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Notice of Retraction and Replacement: Kessler RC, et al. Associations of Housing Mobility Interventions for Children in High-Poverty Neighborhoods With Subsequent Mental Disorders During Adolescence. JAMA. 2014;311(9):937-947.

Kessler RC, Duncan GJ, Gennetian LA, Katz LF, Kling JR, Sampson NA, Sanbonmatsu L, Zaslavsky AM, Ludwig J.

JAMA. 2016 Jul 12;316(2):227-8. doi: 10.1001/jama.2016.6187. No abstract available.


Neighborhood effects on use of African-American Vernacular English.

Rickford JR, Duncan GJ, Gennetian LA, Gou RY, Greene R, Katz LF, Kessler RC, Kling JR, Sanbonmatsu L, Sanchez-OrdoƱez AE, Sciandra M, Thomas E, Ludwig J.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2015 Sep 22;112(38):11817-22. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1500176112. Epub 2015 Sep 8.


Intrayear household income dynamics and adolescent school behavior.

Gennetian LA, Wolf S, Hill HD, Morris PA.

Demography. 2015 Apr;52(2):455-83. doi: 10.1007/s13524-015-0370-9.


Associations of housing mobility interventions for children in high-poverty neighborhoods with subsequent mental disorders during adolescence.

Kessler RC, Duncan GJ, Gennetian LA, Katz LF, Kling JR, Sampson NA, Sanbonmatsu L, Zaslavsky AM, Ludwig J.

JAMA. 2014 Mar 5;311(9):937-48. doi: 10.1001/jama.2014.607. Retraction in: JAMA. 2016 Jul 12;316(2):227-8.


Long-term effects of the Moving to Opportunity residential mobility experiment on crime and delinquency.

Sciandra M, Sanbonmatsu L, Duncan GJ, Gennetian LA, Katz LF, Kessler RC, Kling JR, Ludwig J.

J Exp Criminol. 2013 Dec;9(4). doi: 10.1007/s11292-013-9189-9.


Neighborhood effects on the long-term well-being of low-income adults.

Ludwig J, Duncan GJ, Gennetian LA, Katz LF, Kessler RC, Kling JR, Sanbonmatsu L.

Science. 2012 Sep 21;337(6101):1505-10.


Welfare policies and adolescents: exploring the roles of sibling care, maternal work schedules, and economic resources.

Hsueh J, Gennetian LA.

Am J Community Psychol. 2011 Dec;48(3-4):322-40. doi: 10.1007/s10464-011-9423-4.


Meeting the Basic Needs of Children: Does Income Matter?

Gennetian LA, Castells N, Morris P.

Child Youth Serv Rev. 2010 Sep 1;32(9):1138-1148.


Maternal employment and the health of low-income young children.

Gennetian LA, Hill HD, London AS, Lopoo LM.

J Health Econ. 2010 May;29(3):353-63. doi: 10.1016/j.jhealeco.2010.02.007. Epub 2010 Mar 3.


Racial/Ethnic Differences in Effects of Welfare Policies on Early School Readiness and Later Achievement.

Yoshikawa H, Gassman-Pines A, Morris PA, Gennetian LA, Godfrey EB.

Appl Dev Sci. 2010;14(3):137-153.


New Hope: A Thoughtful and Effective Approach to "Make Work Pay"

Duncan GJ, Bos H, Gennetian LA, Hill H.

Northwest J Law Soc Policy. 2009 Winter;4(1):101-115. No abstract available.


Effects of Employment-Based Programs on Families by Prior Levels of Disadvantage.

Alderson DP, Gennetian LA, Dowsett CJ, Imes A, Huston AC.

Soc Serv Rev. 2008 Sep;82(3):361-394.


From statistical associations to causation: what developmentalists can learn from instrumental variables techniques coupled with experimental data.

Gennetian LA, Magnuson K, Morris PA.

Dev Psychol. 2008 Mar;44(2):381-94. doi: 10.1037/0012-1649.44.2.381.


How an earnings supplement can affect union formation among low-income single mothers.

Harknett K, Gennetian LA.

Demography. 2003 Aug;40(3):451-78.


Children and welfare reform: a view from an experimental welfare program in Minnesota.

Gennetian LA, Miller C.

Child Dev. 2002 Mar-Apr;73(2):601-20.


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