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Effects of the Health Transformation Plan on caesarean section rate in the Islamic Republic of Iran: an interrupted time series.

Rashidian A, Moradi G, Takian A, Sakha MA, Salavati S, Faraji O, Piroozi B.

East Mediterr Health J. 2019 Jun 4;25(4):254-261. doi: 10.26719/emhj.18.044.


Using Oaxaca Decomposition to Study Socioeconomic Inequity of Physical Activity among Children Aged 10-12 Years: A Study in West of Iran.

Mostafavi F, Moradi G, Azadi N, Esmaeilnasab N, Roshani D.

Int J Prev Med. 2019 May 17;10:83. doi: 10.4103/ijpvm.IJPVM_222_17. eCollection 2019.


Predictors of Drug Injection in High-Risk Populations of Prisoners with a History of Tattooing: A Cross-Sectional Study.

Jafari S, Moradi G, Gouya MM, Azimian Zavareh F, Ghaderi E.

J Res Health Sci. 2019 Jan 9;19(1):e00435.


Prevalence of Cefepime-Resistant Escherichia coli in Iran: A Meta-Analysis (2007-2016).

Bechashk SM, Moradi G, Mohsenpour B, Ramazanzadeh R.

Iran J Public Health. 2019 Apr;48(4):603-611. Review.


The effect of Iran's health transformation plan on utilization of specialized outpatient visit services: An interrupted time series.

Piroozi B, Takian A, Moradi G, Amerzadeh M, Safari H, Faraji O.

Med J Islam Repub Iran. 2018 Dec 5;32:121. doi: 10.14196/mjiri.32.121. eCollection 2018.


National action plan of the Islamic Republic of Iran for combating antimicrobial resistance during 2016 - 2021.

Moradi G, Gouya MM, Eshrati B, Mohraz M, Molaei L, Piroozi B.

Med J Islam Repub Iran. 2018 Sep 7;32:82. doi: 10.14196/mjiri.32.82. eCollection 2018.


National action plan of the Islamic Republic of Iran for combating antimicrobial resistance during 2016 - 2021.

Moradi G, Gouya MM, Eshrati B, Mohraz M, Piroozi B.

Med J Islam Repub Iran. 2018 Aug 2;32:65. doi: 10.14196/mjiri.32.65. eCollection 2018.


What Explains Socioeconomic Inequality in Health-related Quality of Life in Iran? A Blinder-Oaxaca Decomposition.

Rezaei S, Hajizadeh M, Salimi Y, Moradi G, Nouri B.

J Prev Med Public Health. 2018 Sep;51(5):219-226. doi: 10.3961/jpmph.18.012. Epub 2018 Aug 7.


The impact of health transformation plan on hospitalization rates in Iran: An interrupted time series.

Piroozi B, Rashidian A, Takian A, Amerzadeh M, Sakha MA, Faraji O, Moradi G.

Int J Health Plann Manage. 2019 Jan;34(1):e264-e273. doi: 10.1002/hpm.2645. Epub 2018 Sep 12.


Salt intake among Iranian population: the first national report on salt intake in Iran.

Rezaei S, Mahmoudi Z, Sheidaei A, Aryan Z, Mahmoudi N, Gohari K, Yoosefi M, Hajipour MJ, Dilmaghani-Marand A, Soleimanzadehkhayat M, Gholami A, Mirab Samiee S, Moradi G, Larijani B, Farzadfar F.

J Hypertens. 2018 Dec;36(12):2380-2389. doi: 10.1097/HJH.0000000000001836.


Socioeconomic Inequalities in Different Types of Disabilities in Iran.

Moradi G, Mostafavi F, Hajizadeh M, Amerzade M, Mohammadi Bolbanabad A, Alinia C, Piroozi B.

Iran J Public Health. 2018 Mar;47(3):427-434.


Prevalence and risk factors for HBV and HCV in prisoners in Iran: a national bio-behavioural surveillance survey in 2015.

Moradi G, Gouya MM, Azimizan Zavareh F, Mohamadi Bolbanabad A, Darvishi S, Aghasadeghi MR, Nabavi M, Alasvand R, Tashakorian M, Nouri B, Rahmani K, Molaei L.

Trop Med Int Health. 2018 Jun;23(6):641-649. doi: 10.1111/tmi.13065. Epub 2018 May 25.


Catastrophic health expenditure among households with members with special diseases: A case study in Kurdistan.

Moradi G, Safari H, Piroozi B, Qanbari L, Farshadi S, Qasri H, Farhadifar F.

Med J Islam Repub Iran. 2017 Aug 2;31:43. doi: 10.14196/mjiri.31.43. eCollection 2017.


Seasonality in Violent and Nonviolent Methods of Suicide Attempts: A Cross-Sectional Study on Systematic Registry Data.

Veisani Y, Delpisheh A, Sayehmiri K, Moradi G, Hassanzadeh J.

Acta Med Iran. 2017 Aug;55(8):507-513.


Epidemiology and socio-demographic risk factors of self-immolation: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

Parvareh M, Hajizadeh M, Rezaei S, Nouri B, Moradi G, Esmail Nasab N.

Burns. 2018 Jun;44(4):767-775. doi: 10.1016/j.burns.2017.08.013. Epub 2017 Oct 9.


Socioeconomic Inequalities in the Oral Health of People Aged 15-40 Years in Kurdistan, Iran in 2015: A Cross-sectional Study.

Moradi G, Moinafshar A, Adabi H, Sharafi M, Mostafavi F, Bolbanabad AM.

J Prev Med Public Health. 2017 Sep;50(5):303-310. doi: 10.3961/jpmph.17.035.


Seasonality and time patterns in attempted suicide in Ilam province of Iran: An appraisal of current data of 2010 -2014.

Veisani Y, Delpisheh A, Sayehmiri K, Moradi G, Hassanzadeh J.

Med J Islam Repub Iran. 2017 Jul 30;31:11. doi: 10.18869/mjiri.31.11. eCollection 2017.


Out-of-Pocket and Informal Payment Before and After the Health Transformation Plan in Iran: Evidence from Hospitals Located in Kurdistan, Iran.

Piroozi B, Rashidian A, Moradi G, Takian A, Ghasri H, Ghadimi T.

Int J Health Policy Manag. 2017 Feb 11;6(10):573-586. doi: 10.15171/ijhpm.2017.16.


Estimation of Intravenous Drug Users' Population in Kermanshah City, West of Iran in 2016 using Capture-recapture Method.

Azhdar F, Esmaeilnasab N, Moradi G, Roshani D, Ghaderi E, Nori B.

J Res Health Sci. 2017 Aug 7;17(3):e00388.


Socioeconomic Inequality in Childhood Obesity.

Moradi G, Mostafavi F, Azadi N, Esmaeilnasab N, Ghaderi E.

J Res Health Sci. 2017 Aug 15;17(3):e00391.


Inequality in Addiction and Mental Disorders in 6818 Suicide Attempts: Determine of Positive Contribution of Determinants by Decomposition Method.

Veisani Y, Delpisheh A, Moradi G, Hassanzadeh J, Sayehmiri K.

Iran J Public Health. 2017 Jun;46(6):796-803.


Decomposing Socioeconomic Inequality Determinants in Suicide Deaths in Iran: A Concentration Index Approach.

Veisani Y, Delpisheh A, Sayehmiri K, Moradi G, Hassanzadeh J.

Korean J Fam Med. 2017 May;38(3):135-140. doi: 10.4082/kjfm.2017.38.3.135. Epub 2017 May 23.


Effects of Socio-economic Status Inequality on Health Outcomes.

Veisani Y, Moradi G, Delpisheh A.

Arch Iran Med. 2017 May;20(5):329. No abstract available.


The effect of dairy consumption on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases: A meta-analysis of prospective studies.

Gholami F, Khoramdad M, Esmailnasab N, Moradi G, Nouri B, Safiri S, Alimohamadi Y.

J Cardiovasc Thorac Res. 2017;9(1):1-11. doi: 10.15171/jcvtr.2017.01. Epub 2017 Mar 18. Review.


Assessment of the Efficiency of Hospitals Before and After the Implementation of Health Sector Evolution Plan in Iran Based on Pabon Lasso Model.

Moradi G, Piroozi B, Safari H, Esmail Nasab N, Mohamadi Bolbanabad A, Yari A.

Iran J Public Health. 2017 Mar;46(3):389-395.


Prognostic factors and survival of colorectal cancer in Kurdistan province, Iran: A population-based study (2009-2014).

Rasouli MA, Moradi G, Roshani D, Nikkhoo B, Ghaderi E, Ghaytasi B.

Medicine (Baltimore). 2017 Feb;96(6):e5941. doi: 10.1097/MD.0000000000005941.


Catastrophic Health Expenditure After the Implementation of Health Sector Evolution Plan: A Case Study in the West of Iran.

Piroozi B, Moradi G, Nouri B, Mohamadi Bolbanabad A, Safari H.

Int J Health Policy Manag. 2016 Mar 14;5(7):417-423. doi: 10.15171/ijhpm.2016.31.


Inverse correlation of soluble programmed cell death-1 ligand-1 (sPD-L1) with eosinophil count and clinical severity in allergic rhinitis patients.

Nasiri Kalmarzi R, Fattahi N, Kaviani Z, Ataee P, Mansouri M, Moradi G, Yousefzade A, Abbassi JM.

Allergol Int. 2017 Apr;66(2):326-331. doi: 10.1016/j.alit.2016.08.008. Epub 2016 Sep 8.


Associations of Suicide Seasonality with Rural-Urban Residence and Mental Disorders in Ilam, Iran.

Veisani Y Ms, Delpisheh A PhD, Sayehmiri K PhD, Moradi G Md PhD, Hassanzadeh J PhD.

Iran J Med Sci. 2016 Sep;41(5):461-2. No abstract available.


Survival of Patients with Stomach Cancer and its Determinants in Kurdistan.

Moradi G, Karimi K, Esmailnasab N, Roshani D.

Asian Pac J Cancer Prev. 2016;17(7):3243-8.


Suicide Attempts in Ilam Province, Western Iran, 2010-2014: A Time Trend Study.

Veisani Y, Delpisheh A, Sayehmiri K, Moradi G, Hassanzadeh J.

J Res Health Sci. 2016 Spring;16(2):64-7.


Radiation-induced nausea and vomiting: Is ABO blood group as important as radiation and patient-related factors? An observational study.

Habibi M, Namimoghadam A, Korouni R, Fashiri P, Borzoueisileh S, Elahimanesh F, Amiri F, Moradi G.

Medicine (Baltimore). 2016 Aug;95(31):e4334. doi: 10.1097/MD.0000000000004334.


Is the status of diabetes socioeconomic inequality changing in Kurdistan province, west of Iran? A comparison of two surveys.

Moradi G, Majdzadeh R, Mohammad K, Malekafzali H, Jafari S, Holakouie-Naieni K.

Med J Islam Repub Iran. 2016 May 24;30:375. eCollection 2016.


A cholera outbreak in Alborz Province, Iran: a matched case-control study.

Moradi G, Rasouli MA, Mohammadi P, Elahi E, Barati H.

Epidemiol Health. 2016 May 14;38:e2016018. doi: 10.4178/epih.e2016018. eCollection 2016.


The Burden of HIV in Iran: Insights from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2010.

Noori A, Rahimzadeh S, Shahbazi M, Moradi G, Saeedi Moghaddam S, Naderimagham S, Mohaghegh Shalmani H, Kompani F, Rezaei N, Shokoohi M.

Arch Iran Med. 2016 May;19(5):329-34. doi: 0161905/AIM.006.


Comparing the Effect of Metformin and Acarbose Accompanying Clomiphene on the Successful Ovulation Induction in Infertile Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

Rezai M, Jamshidi M, Mohammadbeigi R, Seyedoshohadaei F, Mohammadipour S, Moradi G.

Glob J Health Sci. 2016 Sep 1;8(9):54516. doi: 10.5539/gjhs.v8n9p281.


Psychological, Social, and Familial Problems of People Living with HIV/AIDS in Iran: A Qualitative Study.

Dejman M, Ardakani HM, Malekafzali B, Moradi G, Gouya MM, Shushtari ZJ, Alinaghi SA, Mohraz M.

Int J Prev Med. 2015 Dec 23;6:126. doi: 10.4103/2008-7802.172540. eCollection 2015.


Epidemiologic and Drug Resistance Pattern of Vibrio cholerae O1 Biotype El Tor, Serotype Ogawa, in the 2011 Cholera Outbreak, in Alborz Province, Iran.

Barati H, Moradi G, Rasouli MA, Mohammadi P.

Jundishapur J Microbiol. 2015 Nov 14;8(11):e23477. doi: 10.5812/jjm.23477. eCollection 2015 Nov.


Communicable Disease Reporting Systems in the World: A Systematic Review Article.

Janati A, Hosseiny M, Gouya MM, Moradi G, Ghaderi E.

Iran J Public Health. 2015 Nov;44(11):1453-65. Review.


Injecting Drug Users Retention in Needle-Exchange Program and its Determinants in Iran Prisons.

Shahbazi M, Farnia M, Moradi G, Karamati M, Paknazar F, Mirmohammad Khani M.

Int J High Risk Behav Addict. 2015 Jun 20;4(2):e23751. doi: 10.5812/ijhrba.23751v2. eCollection 2015 Jun.


Methadone maintenance treatment program in prisons from the perspective of medical and non-medical prison staff: a qualitative study in Iran.

Moradi G, Farnia M, Shokoohi M, Shahbazi M, Moazen B, Rahmani K.

Int J Health Policy Manag. 2015 Mar 12;4(9):583-9. doi: 10.15171/ijhpm.2015.60.


Socioeconomic Inequalities in Nonuse of Seatbelts in Cars and Helmets on Motorcycles among People Living in Kurdistan Province, Iran.

Moradi G, Malekafzali Ardakani H, Majdzadeh R, Bidarpour F, Mohammad K, Holakouie-Naieni K.

Iran J Public Health. 2014 Sep;43(9):1239-47.


Health Needs of People Living with HIV/AIDS: From the Perspective of Policy Makers, Physicians and Consultants, and People Living with HIV/AIDS.

Moradi G, Mohraz M, Gouya MM, Dejman M, Seyedalinaghi S, Khoshravesh S, Malekafzali Ardakani H.

Iran J Public Health. 2014 Oct;43(10):1424-35.


Trend of HIV/AIDS Prevalence and Related Interventions Administered in Prisons of Iran -13 Years' Experience.

Shahbazi M, Farnia M, Rahmani K, Moradi G.

Iran J Public Health. 2014 Apr;43(4):471-9.


Situation of linkage between sexual and reproductive health and HIV-related policies in Islamic Republic of Iran - a rapid assessment in 2011-2.

Moradi G, Khoshravesh S, Hosseiny M.

Int J Health Policy Manag. 2015 Feb 14;4(3):131-6. doi: 10.15171/ijhpm.2015.30. eCollection 2015 Mar.


Gastroesophageal reflux disease burden in Iran.

Delavari A, Moradi G, Elahi E, Moradi-Lakeh M.

Arch Iran Med. 2015 Feb;18(2):85-8. doi: 015182/AIM.005.


National and sub-national burden of infectious diseases in Iran, 1990 to 2013: the study protocol.

Noori A, Shokoohi M, Moazen B, Moradi G, Naderimagham S, Hajizadeh S, Zohouri Zangeneh A, Gouya MM, Farzadfar F.

Arch Iran Med. 2014 Mar;17(3):169-75. doi: 0141703/AIM.006. Review.


Knowledge translation in Iranian universities: need for serious interventions.

Gholami J, Ahghari S, Motevalian A, Yousefinejad V, Moradi G, Keshtkar A, Alami A, Mazloomzadeh S, Vakili MM, Chaman R, Salehi B, Fazelzadeh O, Majdzadeh R.

Health Res Policy Syst. 2013 Nov 13;11:43. doi: 10.1186/1478-4505-11-43.

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