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Endocytosis of flavivirus NS1 is required for NS1-mediated endothelial hyperpermeability and is abolished by a single N-glycosylation site mutation.

Wang C, Puerta-Guardo H, Biering SB, Glasner DR, Tran EB, Patana M, Gomberg TA, Malvar C, Lo NTN, Espinosa DA, Harris E.

PLoS Pathog. 2019 Jul 29;15(7):e1007938. doi: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1007938. eCollection 2019 Jul.


Zika Virus Non-Structural Protein 1 Disrupts Glycosaminoglycans and Causes Permeability in Developing Human Placentas.

Puerta-Guardo H, Tabata T, Petitt M, Dimitrova M, Glasner DR, Pereira L, Harris E.

J Infect Dis. 2019 Jun 27. pii: jiz331. doi: 10.1093/infdis/jiz331. [Epub ahead of print]


Magnitude and Functionality of the NS1-Specific Antibody Response Elicited by a Live-Attenuated Tetravalent Dengue Vaccine Candidate.

Sharma M, Glasner DR, Watkins H, Puerta-Guardo H, Kassa Y, Egan MA, Dean H, Harris E.

J Infect Dis. 2019 Feb 19. pii: jiz081. doi: 10.1093/infdis/jiz081. [Epub ahead of print]


Flavivirus NS1 Triggers Tissue-Specific Vascular Endothelial Dysfunction Reflecting Disease Tropism.

Puerta-Guardo H, Glasner DR, Espinosa DA, Biering SB, Patana M, Ratnasiri K, Wang C, Beatty PR, Harris E.

Cell Rep. 2019 Feb 5;26(6):1598-1613.e8. doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2019.01.036.


The Good, the Bad, and the Shocking: The Multiple Roles of Dengue Virus Nonstructural Protein 1 in Protection and Pathogenesis.

Glasner DR, Puerta-Guardo H, Beatty PR, Harris E.

Annu Rev Virol. 2018 Sep 29;5(1):227-253. doi: 10.1146/annurev-virology-101416-041848. Epub 2018 Jul 25. Review.


Dengue virus NS1 cytokine-independent vascular leak is dependent on endothelial glycocalyx components.

Glasner DR, Ratnasiri K, Puerta-Guardo H, Espinosa DA, Beatty PR, Harris E.

PLoS Pathog. 2017 Nov 9;13(11):e1006673. doi: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1006673. eCollection 2017 Nov.


Dengue Virus NS1 Disrupts the Endothelial Glycocalyx, Leading to Hyperpermeability.

Puerta-Guardo H, Glasner DR, Harris E.

PLoS Pathog. 2016 Jul 14;12(7):e1005738. doi: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1005738. eCollection 2016 Jul.


Mosquito Saliva Increases Endothelial Permeability in the Skin, Immune Cell Migration, and Dengue Pathogenesis during Antibody-Dependent Enhancement.

Schmid MA, Glasner DR, Shah S, Michlmayr D, Kramer LD, Harris E.

PLoS Pathog. 2016 Jun 16;12(6):e1005676. doi: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1005676. eCollection 2016 Jun.


Dengue virus NS1 triggers endothelial permeability and vascular leak that is prevented by NS1 vaccination.

Beatty PR, Puerta-Guardo H, Killingbeck SS, Glasner DR, Hopkins K, Harris E.

Sci Transl Med. 2015 Sep 9;7(304):304ra141. doi: 10.1126/scitranslmed.aaa3787.


Evaluation of the broad-range PCR-electrospray ionization mass spectrometry (PCR/ESI-MS) system and virus microarrays for virus detection.

Taliaferro LP, Galvin TA, Ma H, Shaheduzzaman S, Williams DK, Glasner DR, Khan AS.

Viruses. 2014 Apr 25;6(5):1876-96. doi: 10.3390/v6051876. Erratum in: Viruses. 2014 Nov;6(11):4464-5.


Identification of a novel rhabdovirus in Spodoptera frugiperda cell lines.

Ma H, Galvin TA, Glasner DR, Shaheduzzaman S, Khan AS.

J Virol. 2014 Jun;88(12):6576-85. doi: 10.1128/JVI.00780-14. Epub 2014 Mar 26.

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