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Intravital imaging reveals improved Kupffer cell-mediated phagocytosis as a mode of action of glycoengineered anti-CD20 antibodies.

Grandjean CL, Montalvao F, Celli S, Michonneau D, Breart B, Garcia Z, Perro M, Freytag O, Gerdes CA, Bousso P.

Sci Rep. 2016 Oct 4;6:34382. doi: 10.1038/srep34382.


Extracellular domain shedding influences specific tumor uptake and organ distribution of the EGFR PET tracer 89Zr-imgatuzumab.

Pool M, Kol A, Lub-de Hooge MN, Gerdes CA, de Jong S, de Vries EG, Terwisscha van Scheltinga AG.

Oncotarget. 2016 Oct 18;7(42):68111-68121. doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.11827.


Premedication and Chemotherapy Agents do not Impair Imgatuzumab (GA201)-Mediated Antibody-Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity and Combination Therapies Enhance Efficacy.

Gonzalez-Nicolini V, Herter S, Lang S, Waldhauer I, Bacac M, Roemmele M, Bommer E, Freytag O, van Puijenbroek E, Umaña P, Gerdes CA.

Clin Cancer Res. 2016 May 15;22(10):2453-61. doi: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-14-2579. Epub 2015 Nov 18.


¹¹¹In-anti-F4/80-A3-1 antibody: a novel tracer to image macrophages.

Terry SY, Boerman OC, Gerrits D, Franssen GM, Metselaar JM, Lehmann S, Oyen WJ, Gerdes CA, Abiraj K.

Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging. 2015 Aug;42(9):1430-8. doi: 10.1007/s00259-015-3084-8. Epub 2015 May 27.


GA201: a novel humanized and glycoengineered anti-EGFR antibody--response.

Gerdes CA, Umaña P.

Clin Cancer Res. 2014 Feb 15;20(4):1055. doi: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-13-2699. No abstract available.


Preclinical activity of the type II CD20 antibody GA101 (obinutuzumab) compared with rituximab and ofatumumab in vitro and in xenograft models.

Herter S, Herting F, Mundigl O, Waldhauer I, Weinzierl T, Fauti T, Muth G, Ziegler-Landesberger D, Van Puijenbroek E, Lang S, Duong MN, Reslan L, Gerdes CA, Friess T, Baer U, Burtscher H, Weidner M, Dumontet C, Umana P, Niederfellner G, Bacac M, Klein C.

Mol Cancer Ther. 2013 Oct;12(10):2031-42. doi: 10.1158/1535-7163.MCT-12-1182. Epub 2013 Jul 19.


RG7116, a therapeutic antibody that binds the inactive HER3 receptor and is optimized for immune effector activation.

Mirschberger C, Schiller CB, Schräml M, Dimoudis N, Friess T, Gerdes CA, Reiff U, Lifke V, Hoelzlwimmer G, Kolm I, Hopfner KP, Niederfellner G, Bossenmaier B.

Cancer Res. 2013 Aug 15;73(16):5183-94. doi: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-13-0099. Epub 2013 Jun 18.


GA201 (RG7160): a novel, humanized, glycoengineered anti-EGFR antibody with enhanced ADCC and superior in vivo efficacy compared with cetuximab.

Gerdes CA, Nicolini VG, Herter S, van Puijenbroek E, Lang S, Roemmele M, Moessner E, Freytag O, Friess T, Ries CH, Bossenmaier B, Mueller HJ, Umaña P.

Clin Cancer Res. 2013 Mar 1;19(5):1126-38. doi: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-12-0989. Epub 2012 Dec 3.


Gene transfer into rat brain using adenoviral vectors.

Thomas CE, Abordo-Adesida E, Maleniak TC, Stone D, Gerdes CA, Lowenstein PR.

Curr Protoc Neurosci. 2001 May;Chapter 4:Unit 4.24. doi: 10.1002/0471142301.ns0424s13.


Vaginocervical stimulation releases oxytocin within the spinal cord in rats.

Sansone GR, Gerdes CA, Steinman JL, Winslow JT, Ottenweller JE, Komisaruk BR, Insel TR.

Neuroendocrinology. 2002 May;75(5):306-15.


High-capacity, helper-dependent, "gutless" adenoviral vectors for gene transfer into brain.

Lowenstein PR, Thomas CE, Umana P, Gerdes CA, Verakis T, Boyer O, Tondeur S, Klatzmann D, Castro MG.

Methods Enzymol. 2002;346:292-311. No abstract available.


Prolonged blockade of CD40-CD40 ligand interactions by gene transfer of CD40Ig results in long-term heart allograft survival and donor-specific hyporesponsiveness, but does not prevent chronic rejection.

Guillot C, Guillonneau C, Mathieu P, Gerdes CA, Ménoret S, Braudeau C, Tesson L, Renaudin K, Castro MG, Löwenstein PR, Anegon I.

J Immunol. 2002 Feb 15;168(4):1600-9.


Efficient FLPe recombinase enables scalable production of helper-dependent adenoviral vectors with negligible helper-virus contamination.

Umaña P, Gerdes CA, Stone D, Davis JR, Ward D, Castro MG, Lowenstein PR.

Nat Biotechnol. 2001 Jun;19(6):582-5.


Transcriptional targeting to anterior pituitary lactotrophic cells using recombinant adenovirus vectors in vitro and in vivo in normal and estrogen/sulpiride-induced hyperplastic anterior pituitaries.

Southgate TD, Windeatt S, Smith-Arica J, Gerdes CA, Perone MJ, Morris I, Davis JR, Klatzmann D, Löwenstein PR, Castro MG.

Endocrinology. 2000 Sep;141(9):3493-505.


'Complete' spinal cord injury does not block perceptual responses to genital self-stimulation in women.

Komisaruk BR, Gerdes CA, Whipple B.

Arch Neurol. 1997 Dec;54(12):1513-20.


Fts insertional mutant of Salmonella typhimurium.

Cerquetti MC, Brawer R, Gerdes CA, Gherardi MM, Sordelli DO.

FEMS Microbiol Lett. 1995 Oct 1;132(1-2):73-8.


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