colon-extracted proteins for the Crohn's disease: A double-blind trial.

Israeli E, Zigmond E, Lalazar G, Klein A, Hemed N, Goldin E, Ilan Y.

World J Gastroenterol. 2015 May 14;21(18):5685-94. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v21.i18.5685.


Pregnancy and the Immune System: General Overview and the Gastroenterological Perspective.

Adar T, Grisaru-Granovsky S, Ben Ya'acov A, Goldin E, Bar-Gil Shitrit A.

Dig Dis Sci. 2015 Sep;60(9):2581-9. doi: 10.1007/s10620-015-3683-z. Epub 2015 May 7. Review.


Oral administration of non-absorbable delayed release 6-mercaptopurine is locally active in the gut, exerts a systemic immune effect and alleviates Crohn's disease with low rate of side effects: results of double blind Phase II clinical trial.

Israeli E, Goldin E, Fishman S, Konikoff F, Lavy A, Chowers Y, Melzer E, Lahat A, Mahamid M, Shirin H, Nussinson E, Segol O, Ya'acov AB, Shabbat Y, Ilan Y.

Clin Exp Immunol. 2015 Aug;181(2):362-72. doi: 10.1111/cei.12640.


[Inflammatory bowel diseases and pregnancy].

Shitrit AB, Goldin E, Grisaru-Granovsky S.

Harefuah. 2014 Dec;153(12):742-6, 751. Review. Hebrew.


Inflammatory bowel disease: an emergent disease among Ethiopian Jews migrating to Israel.

Bar-Gil Shitrit A, Koslowsky B, Kori M, Paz K, Adar T, Israeli E, Ben-Horin S, Berdichevski T, Coscas D, Gal E, Odes S, Shaul R, Ben-Ya'acov A, Goldin E.

Inflamm Bowel Dis. 2015 Mar;21(3):631-5. doi: 10.1097/MIB.0000000000000311.


Sustained virological response with intravenous silibinin: individualized IFN-free therapy via real-time modelling of HCV kinetics.

Dahari H, Shteingart S, Gafanovich I, Cotler SJ, D'Amato M, Pohl RT, Weiss G, Ashkenazi YJ, Tichler T, Goldin E, Lurie Y.

Liver Int. 2015 Feb;35(2):289-94. doi: 10.1111/liv.12692. Epub 2014 Oct 10.


Macrophage models of Gaucher disease for evaluating disease pathogenesis and candidate drugs.

Aflaki E, Stubblefield BK, Maniwang E, Lopez G, Moaven N, Goldin E, Marugan J, Patnaik S, Dutra A, Southall N, Zheng W, Tayebi N, Sidransky E.

Sci Transl Med. 2014 Jun 11;6(240):240ra73. doi: 10.1126/scitranslmed.3008659.


Massive polyposis of the sigmoid colon.

Livovsky DM, Golomb E, Goldin E.

Gastroenterology. 2014 Jul;147(1):39-40. doi: 10.1053/j.gastro.2014.02.040. Epub 2014 May 24. No abstract available.


From airway inflammation to inflammatory bowel disease: eotaxin-1, a key regulator of intestinal inflammation.

Adar T, Shteingart S, Ben Ya'acov A, Bar-Gil Shitrit A, Goldin E.

Clin Immunol. 2014 Jul;153(1):199-208. doi: 10.1016/j.clim.2014.04.012. Epub 2014 Apr 29. Review.


Unexpected FDG-PET uptake in the gastrointestinal tract: endoscopic and histopathological correlations.

Goldin E, Mahamid M, Koslowsky B, Shteingart S, Dubner Y, Lalazar G, Wengrower D.

World J Gastroenterol. 2014 Apr 21;20(15):4377-81. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v20.i15.4377.


Methylprednisolone-induced liver injury: a diagnostic challenge.

Melamud B, Lurie Y, Goldin E, Levi I, Esayag Y.

Isr Med Assoc J. 2014 Mar;16(3):180-1. No abstract available.


Immediate loading with fixed implant-supported restorations in an edentulous patient with an HIV infection: a case report.

Romanos GE, Goldin E, Marotta L, Froum S, Tarnow DP.

Implant Dent. 2014 Feb;23(1):8-12. doi: 10.1097/ID.0b013e3182a62766.


Mutant KRAS is a druggable target for pancreatic cancer.

Zorde Khvalevsky E, Gabai R, Rachmut IH, Horwitz E, Brunschwig Z, Orbach A, Shemi A, Golan T, Domb AJ, Yavin E, Giladi H, Rivkin L, Simerzin A, Eliakim R, Khalaileh A, Hubert A, Lahav M, Kopelman Y, Goldin E, Dancour A, Hants Y, Arbel-Alon S, Abramovitch R, Shemi A, Galun E.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2013 Dec 17;110(51):20723-8. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1314307110. Epub 2013 Dec 2.


Discovery, SAR, and Biological Evaluation of a Non-Inhibitory Chaperone for Acid Alpha Glucosidase.

Marugan JJ, Zheng W, Ferrer M, Motabar O, Southall N, Goldin E, Westbroek W, Sidransky E.

Probe Reports from the NIH Molecular Libraries Program [Internet]. Bethesda (MD): National Center for Biotechnology Information (US); 2010-.
2011 Dec 16 [updated 2013 May 3].


5-(4-(4-Acetylphenyl)piperazin-1-ylsulfonyl)indolin-2-one Analogs as Inhibitors of Acid alpha-Glucosidase for Potential Chaperone Treatment of Pompe Disease or Intervention for Diabetes Mellitus Type 2.

Xiao J, Marugan JJ, Zheng W, Motabar O, Southall N, Goldin E, Sidransky E, Liu K, Ferrer M, Austin CP.

Probe Reports from the NIH Molecular Libraries Program [Internet]. Bethesda (MD): National Center for Biotechnology Information (US); 2010-.
2010 Oct 28 [updated 2013 May 3].


Discovery, SAR, and Biological Evaluation of Non-inhibitory Chaperones of Glucocerebrosidase.

Rogers S, Patnaik S, Schoenen F, Zheng W, Choi J, Motabar O, Southall N, Westbroek W, Goldin E, Sidransky E, Leister W, Marugan JJ, Aubé J.

Probe Reports from the NIH Molecular Libraries Program [Internet]. Bethesda (MD): National Center for Biotechnology Information (US); 2010-.
2012 Mar 27 [updated 2013 Mar 7].


The unexpected twist in the plot: incarcerated diaphragmatic hernia complicating colonoscopy.

Koslowsky B, Adar T, Mahamid M, Melamud B, Goldin E, Ozick L.

Endoscopy. 2013;45 Suppl 2 UCTN:E11. doi: 10.1055/s-0032-1326118. Epub 2013 Mar 6. No abstract available.


Induced pluripotent stem cell model recapitulates pathologic hallmarks of Gaucher disease.

Panicker LM, Miller D, Park TS, Patel B, Azevedo JL, Awad O, Masood MA, Veenstra TD, Goldin E, Stubblefield BK, Tayebi N, Polumuri SK, Vogel SN, Sidransky E, Zambidis ET, Feldman RA.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2012 Oct 30;109(44):18054-9. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1207889109. Epub 2012 Oct 15.


Discovery of a novel noniminosugar acid α glucosidase chaperone series.

Xiao J, Westbroek W, Motabar O, Lea WA, Hu X, Velayati A, Zheng W, Southall N, Gustafson AM, Goldin E, Sidransky E, Liu K, Simeonov A, Tamargo RJ, Ribes A, Matalonga L, Ferrer M, Marugan JJ.

J Med Chem. 2012 Sep 13;55(17):7546-59. doi: 10.1021/jm3005543. Epub 2012 Aug 17.


Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography in neonatal cholestasis.

Shteyer E, Wengrower D, Benuri-Silbiger I, Gozal D, Wilschanski M, Goldin E.

J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr. 2012 Aug;55(2):142-5. doi: 10.1097/MPG.0b013e318259267a.


Beta-glucosidase 1 (GBA1) is a second bile acid β-glucosidase in addition to β-glucosidase 2 (GBA2). Study in β-glucosidase deficient mice and humans.

Harzer K, Blech-Hermoni Y, Goldin E, Felderhoff-Mueser U, Igney C, Sidransky E, Yildiz Y.

Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2012 Jun 29;423(2):308-12. doi: 10.1016/j.bbrc.2012.05.117. Epub 2012 May 30.

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