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Inflammasomes: Their Role in Normal and Complicated Pregnancies.

Gomez-Lopez N, Motomura K, Miller D, Garcia-Flores V, Galaz J, Romero R.

J Immunol. 2019 Dec 1;203(11):2757-2769. doi: 10.4049/jimmunol.1900901. Review.


Fetal T Cell Activation in the Amniotic Cavity during Preterm Labor: A Potential Mechanism for a Subset of Idiopathic Preterm Birth.

Gomez-Lopez N, Romero R, Xu Y, Miller D, Arenas-Hernandez M, Garcia-Flores V, Panaitescu B, Galaz J, Hsu CD, Para R, Berry SM.

J Immunol. 2019 Oct 1;203(7):1793-1807. doi: 10.4049/jimmunol.1900621. Epub 2019 Sep 6.


Does the endometrial cavity have a molecular microbial signature?

Winters AD, Romero R, Gervasi MT, Gomez-Lopez N, Tran MR, Garcia-Flores V, Pacora P, Jung E, Hassan SS, Hsu CD, Theis KR.

Sci Rep. 2019 Jul 9;9(1):9905. doi: 10.1038/s41598-019-46173-0.


QUEST MRI assessment of fetal brain oxidative stress in utero.

Berkowitz BA, Romero R, Podolsky RH, Lins-Childers KM, Shen Y, Rosales T, Wadghiri YZ, Hoang DM, Arenas-Hernandez M, Garcia-Flores V, Schwenkel G, Panaitescu B, Gomez-Lopez N.

Neuroimage. 2019 Oct 15;200:601-606. doi: 10.1016/j.neuroimage.2019.05.069. Epub 2019 May 31.


Effector and Activated T Cells Induce Preterm Labor and Birth That Is Prevented by Treatment with Progesterone.

Arenas-Hernandez M, Romero R, Xu Y, Panaitescu B, Garcia-Flores V, Miller D, Ahn H, Done B, Hassan SS, Hsu CD, Tarca AL, Sanchez-Torres C, Gomez-Lopez N.

J Immunol. 2019 May 1;202(9):2585-2608. doi: 10.4049/jimmunol.1801350. Epub 2019 Mar 27.


Are B cells altered in the decidua of women with preterm or term labor?

Leng Y, Romero R, Xu Y, Galaz J, Slutsky R, Arenas-Hernandez M, Garcia-Flores V, Motomura K, Hassan SS, Reboldi A, Gomez-Lopez N.

Am J Reprod Immunol. 2019 May;81(5):e13102. doi: 10.1111/aji.13102. Epub 2019 Mar 29.


Inhibition of the NLRP3 inflammasome can prevent sterile intra-amniotic inflammation, preterm labor/birth, and adverse neonatal outcomes†.

Gomez-Lopez N, Romero R, Garcia-Flores V, Leng Y, Miller D, Hassan SS, Hsu CD, Panaitescu B.

Biol Reprod. 2019 May 1;100(5):1306-1318. doi: 10.1093/biolre/ioy264.


Intra-amniotic inflammation induces preterm birth by activating the NLRP3 inflammasome†.

Faro J, Romero R, Schwenkel G, Garcia-Flores V, Arenas-Hernandez M, Leng Y, Xu Y, Miller D, Hassan SS, Gomez-Lopez N.

Biol Reprod. 2019 May 1;100(5):1290-1305. doi: 10.1093/biolre/ioy261.


Innate Lymphoid Cells in the Maternal and Fetal Compartments.

Miller D, Motomura K, Garcia-Flores V, Romero R, Gomez-Lopez N.

Front Immunol. 2018 Oct 26;9:2396. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2018.02396. eCollection 2018. Review.


Inflammation-Induced Adverse Pregnancy and Neonatal Outcomes Can Be Improved by the Immunomodulatory Peptide Exendin-4.

Garcia-Flores V, Romero R, Miller D, Xu Y, Done B, Veerapaneni C, Leng Y, Arenas-Hernandez M, Khan N, Panaitescu B, Hassan SS, Alvarez-Salas LM, Gomez-Lopez N.

Front Immunol. 2018 Jun 18;9:1291. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2018.01291. eCollection 2018.


Choriodecidual leukocytes display a unique gene expression signature in spontaneous labor at term.

Arenas-Hernandez M, Gomez-Lopez N, Garcia-Flores V, Rangel-Escareño C, Alvarez-Salas LM, Martinez-Acuña N, Vazquez-Perez JA, Vega-Sanchez R.

Genes Immun. 2019 Jan;20(1):56-68. doi: 10.1038/s41435-017-0010-z. Epub 2018 Jan 24.


Are amniotic fluid neutrophils in women with intraamniotic infection and/or inflammation of fetal or maternal origin?

Gomez-Lopez N, Romero R, Xu Y, Leng Y, Garcia-Flores V, Miller D, Jacques SM, Hassan SS, Faro J, Alsamsam A, Alhousseini A, Gomez-Roberts H, Panaitescu B, Yeo L, Maymon E.

Am J Obstet Gynecol. 2017 Dec;217(6):693.e1-693.e16. doi: 10.1016/j.ajog.2017.09.013. Epub 2017 Sep 28.


Preterm labor in the absence of acute histologic chorioamnionitis is characterized by cellular senescence of the chorioamniotic membranes.

Gomez-Lopez N, Romero R, Plazyo O, Schwenkel G, Garcia-Flores V, Unkel R, Xu Y, Leng Y, Hassan SS, Panaitescu B, Cha J, Dey SK.

Am J Obstet Gynecol. 2017 Nov;217(5):592.e1-592.e17. doi: 10.1016/j.ajog.2017.08.008. Epub 2017 Aug 25.


Amniotic fluid neutrophils can phagocytize bacteria: A mechanism for microbial killing in the amniotic cavity.

Gomez-Lopez N, Romero R, Garcia-Flores V, Xu Y, Leng Y, Alhousseini A, Hassan SS, Panaitescu B.

Am J Reprod Immunol. 2017 Oct;78(4). doi: 10.1111/aji.12723. Epub 2017 Jul 13.


Inflammasome assembly in the chorioamniotic membranes during spontaneous labor at term.

Gomez-Lopez N, Romero R, Xu Y, Garcia-Flores V, Leng Y, Panaitescu B, Miller D, Abrahams VM, Hassan SS.

Am J Reprod Immunol. 2017 May;77(5). doi: 10.1111/aji.12648. Epub 2017 Feb 24.


Intra-amniotic administration of lipopolysaccharide induces spontaneous preterm labor and birth in the absence of a body temperature change.

Gomez-Lopez N, Romero R, Arenas-Hernandez M, Panaitescu B, Garcia-Flores V, Mial TN, Sahi A, Hassan SS.

J Matern Fetal Neonatal Med. 2018 Feb;31(4):439-446. doi: 10.1080/14767058.2017.1287894. Epub 2017 Feb 23.


Neutrophil extracellular traps in acute chorioamnionitis: A mechanism of host defense.

Gomez-Lopez N, Romero R, Leng Y, Garcia-Flores V, Xu Y, Miller D, Hassan SS.

Am J Reprod Immunol. 2017 Mar;77(3). doi: 10.1111/aji.12617. Epub 2017 Jan 3.


Neutrophil Extracellular Traps in the Amniotic Cavity of Women with Intra-Amniotic Infection: A New Mechanism of Host Defense.

Gomez-Lopez N, Romero R, Xu Y, Miller D, Unkel R, Shaman M, Jacques SM, Panaitescu B, Garcia-Flores V, Hassan SS.

Reprod Sci. 2017 Aug;24(8):1139-1153. doi: 10.1177/1933719116678690. Epub 2016 Nov 24.


An M1-like Macrophage Polarization in Decidual Tissue during Spontaneous Preterm Labor That Is Attenuated by Rosiglitazone Treatment.

Xu Y, Romero R, Miller D, Kadam L, Mial TN, Plazyo O, Garcia-Flores V, Hassan SS, Xu Z, Tarca AL, Drewlo S, Gomez-Lopez N.

J Immunol. 2016 Mar 15;196(6):2476-2491. doi: 10.4049/jimmunol.1502055. Epub 2016 Feb 17.

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