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Angiotensin II-induced superoxide and decreased glutathione in proximal tubules: Effect of dietary fructose.

Yang N, Gonzalez-Vicente A, Garvin JL.

Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 2019 Nov 25. doi: 10.1152/ajprenal.00462.2019. [Epub ahead of print]


Feasibility of Capturing Cancer Treatment Data in the Utah All-Payer Claims Database.

Hashibe M, Ou JY, Herget K, Bolton D, McPherson J, Hawley C, Garvin J, Doherty JA, Sweeney C.

JCO Clin Cancer Inform. 2019 Oct;3:1-10. doi: 10.1200/CCI.19.00027.


SETD2 Mutation in an Aggressive Optic Nerve Glioma.

Campbell AA, Gartrell-Corrado RD, Mansukhani M, Zanazzi G, Canoll P, Garvin JH, Kazim M.

JAMA Ophthalmol. 2019 Nov 7. doi: 10.1001/jamaophthalmol.2019.4511. [Epub ahead of print] No abstract available.


Healthcare utilization and financial impact of acute-graft-versus host disease among children undergoing allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation.

Ricci A, Jin Z, Broglie L, Bhatia M, George D, Garvin JH, Hall M, Satwani P.

Bone Marrow Transplant. 2019 Sep 19. doi: 10.1038/s41409-019-0688-9. [Epub ahead of print]


Exploring mTOR inhibition as treatment for mitochondrial disease.

Sage-Schwaede A, Engelstad K, Salazar R, Curcio A, Khandji A, Garvin JH Jr, De Vivo DC.

Ann Clin Transl Neurol. 2019 Sep;6(9):1877-1881. doi: 10.1002/acn3.50846. Epub 2019 Aug 6.


Descriptive Usability Study of CirrODS: Clinical Decision and Workflow Support Tool for Management of Patients With Cirrhosis.

Garvin JH, Ducom J, Matheny M, Miller A, Westerman D, Reale C, Slagle J, Kelly N, Beebe R, Koola J, Groessl EJ, Patterson ES, Weinger M, Perkins AM, Ho SB.

JMIR Med Inform. 2019 Jul 3;7(3):e13627. doi: 10.2196/13627.


Effects of reactive oxygen species on renal tubular transport.

Gonzalez-Vicente A, Hong NJ, Garvin JL.

Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 2019 Jun 19. doi: 10.1152/ajprenal.00604.2018. [Epub ahead of print]


High glucose conditioned neonatal astrocytes results in impaired mitogenic activity in cerebral microvessel endothelial cells in co-culture.

Cohen S, Liu Q, Wright M, Garvin J, Rarick K, Harder D.

Heliyon. 2019 May 23;5(5):e01795. doi: 10.1016/j.heliyon.2019.e01795. eCollection 2019 May.


Claudin-19 mediates the effects of NO on the paracellular pathway in thick ascending limbs.

Monzon CM, Garvin JL.

Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 2019 Aug 1;317(2):F411-F418. doi: 10.1152/ajprenal.00065.2019. Epub 2019 Jun 5.


Linkage between Utah All Payers Claims Database and Central Cancer Registry.

Garvin JH, Herget KA, Hashibe M, Kirchhoff AC, Hawley CW, Bolton D, Sweeney C.

Health Serv Res. 2019 Jun;54(3):707-713. doi: 10.1111/1475-6773.13114. Epub 2019 Jan 24.


Development of a cardiac-centered frailty ontology.

Doing-Harris K, Bray BE, Thackeray A, Shah RU, Shao Y, Cheng Y, Zeng-Treitler Q, Garvin JH, Weir C.

J Biomed Semantics. 2019 Jan 18;10(1):3. doi: 10.1186/s13326-019-0195-3.


Fructose reabsorption by rat proximal tubules: role of Na+-linked cotransporters and the effect of dietary fructose.

Gonzalez-Vicente A, Cabral PD, Hong NJ, Asirwatham J, Saez F, Garvin JL.

Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 2019 Mar 1;316(3):F473-F480. doi: 10.1152/ajprenal.00247.2018. Epub 2018 Dec 19.


Clinical and Economic Impact of Cytomegalovirus Infection among Children Undergoing Allogeneic Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation.

Rastogi S, Ricci A, Jin Z, Bhatia M, George D, Garvin JH, Hall M, Satwani P.

Biol Blood Marrow Transplant. 2019 Jun;25(6):1253-1259. doi: 10.1016/j.bbmt.2018.11.028. Epub 2018 Nov 29.


Pre-irradiation intensive induction and marrow-ablative consolidation chemotherapy in young children with newly diagnosed high-grade brainstem gliomas: report of the "head-start" I and II clinical trials.

Osorio DS, Patel N, Ji L, Sposto R, Stanek J, Gardner SL, Allen JC, Cornelius A, McCowage GB, Termuhlen A, Dunkel IJ, Comito M, Garvin J, Finlay JL.

J Neurooncol. 2018 Dec;140(3):717-725. doi: 10.1007/s11060-018-03003-z. Epub 2018 Nov 3.


Activity changes in gill ion transporter enzymes in response to salinity and temperature in fathead minnows (Pimephales promelas).

Monroe I, Wentworth S, Thede K, Aravindabose V, Garvin J, Packer RK.

Comp Biochem Physiol A Mol Integr Physiol. 2019 Feb;228:29-34. doi: 10.1016/j.cbpa.2018.10.018. Epub 2018 Oct 31.


Thick Ascending Limb Sodium Transport in the Pathogenesis of Hypertension.

Gonzalez-Vicente A, Saez F, Monzon CM, Asirwatham J, Garvin JL.

Physiol Rev. 2019 Jan 1;99(1):235-309. doi: 10.1152/physrev.00055.2017. Review.


Weight Reduction Goal Achievement Among Veterans With Mental Health Diagnoses.

McKinnon CR, Garvin JT.

J Am Psychiatr Nurses Assoc. 2019 Jul/Aug;25(4):257-265. doi: 10.1177/1078390318800594. Epub 2018 Sep 21.


Dietary Fructose Increases the Sensitivity of Proximal Tubules to Angiotensin II in Rats Fed High-Salt Diets.

Gonzalez-Vicente A, Hong NJ, Yang N, Cabral PD, Berthiaume JM, Dominici FP, Garvin JL.

Nutrients. 2018 Sep 6;10(9). pii: E1244. doi: 10.3390/nu10091244.


Health care utilization and cost among pediatric patients receiving unrelated donor allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation.

Bourgeois W, Ricci A, Jin Z, Hall M, George D, Bhatia M, Garvin J, Satwani P.

Bone Marrow Transplant. 2019 May;54(5):691-699. doi: 10.1038/s41409-018-0308-0. Epub 2018 Aug 20.


Transcriptome signature for dietary fructose-specific changes in rat renal cortex: A quantitative approach to physiological relevance.

Gonzalez-Vicente A, Garvin JL, Hopfer U.

PLoS One. 2018 Aug 1;13(8):e0201293. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0201293. eCollection 2018.


Monitoring and Modeling the Rapid Evolution of Earth's Newest Volcanic Island: Hunga Tonga Hunga Ha'apai (Tonga) Using High Spatial Resolution Satellite Observations.

Garvin JB, Slayback DA, Ferrini V, Frawley J, Giguere C, Asrar GR, Andersen K.

Geophys Res Lett. 2018 Apr 28;45(8):3445-3452. doi: 10.1002/2017GL076621. Epub 2018 Apr 20.


Application of contextual design methods to inform targeted clinical decision support interventions in sub-specialty care environments.

Miller A, Koola JD, Matheny ME, Ducom JH, Slagle JM, Groessl EJ, Minter FF, Garvin JH, Weinger MB, Ho SB.

Int J Med Inform. 2018 Sep;117:55-65. doi: 10.1016/j.ijmedinf.2018.05.005. Epub 2018 May 30.


Incorporating Guideline Adherence and Practice Implementation Issues into the Design of Decision Support for Beta-Blocker Titration for Heart Failure.

Smith MW, Brown C, Virani SS, Weir CR, Petersen LA, Kelly N, Akeroyd J, Garvin JH.

Appl Clin Inform. 2018 Apr;9(2):478-489. doi: 10.1055/s-0038-1660849. Epub 2018 Jun 27.


Automated Extraction and Classification of Cancer Stage Mentions fromUnstructured Text Fields in a Central Cancer Registry.

AAlAbdulsalam AK, Garvin JH, Redd A, Carter ME, Sweeny C, Meystre SM.

AMIA Jt Summits Transl Sci Proc. 2018 May 18;2017:16-25. eCollection 2018.


Reexamining Metoclopramide's Role in the Prevention of Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting: A Secondary Analysis.

Masiongale AJ, Garvin JT, Murphy MJ, Hooper VD, Odom-Forren J, Masiongale JI, Looney SW.

AANA J. 2018 Jun;86(3):213-219.


NADPH oxidase 4-derived superoxide mediates flow-stimulated NKCC2 activity in thick ascending limbs.

Saez F, Hong NJ, Garvin JL.

Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 2018 May 1;314(5):F934-F941. doi: 10.1152/ajprenal.00631.2017. Epub 2018 Apr 19.


Transcriptomic analysis of changes in gene expression of immune proteins of gill tissue in response to low environmental temperature in fathead minnows (Pimephales promelas).

Wentworth SA, Thede K, Aravindabose V, Monroe I, Thompson AW, Molyneaux N, Owen CL, Burns JR, Gonzalez-Vicente A, Garvin JL, Packer RK.

Comp Biochem Physiol Part D Genomics Proteomics. 2018 Mar;25:109-117. doi: 10.1016/j.cbd.2017.11.004. Epub 2018 Jan 31.


The clinical utility of pre-operative neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio as a predictor of outcomes in patients undergoing elective laparoscopic cholecystectomy.

Moloney BM, Waldron RM, O' Halloran N, Kelly ME, Myers E, Garvin JT, Kerin MJ, Collins CG.

Ir J Med Sci. 2018 Aug;187(3):755-760. doi: 10.1007/s11845-018-1749-6. Epub 2018 Jan 24.


Automating Quality Measures for Heart Failure Using Natural Language Processing: A Descriptive Study in the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Garvin JH, Kim Y, Gobbel GT, Matheny ME, Redd A, Bray BE, Heidenreich P, Bolton D, Heavirland J, Kelly N, Reeves R, Kalsy M, Goldstein MK, Meystre SM.

JMIR Med Inform. 2018 Jan 15;6(1):e5. doi: 10.2196/medinform.9150.


Predicting Adverse Outcomes in Heart Failure Patients Using Different Frailty Status Measures.

Cheng Y, Shao Y, Weir CR, Shah RU, Bray BE, Garvin JH, Zeng-Treitler Q.

Stud Health Technol Inform. 2017;245:327-331.


The Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) Mast cameras and Descent imager: Investigation and instrument descriptions.

Malin MC, Ravine MA, Caplinger MA, Tony Ghaemi F, Schaffner JA, Maki JN, Bell JF 3rd, Cameron JF, Dietrich WE, Edgett KS, Edwards LJ, Garvin JB, Hallet B, Herkenhoff KE, Heydari E, Kah LC, Lemmon MT, Minitti ME, Olson TS, Parker TJ, Rowland SK, Schieber J, Sletten R, Sullivan RJ, Sumner DY, Aileen Yingst R, Duston BM, McNair S, Jensen EH.

Earth Space Sci. 2017 Aug;4(8):506-539. doi: 10.1002/2016EA000252. Epub 2017 Aug 19.


Bone Marrow Harvest in Pediatric Sibling Donors: Role of Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor Priming and CD34+ Cell Dose.

Furey A, Rastogi S, Prince R, Jin Z, Smilow E, Briamonte C, Kahn JM, Tanhehco Y, Patel N, George D, Garvin J, Bhatia M, Satwani P.

Biol Blood Marrow Transplant. 2018 Feb;24(2):324-329. doi: 10.1016/j.bbmt.2017.10.031. Epub 2017 Oct 23.


Kidney Proximal Tubule Lipoapoptosis Is Regulated by Fatty Acid Transporter-2 (FATP2).

Khan S, Cabral PD, Schilling WP, Schmidt ZW, Uddin AN, Gingras A, Madhavan SM, Garvin JL, Schelling JR.

J Am Soc Nephrol. 2018 Jan;29(1):81-91. doi: 10.1681/ASN.2017030314. Epub 2017 Oct 9.


Developing Tools for Analysis of Renal Genomic Data: An Invitation to Participate.

Gonzalez-Vicente A, Hopfer U, Garvin JL.

J Am Soc Nephrol. 2017 Dec;28(12):3438-3440. doi: 10.1681/ASN.2017070811. Epub 2017 Oct 5. No abstract available.


Safety of hematopoietic cell infusion in children with malignant and non-malignant diseases.

Heneghan C, Smilow E, Tanhehco Y, Jin Z, Cofnas P, Schwartz S, Patel N, Carberry D, Silverman J, Huynh P, Hagan B, Tobin K, Bhatia M, George D, Garvin J, Satwani P.

Pediatr Transplant. 2017 Nov;21(7). doi: 10.1111/petr.13038. Epub 2017 Aug 28.


Dietary Fructose Enhances the Ability of Low Concentrations of Angiotensin II to Stimulate Proximal Tubule Na⁺ Reabsorption.

Gonzalez-Vicente A, Cabral PD, Hong NJ, Asirwatham J, Yang N, Berthiaume JM, Dominici FP, Garvin JL.

Nutrients. 2017 Aug 16;9(8). pii: E885. doi: 10.3390/nu9080885.


Percent weight reduction required to achieve minimal clinically important improvements in health-related quality of life among African Americans: A secondary analysis of the fit body and soul study.

Garvin JT, Williams LB, Joshua TV, Looney SW, Marion LN.

Appl Nurs Res. 2017 Aug;36:100-105. doi: 10.1016/j.apnr.2017.06.002. Epub 2017 Jun 3.


Effects of Reactive Oxygen Species on Tubular Transport along the Nephron.

Gonzalez-Vicente A, Garvin JL.

Antioxidants (Basel). 2017 Mar 23;6(2). pii: E23. doi: 10.3390/antiox6020023. Review.


A novel, potentially targetable TMEM106B-BRAF fusion in pleomorphic xanthoastrocytoma.

Hsiao SJ, Karajannis MA, Diolaiti D, Mansukhani MM, Bender JG, Kung AL, Garvin JH Jr.

Cold Spring Harb Mol Case Stud. 2017 Mar;3(2):a001396. doi: 10.1101/mcs.a001396.


Nitric oxide reduces paracellular resistance in rat thick ascending limbs by increasing Na+ and Cl- permeabilities.

Monzon CM, Occhipinti R, Pignataro OP, Garvin JL.

Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 2017 Jun 1;312(6):F1035-F1043. doi: 10.1152/ajprenal.00671.2016. Epub 2017 Mar 8.


Extraction of left ventricular ejection fraction information from various types of clinical reports.

Kim Y, Garvin JH, Goldstein MK, Hwang TS, Redd A, Bolton D, Heidenreich PA, Meystre SM.

J Biomed Inform. 2017 Mar;67:42-48. doi: 10.1016/j.jbi.2017.01.017. Epub 2017 Feb 2.


Best anthropometric discriminators of incident type 2 diabetes among white and black adults: A longitudinal ARIC study.

Hardy DS, Stallings DT, Garvin JT, Xu H, Racette SB.

PLoS One. 2017 Jan 31;12(1):e0168282. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0168282. eCollection 2017.


Timing and Utility of Relapse Surveillance after Allogeneic Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation in Children with Leukemia.

Levinson A, Arnold S, Jin Z, Bhatia M, George D, Garvin JH, Satwani P.

Biol Blood Marrow Transplant. 2017 Apr;23(4):696-700. doi: 10.1016/j.bbmt.2017.01.004. Epub 2017 Jan 4.


An Evolving Ecosystem for Natural Language Processing in Department of Veterans Affairs.

Garvin JH, Kalsy M, Brandt C, Luther SL, Divita G, Coronado G, Redd D, Christensen C, Hill B, Kelly N, Treitler QZ.

J Med Syst. 2017 Feb;41(2):32. doi: 10.1007/s10916-016-0681-4. Epub 2017 Jan 3.


Implementation of next generation sequencing into pediatric hematology-oncology practice: moving beyond actionable alterations.

Oberg JA, Glade Bender JL, Sulis ML, Pendrick D, Sireci AN, Hsiao SJ, Turk AT, Dela Cruz FS, Hibshoosh H, Remotti H, Zylber RJ, Pang J, Diolaiti D, Koval C, Andrews SJ, Garvin JH, Yamashiro DJ, Chung WK, Emerson SG, Nagy PL, Mansukhani MM, Kung AL.

Genome Med. 2016 Dec 23;8(1):133. doi: 10.1186/s13073-016-0389-6.


Pathway to Weight Maintenance: A-Qualitative Study with Church Health Advisors to Assess Weight Loss Maintenance Program Needs Among African-Americans.

Williams LB, Stewart M, McCall A, Joshua T, Sarfo R, Garvin JT, Marion L.

J Natl Black Nurses Assoc. 2016 Dec;27(2):39-45.


Direct concurrent comparison of multiple pediatric acute asthma scoring instruments.

Johnson MD, Nkoy FL, Sheng X, Greene T, Stone BL, Garvin J.

J Asthma. 2017 Sep;54(7):741-753. doi: 10.1080/02770903.2016.1258081. Epub 2016 Nov 10.


Vincristine and Vinblastine: Is checking bilirubin mandatory in children with Brain Tumors?

Madden JR, Evans A, Hemenway M, Stark E, Kissell E, Polito A, Batson D, Stark M, Dhall G, Garvin JH, Foreman NK, Vibhakar R.

Pediatr Blood Cancer. 2017 Jun;64(6). doi: 10.1002/pbc.26329. Epub 2016 Nov 3. No abstract available.


Congestive heart failure information extraction framework for automated treatment performance measures assessment.

Meystre SM, Kim Y, Gobbel GT, Matheny ME, Redd A, Bray BE, Garvin JH.

J Am Med Inform Assoc. 2017 Apr 1;24(e1):e40-e46. doi: 10.1093/jamia/ocw097.


Bacterial bloodstream infections in pediatric allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell recipients before and after implementation of a central line-associated bloodstream infection protocol: A single-center experience.

Chang AK, Foca MD, Jin Z, Vasudev R, Laird M, Schwartz S, Qureshi M, Kolb M, Levinson A, Bhatia M, Kung A, Garvin J, George D, Della-Latta P, Whittier S, Saiman L, Satwani P.

Am J Infect Control. 2016 Dec 1;44(12):1650-1655. doi: 10.1016/j.ajic.2016.04.229. Epub 2016 Jul 1.


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